Make Mine Freedom!

I found this old film to be very revealing… and ‘prophetic’ for our time…



Even in 1948, people didn’t trust banks, though it’s nearly impossible to function in society now without them.  The last recession proves that it’s possible to lose it all overnight… but what have we bought for ourselves in terms of the economy and society that we now have?  Where we have to work multiple jobs and reinvest time that we should have for family and other interests toward merely eking out a living?

Someone said what we have isn’t perfect… well, that’s an understatement, but, when do we quit trying to excuse this foul system and justify it and start making some real changes?  Or is it, as I’ve always understood the problem to be, something inherent within ourselves… that we are simply lazy and greedy and therefore stuck with what we, ourselves, have created, being that it is a mirror image of ourselves?

There is no answer in and of this world for this dilemma.  It has now gone way beyond the means of any human to fix.  The answer lays outside of ourselves.

Editor’s Note: Here is an example of how we have left our house unguarded, in this letter appealing to us, the people of North America, to restrain our leaders from their totalitarian plan for uniting all nations under one government run solely by them… their “New World Order”.  (Novus Ordo Seclorum, “New order for the ages”, philosophical derivative of “Order out of chaos”, the ultimate plan for planet Earth.)  Unfortunately, there is now nothing that we can do to help, we are as enslaved as they, by bonds of our own making, overruled by the complacent majority.  It’s amazing how many of us have been snowed into thinking that this is the logical progression toward the utopian society those self-styled ‘elite’ have promised us.


Corrupt Satanic ‘Justice’ System Forces Man to Suicide

I’ve never had much use for the legal system in this country.  The following story is typical of the ‘help’ you’ll get from the bankers’ bitch-assed court system… read it here.

The witch that turned these vampires loose on her husband is a well-known jewelry designer – Dina Mackney


Her deceased husband, Christopher Mackney, was badgered by a complicit kangaroo justice system into killing himself, last December.  He left a suicide note that his widow is now seeking to remove from the internet, claiming sole copyright for it.  She forbade him visitation with his kids, supported in her work by her criminal father.  The two have been described as psychopaths and I would go one further and call them two-bit hoodlums.

A comment posted by “Tim” on H. Makow’s website offers good advice in dealing with the corrupt system in place in this country.  Others I know have been screwed over by this system, it’s rotten to the core and serves only the super rich bastards that conceived it.  A good thing to remember whenever you run afoul of it… and it is inevitable that you will!

*Note: Christopher’s suicide letter can be viewed through the link on Henry’s website.  If it gets removed, I have it saved and will post it here.

Where’s My Steel Cap?

Back in the 1950’s, the US Government was heavy into nuclear testing, displacing thousands of tons of real estate and flooding our atmosphere and groundwater with all manner of radioactive buggies, all the while caring very little for the fallout or if we even wanted any of this shit in the first place.

One operation in particular – “Operation Plumbbob” – was a series of tests initiated on Frenchman Flats (Area 51) in Nevada, just a hoot and a holler northwest of Las Vegas.  Though some aspects of the mission is still classified, there are still some interesting facts about the tests, including the one code-named “Pascal B“.  Pascal B was an underground shot, actually one of the first, where a nuclear device was placed at the bottom of a 500 ft. open shaft, (dubbed a “thunder well”) capped by a 2000 lb. steel cap.  When the device was detonated, the cap was blown off at an estimated six times escape velocity from the earth and presumed to have left Earth’s atmosphere as it was never recovered.  The scientist in charge of the test speculates it most likely vaporized from atmospheric compression heat, travelling at Mach 200.

Whatever happened to it, it’s gone, but not the controversy.  The tinfoil hat that I wear is nowhere near the density of that which lifted off at Frenchman Flats, August 27, 1957.  This test followed a previous one where the expected yield was far greater – 10,000 times greater than anticipated, which sent scientists scurrying off in all directions in their cars from the test site, not knowing if the end of the world was imminent or not.  A huge blue flame erupted hundreds of feet into the night sky from the test cell, illuminating the desert for miles around!  All the while, 3000 servicemen were on hand to participate in the experiments, along with foreign troops and visiting dignitaries.  These, in later years, showed a higher rate of cancer than was normal for their particular demographic.

My point in all of this is to show the inherent irresponsibility in governments in the way they conduct their business.  It is a common thing for politicians and military leaders, these days, to hide what they do under cloaks of “national security” or “classified” or “it’s before the courts”.  There isn’t a lot of change in the nature and character of governments, supposedly accountable to their citizenry as supposedly guaranteed in their respective constitutions, these last five decades.  Yet, amazingly, people still follow along at the heels of their elected leaders like puppies, preferring to place their trust in organizations that haven’t done a lot over the years to garner that trust.

Places like Area 51 are still functioning today under high security, where many high-ranking politicians as well as the public in general are not allowed.  We have no way of knowing what is going on in these places or what the financial costs are, being “classified” in the “interests of national security”.  It’s not right in any shape or form for a democracy, but, we still allow it.  Hell, what else can we do, now, at this stage, where they have most of the technology and the muscle?  Those that still place their ardent faith in government policy had better be damned sure they are on the right course, because, if they’re wrong, (as I know they are) they are in for a big disappointment, having sold their sovereignty and authority down the road for the comforts and security the government offers.

