There’s NO Cure For Stupid!

The sheep, once more, demonstrate their innate capacity for taking stupidity to new and even higher levels.  Alex Jones, noted conspiracy author and revelator is now under attack by those that willingly aid the tyrannical forces running our governments, for simply pointing out that the highly suspect school shootings are, in fact, false flags aimed at eliminating all private ownership of guns and enabling tighter and tighter security for the purpose of controlling the movements and economy of the public.

He’s facing a lawsuit mounting into the hundreds of millions… see, it’s always the same with a defunct public, money solves everything!  Soooo sad they lost their precious darlings… but, maybe we can make a few bucks off of them?

How easy it is and how the orchestrators of these false flags; corrupt politicians and their elitist bosses, must laugh at the gullibility of a stupid, brain-dead public so consumed with self-serving and self-enrichment that they’ll disbelieve anything that would tend to interrupt their headlong rush into the abyss!  Tel them smooth things and they’re content.  When they get a little too complacent, construct some ‘disaster’ so that they momentarily look toward those that they claim to mistrust, yet always turn to in their time of need.  Leaders misbehave on a daily basis and the public screams foul, yet, when something like a fake disaster comes along, all those suspicions abruptly end.  People are simply stupid… period.

Fake disasters like COVID 19, 9/11, etc., all these things designed for the purpose of controlling the masses… and the masses NEVER catch on!

The trap is slowly closing shut on a gullible, materialistic society and national ruin is but a few months away.  Too late will the sheep realize the presence of the wolves in their midst… when their throats are ripped out!


The Cancer of Socialism

Communism, Progressive Liberalism, call it what you will… all of these are deadly CANCER to a society!

Never before has society seen such an inundation of purely satanic bullshit, what with political correctness, wokeism, transgenderism, homosexualism, and every other creepy and evil concept one could ever imagine.  All of these planned for centuries under the guise of bettering human lives!  As stated, these are right from Satan, himself.  Ignorant patsies and dupes play right into his hands as slaves to his bidding.

The COVID hoax… 9/11 hoax… staged school shootings… all of these, combined, make for a destabilized, fearful and paranoid society too absorbed with it’s own well-being to question or even suspect that they are being carefully led to slaughter.  That great enemy of society… the bought-and-paid-for news media are doing their masters’ bidding in this the forerunner of a great new world order run by the self-styled masters of the earth.

What these deluded fools fail to consider, though, is that their efforts are in vain… and as the speaker in this video reveals, they are all headed for disaster at the hands of an angry God!  They… and all those that follow them!

Social Retards

That is what our society is, a compilation of lazy, indolent morons that can’t garner the ambition to form a cogent thought, anymore.  Instead, we allow others, many with ulterior motives and agendas, to educate us.  We have been so conditioned to listening the the ‘experts’ we no longer trust our God-given intuition preferring to let media and government dictate to us what we should believe and do.

Just in my time, we’ve been inundated with one scam after another.  The earliest one that I can remember and have lived through is the moon landing hoax.  Of course, since then, we’ve had various assassinations and wars… 9/11, etc.  Basically, our society has been built upon one big fat fucking lie after another.

The COVID hoax comes to mind, now, at this point of developing instabilities throughout eastern Europe, themselves, the result of media hype and governmental legerdemain.  While it’s wound down substantially, especially due to the eastern debacle, there are still those that adhere to their programming and insist on blaming a common cold on the dreaded COVID monster.  I’ve lost patience with these morons as we live in an age where this kind of Medieval thinking shouldn’t even be a factor in our lives.  I’ve had to write off a few friends and family because of their steadfast refusal to question the emperor’s nakedness.  Make no mistake!  While I am a proponent of free choice, that doesn’t extend to where that choice buggers up my life and freedom of action and choice.  I feel the time has never been better to make these morons accountable for their choices and that they needn’t expect any help or sympathy or encouragement in their headlong rush to disaster.

