Liberals Most Intolerant Of All Ideologies

They claim to be so enlightened and peaceable, yet, the events of the last few years show quite the opposite.  What with the antics of ANTIFA and the radical BLM movement, these by their actions have proven themselves worthy of mention with all of the top terror organizations.

I dug up this old video of what was then a popular TV program, featuring an elderly bigot and his liberal daughter and son-in-law.  The purpose of the show, of course, was to make conservatives look like tyrants and irrational morons, though thinking people were not fooled by any of it.  Nowadays, the radical left would never allow this sort of program on the air, mainly due to the disparaging terms that are tossed around.  Hollywood is still operating their leftist agenda only more toned-down, but, no less subtle.  Anyway, I was surprised to see that some professed liberals were able to see through the racist facade that Hollywood presents…

Read some of the comments below the video…

Here’s some that I especially noticed…

“I am a Puerto Rican born in the Bronx, i always watch Archie Bunker, even if he made comments about Puerto Ricans, who cares its a funny show, thanks Archie your a great comedian.”

“Archie was ignorant but not dumb. Ignorance alone does not mean you are dumb or make you a bad person. Hey, I’m a liberal and Mike was annoying as fk with his flaunting of his book smarts and lack of real life experience. In many ways, Mike was more intolerant than Archie and more racist. To me, that was the irony.”

“Back when a person could speak their mind whether they were right or wrong! In Archie’s case he was usually right but had a funny way of making his point! You have to admit most of what he describes is true and people could actually laugh at themselves back then! Nowadays they get their panties in a bunch and reeeeeeeeeeee until they destroy your life.”

“Sometimes Archie made more sense than Mike.”

“Im with Archie Bunker . Meathead is dead from the neck up .”

… and with that last comment, I can’t imagine a better description of the liberal mindset.  Always poised to find fault and prone to a ruthlessness that rivals the most dictatorial system on earth… indeed, takes it philosophical teachings in hand… which is Marxism.

I’ve managed to purge most of the liberals in my own family and circle of friends from my life.  It is a great freedom not having to kowtow to these morons’ hypersensitivities.  Liberalism will eventually be shown to be the evil philosophy it is and it’s adherents will be more despised than those that they seek to vilify, today.  Reader, you, too, can enjoy a better quality of life without these cancerous elements in your circle, purge them now and help bring about a reformation in society.

Some signs a liberal is in your midst:

1.  Intolerance
2.  Little to no sense of humor
3.  Haughty disposition
4.  ‘Holier-than-thou’ attitude
5.  Superficial
6.  Argumentative
7.  Hypersensitive
8.  Vindictive
9.  Unforgiving
10.  Irrational and emotional
11.  Arrogant

Liberals are to be pitied in that their arrogance and sense of superiority blinds them to the fact that they are pawns of Marxism and are aiding in their own destruction.  Beyond that, they deserve no quarter, they willingly participate in programs that are destructive and detrimental to society.  Most sexual deviants are liberal and many believe that morality laws are irrelevant and redundant.  Schools have fallen to liberal ideology and refuse to teach relevant subjects pursuant to usefulness in a productive society, focusing on insane ideologies like same-sex marriage, transgenderism, political correctness, etc.  The result is a high level of illiteracy as students can’t even spell or do rudimentary mathematics without spell check or a calculator.  They have no moral compass as it would be an infringement of their ‘rights’ to inhibit their most unnatural and antisocial tendencies, so from their earliest days, do not receive correction from their guardians, whom will feel the strong arm of the law should they attempt any form of correction upon them.

Society is headed for a fall and it’s long overdue.  It is solely by the grace of the God that liberals disdain that they have survived as long as they have to ply their foolishness.  When their pseudo-society fails and falls, it will be then that they see how they have been duped and played like cheap fiddles… when they have the world that they fought for, for so long and are now stuck with.

Tyrant Watch… Justin Castreau’s Death Throes?

But… as they say, it’s not over till the fat lady sings!

