There’s $$$ In False Flags!

Yes, the parents of those alleged school shooting victims are sure not letting their grief stop them from ca$hing in on their ‘bereavement’…

This is what awaits anyone that dares to go against the status quo!  Those ‘bereaved’ parents look mighty well-off and mighty LIBERAL in their deportment and speech.  Of course, their attorneys also stand to make some hefty coin off of Jones, the REAL victim in all of this.  Yes, I heard the conflicting reports coming out of the news coverage of said event… three shooters, then one, etc.  Also, reports of black ops-type vehicles in the vicinity with black-clad shooters roaming around… all of this reminiscent with pretty well every assassination case where some patsy has been lined up to take the fall for whoever’s agenda happens to in place.  All of this was being broadcast before the patsy was found and identified.

Too bad Alex wasn’t able to stand firm… the powers-that-be wield a ton of power and can destroy anyone, given their control over pretty much every institution in the world.  Filthy rich bankers and industrialists with an agenda for establishing a central world government, necessitating disarming every citizen, which is what these ORCHESTRATED events are designed to do.  In the past, such as with the Boston bombing hoax, they’ve been not too careful and their crisis actors have shown up in other places, sound of mind and body.  One father in this latest debacle, at the time, was shown by cameras to be quite jovial in the face of his kid being killed… probably thinking ahead till now when he could ca$h in big time, though no doubt compensated royally by the globalists from the beginning.

Well, the truth comes at a price.  The lazy dunderhead public are only interested in hearing smooth things, which the establishment guarantees them, every day, through their lapdog media and lying-ass political puppets.  And, the truth will NEVER be popular.  Knowing the truth comes at great risk, spurring the indolent to make a decision.  This is something that a soft, compliant, sheep-like public are not accustomed to.

Get used to more and more of these false flags as the elitists pursue their disarmament agenda.  They won’t rest until every privately-owned weapon is in the bag.

In a sinful, decrepit world, $$$ is the answer to everything.  Another blow for freedom of speech and thought!!

There’s NO Cure For Stupid!

The sheep, once more, demonstrate their innate capacity for taking stupidity to new and even higher levels.  Alex Jones, noted conspiracy author and revelator is now under attack by those that willingly aid the tyrannical forces running our governments, for simply pointing out that the highly suspect school shootings are, in fact, false flags aimed at eliminating all private ownership of guns and enabling tighter and tighter security for the purpose of controlling the movements and economy of the public.

He’s facing a lawsuit mounting into the hundreds of millions… see, it’s always the same with a defunct public, money solves everything!  Soooo sad they lost their precious darlings… but, maybe we can make a few bucks off of them?

How easy it is and how the orchestrators of these false flags; corrupt politicians and their elitist bosses, must laugh at the gullibility of a stupid, brain-dead public so consumed with self-serving and self-enrichment that they’ll disbelieve anything that would tend to interrupt their headlong rush into the abyss!  Tel them smooth things and they’re content.  When they get a little too complacent, construct some ‘disaster’ so that they momentarily look toward those that they claim to mistrust, yet always turn to in their time of need.  Leaders misbehave on a daily basis and the public screams foul, yet, when something like a fake disaster comes along, all those suspicions abruptly end.  People are simply stupid… period.

Fake disasters like COVID 19, 9/11, etc., all these things designed for the purpose of controlling the masses… and the masses NEVER catch on!

The trap is slowly closing shut on a gullible, materialistic society and national ruin is but a few months away.  Too late will the sheep realize the presence of the wolves in their midst… when their throats are ripped out!


No Peace… EVER!

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”  1 Thessalonians 5:3.

Yes, of course… it’s too late.  It is now in the hands of God to repel the adversaries of souls.  The final tyranny is at hand…

“The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the Lord; and what wisdom is in them?  Therefore will I give their wives unto others, and their fields to them that shall inherit them: for every one from the least even unto the greatest is given to covetousness, from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely.  For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.”  Jeremiah 8:9-11.

It’s done.

We Have A Problem

Thugs in Baltimore

Thug Protesters vs. Cops in Baltimore

This should prove a warning against the incessant immigration policies that the Canadian Government have in place that allow hordes of refugees into Canada.  See story.

Even our western prairie communities are becoming havens for waves of immigrants.  They will soon outnumber white Canadians, whom are fast becoming the minority in the country that they built.   Then when times get rough, scenes like those played out in Baltimore will become all too real and frequent.

The Illuminati have long planned for diluting cultures through the intermixing of different races.  Look at couples walking down the street… one out of every three are interracial.  This is indicative of the high concentration of immigrants and refugees that are already here.  Many of these newcomers enjoy perks that the average white person is not eligible to have; free credit, housing, guaranteed and subsidized employment… many immigrants I see are driving late model SUV’s, while I drive a 20 year-old sedan!  They just got off the boat, having come here with NOTHING!  Talk about a sugar-daddy country, this CANADA!

Racial tensions are inevitable, especially when you have a cartel of powerful banking and business elites running the show.  They will continue to instruct their government lackeys to allow boatloads of ne’er-do-well’s onto our shores.  The social unrest this provides is great for their agenda to bring sovereign countries to their knees and accept totalitarian rule.

I do not go out of my way to welcome new citizens to Canada unless they are Europeans.  These think and look enough like us to not present a threat to our culture, having in fact been established from these back when the first settlers colonized this land.  Jabbering bands of Orientals, Africans, Philipinos, etc., are so culturally opposite ours as to pose problems further down the line.  Scenes like these in Baltimore prove this… AND IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

Can… and will!

