Israel Did 9/11… The Nail In Their Coffin!

Cameron Report

Carl Cameron’s BANNED 2001 911 Fox News Report linking Israelis to 911 RESCUED!

Big surprise, huh… not to those that have dedicated years out of their lives to exposing the rich Zionists in their plan to establish their hellish new world order on the Earth, it isn’t!  One can only remain ignorant by burying one’s head under a rock and leaving it there for the next thousand years, with the wealth of information and evidence that is out there to glean.  The problem is and has always been that many simply do not wish to know the truth as it complicates their little lives and creates some form of discomfort to upset their comfortable and pampered existence.  Here it is, anyway… (in MP3 format) CHOKE ON IT!

This series by Carl Cameron,which Fox News released in 2001 was supposed to have 12 parts. Only 4 parts ever got broadcast, and all 4 are in this ONE MP3. Even these 4 parts should be enough to wake the sleeping zombie sheep.  They prove Israel is raping the U.S. and was heavily involved in 911, and it all went out on FOX NEWS!

Now, if we could only make humanity realize that this IS a spiritual battle for the right to men’s minds and that they have been hoodwinked into believing the Satanists’ claims that there is no God and that the majority of society’s beliefs and ‘facts’ are simply lies geared toward that end!  Lies like evolutionary theory, homosexualism, feminism, socialism, any so-called revolutionary thinking that would tend away from that which is God-given and oriented and originated.  Oh well… one mountain at a time!

Internet trolls and other pinheads still ply their disinformation trade on 9/11, online, however, their insipid and annoying little voices are getting dimmer with each passing year.  Some of them are waking up to the realization that the public aren’t buying their bullshit like they once did.  And, of course, their bullshit isn’t getting the press that they would like as they are banned from some forums… like this one.  With the level of understanding that is now possible, any and all dissenting views on this subject simply are not allowed on this blog.  They never and they won’t see the light of day, end of story!

The liars have had their day in the sun… now it’s back to slithering under the rock that they slid out from under and they can stay there, forever!

No Peace… EVER!

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”  1 Thessalonians 5:3.

Yes, of course… it’s too late.  It is now in the hands of God to repel the adversaries of souls.  The final tyranny is at hand…

“The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the Lord; and what wisdom is in them?  Therefore will I give their wives unto others, and their fields to them that shall inherit them: for every one from the least even unto the greatest is given to covetousness, from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely.  For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.”  Jeremiah 8:9-11.

It’s done.

Moronic Anti-hunting Crowd Condemn Young Hunters

You can watch the video, here.

First off, the father wasn’t too bright posting such a video on social media.  Having so many youngsters there creates the impression among the simple that it’s some kind of gong show and unorganized.  Kids being who they are don’t have the experience needed to control their excitement, which in such a scenario seems to create a situation that offends the bleeding-hearts, even though the hunt is legitimate and legal and humane.  The Disney-ite crowd think with their emotions – in other words, they don’t think.

It’s better that we sportsmen keep our activities to ourselves and stay off the radar of the simple-minded, handwringing eco-crowd.  These are the same that remorselessly consume their hamburgers and steak, it’s just that they won’t lower their precious selves to do any of the dirty work in butchering the animals that provide them their feast.  They’re too self-righteous for that!  It’s too bad we have to suffer for these shitheads, but, their lobby is a strong one with our corrupt political leaders.  They’ll bend over backward to pacify these morons, votes mean everything to the politician.

One can easily see from the half-witted comments on the site just how ignorant the Bambi-ites are, with questions like:  “Are they gonna eat it?”  Wow… you can just hear the theme for Loony Tunes playing in the background!  The worn-out old line about serial killers getting their start by killing animals is always popular with the pointed heads.  I guess it’s never dawned on them that the victims of serial killers tend to be those like themselves – simple-minded, victimization-enabling fools that make life so miserable for everyone around them that a backlash is forthcoming.  I mean, what normal-thinking, sensible and down-to-earth person hasn’t dreamed about shooting a few of these whining social miscreants?  Can you imagine living in a world these dead-heads envision for us all?  Afraid to do or say anything for fear of offending someone?

There really is no cure for stupid.  The majority of society, today, has been dumb-downed by the Illuminati to the point where they are useless consumer herd animals, concerned only with being politically correct and fashionable.  You see them yelling and cursing at one another on the roadways, all vying to be the first in line to get to the mall or some other herd animal collection point to satisfy their abnormal desires, material or dietary.  These are the ones that will easily kill a human fetus out of convenience, yet whine about some stupid lion getting killed in Africa!  Those that seek to return to an earlier and more sensible way of life are derided by these fools.  Too stupid and too self-centered to reach, they simply bumble on through life until they keel over in some state-sponsored institution… forgotten by their equally dull children… and it goes on, generation after generation.

