The Artificial Pseudo-Society

Artificiality is the basis for the society that we now have.  When you are born, you are born of living, breathing human beings, natural creations of God.  However, as soon as you are born, you are immediately registered with the state or province your parents live in and become the legal property of that jurisdiction.  You become actual property that can be regulated and even seized at any time that a court of law deems it necessary to do so.  (Such as in child custody cases)  The state is a corporation that actually usurps the role of creator and forms a likeness of yourself in IT’S image, the direct opposite of what scripture teaches as to God’s jurisdiction over us.  This contention has been at the center of the controversy between the devil and God since the beginning.

Humanism, a derivative of socialism, which is atheism, teaches there is no creator.  Spurious theories such as evolution all arise from socialism, a concept modernized of a much more ancient order that has been around since the days of Nimrod.  The establishment of certain atheistic principles within society are aimed at erasing all knowledge of man’s unique creation, supplanting it with the notion that we are but a cosmic accident.  The result is the doctrine of non-accountability, that man is only accountable to and for himself.  Having removed God from the mix, man is now free to follow his own course, or so he thinks.  The reality is that man cannot serve two masters, if not God then Satan, by default.  The illusion is there is a third choice where there is none.

The economy of heaven is one of benevolence and cooperation and selflessness, diametrically opposed to the competition-driven, self-serving, self-justifying economics of a humanist society.  In such a society, the natural man becomes a token in commerce, the religion of the world.  The world thus thrives apart from it’s creator, solely upon it’s own merits, having re-created, as it were, itself, making itself as God.  Remember the first two commandments?  “I am the Lord thy God…” establishing jurisdiction, followed by the admonition; “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”  In fact, what has happened is that both commandments have immediately been surpassed, and not by accident.  Satan has a deliberate plan that he has been orchestrating for a very long time.  In essence, the society that we now have is only an updated version of good old fashioned paganism and idol worship, the basis for Satan worship.  He wants what’s God’s, always has, always will.  That includes US.

Satan, of course, being a created being, himself, cannot create anything.  God, alone, is able to make matter and form it to His specifications.  Satan decided on the next best course, a PRETENSE of matter, of life, based upon magic – prestidigitation.  He will conjure up a likeness of man in the sense of the artificial, making himself a god of sorts, by reason of the fact his ‘creations’ belong to him.  This mandate he confers upon his dupes, the rulers of the world, whom are charged with administrating his artificial construct.  These agents are the governments and courts that make the laws and ordinances and enforce them through something called “Joinder” which unites two legal entities under jurisdiction.  Since a man is not nor cannot ever be something artificial, it is necessary to provide a substitute through a legal representative, a ‘token’, as it were.  See here for an illustration of how this is accomplished.

You can see the results of this in society, through the denigration of the human through reduction in our status to mere evolved monkeys, here solely by accident.  Having little more distinction than dumb beasts, we are referred to as simply males and females.  Ever hear how the police identify culprits or victims as simply male and/or female, not man or woman?  Everything is artificial… lifeless, by any natural interpretation.  The ‘life’ is in the commercial aspect of it, which is why you need a token representative lifeless enough to partake.  Kind of like a board game where you need a token to represent yourself.  You can’t play without a token.  Life, or at least life in the commercial sense, is like that.  You are that token and the state is it’s creator/god.

So we can see from all of this that life is not what we imagine it to be in our civilized society.  We have formed an image to the beast in direct violation of God’s command that we do not, and now we serve that likeness through our commerce and it’s constructs.  We bear it’s “mark” through our participation in it’s pseudo-economy, a lifeless entity that cannot exist or thrive in a universe created for the living, by a living creator.  It is a symbol of death, diametrically opposed to everything living.  The mark of the beast is the attempt to revive and live with the dead, which have no place at all with the living.  This is Necromancy, something God despises and condemns.

The mark of the beast is death and confusion, which is all that Satan deals in.  He is the author of death and it’s prophet.  Both will be destroyed.