Dealing with the subject of morons, one other name pops up out of my Rolodex of dupes… Steve Isdahl.  Isdahl has a popular (right away, if it’s popular, you know it’s frivolous nonsense!) YouTube channel dealing with the subject of Bigfoot and an assortment of other freaks and space alien/paranormal crap.  This guy is so far down the garden path with this garbage that I doubt his sanity, anymore.  His only redeeming feature is that he doesn’t trust the authorities, which is wise, but, then he goes off the other deep end on what are for the most part hoaxes and the products of fevered minds and egocentric narcissism.  One wonders just how much damage some hick hunting guide from the suburbs of Abbotsford can do with these paranormal rantings and ravings.  He hosts a one-man email-in show where he reads (or tries to) emails from supposed encounters with the big forest dude, his less-than-oratorically-correct narration of other less-than-oratorically-correct fans’ “encounters” stretching the limits of one’s patience and ability to listen to hours of less-than-oratorically-correct bullshit.  Over the months, the stories have gotten more fantastic with every email, most of which is the natural evolution of what occurs when you’re subjected to mounds and mounds of relentless bullshit over long periods of time…

This is a perfect illustration of last-day events portrayed in scripture, when people would go after the mutterings of every unclean spirit, discarding common sense and preferring to believe a lie rather than truth.  This comes from the inherent laziness and indolence that we all have as human beings.  Not much effort is made, anymore, to investigate truth to see if it is, in fact, truth and not some lie fomented by those with a definite agenda in mind.  One accurate method I have for determining fact from horseshit is the popularity of whatever it is that one desires to test.  If it’s accepted and lauded by the majority of folks, guaranteed it’s bullshit and not worth a second’s pause.  The more outlandish and idiotic it is, the better it’s chances of acceptance by an intellectually-starved public.  Websites like this one that deal in the hard truth and FACTS are not especially interesting to a pleasure-loving, excitement-driven populace, not into anything that might require they make an adjustment in their lives or make some sacrifice.

Now, we have the sabre-rattling in Eastern Europe to rattle our already media-frazzled minds and I’m wondering what my next post should carry in terms of hope for a generation that has purposefully driven logic and foresight from their lives.  We shall see what we’ll see!

Lazy, Conformist Airline Employees Fake COVID To Get Holidays Off!

LOL!  Yep, this COVID scam is sure benefitting SOME and providing the opportunity to screw over the public… itself, falling into a cesspool of terminal narcissism!  Here’s the latest bullshit, courtesy of the Communist Broadcasting Corporation…

What the COVID-19 planners and instigators can’t accomplish one way they do another.  The common thread is, of course, to hinder and disrupt the lives of as many of their sheep as possible and then blame it on those that see their game plan and aren’t fooled by their bullshit!  The human garbage that comprises the self-professed ‘elite’… international bankers, politicians, media executives, secret societies, etc., will never cease in finding ways to bring about their great “reset” of society.  As George Bush Sr. so arrogantly and smugly put it: “A big idea… a new world order… the rule of law, not the law of the jungle.” (Our current system of law and order)  That’s what this sonofabitch and his elitist buddies are pushing for… a world-wide oligarchy run by a central government comprised of assholes like himself.  They’ll ultimately fail, of course, but, they’ll make life hell for the world’s inhabitants in the meantime.

Bush called our current system of government “the law of the jungle” and though he’s dead and gone, (good riddance!) his lackeys and followers and those that pulled his strings are still fighting hard to get this “rule of law” in place.  They have an agenda and it’s a tight one, because, they are not fighting against mere flesh and blood, here, they are fighting against the Creator of all things!  Sure… the war would have been won eons ago, if it were just us that these power-crazed Luciferian freaks had to subjugate, but, they are fighting against the Godhead, themselves!  This shows how completely mad these fools are and after so many demonstrations of God’s power throughout history and still they think they have a chance to overthrow Him!  Their fate is not going to be pretty… shed no tears for these bastards, they deserve NONE!

The COVID scam was born out of several mock trials at seeing what would be most effective at subjugating large segments of society… from the weapons lab research into AIDS, SARS, H1N1… the list goes on!  Not to mention 9/11 and all the wars that were started for profit and the added benefit of reducing the population to what they consider manageable numbers, as they feel us “useless eaters” are destroying THEIR planet!  The introduction, over the years, of specious theories like the one that says we ‘evolved’ from lower life forms, a great shot at removing God from the consciousness of humanity, fallacious theories about nature, the world we live in, the universe… all made-up crap to occupy and delude the minds and hearts of a self-centered and materialistic public!