Get Ready!

This is what is coming.  You heard the Rothschild hired thug at 17:50 on the video: “There are a lot of CONSTITUTIONALISTS stockpiling weapons and ammo…”  These dummies aren’t smart enough to figure out they are being used, nor trustworthy to keep a secret… not that the powers that be give a shit!  Their arrogance and smug self-confidence knows no bounds.

Any foreign reader seeing this knows what is coming.  How many fascist regimes got their start in just this manner?  Only a complete MORON couldn’t see what this is all leading up to.  And since when is being a constitutionalist something to be ashamed of or illegal?  Since fascists took over the country, that’s when!

It’s a given good ‘ol Canada will brown-nose it’s way right along after the corrupt-as-hell homosexual Obama regime.  Our idiot Jewish prime minister and his bungling cabinet will render all support to their Rothschild allies.  Stephen “Harperstein” will do what he’s told to do like the good little pet bought-and-paid-for goy dumbass dupe he is.

Time to consider options!  More on this, later…

Stay tuned!


It’s Getting Worse… (Freedom of expression denied)

Well, it’s to be expected.  The politically correct clowns are increasingly having their way on various forums.  This weekend, the Marxist moderators at YouTube banned a certain truther from publishing and commenting, something that has happened to this writer on three different occasions.  These days, everyone is scared of lawsuits by butt-hurt minorities and other leftist whiners, they don’t wish to offend an increasingly politically correct audience.  Why people think that they have to have the approval of self-centered political and social activists before they can think, is beyond me.  Of course, we all know who is responsible and that is the Illuminati, whom control these weak-minded individuals and corporations like… well… sheepherders.

Oh, and to add to my own resume of accomplishments, now has banned and deleted my comments, as well.  Up to now, I’ve held this site and Alex Jones with great regard.  However, I’ve noticed a gradual slant toward accommodating certain government-sponsored trolls and the just plain stupid, whilst requiring others to abide by the rules.  Being one to sometimes push the envelope, my engagement of these low-lives has apparently put me in the same class with them at Infowars.  My ‘punishment’ may not be entirely undeserved, certainly not unexpected, however, when their (trolls) comments are not deleted and left up, it tells me there must be insiders working at Infowars, making the whole site, in my view, suspect and dirty.  Nonetheless, two can play the banishment game and I no longer refer to the site from here.

I, myself, employ moderation, I know sites must maintain some semblance of order.  The good thing about my humble site is I can run it my way without having to worry about shills mucking around in the background.  AJ is a national presence, however, employing many people.  The chances of getting one of ‘those’ is pretty good, these days.  YouTube is full of them.  The truther in question found that out the hard way.

His great sin was criticizing the government’s handling of the economy.  Mine (on YouTube) was exposing the hypocrisy of certain minorities, homosexuals, feminists, along those lines.  The politically correct have stolen this land, the unwitting dupes of a fascist group of industrialists, bankers, Zionist-friendly ‘Christian’ churches, etc.  We now have a choice, we can either fight these morally-bereft criminals or roll over for them.  One thing we cannot take for granted is freedom of speech… which does not exist, anymore, in North America, but, it’s still possible to skirt the majority of the ‘ears’ the Illuminati have planted out there, watching.

There’s an old saw that goes: “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.”  Remember, you cannot trust anyone, anymore, that’s just the unfortunate reality of living in the New World Order.

UPDATE: I’ve since restored Alex’s site to my blog roll, recognizing the fact that he isn’t directly responsible for my banishment from his forums and that his site is important for keeping up with world events apart from the elitist owned and controlled media.  It’s advisable to remember that most forums nowadays have their own problems with shills and trolls, narrow-minded fools with no particular views or ideology other than just an obsession with fucking with people.

Censorship Already Being Applied!

Previously, we’ve examined Internet censorship and what the elitists plan to do to control the exchange of information in the media and online.  There are already attempts by certain service providers to bend over to accommodate a big elitist dick up their corporate asses.  Google, of course, has a rather large ass and has seized a rather large market share of the web, in cahoots with the NSA, Dept. of Homeland Security and other shadowy groups to monitor the activities of North American citizens.  Anything you do or say on a website or email is monitored.  This is a reality of the evil and corrupt world we live in.

This writer recently tried to access and got THIS…


Before this, I got an “Invalid Website” statement.  It’s my belief Infowars is under hacker attack by either a group of nerdy sycophants or other government-sponsored low-lives.  Anyway, it proves what we “tinfoilers” have been saying all along.  You can’t trust authority around the corner and this is just the beginning.

I tried a different computer and browser and got through to discover that others were having problems, too.  My PC was really working, though, with a high load of ‘activity’ on the site causing it to labor harder than normal.  Well, it’s to be expected.  With all of the attempts there has been to shut Alex Jones down, this is just another one of those.  The fools don’t seem to grasp, however, that God is in ultimate control of HIS world and Satan can bark and howl all he wants.  He and his gaggle of elitist morons will NEVER succeed in conquering this planet, they will be destroyed… utterly and finally.

I’ll be monitoring AJ’s site very closely.  If it turns out that this is only a maintenance issue, I’ll be one of the first to report on it.  If it’s the other thing… we may have a fight on our hands!

It won’t be the first time, either.


Editor’s note: At this time, (June 20/14) the site is again accessible by Internet Explorer.  Not sure what went on, but, there are reports from all over of censorship on other private nets, including the US military.