The Cancer of Socialism

Communism, Progressive Liberalism, call it what you will… all of these are deadly CANCER to a society!

Never before has society seen such an inundation of purely satanic bullshit, what with political correctness, wokeism, transgenderism, homosexualism, and every other creepy and evil concept one could ever imagine.  All of these planned for centuries under the guise of bettering human lives!  As stated, these are right from Satan, himself.  Ignorant patsies and dupes play right into his hands as slaves to his bidding.

The COVID hoax… 9/11 hoax… staged school shootings… all of these, combined, make for a destabilized, fearful and paranoid society too absorbed with it’s own well-being to question or even suspect that they are being carefully led to slaughter.  That great enemy of society… the bought-and-paid-for news media are doing their masters’ bidding in this the forerunner of a great new world order run by the self-styled masters of the earth.

What these deluded fools fail to consider, though, is that their efforts are in vain… and as the speaker in this video reveals, they are all headed for disaster at the hands of an angry God!  They… and all those that follow them!

Local Communist Steps Down!

Ryan Meili

CELEBRATION!  Finally… some GOOD news!  The Saskatchewan leader of the Communist Party (NDP) has stepped down!  Ryan Meili is history!

This Marxist scumbag has been pushing for a mandatory vaccination for all federal employees and ostensibly for all citizens wishing to enjoy even the most basic freedoms in our society.  He is one of Justin Castreau’s elite corps of knob-gobbling idiots and his passage is looked upon by this writer as something of a boon and hopefully will result in the resignation and/or expulsion of that Cuban moron infesting the PM’s office in Ottawa!

Yesterday, Trudeau’s thugs overran a protester crowd astride horses and seriously injured several people.  This is how commies work.  We still have to deal with a corrupt crowd of pseudo-medical experts in Saskatchewan and Canada, but, one step at a time.

Saquib Shahab

Shahab, like his boss that petrified mummy, Theresa Tam, has been pushing the vaccination program and the hoax pandemic since the beginning, some two years, ago.  A part of Justin Castreau’s elite communist team, these icons of socialism continue to make our lives miserable, BUT, there is an awakening among the citizenry that the government is not a democratic one, that it was formed dishonestly and CRIMINALLY and that the head of the communist Liberal party is an inept puppet controlled by an unseen cadre of international elitists.

While this is but another chapter in the slow but relentless demise of a society that has chosen to ignore God to follow the economy of evil men, it will, hopefully, show those that have forsaken their faith in favor of a temporary existence and it’s dubious honors and rewards that what they had is infinitely better than the best that this world could ever hope to offer.

It’s no longer “kewl” to worship the ‘science’, folks, the ‘science’ is bullshit and so are those that push it!

Communist POS Ryan Meili – NWO Dupe and Puppet!

Saskatchewan Communist Party leader Ryan Meili spewing his treasonous crap!

This communist trash is denouncing Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, claiming he is an “international embarrassment” for not implementing even more useless and Draconian restrictions against the imaginary COVID-19 ‘pandemic’.  He and his master, Justin Castro, the joke of a prime minister of the once-great nation of Canada are doing their level best to plunge the nation into anarchy.  The left-wing NDP have long been a tool in the hands of rogue capitalists, playing both sides against each other whilst remaining in the background, unseen.

It’s amazing he and that commie slut beside him aren’t wearing their face diapers like the toady in the background!  After all, isn’t there a pandemic on?  Folks… give your heads a shake, you’re all part of a multinational brainwashing program that is driving the world to the brink of economic collapse.  When things have gotten so bad, when civil uprisings develop into wars and even limited nuclear wars, it will be then that these ‘heroes’ step in to ‘fix’ what they, themselves, started.  Meili and his cohorts are guilty of treason and should be executed for their crimes, as would have happened in times past when people could still think!

The stupid measures that governments have taken to combat this imaginary virus are pathetic at best.  In the end, there is a common root that leads to $$$ and Meili plans on ca$hing in on this.

This Is How ‘Minorities’ Can Lie

Yes, and they do it quite frequently…

And, moronic, self-absorbed, entitled and spoiled socialist white kids drink up EVERY word!  Well, when you have absolutely NOTHING to do with yourself, but, have sex, read Marxist propaganda and go around looting and causing trouble, your brain (if you have one) tends to atrophy.  This is particularly evident in spoiled, rich white kids that fall for the not-so-sophisticated lies of bitter and jealous blacks and other designated ‘minorities’ (whites are swiftly moving into that category) and profess shame for what their ancestors did.

The NAACP is merely another hate group in a burgeoning line of antisocial, communist organizations dedicated to the establishment of a “big idea” outlined by George Bush Sr. in 1991, which includes the depopulation of the planet and the eradication of the hated and troublesome white-dominated hierarchy and Christianity.