Follow-up On Flight MA370

I posted earlier about my views on that missing commercial aircraft, essentially washing my hands of it due to the plethora of speculation about it and the time I have available to research it all.  I’ve reconsidered that view and will now post something from Dr. Makow’s site dealing with this issue here.

There well could be a connection between Flight MA370 and the Rothschilds, certainly some form of Zionist plot.  In any case, here is the post, I’ll let the readers decide for themselves if anything shady went down.  Myself, I’ve taken more interest in this in light of the story presented on Henry’s site.  I’ll post further on this if I find out anything more. 

‘New’ Technology In The War On Society

No, no, I got it right… the war on SOCIETY. FPS Russia (click on this link) is my favorite intelligence source on the latest toys that the gubmint comes up with in their never-ending crusade against those radical fundamentalists seeking to overthrow our society and rape our women and enslave our kiddies. We should all feel safe under our beds knowing that big brother has our asses… I mean, our backs!

Seriously, if our little pseudo-Russian has one of these things, the technology’s been around for awhile. I happen to know there are some of these things patrolling the ‘open’ border between our corporate states this very minute, albeit the unweaponed versions. Rest assured, though, they can be weaponed-up in minutes if it came to that.

Are you getting as sick as I am about hearing about those “moozelum” radicals and the ‘threat’ they pose to our country? What, with the tax burden we’ve been forced to carry on our backs since the early Twentieth Century, basically providing powerful white fat cats with an extravagant living, we now have to contend with a few “rag-heads”? I’m sorry, I find absolutely no disparity between the two. Personally, I’ll take a religious fundamentalist over your typical bankster, any day!

The technology is in place to control (if need be) an unruly mob of patriots unwilling to submit to total authority… and it’s coming! It’s been coming for centuries and this modern age has never had a precedent in terms of the compatibility of authoritarianism and the means to enforce it. We have a prime minister that has showed unswerving devotion to Zionist forces in this regard and will surely accommodate any Draconian measures drawn up to comply with new world order mandates. Afghanistan is proof of that!

It’s coming… whether you choose to believe or no. “Charlene” could be hovering outside your mosque, church, living room or bathroom window, any day, now.

Why So Many Cop Shows?

It may be more obvious to those that do not subscribe to a cable or satellite service, whom still have to rely upon the fast-dwindling VHF television stations still broadcasting, (as I do) however, most are probably aware of the plethora of cop shows, specifically the CSI-type that have largely replaced the older variety cop shows, westerns, family shows, etc, that some of us older folk grew up with.  I receive a total of ONE stations on my “rabbit ears”, the last one operating in my area and due to shut down for good, sometime this year.  Then, the only ‘entertainment’ available will be closed circuit cable that you have to subscribe to and pay for.

I choose not to subscribe to these companies, realizing that the quality of programming has hit rock-bottom and is simply not worth the time, effort and money it takes to set up and utilize this service.  I also have a different idea of what constitutes entertainment and these conglomerates are not providing what I deem a quality product.

But, exactly WHAT are you getting for your money when you sign on?

The few ‘comedies’ ( I use this term loosely) are more the quality of what you might expect from a production mounted by adolescents stringing up a bedsheet in the attic as an improvised stage set.   The scripts are lousy and improvised, the actors air-headed talent show graduates that were voted in on the judgement of an air-headed audience that wouldn’t recognize talent if it boinked them in the ass.  One in particular: “The Big Bang Theory”.  A cast of over-sexed knuckleheads passing themselves off as intellectuals that we are supposed to respect.  Without a laugh track dubbed in, this show would be a real clock-stopper, a snorer.  However, it does serve the purpose it’s producers expect from it.  It dulls the senses and lulls it’s audience into a profound stupor.

