Well… Here We Are!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on this blog, having been caught up in the affairs of life and attending to a new Facebook account.  With 2018 fast drawing to a close, I don’t expect that I will be posting much here for the remainder of the year.  Perhaps 2019 will show more for activity on The Highwayman, should there be the opportunity for it.

My good friend, Truthseeker, has passed from this life, having fought the good fight against the powers-that-be… he will be sorely missed!  I am leaving his last comment up as a remembrance of him and his work.  His website is no longer up, but, his work will continue, I’m sure, through those that were affiliated with him, myself included.

Hopefully, 2019 will be a better year in terms of wrapping up this era in history, which has shown a marked increase in lawlessness generated by the elitist forces that govern this planet.  Their subservient dupes that mark the ranks of the liberal left are following right along on the chain that their elitist masters hold.  They follow along unquestioningly and obediently to every command their leaders give, no matter how stupid and foolish.  There is going to be a time of trouble such as this world has never seen, rivaling that even of the Great Flood that so nearly destroyed this world some 5000 years ago.

We shall see what we shall see… till then, question ALL things… RESIST tyranny!