Acts Of Non-Compliance Show Solidarity Against Tyranny!

These signs are popping up all around my community.  It shows that not everyone are mindless sheep and cowards or afraid to stand up to the corrupt medical system and their political puppets!  Of course, the pro-vax crowd are now falling ill to their shots, but, are blaming the non-compliant folks for their condition.  Their own personal stupidity and cowardice, of course, have nothing to do with anything!

It will take a determined effort by those that have not bowed the knee to Pharaoh to support and patronize establishments like these… and make life a living hell for any public health official or time-serving political puppet that tries further vilifying them.  The vaxxed crowd are the true danger, now that they have had themselves inoculated with the serum that holds whatever pathogen passes for the COVID virus – the REAL cause of the sickness that is supposedly filling up hospital rooms – by introducing this pathogen into their bodies, which, the non-vaxxed do not have in their bodies, so pose no threat.  The threat comes from those that DO have the pathogen, those that had their shots and are now feeling the effects, those who seemingly were unaffected right at the start.  Those went around bragging that the shots were harmless… but, now, are finding out different.

Of course, the un-vaxxed will get the blame… but the facts are against their foolish claims.  Take Israel, for example, a country that early-on instituted a national vax program and were the first to reach “herd immunity” status.  Their hospitals are filling up… with VACCINATED persons!  They are now falling to whatever noxious substance they allowed pumped into their bodies by a corrupt medical system led by the World Health Organization!  Now, they’ll tell you that immunity drops over time, which is, of course, yet another admission the shots are USELESS and will require constant ‘boosters’ to maintain immunity.  This is diametrically opposed to what these maniacs were saying at the onslaught of this hoax, that the shots would be a CURE-ALL for this malady!  The truth has always been there, but, the public, by and large, have chosen to ignore it in favor of being nursed and spoon-fed their information by a corrupt media campaign.  The media have long been in the back pockets of globalist tyrants and this is not a new thing.

So, anyone that gets the ‘jab’ can look forward to getting these things for the rest of their lives… while their bodies deteriorate and liquefy under their influence! 

People… do NOT let these fools lay guilt trips upon you for their own stupidity and gullibility, THEY made themselves sick with their undying faith in a system that has been proven corrupt and defective for DECADES!  They were too lazy and indifferent to educate themselves and have long-since lost any analytical ability or ability to think for themselves, relying on their masters in the media and time-serving politicians to tell them what to do.

Now, they’re reaping what they’ve sowed!

Personally, I don’t care a whit about them, they made their choices and they can live with them, now.  I’ve been disowned and vilified by those that I’d considered friends and family… now, I say GOOD RIDDANCE!  Those that think as I and want justice are my family, now.  The others will soon pay for their arrogance and fear.

Pandemic Panic Warps Thinking!

This society is fast approaching the brink.  Common sense has flown out the window with many and governments are using their fear as a catalyst in bringing forth their new world order of mass-enslavement.  You can’t reason with people that are panicking and it’s best (if possible) to avoid them… and if that means cutting off all ties with family and friends that have fallen to this pandemic of fear, then, for your own health and sanity, do so.  I, myself, have.  There’s no reasoning with them and there is no trusting them, they’ll turn you in when the going gets tough, that is a certainty!  At that point, they’ll do anything to save their own hides from whatever bogeyman the government has planted in their heads or whatever threat they’ve levelled.

An excellent article by Dr. Henry Makow illustrates the problem facing us.  As I’ve written, before, time-serving, criminal politicians and their lap-dog elitist-owned and controlled media networks are now attempting to shift the blame for the “rising COVID cases from themselves onto the unvaccinated.  Of course, those governed and controlled by fear lap all of this up and are useful idiots in pressuring their non-compliant peers to following them in getting the jab.  People you thought you knew are showing their REAL character… it’s best to sever ties with these sheep-like demons early in the game, before things really get out of hand.  Believe me, they won’t miss you, after all, you’re a threat to them and will be a constant reminder of how they sold their souls for a needle.

2021 will go down in history as the definitive year of the end.  The end of society as we have known it.  The “variants” will continue, on and on and on.  Compliance with these tyrants is like dealing with the school bully… you can’t.  The only thing that idiot respects is a show of force and it’s best to show it to him early on in the game.  Politicians and media personalities, for the most part, are bought and paid-for.  The ‘experts’ or ‘scientists’ are all complicit, whether from threats to their grants, tenure, even personal safety, they will follow orders from the globalist forces holding the purse.  Those that are TRUE scientists and researchers, will have their jobs knocked out from under them and their characters slandered.  The sheep-like public won’t invest the time to check out stories that the self-styled ‘elite’ pull out of their asses, no matter how ridiculous and unbelievable.  They have long since been programmed to obey and they will… unquestioningly.  This makes them a threat to you!

The Symbol of Persecution Revamped!

The yellow star symbol forced upon the Jewish people by the Nazi regime back in 1935, has new application for this day… as a symbol of vilification against those that have determined to resist the totalitarian movement to vaccinate the citizens of the world with an unproven and unsafe serum proposing to control a dubious and oft imaginary virus and pandemic.  In fact, one business in the US has already suffered persecution for identifying with Jews in the sense of being a member of an emerging, hated sect… those that refuse the vaccine on moral and common sense grounds.

It’s been more than obvious that we DO NOT live in a free country, ever since this campaign to inoculate citizens against “COVID-19” which is SUPPOSED to be a free-will decision, but, is rapidly developing into something much different.  Yes… they say it’s a free-will decision, but, when they go to the lengths they do to vilify those that choose not to become lab rats and put the blame on them for the sickness that the shots, themselves, are creating, in those stupid enough to think that a controlling government would never lie to them, it’s clear even to the mentally deficient that it’s NOT a choice!  Anyone that still thinks this is a choice is clearly operating from some paranoid delusion.