The cop shows present a different angle, though.  A more sinister one.  One watching these dramas is quickly introduced to a world where authority is unquestioned and all-pervasive.  The officers may be loose-living, amoral, well-coiffed clothing store mannequins with soap opera lives, but, their authority is absolute and it shows, especially during an arrest.  Ever notice how the ‘suspects’ are almost never accompanied by legal counsel during questioning, yet they voluntarily (after a token few seconds of paltry resistance) unload all of their complicity and guilt upon their attentive inquisitors?  Are they even aware they have the right to remain silent?  The cops are always portrayed as good and righteous, which justifies these seeming oversights.

The main issue is probably one of conditioning… getting used to having these authority figures in our lives, which begs the question: “Why?”

Why, indeed.

We’ll be delving more into this issue, later.


Is Society Dysfunctional?

Damn right.  You know, it’s easy to blame the powers-that-be for the mess we’re in… but, who has enabled these elitist bastards to reach the pinnacle that they occupy over us all?  The greed and avarice and selfishness of man has placed him precisely where the cabal wants him, under their control.

We think we have freedoms and “rights” (LOL, I always get a chortle out of that one!) even when we’re taxed and worked to death, while a comparative few sit at the top and enjoy the fruits of our slavery.  No one can deny there is a privileged few and that society has pretty much maxed out it’s filial and physical ‘credit card’.  Every year, we work harder and harder for less and less, eat garbage food and watch garbage TV and get fat and stupid and ever more complacent.  It’s easy to manage a herd of cattle, just point one or two the way you wish them to go and the others blindly follow.

I’ve been blogging a long time.  This is but the latest incarnation of a long line of (illustrious?) blogs that have been dedicated to uncovering the rancid bullshit that underpins this pseudo-society of ours.  Paid the price in terms of friendships and family… and for what?  Some find great humor in what I write.  Well, that’s fine, I guess, however, the danger is nonetheless very real and very imminent.  What you don’t know can not only hurt you, it WILL.  The opposition knows that ignorance is their greatest weapon, coupled with anonymity.

Their master works behind the greatest anonymity there is.  Satan is the top of the pyramid, typified by the “all-seeing eye”.  Now, many will scoff, even those in the conspiracy fraternity prefer to think that our fight is not against higher orders of being.  Well, this would be a surprise, indeed, to those very elite that we owe our subjugation to.  They well know who their master is and they worship him with a fervor that would shame many professed Christians before God.  The difference is that their god is not the benevolent God that promises redemption for the errant soul, but an exacting taskmaster that demands obedience and compliance.  Up to now, he has left matters in the hands of his most trusted and influential dupes, the “elite” we all have come to despise, knowingly or not.  He will, however, soon be making a personal appearance, to receive the honor and glory he has coveted since the day God threw his ass out of Heaven.

So, we have this shipwreck of a world that has no idea how to solve it’s problems and never would if fate were not fixed toward it’s demise.  The rise and fall of nations throughout history have had two primary influences upon them and neither are human.  Either God working in man’s best interest and intervening at crucial times or Satan being allowed his sway with it’s natural and inevitable outcome.

So, what do we do?  Nothing?  Let God and Satan duke it out until Satan loses as he must?  Do we do whatever we can to ‘help’ God (or Satan, depending on your slant) and just wait?  Well, that’s something that we all must ascertain for ourselves.  For me, seeing the evil bastards of this world continually winning over us all, their minions scoffing and laughing… it pushes me to make life just a tad harder for them.  Mind you, every day that some asshole cuts me off in traffic in their mad dash to please his/her elitist masters at their menial job, endangering themselves and myself to make some impression upon these thankless scum, every time someone steals from me, lies to me/about me, pollutes my air, and every day some fabricated “terror” attack whips up a new round of paranoia to keep everyone cowed and on edge and bickering one with another, spying on each other and ratting each other out, I wonder… why bother?  Is society worth all of my concern?

I’m still wondering…

Black Powder – The ONLY Way To Go!