There IS Hope For The Youth!

Against the leprosy called Socialism!

Sad, when the students are superior in intellect and morals over those charged with educating them.  This is the “big idea” that the evil George Bush Sr. talked about in his speech to the UN in 1991.  An elitist construct… an oligarchy run by the rich, patrolled and enforced by useful idiots (like teachers) for the rich and promoted by racist ‘down-trodden’ fools.

If you’ve used YouTube, recently, perhaps you have seen this advertisement plastered all across your screen…

This particular town recognizes the bizarre and subversive “LGBTQ+ Community”, every year, with a full week of traffic tie-ups due to street closures so these deviants can have their run of the town… as if they didn’t already enjoy special privileges in that sense.  Nobody is allowed to question or criticize them without being branded a “hater” or some other goofy stigmatization.  They, on the other hand, can pretty much say and/or do whatever they like, against whoever they like, especially on YouTube.  They can post lewd and offensive videos and even ignore decency laws.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to run afoul of these weirdos, only tell them their so-called “lifestyle” has been branded as perverted by God and society as a majority.

In our burgeoning socialist culture, deviants are enjoying unparalleled success and popularity in an increasingly permissive and decadent culture.  Their minority status could very well soon become the dominant trait.  We’re forced to watch them in their “pride parades”, marching and gambolling down public streets, scantily-clad and in very revealing and compromising positions, behavior that would get a “straight” person jailed, fined or both.  This is the unprecedented favor that they command.  This they can do, because, the powers-that-be have planned for this for centuries, indeed, have practised this for millennia.  The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah vividly demonstrates what happens to a society that allows deviants to take over.

My experience with these are that they are almost to an individual very vindictive and violent.  Their perverse and dirty ‘lifestyle’ generates disease and the promiscuity they practice leads to higher rates of sickness and death among them.  If you point these facts out to them, however, you’re a “hater”.  They especially hate anything to do with religion… such as God or His Word, which plainly condemns their activities.

So, every year, our community has to pay homage to these dirty things and any business owner or public official that tries opting out of the ‘celebrations’ is going to pay a heavy price.  The time is coming when it will be impossible to write anything criticizing the queer club, one needs to understand exactly what society is facing in this onslaught of perversity.

Biden Gives His Okay… (you can start living, again… for now)

All you liberal morons get that?  Your commander-in-chief says you can pull off your face diapers, now, if you got your injection of God knows what.  However, we both know that you’ll continue to wear them as they have given you some sense of purpose in an otherwise meaningless and useless existence, being a burden on the rest of us…

Of course, this is only the BEGINNING.  There WILL be an enforced mandate that ALL receive this concoction of theirs, undoubtedly some neutralizing agent to either outright kill or in some way inhibit the natural life process in individuals.  Agenda 21 demands this.  There must be a dramatic reduction in the number of “useless eaters” by approximately 2030.  This will facilitate a more seamless take-over of a planet that has long been the center of a power struggle between the forces of good and evil.

Of course, all of this is foolishness to the ‘enlightened’ liberal/pagan.  This is why the vast majority of all whom have ever lived will succumb to the deceptions of Satan and be lost, eternally.  Flattering themselves that they cannot be taught or instructed or enlightened, they are prime targets for a being that knows exactly how to cater to such enormous egos.  They prefer to believe the lies their ‘experts’ tell them, that they are products of a cosmic ‘burp’… an accident, resulting in untold eons of development to a level that they consider advanced, when the opposite is true.  The truth is that the race was originally endowed with life from a benevolent Creator and have subsequently DEvolved over thousands (NOT millions) of years into the pathetic examples that we are, today.

But, I digress.  The issue at hand is will these globalist freaks allow us back into the ‘normality’ we had before COVID-19?  The answer is… not on your fucking life!  They have an entire leg and arm in the door on this and will never give one inch of the ground that they have worked so long and hard to attain.  As stated, an enforced vaccination program is in the mix and if you are unable to secure a cave out in the wilderness and subsist on vegetation and whatever rodents or small birds you can catch, you’ll be getting the vax, if you want to live and participate in Satan’s new order.  This is a certainty… best to acclimate to that fact, now and prepare (however you can) for it.

***Just a note for the religious component, out there… remember those “offshoots” your particular denomination chose to vilify in more opulent times?  They might be a viable option, (if they’ll take you) now, as living in large centers is going to get very difficult, if not downright perilous.  Remote encampments of conscientious objectors will have a better chance of resisting the satanic forces massing against us, enabling many to ride out the storm until the Master returns to deal with this lost world.