Moronic Anti-hunting Crowd Condemn Young Hunters

You can watch the video, here.

First off, the father wasn’t too bright posting such a video on social media.  Having so many youngsters there creates the impression among the simple that it’s some kind of gong show and unorganized.  Kids being who they are don’t have the experience needed to control their excitement, which in such a scenario seems to create a situation that offends the bleeding-hearts, even though the hunt is legitimate and legal and humane.  The Disney-ite crowd think with their emotions – in other words, they don’t think.

It’s better that we sportsmen keep our activities to ourselves and stay off the radar of the simple-minded, handwringing eco-crowd.  These are the same that remorselessly consume their hamburgers and steak, it’s just that they won’t lower their precious selves to do any of the dirty work in butchering the animals that provide them their feast.  They’re too self-righteous for that!  It’s too bad we have to suffer for these shitheads, but, their lobby is a strong one with our corrupt political leaders.  They’ll bend over backward to pacify these morons, votes mean everything to the politician.

One can easily see from the half-witted comments on the site just how ignorant the Bambi-ites are, with questions like:  “Are they gonna eat it?”  Wow… you can just hear the theme for Loony Tunes playing in the background!  The worn-out old line about serial killers getting their start by killing animals is always popular with the pointed heads.  I guess it’s never dawned on them that the victims of serial killers tend to be those like themselves – simple-minded, victimization-enabling fools that make life so miserable for everyone around them that a backlash is forthcoming.  I mean, what normal-thinking, sensible and down-to-earth person hasn’t dreamed about shooting a few of these whining social miscreants?  Can you imagine living in a world these dead-heads envision for us all?  Afraid to do or say anything for fear of offending someone?

There really is no cure for stupid.  The majority of society, today, has been dumb-downed by the Illuminati to the point where they are useless consumer herd animals, concerned only with being politically correct and fashionable.  You see them yelling and cursing at one another on the roadways, all vying to be the first in line to get to the mall or some other herd animal collection point to satisfy their abnormal desires, material or dietary.  These are the ones that will easily kill a human fetus out of convenience, yet whine about some stupid lion getting killed in Africa!  Those that seek to return to an earlier and more sensible way of life are derided by these fools.  Too stupid and too self-centered to reach, they simply bumble on through life until they keel over in some state-sponsored institution… forgotten by their equally dull children… and it goes on, generation after generation.

I wonder how many death threats these folk will get when the moronic left get wind of this video?  These are the unbalanced of the human race and, themselves, need to be put down.  If I ever got wind of a plot by some of these fools to do in someone over the killing of an animal, rest assured, they’d be the ones that would end up fertilizing a drainage ditch in some rural locale!

I used to comment on those forums… the rank stupidity of the majority of LiveLeak subscribers eventually overcomes the thinking person.  One good thing is that when the dead-heads are all congregated on that site, they can’t be wreaking havoc somewhere else, like in the real world.  Herd animals they are and herd animals they will continue to be.  Eventually, they, themselves, will be consumed… by the dead-headed system they so love to be a part of.


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