Anyway, not to digress too far, this latest attempt to circumvent the mounting opposition and disgust over the Draconian measures being levied to try and keep the COVID scam alive is getting sickeningly obvious.  It’s especially dirty of them to wait till vulnerable travellers are stranded before inducing their stupid cronies in the travel industry, the communism-inspired unions, to call in ‘sick’.  I would laugh at this if it weren’t so evil… that and the realization that I live in the midst of a very gullible and stupid society that they would entertain for one second these obvious ruses is disheartening to say the very least!

Luckily for me, I do not need to travel or prevail upon the ‘tender mercies’ of public transportation to get me somewhere.  I gave up on that medium after the stupidity over 9/11, when illegal and immoral searches became routine at airports.  Luckily for me I follow a omnipotent God Who never loses a fight and will destroy this evil and corrupt society along with it’s architects in a final blaze of hellfire at the end of days!  (Revelation 20: 7-10)

Until that time we have to persevere and never give up fighting these fools in whatever capacity is given us.  As for the holiday fuck-ups… well, those travellers should have known this would happen, given the character of those that wield their power over us so recklessly.  We, also, have to take some responsibility for our plight, being too lazy and indifferent to take these bastards on when it might have been possible to actually do something.  Now that the cancer has spread, it will be much, much harder to resist their machinations.

Another False Flag To Add To The List!

You really don’t think that this event in the Suez canal was an ACCIDENT… do you?

They say that it won’t be long before the rest of the world realizes the economic impact from this debacle… but, is it REALLY  a debacle or is it just another globalist-planned crisis like the Covid scam to further fuck with society and bring it to a grinding halt at their feet?  It’s the latter, folks, you can bet the farm on it.

These megalomaniacal bastards know no restraints, their plans for world government have been in the works for thousands of years, a multi-generational scheme to control it ALL.  Up to now, their movements have been relatively slow, but, things are heating up fast.  They know the time is ripe for the take-over, society has never been more compliant than it is, today.  People will believe anything and put up with anything rather than resist.  They have been coddled and spoiled for too long and now cannot even dream of an existence apart from their beloved materialistic lifestyle made possible by their elitist masters and herd managers.  Billion$ in traded goods are being detained at the port and what better way to drive up prices and make trillion$ in reparations and bail-outs than to create an artificial recession… they did it in ’08 and they’re doing it now, with Covid and this bullshit ‘accident’.

Facts are, you cannot trust a banker or their fat-cat industrial and political lackeys, they are ALL in it for the $$$, the higher-up’s in it out of service to their satanic masters.  The Rothschild family have a very close relationship with Satan and it is by and large his genius that they operate under.  What human could ever engineer all of the wars and false flag operations that have occurred throughout history with such remarkable success?  Satan’s war with God has been on since before the creation and with the drama drawing to a close, Satan is desperate to take total control over the planet.  While his influence has always been strong, he still cannot assume total and uncontested control, though his insanity will not allow him to see his battle is lost.  He and his minions and slaves are all but consigned to the fiery inferno that will consume and cleanse this tired old earth in preparation for the establishment of the TRUE New World Order under God Almighty.  (See Revelation Chapters 20 & 21)  The last moves will be swift, we’ve seen more happen in the way of social change in the last 10 years than all throughout history, beforehand.

Yes, anything the media reports is obliged to be scrutinized and judged.  They cannot be trusted to present untainted reports on anything, being bought-and-paid-for by their oligarchical masters.  It would be fair to say that if one never listened to any major news network report on anything but to know what they are up to and where, they’d be better off.  Glean only that which is expedient to know and then shut them off!  Like a serpent mesmerizing a bird, the longer the bird stares, the better it’s chances of getting eaten!

It’s Getting Worse… (the fearmongering, that is!)

Oh yes… we have a REAL problem out there, folks!  They are RELENTLESS in their onslaught against our personal autonomy and freedoms.  The numbers they pull out of their asses with nothing substantial to back them up… i.e. bodies stacking up in the streets, households crumbling… TANGIBLE evidence that we can all see for ourselves without their telling us, keep rising and rising.  They keep ramping up the fear factor and virtually nothing else but Covid is talked about, either in the media or the coffee shops.