Steve Isdahl
, as you all know, is getting to be a prominent figure in the “Bigfoot/Sasquatch community” and is an open critic of the current fiasco going down in Ottawa, Canada.  I won’t need to elaborate on that, anyone not familiar with that event has been living in a cave, somewhere.  What is new is Steve’s involvement in the protest movement.  He was planning on attending, so he says, but, I doubt that will happen now that the government has gone full-stupid and is actually doing the things that he talks about in his video.  On the current crisis, him and I are on the same page, diverging only where his belief in hairy ape men stomping around the backwoods of BC and various other provinces and states is concerned.  That is another ruse by the powers-that-be that bolsters their program of destroying the underpinnings of democracy, including the knowledge of one’s Creator.  Steve flatters himself that the government is trying to cover up the existence of these creatures, but, the reality is that he is doing exactly what they want him to do… create an overall fascination with these ‘things’ and, of course, in doing so, fully embrace the evolutionary lie.

Editor’s note: (If you’re into bedtime monster stories, by all means, watch the entire video… but, the relevant portion ends around the 8 minute mark.  I tried to cut out the bullshit, but, my html skills are a tad rusty.  Anyway, use your own discretion!)

I am no longer a voice on Steve’s channel, I don’t say and do the things that he and his groupies approve of, much like what they are now accusing the government of being, applying censorship and ridiculing anyone that diverges from their belief system and/or agenda.  I do, however, use Steve’s indignation as a tool to keep on track with what the deluded public are thinking and saying… one of a few individuals, of course, being as there are many.  I do believe what some of his groupies are saying… one being that the prudent course of action for anyone critiquing the dictator now inhabiting the PM’s chair in the House of Commons should take the necessary steps to ensure that they have a livelihood, including cash reserves, not held up in any bank account, in case the totalitarian regime currently installed begins to do what it is intended to do.  Unless they do away entirely with paper money and go full-bore digital, we can still have a means of trade available among ourselves… those of us, of course, not taken in by the lies and bullshit prevalent out there in the media!  It is advisable, too, to cut ties with those virulently supportive of this rogue government and it’s lapdogs in the media, preferring to believe lies over clear logic and thinking.  Whole communities could in theory separate and maintain themselves economically and even militarily, should the government push things that far.  A well-armed militia operating outside the auspices of the Federal Government is not a new thing… it was one of the ideas our fledgling countries instituted as policy in order to ensure the survival of the new colonies!

Training in self-defence, arms, survival is not merely an option, it may well become policy if the tyrants down east continue their present course.  We are all going to have to make some tough decisions in the near future, but, of a certainty, maintain some level of independence from the financial institutions, they are accountable to and under the control of the government and can be a very effective tool in controlling the masses.  The time for serious character development is at hand… a task I’m afraid will not be possible for the majority of a society so accustomed to being ‘kept’ by the various federal programs euphemistically called “benefits” and the relatively lavish lifestyles we’ve enjoyed since the end of World War II.

For now, we must watch… and prepare, to the best of our knowledge.  Place no faith or trust in friends and/or relatives that display a clear bent toward support for the regime in power, they WILL be your undoing and are in the best position to expose you, as their leaders will demand this from them… even under penalty, ironically… if they would wish to avoid the fate that is intended for us.

Christianity Targeted by Corrupt Government

For background on this… read HERE.

This is just another thinly-veiled attack on the religion of Christ.  The comment section following the article naturally turns toward attacking God and His followers… antitheists never miss a chance!

From idiots that attack ‘Christian’ holidays like Christmas, leveling accusations against advertising on city busses, storefronts, etc., to where Satanic agents disguised as public servants meddle in the affairs of private citizens, deciding for them how they should raise their kids, antitheists meddle in every corner of our lives.  Of course, in a world ruled by Satan, these morons naturally lean toward him as they have no moral compass.

I have had indirect dealings with the ‘SS’ (Social Services, aptly named) and can vouch for the incompetence of government agents alleged in this article by the more intelligent of it’s commenters.  These cretins can’t make it in any other job, being a government bully suits their I.Q. and temperaments very well.  Again, as is a central theme in any of my posts, you simply cannot trust an institution founded and controlled by Satanist Jewish bankers.  Their plan for wiping out any trace of competing religions against their pagan beliefs is in full-swing.  Islam and Christianity are the two prominent threats against these bastards’ plan for world domination.  Antitheists blindly and stupidly follow along like sheep to the slaughter, thinking that society is headed toward a religion-less utopia.

