A King’s Legacy

This is the time-honored way elitists and despots handle those that get in their way, whether they be mere inconveniences or substantial obstacles to their agenda, (New World Order) the ones that orchestrated Diana’s death imagine that they got away with murder.  Nevertheless, they will all pay for their crimes, perhaps not in this lifetime, but, certainly in the next.  The servants of Satan will face annihilation the same as he.

God is NOT mocked!


Added Musings On The COVID Scam…

It’s been said that a society that is willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither… how true is that in this COVID-crazed world?  Cowards are flocking to get the vax merely out of the sense of lost conveniences, in most cases.  The other segment are narcissistic, pessimistic, hypochondriacs that find their pleasure by worrying about themselves.

It’s incredibly hard to reason with people governed by these criteria.  Their self-interest is just too high.  I personally know one individual that got so sick she was working on her will… then announced she’s going for the second poisoning just so she could travel!  How do you reason with someone like this?  It’s all about them, society can just go hang.  They don’t clue in on the fact that if society goes down the shitter, so do their travel plans!  But, that’s how stupid works.

A PROVEN hoax like COVID-19 escapes the small-mindedness of the pro-vax crowd.  The take-it-up-the-ass media present so many confusing ‘facts’ that it is impossible to decipher anything of worth from them… which is why it’s best to turn them OFF!  Even at the turn of the 20th Century, the editior of the New York Times was purported to have stated that the man that never picked up a newspaper was better off!  Even more true, in this so-called ‘enlightened’ age!

Just like 9/11 got us into sovereign countries to fuck them over, COVID-19 is a false flag and an inducement to take a cocktail designed to inhibit the reproductive systems of the host or outright kill them, if possible, to meet an elitist-conceived agenda of depopulation.  The ultra rich have deduced that there are too many people on earth (to control) and that needs correcting.  Assholes like Henry Kissinger, Zionist pedophile and all-around elitist motherfucker and Billy-Bob Gates, another useless waste of oxygen are in this crowd.  It is simply AMAZING how people flock to the ideas put forth by a high-profile ex-member of a crime-ridden US government administration and a software giant like they were of any scientific worth!

Ah, but, of course, in the end, the guilt belongs with an apathetic, lazy, stupid society that has had it too good for too long.  Now, it’s time to pay for the luxury we’ve had… that they have allowed us to have.  The agenda has always been to create a world run by a chosen few, the rest being slaves.  Morons willingly assist these maniacs in their plans, thinking themselves oh-so patriotic and good!  Well, THEIR lot is assured and deserved!  Too bad the rest of us have to fall into the same shithole as these cowards, though.  But, anyone that can still think for themselves need not cave to this oligarchy, for the time is coming when it will be smashed and completely annihilated, forever!  Many, many attempts have been made, throughout history, to create  a world government and they have all failed, as will this final one.  The Creator has had enough of Satan and his followers and will crush them in one swift blow!  There will be collateral damage… a lot of it… but, in the end, it’s all about the choices we make.  If we live for self and self only, the reward is what you can get NOW… and when NOW is gone, so is the reward… and YOU!

Something to think about, in this coming year.  The time is short.  Like the Joker said… “Think about the future!”  There won’t be one, for many!

World War III Imminent?

Should the United States follow through with retaliatory strikes against Iran, the threat against Israel would be significant.  Warmongering Zionists would have their third world conflict and the globalists would be on the doorstep of ushering in their totalitarian world centralized government as the “only hope for humanity”.  We’ve been softened up to this ‘reality’ for decades, with all manner of humanist bullshit being preached by our successive governments, environmentalists, morally-bereft entities like homosexuals, anti-theists, feminists, etc.  All of these allowed to undermine and destroy our once-great civilization’s moral foundations.

I, for one, welcome what must be.  In order for God to expose the cancer that infects man’s innermost being and eradicate it, sin must be allowed to run it’s full course.  It has meant and will mean the destruction of millions of lives… BUT THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE INSISTED UPON HAVING!!!  Like our ancestor, Cain, mankind has determined to run contrary to God and, like Cain, we must bear the penalty for transgression.  This world is transitory and will not survive, were it even left up to us to determine our fate.  The globalists would eventually destroy the planet in their insane bid to assume the Creator’s role in keeping it and sustaining it.  Their leader, Satan, does not possess the ability or wisdom to run the complex forces that tie everything together in this universe.  The inevitable result would be the destruction of this world and every living thing in it.