Our history is bleak, what with the knee-jerk reactions that we have displayed toward things like terrorism – bombings, 9/11, etc… all similar attempts to bring the public under the traces and which have met with remarkable success, though this latest scam has far eclipsed anything before it.  Hit people as close to home as their own personal health and you have a sure-shot winner.

To quote one local physician:

“The hospital has multiple active cases, even ICU and the community too – we’ve had daycare cases, schools, kids, younger adults. I keep hearing that it’s not here locally. WRONG!!!,” he wrote.

He says, “It is more important than ever right now to try to prevent the spread of this virus. The new strains are aggressive, hitting younger people and spreading much faster than the “old” COVID.”

The doctor also says, “I would restrict to your own household, stay home, wash hands, mask and distance if you have to go out. Restrict activity only to necessary outings or essential work. Do pick-ups instead of going into stores, get deliveries rather than shop in person.”

And he finishes with this: “This is far from over and getting worse. Health care workers are battling to keep up their resilience. Help us please. Help yourself please.”

In other words, you’re better off dead, because, by the time these assholes get through, you are not going to have any kind of a life, anyway, you’ll be a sequestered hermit residing in a cave, somewhere, with no contact with anyone else, much like the situation with our seniors trapped in retirement homes, virtual prisoners!

You know, it’s really funny, being one of those “essential workers” they’re always on about, in that I’ve been out and about and mixing with hundreds, if not thousands of people all throughout this hoax and I HAVE YET TO SEE ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL OTHER THAN THE PANIC THIS HAS GENERATED OF THIS PANDEMIC KILLER VIRUS FOR MYSELF!!!  Now… am I missing something, here?  Is the emperor REALLY clothed, after all?

Folks… I plead with you, to perhaps the last vestiges of your common sense and sanity, require MORE than what they are content to give you in terms of actual evidence.  Numbers they pull out of their asses, decrees made upon ‘evidence’ that wouldn’t even meet the requirements of hear-say in a court of law are received like they were delivered from the mount by God, Himself.  Society is being driven to the brink and it’s US that is doing their work for them in establishing their “big idea” as reality in the millennia-long push to establish a centralized world government on earth.  How can I say this?  You are ensuring your posterity’s complete and utter slavery to these oligarchs by complying with ever-increasing restrictions on your freedoms and movements… THESE WILL NOT CEASE!!!  “NORMAL” IS GONE!!!

People are being harassed by police in my community for not complying with insane “social distancing” rules and for not wearing those ridiculous and ineffective masks.  More attention is given to these than actual criminals, whom are enjoying unprecedented freedom to ply their nefarious trade with the distraction the Covid hoax provides.  The craziness shows no signs of abating… this is for like ALL DAY, folks!  I would recommend to those that are still able to formulate an independent thought that they make some sort of plans for the coming holocaust… not of any Covid-related bogeyman, but, of the threat that their crazed, fear-ridden neighbours will pose against their own personal safety.  Any that are able should move from tight city confines and seek more rural homes, arm yourselves and teach your family how to protect themselves.  People can turn into virtual monsters when they feel their lives are in danger and are capable of ANYTHING.  Most of all, EDUCATE those around you, while they still have some capacity to think for themselves.  Urge them to demand more evidence than what the bought-and-paid-for media are pleased to present.  Doctors are not trustworthy, their livelihoods are provided and controlled by the oligarchical healthcare system and they will comply with whatever mandate they are given.

The New Order is upon us.  Now, more than ever before, will you be required to THINK!

The Latest Bullshit From ‘Out There’!

Somewhere on Earth…

The massive, world-wide deception racket is going full-power, what with the Covid lie and now we have this lie about a space probe running around on Mars.  Of course, this falls completely within the purview of the ultra-rich, Satan-worshipping oligarchs seeking to communize North America and the world and make it a police state to end all police states.  How does some sound stage-photo-shopped movies and stills relate to a world-wide oligarchy, you ask?  Well, it’s all about control… control of the masses and their minds.  Instill complete and utter trust in the minds of your herd animals and life as a farmer becomes so much easier.  Remove any sense of personal and national sovereignty from a individual and he’s your slave… and God’s law prohibits slavery in any form, therefore, rid yourself of God and His restrictions and you can do whatever the hell you like.