The whole system works by setting up counterfeits to what God has created.  Satan cannot create anything, as he is a created being, himself.  This irks him no end!  So, since the natural mind inclines itself toward his devices, Satan has instructed his dupes to set up an artificial society where artificial persons become flesh and blood and their real-life underwriters (us) become lifeless and irrelevant.  A genius of subterfuge though very transparent.

To make a very long story short, births are registered with the government, essentially making the government legal guardians of said individuals.  The government deems every human being registered with it as it’s legal property.  Registration is a well-nigh universal process in every avenue of commerce, these days.  Nothing is considered relevant unless it’s accompanied by some deed or certificate.  People won’t deal with anyone that isn’t “certified” or “licensed”, and the accompanying fees are always there.  Money, after all, is the ‘blood’ in an artificial society.  Mammon is the god of a Godless world.

So, as in this case, the government lays claim upon the kids in foster care and assumes the responsibility for their care.  Unfortunately, since your average public servant cannot find his/her ass with both hands, 9 times out of 10, these decisions often wreak havoc with the individuals concerned.

Unfortunately, society has allowed these Satanic fucks to gain the position that they have and are now stuck with having these maniacs entrenched within our lives.  We will never be rid of these parasites until Christ, Himself, destroys every single last one of them.  Fighting them in their own courts is futile.  Declaring any sort of “sovereign” status with these criminals is just as futile.  For every inch gained, they recapture a foot.

To those deceived, I say only that they educate themselves as to the delusion that they blindly follow.  It will help one decide which ‘god’ to serve… as one is definitely a dead-end.

This Is What Society Is

According to this story, a missing Arizona girl’s remains have been found.

No surprise, here.  This is what society has become and is.  When a little girl cannot be safe even within the confines of her parent’s home, within her own bedroom, that tells you all you need to know about the shitty world we live in and the filth and bipedal excrement that we share this shitty world with.  Evil, useless pieces of shit disguised as humans that think only of appeasing their morbid animal lusts, sacrificing any and all to achieve that end.

Once again, we can thank those that rule in this world for the apathy and the self-seeking and pleasing attitude that not only thrives within the criminal community, but all throughout society as a whole.  Those that teach that men are nothing but animals and not special creations and unworthy of any kind of special consideration.  The slimy garbage that slithered through this girl’s window, that night, no doubt take comfort in the knowledge that they do not have to own any responsibility for them being the gutter trash that they are, given that ‘science’ tells them they’re altogether worthless from the start.

The Zionist Illuminati and their lackeys like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, et al, all recognized authorities in the secular world, routinely mock God and His creation by telling us that we are merely upright apes and the product of the most happenstance chance.  One might be tempted to think that if we are such a unique occurrence in the universe that MAYBE we should value that existence more than we do.  But, the enemies of man and God KNOW that most do not have the mental capacity for seeing beyond the carnal nature, past whatever gratifies that nature… and the thought that other men and even animals, themselves, merely exist for their benefit and exploitation.

We are living in the last days of this period of anarchy, originating from the father of murderers and liars, namely Satan.  At least from a universal standpoint, it will shortly be revealed to Satan and his bum-boys and girls that THEY are indeed endangered species and that they will soon pass from the pages of history, forever.  They and all of those that bought into their schemes and sought to exploit their fellows through every manner of deception and crime.

Most will blithely continue on in the ways of this world, scamming, murdering, lying their worthless asses off, seeking to rise to the top of a heap of a society that cannot last.  They pin all of their hopes on something that has no chance of going beyond what it is.  They laugh when they are presented with the truth, but, that laughing will soon give place to wailing and gnashing of teeth!  What’s even better is that just before their PERMANENT destruction, they will have no one else to vent their furies upon BUT EACH OTHER.  The Bible speaks of a time when the only ones left alive upon a desolate earth will be Satan and his cohorts, with none to deceive and tempt and annoy or destroy… this will be a period (1000 years or so) of EXTREME torture for these criminals, having only themselves as targets for their evil remonstrations.

