Asshole Talk Show Host Disses Lion Killer… (for ratings, nothing more!)

This piece of human excrement is jumping on the hate bandwagon so he can boost his TV ratings…

That’s right, Kimmel, keep shooting off your big fat pie hole and revealing the avaricious, self-absorbed brain behind it!  This opportunistic asshole couldn’t care less about ol’ Cecil the lion, he just knows a gold mine when he sees one.  Now he’s all righteous and indignant and his ignorant, brain-dead followers are all in a snit because a hunt went wrong and they had to trail up a wounded animal… happens every fucking day of every year, but, this lion happened to have a following.  Maybe they should have just let him go and suffer for years with that arrow in him?  Too bad the Zimbabwe government had already authorized the hunt… how about that, Kimmel?  Did you make that fact plain in your diatribe against Palmer, you egotistical power freak?

People just adore these talk show fools, even though every last one of them are opportunistic corporate whoremongers.  That makes the majority of  entertainment consumers, morons, in my book.  Dealing with just a few of these wackos online on YouTube, last night, reinforced my belief that some people ought to be sterilized before they pollute the gene pool.

Kimmel is treading a fine line, though, should one of his whacko groupies take it upon him/herself to do harm to Palmer or his family.  Believe me, there are more than just a few of these sociopathic socialist retards out there that upon having had their minds emptied by Illuminati-employed evolutionary scientists, trained to believe that they are only animals… African Apes, according to another socialist opportunistic egomaniac, Richard Dawkins… are more than ready to do their satanic masters’ bidding.  The modern ultra-liberal “progressive” left are full of psychotic basket cases that deem animal life superior to human.

My wish is that you, Dear Reader, boycott this punk asshole’s show and relegate the smug prick to some dark and dank corner of obscurity where he belongs.  In other words, don’t watch the dumb fuck’s show – drive him out of show business and back onto some used car lot where he belongs, swindling old ladies and ogling the office secretaries with the vain hope that they’d be impressed with someone with a one and a half-inch dick.


Don’t get me wrong!  I’m a firm believer in intelligent design… but hear the wisdom in this infidel’s speech!!  Humanity is naturally flawed and all that faith is trying to tell us is that this is only a temporary thing… but that there are very real repercussions for not learning how to save ourselves from non-existence.  That’s right… SAVE OURSELVES!  No, not heresy… FACT.  God can lead you to understanding, but, it’s YOU that chooses truth or fiction.

Over the years, I think that I’ve more than provided evidence for the fact this world is based upon fiction told to us by our so-called ‘leaders’.  Nevertheless, those that call themselves followers of truth are just as guilty in their consistency to fall back upon human nature… because there is no indwelling Spirit.  There is the rub!  No Spirit… no salvation!

Inevitably, without God’s indwelling force, this is the result…

“Zinnia” Jones… Whackjob Extraordinaire!


“Zinnia” Jones

In what will be the first of a series of bios on selected infidels and other strange sociological phenomena, our attention today will be tuned to one particularly disturbed something-or-another calling itself “Zinnia” Jones.  This something-or-another started out life as a human male, then decided that life was rather boring being normal and chose to become… well… what you see here.  It calls itself “transgender”, now.  Fine.  Whatever works, I say.  Not willing to leave it at that, “Zinnia” is part of a movement that is trying to destroy faith-based ideologies and religion, favoring secular humanism – itself a religion of pagan origin – for their desired world view.  This movement involves many well-known atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, the now-deceased Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc.  All of these are and were notable in their arrogance and for their vitriolic attacks upon religion, especially Christianity.  I’ve had dealings with them all, over the years, and I can tell you these are not nice people when the chips are down… those that are still people, that is.

Getting back to our featured freakshow, “Zinnia” started out life as an apparently normal-looking human male… normal on the outside, though evidently inside some serious shit was going on that eventually resulted in the mutation that we now have before us.  From what I’ve bothered to glean from the background of this creature, it now has a domestic arrangement with some other freak and there are two children involved.  Yeah… pray for the kids, folks!  They’re going to need all the help they can get going through life, as if that weren’t tough enough for all of us.  It’s having a fetish for rats, too, (maybe it eats them?) is something that the kiddies will have to deal with in their association with their strange ‘parent’.

Jones has a YouTube channel where it posts all kinds of vitriolic drivel against faith-driven organizations and churches.  As I mentioned, I’ve posted comments on it’s channel various times throughout the years, they are generally ignored except for the occasional insult by either it or some of it’s followers, many of these otherwise normal people seeking only to be politically correct and loved by ANYTHING.  (I’m trying to be nice, here!)  Trouble is, “Zinnia” isn’t about love, it’s about cold and lifeless humanism and the tormented mind that inhabits that humanoid encasement unfortunate enough to have to host it dwells on this incessantly.  Lord knows the shit that body has gone through in this entity’s quest for self-determination!

Giving the devil it’s due, the thing is quite intelligent and no novice believer ought to try taking it on in a debate, especially on it’s chosen track of beliefs.  It will generally run circles around the average honest God-fearing soul, having years of experience in defending itself against attacks from every quarter of religion and from trolls simply out to torment what is left of the humanity trapped inside that ostensibly humanoid encasement.