Like living with a nauseous feeling for hours on end, instead of sticking one’s finger down one’s throat and simply getting it over with, we have danced around with the idea that we can actually rise to some elevated evolutionary plane and assume leadership over ourselves and our base passions… AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!  Only the Creator can sort out the mess that we got ourselves into and this is going to be a painful process for us all!

Further reading: https://www.infowars.com/iran-warns-that-israel-will-be-bombed-if-trump-responds-to-the-missile-attack-on-u-s-bases-in-iraq/

Is Pat Condell a Zionist Shill?


Undoubtedly.  However, he does make a few good points which is indicative of either gross ignorance on his part or total collusion.  If he is sick enough to actually condone the Zionist plan to overthrow Christianity and democracy, then his anti-theism is totally justified.

Of course, the influx of migrants IS reality and the benefits from this are NIL.  However, this is a result of wars being perpetrated upon these cultures by Zionists and we are the recipients of what THEY have caused to happen.  In the end, the destruction of ALL religions (except theirs) is the goal.

Atheists love Condell as he raves against religion in general.  It’s a certainty that he knows nothing about who it is that he blindly serves as he would not be able to promote their ideology as freely as he does.  We do have an immigration problem in North America and the liberal retards that the Illuminati employ to ensure that we do have racial and cultural discord are willing puppets in their hands.

I do like the video… aside from the sympathy for Jews and homosexuals, both of whom could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t care.  Nevertheless, this shows the complexity of the deception and how both sides are played against the other by these elitist cocksuckers and how easily it seems that they have hoodwinked an entire world… except, of course, those whom have been vilified in all of this.

Canada Going To Shit Under Socialist Trudeau!

Anything wrong with this picture?  Perhaps if the smiley faces are of any concern, no.  After all… we’re all one big happy cultural melting pot, here, in socialist heaven!  Our idiot prime minister welcomes any and all to come and feast upon the work of European immigrants, enjoying all the privileges that are denied those that have helped build this country.

For a little more background on this, read HERE.  I shall go onto other no less pressing issues.

Justin Trudeau’s affiliation with communist creeds and philosophy is well known, even in liberal circles.  His love for and support of the homosexual community, too, is well known.  It is because of the liberal disease running rampant throughout the country that we are now being confronted with outright perversions committed by deviants like these…

Who else may enjoy unbridled freedom to break decency laws at will but Trudeau’s pet deviant homosexual community?  One cannot say anything against these filthy humanoids without repercussions… on an almost equal footing with that of the Zionist community!  You can say whatever you like about whites and Christians, but, DO NOT TOUCH TRUDEAU’S PET FAGS OR JEWS!

… or any other ‘minority’, for that matter.

The harsh reality is that it is now a crime to be white and of European descent.  Do your part, white Canada… offer no help or support to these invaders or deviants and make sure you make as many sleepless nights for your elected officials as you can!

This Is What Society Is

According to this story, a missing Arizona girl’s remains have been found.

No surprise, here.  This is what society has become and is.  When a little girl cannot be safe even within the confines of her parent’s home, within her own bedroom, that tells you all you need to know about the shitty world we live in and the filth and bipedal excrement that we share this shitty world with.  Evil, useless pieces of shit disguised as humans that think only of appeasing their morbid animal lusts, sacrificing any and all to achieve that end.

Once again, we can thank those that rule in this world for the apathy and the self-seeking and pleasing attitude that not only thrives within the criminal community, but all throughout society as a whole.  Those that teach that men are nothing but animals and not special creations and unworthy of any kind of special consideration.  The slimy garbage that slithered through this girl’s window, that night, no doubt take comfort in the knowledge that they do not have to own any responsibility for them being the gutter trash that they are, given that ‘science’ tells them they’re altogether worthless from the start.