Well, according to some, the steel plate is still going, out past Pluto’s orbit, by now.  Actually, there is now some controversy about what the first man-made object in space was/is.  Perhaps Sputnik was third, behind the plate and a V2 rocket shot high enough into the atmosphere as to qualify as having reached space!  It was an American project studying the sun, so they say, using German V2 rocket technology.  Anyway, nothing is as it seems in this funny little world.  If you think you know the score, think again… it’s a good habit to get into when you’re dealing with the government!

Faith – A Higher Form of Math

If you remember your school days, (and it’s getting harder and harder for me, lol!) you might remember making the transition from standard math to algebra or trigonometry.  If you are/were like I was, it was like learning a whole new language, which I still haven’t mastered by any means.  Nevertheless, this new math was touted by our instructors as being superior to the old math we understood before.  I never did catch on, try as I might.  Others seemed to and were happy with it.  I therefore concluded that it had some practical use, though I couldn’t employ it outside of the classroom in any suitable way.

I sometimes compare this with religion and science.  The modern day educational system employs humanist teachings, theories that exclude any possibility that man is a created being or that there is a creator.  This is dogmatically asserted to us as students in the secular system with as much fervor as theology is in most churches.  Any dissenters are of course treated as anathema and written off intellectually, as would be anyone found teaching or believing heresy in the church.

I have often been accosted with the line that I cannot provide conclusive proof that God exists.  For me, it is a no-brainer, given the complexity of the natural world and man.  Others, though, seem to have a problem understanding this higher math.  They seem to need long and indefinite periods of time and systematic evolutionary stages to reach a certain stage of development like we have as human beings.  They cannot seem to comprehend the simple forthright statement: “God created man from the dust of the earth.”  For me, any omnipotent being should be able to pull off something like this with ease, given their omnipotence.  For a finite construction like man, this would naturally be an impossible feat.

To assume there is no higher math than what we can comprehend is folly.  To adjust and modify something so that it makes sense to us is also folly.  Reality does not have to conform to our predetermined biases or preferences.  True, this can be reversed in favor of the humanist view, however, I have the advantage of having previously held to that math.  I was as dogmatic about it as the other guy… till I learned a higher and better math.  It was always out there, I merely had to evolve to meet it.

Faith is the understanding that there just might possibly be things out there that I have not yet encountered and/or be beyond my ability to comprehend.  Just as it was with the algebra I couldn’t fathom, nevertheless, it existed and was a proven science.  Evolutionists claim they have the ‘truth’ and it’s verifiable, but, there are still (like with algebra) many variables and many theories, many which require a faith of their own to accept, being beyond the ability of the common man to prove or disprove.  For the person of faith, it is pretty much the standard in dealing with forces that one ostensibly cannot or cannot ever fully understand.

In essence, the created can never understand the creator… nor should it have to.  How’s that for a leap of faith?  Do I require a complete understanding of He that made me?  I’m here and enjoying the life He gave me… need I question any more?  Perhaps if I were aspiring to godhood, myself, this might be a valid question.  Experience has taught me, though, I would make a poor deity.

Actually, I wouldn’t want the job, I don’t like people that much.

What Is Capitalism?

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”Winston Churchill

Nowadays, the latest boogeyman is the Islamic fundamentalist, the bearded religious whacko that is constantly poised to take over our country, rape our women, pillage our homes and economy.  Back in the day, it was the dreaded communist/socialist that threatened to subvert and destroy the great “American dream” and replace it with a goose-stepping dictatorship dedicated to eliminating free enterprise and the ownership of individual property, destruction of that “opiate of the masses”, religion, replacing it with a humanistic communal-type of system where everyone supposedly shares the collective wealth.

But, what is capitalism, really?

Dictionary definition:

” An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.”

Is that what we have today, in North America?  A system where anyone with a few dollars in their pocket can go out and become rich from the skin off his/her knuckles and the sweat from their brow?  Or, do we have a system that has and is becoming so regulated and compartmentalized that no one individual can make it on their own without the help of other interests, namely those controlled through and by the state?  What can you do without capital provided by a state-owned and controlled bank, for instance?  Are there any private banks left in the land, or do we apply to the big corporate banks for the necessary funds?

Granted, even those big corporate state-regulated banks have shareholders, some with inordinately large investments in the company.  These are roughly comparable with what one might term as compatible with a democratic capitalistic formula, at least as it is commonly understood.  These would necessarily have the voting power to supersede or negate any influence lesser investors/owners might exert, therefore becoming a monopoly within a monopoly, as it were.  The market is based upon monopolies, with large corporations invariably controlling the economy it services.  Controversially, if monopolies are the rule of thumb, where is the chance for a free market to exist or come into play?