All jokes aside, Jones and company are a sad lot that are seriously out of touch with reality.  Science, while good and proper in it’s intended use, does not have relevance outside of the fact that God is it’s originator and this universe functions because of the principles that He designed and put into play to operate and sustain it.  So-called atheists (really anti-theists) have attempted to hijack science as something that exists apart from God and in place of God.  The two have always been compatible, however, infidels seem to think that they, themselves, are the true authors and defenders of what we generally call science.  Infidels claim that science is something that no believer can rightfully espouse and still be what they claim to be.  Wrong, on all counts!

Jones is to be pitied… or laughed at, depending on your point of view.  Taken seriously?  No.  Simply no.  When you’re this fucked up in the head to do what Jones has and does, one cannot take anything this freak says seriously.  I suppose everything that it’s done to itself over the years, theoretically, could be reversed… physically, anyway.  Psychologically, that poses a different challenge.  Normal is something that Jones has never been, so I doubt the mindset Jones has could ever be reversed.  Perhaps God can take that into account in His judgment of Jones… I would hope so, for what it’s worth.

Too bad that so many have been influenced by it and those other opponents of truth, though.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does


“T” for TRASH!

… and it doesn’t get any stupider than this.  Yes, even though the scriptures warn about attempts like these in the last days to try and discredit and nullify the Word of God, fools think that they can get away with crap like this and not go undetected by true Bible students.  For more on this ridiculousness, read here.

Of course, there is a liberalized element out there that claim to be following God and Christ while doing all the things that are detestable in God’s sight.  These same are always ready with some new heresy under political correctness and this will always be the case for as long as time drags on.  Mocking God is a full-time business with these morons and they think themselves impervious to His wrath and judgment.

The “Queen James Bible” just shows how low the loony left will go to try and discredit true faith.  Being unstable in every way, they never tire of drawing attention to themselves and this is simply another milestone in their journey to hell.  So be it.  God won’t stand in their determined way to destroy themselves, why should I?  My warning goes out to those not already sold into Satan’s service to ignore these lost individuals and their ridiculous fads and licentious behavior.

Fags are continually in the news for trying to sue people for imaginary (theirs) slights against them.  What they are, are feeble attempts to gain notoriety and to suck in the public to support their unnatural lifestyles and praise them for it.  The homosexual is in this game FOR THEMSELVES and are totally self-absorbed.  When they don’t get their way, they whine and cry that their tender sensibilities are in some way being infringed upon.  However, people are beginning to see past this charade and know this for what it really is – deviants trying to appear as legitimate in a society that recognizes such behavior as evil.

The “Queen James Bible” is good for only one thing – toilet paper!  It’s adherents – hell fire.  They seek to rewrite and align the Holy Scriptures alongside their demented thinking, but, those in the know can recognize this as the garbage that it is and consign it to it’s proper place in the landfill alongside all that is politically correct and new age.

More From The Insane Left

More stupid shit in a stupid shitty world…

Originally, I wasn’t going to post that video.  I mean, why give these perverts any more free press than what they already enjoy?  Hell, it’s all over the fucking place, anyway.  Simply another opportunity to expose the generally decrepit condition of a world that is headed for destruction.  The stupid really do rule in our day.  No doubt about it.

See all the cheering morons lined up behind the barricades watching the two faggots gyrate around like mating fruit flies?  This is the empowerment behind the force that is seeking to destroy society.  Unthinking, witless morons that only live for their next Double-Double and croissant at Timmy’s and the weekend off to watch sports and dumb-assed ‘reality’ shows and get drunk.

Here is another video showing the rampant stupidity and decay in society…

Sad, isn’t it?  These kids can barely formulate a sentence and spell their name, but, they can deliver a complete essay on gay marriage.  Why is it that kids have to know this crap?  “Oh… how will I explain this to my kids?”, some thirty-something, brain-dead, lattè-sucking bicycle path advocate whines.  How about… “Junior, in this world, there are very evil and self-absorbed people that are anxious to pull down the society you live in and control your mind and actions.  The homosexual movement is merely one of those groups.  Stay away from them, because, aside from catching some incurable bug from them, they will eventually be destroyed by God for doing what they do.  They’ll tell you that they cannot help doing what they do, that they were ‘born that way’, but, don’t believe them.  They do what they do because they want to do it… period.”

Jimmy Kimmel, the moronic talk show host/Jay Leno wannabe, defines sophistication as being able to “wrap your head around” what is disgusting and perverse.  As if anything like that needed to be understood for anything other than what it is… pure garbage!  This is the world that the Zionist banking cartel envisions for us all.

I use YouTube quite a bit in my posts, but, it’s getting tougher to do, what with it’s pandering to these criminal gays.  Bad enough that society is leaning more and more toward accepting these freaks, they have to plaster their (gay’s) stupid shit all over their site!  Sign of the times.  Oh well…

By the way… make sure you get your Confederate flag before they are totally banned by the brain-dead leftists.  It is returning as a symbol of freedom from oppression and as a symbol of free thought.  Fools attribute it as being the cause of what they, themselves, have brought down upon society by their own stupidity.  Get your flag and fly it in the faces of these morons!