I wonder how many death threats these folk will get when the moronic left get wind of this video?  These are the unbalanced of the human race and, themselves, need to be put down.  If I ever got wind of a plot by some of these fools to do in someone over the killing of an animal, rest assured, they’d be the ones that would end up fertilizing a drainage ditch in some rural locale!

I used to comment on those forums… the rank stupidity of the majority of LiveLeak subscribers eventually overcomes the thinking person.  One good thing is that when the dead-heads are all congregated on that site, they can’t be wreaking havoc somewhere else, like in the real world.  Herd animals they are and herd animals they will continue to be.  Eventually, they, themselves, will be consumed… by the dead-headed system they so love to be a part of.

Fit In… Or FUCK OFF!

The greatest problem we have as a nation, right now, is our unbridled politicians doing just whatever the hell they want with regards to appeasing knuckleheaded left-wing retards in their goal to supplant and annihilate the white race.  Political correctness gone wild is creating a myriad of problems, here, in North America, with overpopulation and unemployment becoming a catalyst for strife and violence… as these videos illustrate… … and

The Illuminati determined long ago that the best way to destroy a culture was to water it down through the introduction of Godless beliefs and the injection of other various cultures that promote those beliefs.  The tidal wave of immigrants that have invaded our shores have no vested interest in maintaining our beliefs or culture, they merely bring their strife and problems with them.  They will not try to become proficient in our language, preferring to speak their own when in each other’s company and even around us.  They are here for the resources that we have carefully garnered over generations, having depleted and wasted those that they had in their own countries.  Given enough time, the same destructive attitudes that ruined their countries and cultures will destroy ours… and they will have nowhere else to go.  Trouble is, we will go down with them.

Our time-serving moronic politicians do not care about us, they prove this every day with their indifference toward the real problems that occur because of their misconduct.  They blame one another and refuse to address the issues at hand, following the orders and dictates of their Illuminati masters, whom are always hiding behind the scenes.

The voting process is useless, just a smokescreen to placate the masses and make them think that they have any sort of say in how the country is managed.  That went out of our hands years ago.  The rich bankers and industrialists and their pawns, the politicians, run things now.  All we can do now is become as independent from them as possible… and that means proficient in protecting OURSELVES when the shit invariably hits the fan.

The Entitlement Generation?

More like the ‘All About Me’ Generation…

Selfie Madness

Idiots risking death for a picture of themselves…

You’ve heard of the “Baby Boomers” and the “Generation X”-ers, and even the “Entitlement Generation”.  Now, we have the All About Me Generation… or at least that’s the term I’ve coined for them.  People, today, are just madly in love with themselves, so much so that they’ll risk life and limb just to get a shot of them doing something adventurous.

But, it’s more than that.  Ever notice that people just don’t like to LISTEN, anymore?  And everyone seems more interested in TELLING… TALKING, rather than listening?  How everyone seems to have an EXCUSE for everything and how condescending the language has become?  Statements that are phrased like a question… “The cat is black?”  There is a name for this “Valley Girl” type of talk which escapes me at this time.  (I think it’s called “uptalk”)  What they are really saying to you is you are so dense that they have to literally spell things out for you.

We are a society in love with ourselves.  Looking after No.1 is the most important thing.  We don’t like putting ourselves out for anyone without full compensation, yet we’ll climb up bridges and jump out of airplanes and film our glorious selves hurdling toward death, sometimes paying a premium price for the privilege!

How is it that we have reached this pinnacle of stupidity?  A society that has forgotten it’s religious roots and now must substitute the gaping hole in their lives with… SELF.  There s no harder task master than self!  Worshiping God is child’s play compared with keeping high and mighty self appeased.  People spend trillions of dollars every day, all over the world, trying to appease self.  Idolatry at it’s finest!

The Illuminati has seen to it that society has become so regulated and compartmentalized that people have only enough time from working and slaving for them to realize a minimum quota for self-regeneration and/or relaxation.  So the premium we place on our free time is so important that we devote nearly all the energy we have left toward it’s attainment.  This is often done at the expense of other things that are really more important… like spending time with family, friends and with God.