The first example we had of a large-scale hoax of this type, was, of course, the alleged moon landings, which was a huge success with the majority of the world’s population.  Seeing is believing, you know, and there it was, plastered all over your TV sets, bombarding the news and newspapers, so that only the most remote Borneo headhunter had never heard of Apollo 11.  A few years later, the movie Capricorn One came out, showing just how rational the idea was and is and that something of this magnitude could not only be faked, but, the likelihood, given the mentality of the ultra-rich and powerful, makes it very apt to occur.  Unfortunately, we have another Apollo-type ‘space program’ going, here, because, you know it takes a lot of money to finance a new world order… and risking an outright society-obliterating tax upon your subjects is not a good option, not when you can deceive them into thinking that they are part of something BIG and WORTHWHILE and COOL!

Of course, the reality is that we have ZERO say in ANYTHING, never mind a bogus space program.  Like it’s predecessor, the current Mars junket is merely eye candy for all the bilked taxpayers to watch and feel really good about, NOTHING MORE.

There are already theories about just where these videos are being filmed and I can make an educated guess as to at least two possibles.  I can say with the utmost confidence they aren’t in any off-world setting, that is something that is well beyond man’s capabilities, assuming that they are even telling us the truth about what the universe is and is comprised of.  They have contradicted themselves about space so many times, it’s simply moronic to believe them on anything that is space-related.  My personal favorite is the excuse they use about going back to the moon… that they “lost” the technological ability to return there, though they seem to have found an acceptable amount of that “lost” ability to go out even further in space to another planet!  Also, during an interview aboard the other fictional icon, the ISS space station, the remark was made that there couldn’t be any trips made to the moon (spoken like it’s never been done or attempted… someone let the cat out!) with the Van Allen radiation belts being an impossible barrier to cross through!  Hmmm… seems the Apollo dudes didn’t have any trouble, 40 years earlier!  WTF?

Yes, it’s sad, really, that people by now haven’t caught on to the tricksters in their trade.  The Covid-19 lie, Apollo, various wars started over lies… like the Gulf of Tonkin bullshit that dragged the US into a hopeless war with Southeast Asia, the elitist-sponsored attacks during 9/11 that offered the elite access into sovereign Arab countries, to overthrow their economies, depose their leaders, (those that resisted the international bankers’ attempts at controlling their currency through the installation of central banks) and various other incursions in smaller, third-world countries (made that way by them!) under the guise of ‘freeing’ them.  It really is a crooked little world and it’s getting worse and worse, with every day that goes by.  The biggest problem is with US!  We continue to believe these assholes and support them, ridiculing and censoring and otherwise publicly vilifying those that would stand against these maniacs.

I’m afraid there isn’t any hope for society to rid itself of the plague (not Covid) it has invited upon itself.  By allowing these control freaks the leeway that we have, for so long, they are now as firmly entrenched as any cancer and only the death of the entire organism will stop it.  Educate yourselves, elitist-sponsored schools, media, etc., cannot help you.  It involves a great deal of personal sacrifice and time to learn the truth about pretty much anything, the elitist grip on things is pretty much universal.  Moreover, this is a spiritual war, with Satan at the head of these dupes in his insane campaign of revenge aimed at the Son of God for deposing him from heavenly courts.  He is willing to destroy all who hinder him in his mad quest, even the lives of those that have stood by him since the day he was booted, his demonic minions.  Human lives, of course, mean nothing to him and there are no limits to the number of dupes willing to sacrifice all for his success… even though they are clueless as to his REAL agenda.  They believe they shall inherit some special portion of the earth and/or special favors for their blind obedience… LOL!  NOTHING could be further from the truth!  If they happen to have some significance to him and his sick, twisted agenda, they’ll be okay.  After that… PFFFFT!

As time grows short, count on many more deceptions to come our way, even those approaching the miraculous.  Don’t be deceived, nothing good can come from anything that this world can offer, it’s a doomed world from the beginning.  Take heed and watch the signs.  Things are going to get progressively worse, even exponentially.  We haven’t seen anything yet!