Required Reading… (for all you “goy” pro-vaxxers)

For all of those that depend upon the latest numbers delivered up lottery-style, every day, by the fraudsters at CNN, CBS, CBC, CTV, Global News, etc… in other words, the mainstream media… this ‘Bud’s’ for you!

(Stolen from Henry Makow)

Surprising that we don’t hear about those numbers on the nightly news, huh!  Well, not really, given that your average sheep is quite content being spoon-fed *his/her* pablum, not willing to expend too much effort beyond seeking out the next food source or sports event.

This is the kind of shit that can get one banned from coffee shops and ostracized and driven from most social media platforms, too, but… remember… we live in a ‘free’ country!  🤣

* We should recognize that ever-increasing number of genders, out there, as they play a major part in helping what these other social miscreants are hoping to achieve.  ☺️


There’s NO “Fourth Wave”, Folks!

It’s all a ruse to divide and control the country and you’re letting them do it!  Listen to the OBVIOUS and BLATANT attempt by that corrupt communist mouthpiece, the CBC

It doesn’t get any plainer!  Now, if you’re so stupid as to still think that this isn’t a scheme for a total take-over of society as described in Orwell’s “1984” then there’s nothing going to reach you.  You’re as good as brain-dead.

The answer is to simply say “NO!” and NOT get their vaccination, simply on the assessment that it’s not proven or viable and BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO… BADLY!!!  When something has to be pushed and shoved and THREATENED, you can be sure that there’s something stinky about the whole thing!

The plan is to make life so unbearable for those they deem as hold-outs and trouble-makers, they’ll beg to get the “jab”.  After the traditional softening-up by working up the vaxxed masses into a frenzy only those that are governed every day of their lives by fear and cowardice could possibly understand, THEN they’ll have the excuse and justification to move in and employ the real arm-twisting tactics… freezing bank accounts, refusing employment, healthcare, etc.  These psychopaths care not who or what they destroy, they’ll have their way if it KILLS you!  Expect no quarter… they’re incapable of any such empathy!

Whatever you do, DO NOT surrender your weapons!  There is a push back on for that, led by the communist Liberal Party.  Once the threat of reprisals are removed, there’ll be no stopping or limit to what these Godless bastards will and are capable of doing!

NWO Pledge to Lucifer!

And part of that initiation involves a vaccine, it’s two-fold purpose being, one, such as stated above… a signal of obedience and allegiance to the system and it’s worthiness to command, and two, the serum carries some kind of neutering agent to help the self-professed ‘elite’ cull the vast numbers of “useless eaters” that are polluting and congesting ‘their’ planet.  This is FACT and one that no naysayer is qualified to dispute.  This plan has been in existence for decades and is now close to fruition.

Time-serving politicians cater to the fears of an indulgent, slavish, paranoid population.  The people demand that they be protected even from imaginary viruses and “scamdemics”.  With the lucrative summer months now over, the former COVID restrictions will be brought back under the guise of protection from an imaginary “fourth wave”.  Of course, even a simpleton can see through this OBVIOUS scam… yet, a clear majority of citizens cannot seem to!

The piece of grabasstic shit masquerading as a prime minister, Justin Castro-Trudeau, is implementing new measures in his bid for the leadership of the late great nation of Canada, late in the sense that his ilk have pretty much destroyed this nation, he and his deluded followers and minions.  To be a liberal, in this writer’s view, is to be worse than a criminal.

They say that the population can be judged by their political leaders… take a good long look at yourselves, Canada!

I Add YouTube To My list Of Communist Rags!

Yes, now I’ve been shut down by the socialist media giant YouTube.  Along with Facebook, these two have proven to be the most gigantic waste of effort and energy for me, as their clear bias toward communism and dedication to destroying free speech are very apparent to anyone that has simply tried to post the truth about the lie called COVID-19!

The truth cannot be hidden or covered up, though.  Those Marxist fools calling themselves administrators delude themselves if they think that shutting down one or two accounts, here and there, is going to help their agenda.  While it’s true that low-brow morons will always believe what their leaders tell them, being too lazy, stupid and cowardly to resist them, the “sheeple” will tell themselves they’re just being good citizens when they knuckle under and comply with their elitist masters’ demands.

But, the stupid rule in this world and there are a lot of them… more than the rest of us.  They ARE going to drag this society down with them and there’s nothing much we can do outside of a full-scale rebellion in arms.

A TRUE patriot will boycott YouTube, Facebook and any other forum that employs censorship and trolls to harass those that criticize theirs and their communist masters’ agenda!

Liberal ‘Mortician’ Uses YouTube Channel As Tool For Preaching Anarchism!

“Ask a Mortician” is a title that, by itself, is an indication of something being off and a strange enough name for a ‘woman’ to name ‘her’ YouTube channel, but, then, again, when you watch ‘her’ videos, it’s apparent ‘she’s’… well… ‘different’.

I’m not going to display the entire video, here, just a few minutes into it will show what this ‘woman’ is about.  ‘She’s’ well-taken to displaying ‘her’ political sentiments, which are decidedly liberal and by association, communist.  From the beginning of the video, ‘she’ goes into ‘her’ anti-flag spiel and I’m betting ‘she’ has issues with the Stars and Stripes, too.  Anarchists don’t like flags, with the probable exception of depictions of Che Guevara or Stalin or the Hammer and Sickle.  Oh… let’s not forget the rainbow flag that sexual deviants hijacked from evangelical Christianity, now being the symbol for homosexuality.  I’m betting our communist mortician friend fully supports those and I strongly sense that ‘she’ is a dyke or something similar.  ‘She’ sounds rather ‘butchy’, if you ask me.

‘She’ has the usual assortment of dimwits following ‘her’, some professing to being ‘her’ defenders… this one, in particular, stands out, saying she/he/it (could be a tranny or something similar) reports derogatory commenter’s and trying to have them banned, a typical liberal tactic.  Being that most social media platforms are staffed by politically correct, whiny commie liberals, I’ve no doubts this has happened many times.  But, the truth still gets out, like here.  This goosestepping Olga displays a blatant lack of respect for those ‘she’s’ documenting, another liberal hallmark.  Liberals have no self-respect, so it’s no surprise they don’t respect others.  They’re self-hating, irreverent wastes of oxygen.

I’d say pay our mortician friend a visit and give ‘her’ a ‘thumbs-down’, but, that would be giving ‘her’ views and why should I promote ‘her’ brand of intolerance and hate?  Nevertheless, if one is interested in seeing what drives the REAL hatred and intolerance in this country, I’ve provided the necessary links.  Suffice to say that liberalism is a CANCER that is eating this country from the inside out.  Perhaps, one day, liberalism will be recognized by enough folks for being the degenerative, retrograde mental illness that it is and it and it’s proponents neutralized by whatever means necessary.