The elitist taskmasters are jealous gods.  They want TOTAL allegiance and that is why our work has become our religion.  To even speak against work, to adopt a simpler, seemingly and comparatively indolent lifestyle is looked down upon in our workaholic society.  People are then led to make up for lost ground by doing increasingly wilder and expensive things in their free time.  We are living beyond our means already and we seek newer ways to exceed even that.

We fight each other on the roadways, jostle one against the other in every public venue, all vying for the supremacy and the SPACE we so desperately desire and need.  Climbing mountains where nobody else is feeds that inner quest.  The reality is that man has forgotten what and who he is… a creation of God, a God that demands so little of our time, comparatively speaking, and gets ZERO.  So, in place of that we try and fill the void with self-appeasing pursuits… because it’s a fundamental law that nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it with something.  That something is self, which stands ready to move in the minute that God is removed from our lives.  We were never created for self-worship, we were created to give allegiance to Him that gave us life in appreciation for that life.

Self-worship leads to a cancerous soul.  One look around this old world and we can see the effect that unbridled selfishness and self-appeasement has done for it and us.  The world without God is one gigantic selfie gone horribly wrong.

For more on this, read here.

Editor’s note: It will soon be two years since I posted this article and the stupid spammers are still flooding into it, even after I informed them that their comments aren’t even read.  I look at what story was responded to and then I delete the comment.  That’s what I will continue to do, nothing has changed.  If you morons are so stupid you like wasting your time commenting to dead air, keep going.  Your comments will never get shown.  Deal with it!  Good bye!


The (Dys)Function of Trolls in Social Media


Internet Troll

We’ve all seen them… been ‘blessed’ with their mindless drivel and disruptive tactic of hijacking forums to feed some perverted sense of self-importance and/or pursue some agenda that they think they have.  The type of bottom-dweller you’d never associate with in the real world, due to their obnoxious antisocial character and intense narcissistic tendencies.  These losers cannot exist outside of the cyber-womb they encapsulate themselves in, practically 24/7.

There are several types… today, I’m dealing with the agenda-driven troll.  These are found… well, on sites like mine (although I censor them out before they can breed or cause trouble) that deal with the important esoteric issues facing society.  They attach themselves to a forum and immediately begin insulting other users and/or spreading their own twisted dogma, usually that from an ignorant world-view or, in some isolated cases, the agenda of a paid handler, like the government or one of it’s various covert agencies.

Usually, your common household variety low-life is only there to stir up shit.  These are basically alive to be laughed at and ignored.  The best way to handle these fools is not to handle them at all.  Think of them as shit… you wouldn’t handle shit, would you?  Leave them alone and they soon give up and wander off in search of other prey.  The type of vermin that I deal with and am most concerned with is the agenda-driven troll that seeks to disrupt the flow of useful and important discussion and intelligence.  Most sites dealing with the 9/11 attack by our government it’s citizens are littered with these cretins.  It’s amazing how they can deliberately ignore what was perpetrated upon their own people and still defend the criminals that orchestrated the attack.  Some of the higher-end trolls get paid for cruising the internet searching for sites to disrupt and these are the ones that are the most serious threat.

The government has long realized the importance of infiltration in defeating their enemies – in this case, those that would criticize government policy and THEIR rendition of what went down in September, 2001.  Trolls in the pay of corrupt government agencies regularly disrupt forums, mocking the truth and spreading poison in the form of innuendo and propaganda.  Some reveal their true nature immediately while others are more subtle and need to weeded out gradually.  ALL of them have short fuses when challenged and will always resort to ad hominum attacks when the chips are down.  That is their main modus operandi… browbeat and bully their opposition into line as opposed to reason and logic.

The best way to defeat trolls is to filter them out and this is what most web admins fail to do.  They continue to give these vermin a pedestal to spread their bullshit.  I do not entertain them for very long.  When faced with the undeniable truth and yet they still argue with and even insult their opposition, that is when they should be shut down and their comments deleted.  it is not undemocratic to kill a troll!  I never blink when I drive a knife through their pointed skulls, they deserve no quarter.  Subjects that deal with the importance of getting at the truth of 9/11 demand that trolls be shut down as soon as they reveal themselves.  Censorship is an ever-increasing necessity in this regard.  The government practices it all the time, why shouldn’t we?

Starve, neuter, kill a troll… it’s all the same, just get rid of them!  From a literary viewpoint, these aren’t even human and do not warrant the same regard one might give lower life forms.  They have decided that they should be opposed to decent society, it is their problem when their inevitable fate befalls them.