Could it be possible for certain wealthy individuals to actually control the state, itself?  Take the US Federal Reserve, for example.  While the term “federal” precedes it, it is nevertheless a privately-owned and run institution that just happens to print the nation’s currency, formerly intended to be a privilege of the government.  You can look all you want, you won’t find their number listed in the government pages of the phone book.  The “Fed” is owned and operated by a collection of American and foreign businessmen, totally independent of the US Government.  These privileged few determine policy for all other lending institutions, inevitably setting the conditions for running the economy of the nation.  It is a monetary form of a dictatorship, indirectly controlling the lives of millions operating under the assumption that they live in a free and open-ended society that is based upon individual effort.

Communism, a derivative of and front for socialism, supposedly removes the opportunity for free enterprise and places it in the hands of the ruling government or state, which then distributes the wealth evenly, though the chasm between wealthy Russians and the vast majority of the peasantry is wide and deep.  Coincidentally, that same disparity exists in our hemisphere, between the classes.

For all intents and purposes there really isn’t any difference in the nature between capitalism and the collectivism we term as communism.  Each employs a monopoly of some kind, either overt or covert.

But, I’ve rattled on for long enough.  I’ll let an expert illustrate that what we have for an economic structure is really indistinguishable from that which we claim to be evil…

By this video, what we have in place in our country is “monopoly capitalism”, a.k.a. a blueprint for the socialism that “capitalism” claims to refute.  It’s a confusion of terms that is keeping the masses ignorant of the reality that exists in our society and is keeping us down.  Anyone not recognizing we are headed more and more into a collective state has their collective head up their ass… so to speak!

The Zombies Are Upon Us!

You’ve heard of the zombie apocalypse?  Nearly every YouTube forum is saturated with these undead corpses, wandering around after digging themselves out of their graves, searching out the living to eat their brains.

Let’s focus on the brain issue.

One could say that a zombie is brainless to begin with, therefore, needs to seek out a living individual to eat their brain and acquire a brain of it’s own… we suppose.  I don’t know what this current craze for brainless corpses could represent other than someone might be trying to tell us something.  Like… maybe society, itself, is becoming rather stupid?

Take a look at this photo…


Seen anything like that, before?  Just this morning, I and the other half went out for breakfast at one of our favorite hangouts.  The tables were few and so we sat next to a group of older-type coffee-row gents, (more in line with our preferred choice of breakfast companions)whom, after a time, got up and left.  It wasn’t long before six chaps of a decidedly younger persuasion came in and took the formers’ places.  I thought out loud: “Now, it’s going to get noisy.”  I need not have been concerned.

The second they planted their asses in their chairs, out came the Iphones and away they went.  Total and absolute silence as they picked and apped their way through whatever online discourse concerned them.  They were totally oblivious to one another and us observing and commenting on them.  I thought: “What the hell?”  But, I’ve seen it, before.  Many times.

I thought it funny as they looked like a group of pious religious-types praying in thanks for their lunch.  Total silence enveloped these technoid apostles.  Such is the power of technology and it’s demand for our total and uninterrupted attention and devotion that we cannot miss one single byte of information or be out of touch for even a nanosecond.  Kids walk side by side down the street, texting one another, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they only have to turn their head and speak to communicate.  Samuel Morse would be proud of them… till he realized that they actually have voice capability.

The brave new world requires that we give it 100 percent of our time and resources.  The Illuminati knows that a society kept irrationally busy cannot question or resist.  Some have called it the “cult of busy”.  See here.

The greatest torture one could inflict upon an individual, I’m sure, would be to deprive them of their technology and make them sit still for a few hours.  This ‘enlightened’ generation is nothing more than a generation of fools, illiterate (despite the plethora of information available) and anti-social, too wrapped up themselves to notice the others around them.

We ARE the zombie apocalypse and we are headed for a crash of unimaginable proportions.

Anti-gay Speaker Harrassed by PC-driven Authorities

In a society that is supposed to be so human rights oriented and concerned with free speech, you’d never know it with the way the LGBT mafia conduct their business.  Theirs is the most virulent and vitriolic group this writer has ever witnessed, while all the while complaining that individual freedoms are not being attended to in Canada.

If they are so concerned with freedom of expression and speech, why is it they are not championing the rights of this particular anti-gay activist recently detained by new world order enforcement monkeys at Regina, Saskatchewan?  See story here.

Well, it’s what we’ve always known, now, isn’t it?  Everything is cool as long as CERTAIN types of individual’s wants are being met.  It’s always been a selective issue here in corporate Canada, just as it’s always been a case of whom has the biggest ‘lobby’ and can drum up the necessary funds with which to push one’s agenda through… democracy, (hah!) be damned!

I suppose we should be grateful LaBarbera was allowed in and not given the 50,000 volt ‘welcome’ that some get from our glorious security forces, particularly those smaller and weaker than themselves.  One has to be affiliated with a bike gang or the mafia to get much respect from law enforcement.  These, the police aren’t so willing to pick on… for obvious reasons.

Isn’t it glorious how a politically correct few get to ascertain what or who you can watch or listen to?  It’s all about numbers and sophistication of weaponry, these days, in Orwellia. So don’t be tossing that old .30/30 or 12 gauge just yet!