When they look upon the ’empire’ that they have so diligently built upon and see naught but smoking ruins, everywhere, realizing that the redeemed are well beyond their reach and SAFE, and for once have the time to think about what is in store for them at the hands of an angry God, then will they realize what it is that they have put their victims through.  The piece of shit that abused and took the life of this little girl will be among those fueling the fire that wipes the universe clean of it’s trash!

Today’s LOL… Christopher Hitchens!

Everyone’s favorite bloated pseudo-intellect comes on the Daily Show, drunk as usual…

Now… if I were to write a book… IF I WERE TO WRITE A BOOKIF I WERE TO WRITE A BOOK

… I’d definitely not include drink and nicotine as a means of inspiration…


Now… which one would YOU hire to write a book for you…



I thought so.  No booze, no nicotine, no sweaty, smelly armpits, no slurred, nasal words… just a clean-cut, intelligent alternative to the usual evolutardism that we’re all inundated with, 24/7.

Guess which one’s still alive and healthy, too?

Gun Control Gets Yet Another Bitch-Slap!

You’d think the dummies would learn… NOPE!  Stupid is as stupid is…

They’ll keep on fighting till they win.  The pacifist left, that firmly believe that guns are responsible for moral decay, when, all along, it is their socialist dogma and rabid political correctness and associated fascism that is bringing society down.  One of the first pillars to go: Christianity.  Christianity… the ONLY bulwark against fascist unbelief, and it’s under attack daily by the radical and mentally unbalanced left.

The feminazis, the homosexuals, the anti-theistic hordes, the evolutards, that daily descend upon God-breathed principles and moral uprightness, are the true enemies of society.  Our time-serving and greedy politicians will suck their genitalia in order to garner votes, caring not that the country is going to shit.

Despite the false flags, the lies, the politically correct BULLSHIT the country is fed DAILY by these socialist morons, God WILL eventually intervene and DESTROY this mockery that Satan has designed and foisted upon the world.  He and all of his minions will be destroyed – let no one mourn them!  They have dedicated themselves to destroying this world, so it’s fitting that they be destroyed along with it, prior to the revitalization promised in scripture.  Yes, it will be a sad day for them… also for those that tried to help them see, but, grief cannot be wasted on wilful disobedience.  They made their choice, now they must account for choices made and not made.

The speaker in this video knows the truth about this country and doesn’t allow himself to be browbeaten by dupes of political correctness.  To these, I simply say enjoy what little time you have left… you have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting!


Idiot Anti-theist Out Of His Element


Bob McDonald










The celebrated (can’t figure out why) host of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was playing a little out of his yard, today.  Normally, unless it’s to slam religion, ol’ Bob tends to stay away from the subject of faith.  Today, on the program, he was interviewing some scientist that is developing a new process to virtually unravel ancient scripts that have been too badly damaged to physically unravel or touch.  Of course, this involved delving into some biblical history, a subject that I’m sure gave our resident infidel hives.

Not wanting to get too much into the tech of things, basically, these guys have figured out a way (they think) of ‘CAT-scanning’ the ancient rotten and charred script that was discovered in the ruins of an old synagogue that had been razed by some occupying enemy, thousands of years ago.  Bob was forced to be civil in his questions, given that he was talking to a scientist and not a theologian or the like.  Of course, there was enough science interjected that he was kept from dozing off.

In the past, McDonald has been quite vociferous in his mockery of religion, as is the common thing with anti-theists.  Anti-theists, like McDonald, however, all claim to be atheists.  Of course, one of their own has chastised them for making such claims… Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens is, of course, dead, awaiting the second advent of the Lord, which, I’m sure, will be a big surprise to this dedicated infidel.  It will be a big surprise to a lot of “atheists”, like one particularly annoying shit stain – Richard Dawkins.  It’s these that garner the disrespect that I have for those not of the faith.  True undecided people (atheists) do not attract negative regard from me, but, assholes like McDonald and Dawkins always do.

So, if you’re ever so fucking bored that you wish to check out the CBC, that politically correct mouthpiece of the Illuminati, check out Bob’s show… be prepared for a good laugh as he delves into the nitty-gritty of infidel science… he LOVES dem big numbers, folks!