People ARE Sheep!

“Imagine that… the military lying to it’s members!  This has to be the ONLY world in the universe where a great percentage of it’s citizens revere and jostle with each other to become a part of a leadership system that consistently lies to and sacrifices them in one debacle after another.”  (YouTube commenter)

Speaking of gullible sheep… Steve Isdahl is raking it (them) in by the hundreds!  However, there are some beginning to question…

Steve fucked up with that gorilla (man in a monkey suit) thumbnail post.  This is going to cost him some groupies!  His government sponsors/handlers… and his new girlfriend, are not going to be happy!  Sorry, Steve, the Patterson-Gimlin Film is no more credible, today, than it was back in the 60’s!  Good luck with damage control on this one!

(Maybe… he’s trying to tell us something?)