Yup.  I’ve been hunting since I was old enough to spell the word, hunted everything that’s walked or crawled in this locale.  From a Daisy BB gun to a .50 BMG, I’ve run the gamut of hunting and military ordinance.  Nothing in any of this has taken my fancy more than shooting primitive weapons, using good-old-fashioned black powder as fuel!

The day I bought my first Hawken-style rifle (a Lyman Trade Rifle, to be precise) I was smitten with dirtying my hands ramming patch and ball down a 32-inch octagonal barrel and squinting down buckhorn sights at… well, bucks!  Later, I discovered conical bullets and saboted bullets, increasing my repertoire and versatility in the types of game I could hunt.

Shooting a “smokepole” isn’t for everyone.  Least likely the young whom have to have everything NOW and can’t be bothered with taking the extra care and attention that a muzzleloader demands.  Today, it’s all about high-capacity magazines and rate of fire that’s important to nimrods, not the experience of working close and personal with nature and a primitive firearm.  Patience isn’t a virtue, any longer.  It’s all about production.  One needn’t feel any pride or happiness about what they do, just get the fucking job done!  I’ve seen many hunters like that.  No time to actually enjoy the hunt, just get it done as fast as possible, with the biggest caliber, so you can get home and start bragging about it.

My current rifle is a Hawken-style, Safari Arms .50 cal caplock, with a 1 in 48 inch-twist octagonal barrel.  (See pic below, click to enlarge)

Gun 001

This little gem carries authority out where the bush is thick and the bucks are ornery.  Granted, like most weapons of this type, it is not a tack-driving behemoth capable of reaching out to close to a mile to strike down a snoozing or unsuspecting deer or moose.  A rifle of this design and barrel twist (the number of turns a bullet makes in the barrel rifling over a certain distance) is more consigned to the relatively meek 25-75 yard range.  (Though I have taken rabbits at 100 yards and more)  The 1 in 48-twist is considered a compromise between patched balls and conicals, the latter requiring a high rate of twist, where round balls like a slower one.

Ninety grains (by volume) of GOEX ffg black powder is a maximum load behind a conical, for this rifle.  Tried 100 grains behind a 360 grain bullet and got a shattered cap and the hammer re-cocked itself!  Shattered caps aren’t desirable when your eye is only a short distance away!  Ninety grains seems the limit in terms of accuracy and safety.  Using saboted 240 grain .44 cal bullets, 80 grains is recommended.  Either way, whatever gets hit doesn’t go far… usually straight down in a heap!

Gun 002

The caplock action is visible, here, with hammer resting on silver nipple.  After charging the barrel, the hammer is pulled back two notches (the first ‘click’ is a safety) and a small primer cap is placed over the nipple.  The gun is ready to fire.  This gun has two triggers, the rear one being a “set” trigger, which adjusts the front trigger for a lighter pull.  This is referred to as a “hair trigger” in the fraternity.  One merely “sets” the front trigger which is then used to fire the rifle.  One can simply use the front trigger by itself, too.  Either way, it’s the front trigger that discharges the weapon.

I’ve negated the entire loading process for brevity, as it is convoluted in terms of modern shooting procedure.  No cartridges, just powder and ball (bullet) loaded separately, from the muzzle, (hence the term “muzzleloader”) cap the nipple and let fly.  The resulting smoke and noise is gratifying all on it’s own!  Cleaning, however, is mandatory, and the sooner the better.  Black powder plays hell with metal, rust being a common feature in neglected bores.  Believe me, you are in for a world of hurt if you let these babies go in terms of proper and prompt maintenance.  Least case scenario, you’ll end up with a fucked-up barrel that’ll never shoot straight.  They are heavy enough to use as a club, though, if you are able to run down your game.

This rifle, in the right hands, will take down most anything worth eating on this continent.  With some practice, one can load one of these in under a minute.  The rewards are in using a weapon that helped open up the frontier, you’re holding a piece of our history in your hands when you shoulder a muzzleloader.  Fair warning: if you try it, you’ll be smitten!