The Zionist Illuminati and their lackeys like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, et al, all recognized authorities in the secular world, routinely mock God and His creation by telling us that we are merely upright apes and the product of the most happenstance chance.  One might be tempted to think that if we are such a unique occurrence in the universe that MAYBE we should value that existence more than we do.  But, the enemies of man and God KNOW that most do not have the mental capacity for seeing beyond the carnal nature, past whatever gratifies that nature… and the thought that other men and even animals, themselves, merely exist for their benefit and exploitation.

We are living in the last days of this period of anarchy, originating from the father of murderers and liars, namely Satan.  At least from a universal standpoint, it will shortly be revealed to Satan and his bum-boys and girls that THEY are indeed endangered species and that they will soon pass from the pages of history, forever.  They and all of those that bought into their schemes and sought to exploit their fellows through every manner of deception and crime.

Most will blithely continue on in the ways of this world, scamming, murdering, lying their worthless asses off, seeking to rise to the top of a heap of a society that cannot last.  They pin all of their hopes on something that has no chance of going beyond what it is.  They laugh when they are presented with the truth, but, that laughing will soon give place to wailing and gnashing of teeth!  What’s even better is that just before their PERMANENT destruction, they will have no one else to vent their furies upon BUT EACH OTHER.  The Bible speaks of a time when the only ones left alive upon a desolate earth will be Satan and his cohorts, with none to deceive and tempt and annoy or destroy… this will be a period (1000 years or so) of EXTREME torture for these criminals, having only themselves as targets for their evil remonstrations.

When they look upon the ’empire’ that they have so diligently built upon and see naught but smoking ruins, everywhere, realizing that the redeemed are well beyond their reach and SAFE, and for once have the time to think about what is in store for them at the hands of an angry God, then will they realize what it is that they have put their victims through.  The piece of shit that abused and took the life of this little girl will be among those fueling the fire that wipes the universe clean of it’s trash!

UN Official Protests Cover-up Of Israel’s Crimes

UN Under-Secretary Rima Khalaf

Thank God for people like this courageous woman!  A report detailing the criminal activities of Israel was quashed by those slaves of the Zionists comprising the so-called “member states”… of which the United States and (I’m sure) this boot-licking government that we are saddled with in Canada, have a membership in as well.

Immediate international pressure was brought to bear upon the report and this heroine had finally had enough with the protectionist attitude that is shown toward the most evil nation on earth.  The bankers have the so-called “free” nations in their back pockets and they once again decided to pull their whole card when the truth began surfacing.

Of course, being the bankers’ primary No. 1 attack dog, the US stood out in front of the coalition condemning the report.  Israel persecutes the Palestinians endlessly, using the tax dollars of dupes like Americans and Canadians to fund their military excursions in and out of Palestine and Syria.  Typical Jews, they will use anyone else’s money and never their own!  This, they extort from the rest of the world by means of their infamous ‘funny money’ systems – fiat currencies, income tax, central banking institutions that operate under a “federal” designation, while bearing no resemblance to one in real life.

The time-honored and proven method that they have for instigating wars and then financing both sides at exorbitant interest, provides these bloodsuckers with the insanely lavish wealth that they enjoy while never having to serve a day in the military, they OR their children.

One will never be able to trust that this situation will ever change as long as these vampires maintain the illusion of legitimacy that they have duped the world with.  However, it’s always encouraging to see others in the know stand up against these fuckers, and that, I’m sure, riles these bastards no end.  “How dare the sheep stand against us!”, the fat cats rage as they toss another hundred thousand or so bodies into the fray.  Then they light up their expensive foreign cigars with $1000.00 bills and lean back with their cognac and smile at the complete ignorance of those shit-for-brained dupes that defend them and fight for them and vote in their idiotic federal elections!

There isn’t a hell hot enough for these cocksuckers!  The only solace is that these scum are going to fall and they will fall HARD!!  Their money and their influence will count for SHIT when they face God!  There will be no superpower ready to come to their aid and fight their enemies for them, no citizenry ready to back up their incessant cries of “RACISM!” and “HATERS!” toward those that level the truth at them.

So to the Rothschild’s and their minions, I say develop fire-retardant skin and real fast, you scum-sucking freak-jobs!

Read the story here… http://www.reuters.com/article/us-un-israel-report-resignation-idUSKBN16O24X