A hat shop business in Tennessee is feeling the brunt of modern-day Nazism with a prominent hat-maker, Stetson Hats, suspending their business supplying them because they chose to stitch yellow Star of David’s representing tyranny on their hats.  See here.  This is a cowardly, albeit free choice on Stetson’s part, though it aptly displays the character driving this vax program.  Only those with an inclination toward evil would even think of such an act.  The inclination to cave in to government is becoming more and more evident as society gets further and further away from the generations that built our countries.  We are just consumer-animals bent upon self-serving and are losing our moral compass.  Totalitarian despots take advantage of this and are now moving in a big way to make their world-domination plans reality, with such fertile soil as we are providing with our apathy and indolence.

This writer will, in turn, NOT support any business that caters to totalitarians and will consider adopting this symbol of persecution as one of protest against a rogue government and it’s deluded and cowardly citizens that support it.  “That no man may buy or sell save he have the mark of the beast,” a passage from a millennia-old book that is becoming more and more relevant in our times as this will soon be a reality in our time.  I see the day when the sickness that these inoculations bring upon the public will be blamed upon those that refuse to take them… and an eventual death decree be brought against them by ungodly and evil authorities and their minions.  Think it could never happen?  Think THIS bullshit couldn’t happen, only a decade ago?  Time to get your heads out of your asses, folks!  We live in an evil world, dominated by evil people.

I would encourage all that oppose this vaccine harassment to contact Stetson Hats and let them know they won’t do business with them or any other company that thinks of their bottom line before the good of their customers… and support hatWRKS in their fight against tyranny!

Time-Serving Saskatchewan Premier Typical of Gullible Morons Aiding COVID Scam!

This idiot joins the ranks of the incredibly stupid of all time…

The idiot in Question is Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan, the center of the communist state known as Canada.  Read his diatribe and see what delusion governs the governments of our world that they enact totalitarian measures in an effort to obtain total control…

“After a summer with no public health measures, masks are returning to public indoor spaces in Saskatchewan, and soon there will be a number of businesses, establishments and event venues that will require proof of vaccination. The announcement was made by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe ahead of a press conference this afternoon.

“For the past several months, you have heard me repeat a very simple message over and over – get vaccinated,” said Moe in the statement released on social media. “The vast majority of Saskatchewan people have done their part. Unfortunately, today, we are faced with a fourth wave resulting in increased case numbers and a significant capacity pressure on our health care system which is close to exceeding what we have faced before.”

Moe then called out those who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 are a driving force behind these concerns.

‘New cases are overwhelmingly in unvaccinated people. Hospitalizations are overwhelmingly unvaccinated people,” Moe added. “The evidence from the data that we have seen is quite clear. As a province and as a government we have been very patient, possibly too patient. The time for patience is now over.’

Starting on Friday, an interim order re-instituting a masking mandate for public indoor spaces will again be implemented in Saskatchewan. The order is targeted to be lifted by the end of October. By then, a proof of vaccination policy will have been in effect for a few weeks. The masking rule won’t be in place for indoor youth athletics while engaged in sporting activities. Masking in venues hosting athletics will remain required for general entry and exit into the facility for spectators and athletes.

The proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test, takes effect October 1st. Proof of vaccination or negative test requirements will also be needed for indoor dining at restaurants, nightclubs, bars, taverns and other licensed establishments, event and entertainment venues, including conference centres, movie theatres, concert venues and indoor facilities hosting ticketed sporting events. The requirement will also be in place for indoor fitness centres and gyms.

Places that will not need the proof of vaccination include retail businesses, places of worship, fast food restaurants offering takeout and delivery, health care services, facilities hosting non-ticketed amateur sporting events including youth athletics and recreational leagues and places of business closed to the general public. Children under 12 are exempt from the proof of vaccination or negative test requirement.

Moe posted a video on his Facebook page early on Thursday, saying that the province has been patient with those not vaccinated.

‘New cases are overwhelmingly in unvaccinated people, hospitalizations are overwhelmingly unvaccinated people, the evidence from the data we’ve seen is quite clear, as a province and a government we have been very patient, possibly too patient. The time for patience is now over’ says Moe.

The verifiable vaccination record, which will be a QR code, will be launched next week. Other proofs of vaccination that will be accepted are a screenshot of the eHealth vaccination record or the card received at the time of vaccination. The protocols for people to provide a negative COVID-19 test instead of a vaccination record are being developed.

In addition to the masking and vaccination policies, all Government of Saskatchewan employees, as well as employees of provincial Crown corporations and agencies, will be required to be vaccinated, with proof required by October 1st. Those who are unable to provide proof of vaccination will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

For testing, the province is looking to expand access to rapid-antigen tests for home-based screening. Residents will be able to obtain the rapid-antigen tests for use as a screening tool at a number of locations operated by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and partner agencies. The recommendation to seek PCR testing and stay home at the first sign of any symptoms is still in place.”


The contradictions in this ridiculous rant are rampant, but, the foolish will buy into anything.  The weary public thinks their relief comes with compliance, but, that is a fond hope!  As long as you allow a bully to bully you, he’ll do it and continue to do it!  The Saskatchewan Government is one such bully, mimicking it’s eastern counterparts.  Time-serving fools for leaders is what we’re saddled with and the future is very bleak.  I predict some major unrest and a lot of violence, but, this is what these fools seem to want.

Scott Moe is a time-serving fool.  He is typical of today’s politician, in the game only for himself.