Communist Piece of Shit Buys Million Dollar Home!

This outspoken commie bitch shows how seriously SHE takes the cause of the poor and beaten-down!  LMAO!

They’re all the same… and there will always be a crop of suckers ready to help them climb the social ladder that they profess to despise.  Those activists… the majority being spoiled and entitled white kids, will continue to support these crooks as their brains are just not developed enough to spot a scam when they see one… and, doubtfully, ever will be.  There’s only one cure for stupidity… death.

Can you hear the theme song for “Movin’ on Up” playing in the background?


Vaccine Passports?

Oh, yes!  This writer saw this coming from the get-go!  It’s all about control, folks, nothing to do with any virus or pandemic…

The problem right now is conceding to the idea that there is ANY truth in ANYTHING that the bought-and-paid-for media are telling us.  There’s NO virus!  NO virus… therefore, NO PANDEMIC!  This is what people have to get through their heads and fear is paramount in not allowing this to happen.

People are still thinking they are going to have their old life back IF they allow the globalist monkeys access to their bodies.  This is a huge LAUGH!  This charade is but the preamble to something a lot bigger!  TOTAL control, economically, physically and spiritually!  Folks… you are NOT going to get your old life back, you will be citizens of a new world order.  A dictatorial regime that will effectively remove all of your sovereign rights and freedoms in favor of the collective at large.  The government is NOT operating in your interest and you can safely assume that everything they promise is a lie!  Don’t be stupid!  Trust what little sense you have left.  Realize that politics is a game for CRIMINALS and criminals are only in anything FOR THEMSELVES!

The last moves will be rapid ones… your freedom is almost expired!

One last ditty…

“It depends on you.”

Yeah… Lord help us.

Life Under Communism

“The only consistent thing about communists is that they are determined to destroy you.”  H. Makow.

I would add to that “progressive liberals”… and the only thing ‘progressive’ about them is the progress they have made in ruining this country.  In my view, anyone professing anything even close to a liberal mentality should be jailed as a terrorist.

It’s coming… when everyone will be forced to submit to the globalists’ demands that we vaccinate.  There is NO free choice involved in any maxim delivered by the corrupt communist government now ruling over us, thanks to apathetic and STUPID people (mainly liberals) that cannot think past what strokes their selfish desires and self-seeking ambitions.  People are losing their livelihoods and their very lives, because, selfish COWARDLY MORONS cannot accept that they have been hoodwinked into supporting a PHONY, NON-EXISTENT ‘pandemic’ scenario requiring ridiculous, freedom-destroying measures that do NOTHING to solve a NON-EXISTENT problem…

This is just the beginning.  Do NOT trust governments or anyone that does.  It’s come down to this, because, they will not have it any other way.  Deal with them as severely as they intend to deal with you!

He’s Dead.

German by birth, ardent pre-war Nazi Party supporter, crude and licentious embarrassment and loose cannon from the monarchy’s perspective, possible conspirator in the death of Princess Diana, the Duke of Edinburgh takes his place in eternity.  For whatever he’s supposed to have done in his 99 years, despite knowing all of this, the public still seems to adore him and what he stands for.  Well… now you can gain some clearer insight on why the COVID scam is so successful!  People really and truly are ignorant clueless stupid!

Anyway… he’s gone.  I doubt he’ll get any more press from this writer.

They Know Not What They Do

The Covid deception is running full steam and there seems no stopping it.  The masses… clueless as always, are rolling out the red carpet for the self-professed ‘elite’ to enslave them.  Their future is cast.  The globalists will have their way and those that resist will ultimately face death.

Jacob Rothschild, one of the most influential architects of this insanity, is smug in his knowledge that most people are not able or unwilling to question authority and will bend to his minions’ will and accept a satanic government in the name of ease and convenience.  Scoffers of this little realize what is going to happen to them in the end times and when they ultimately do, it will be too late.  They will have failed the test of allegiance to the Most High and will perish right beside those they held in higher regard, whether out of actual respect or fear.  There won’t be any fence-sitters, this will be a black or white scenario with no ambiguity.

Rothschild, long ago, determined who would rule in his life and now he wishes this for all humanity.  The simple-minded will always be willing to bend the knee to whomever feeds them and provides them with their every want and desire.  People, today, are lazy and indifferent.  Many are just stupid.  The gene pool has already been altered to some degree and this vaccination will ensure that all will have the opportunity to participate in their own dumbing-down.  The spiritual side is overlooked by the concern for economic prosperity and a generation raised upon implicit trust in ‘science’ and the works of men will always turn to their humanist masters for guidance and deliverance.  This is what makes this virus scam such a huge success.  Most oppose the restrictions placed upon their self-gratifying lives, but, few question the overall wisdom of their globalist masters when it comes to solving the manufactured ‘crisis’.

A good article to read outlining one aspect of the globalist agenda is found here.

There will be no return to the old ways… this is the “new normal”.  Society will never be free from bogus viral and other threats, a generation brought up on fear and suspicion can never be salvaged.  Children are dumb-downed from birth, schools teach satanic trash like same-sex marriage, gender-reassignment, feminism, and discourage any real independent thought, encouraging only those pursuits that will allow them to take their place as slaves to a hierarchy bent upon world domination and government.  Gutless, time-serving politicians and fear-governed and crazed citizens will aid in support of globalist agendas and will turn each other in at a moment’s notice to save their own miserable lives.

One-by-one, in my own circle, I watch those that say they’ll never take the shot capitulate.  When faced with economic hardship, most will snap.  The sad truth is that most of humanity will be lost, eternally.  A bleaker outlook is not possible, however, it is truth and only truth can deliver a society from… in essence… itself.

And Now For Another Perspective…

One that you WON’T be getting off of the mainstream media…

I know that in this area, doctors and hospitals DO get more federal money for cases that they have diagnosed as Covid-related.  There is a real incentive to ‘doctor’ official reports… folks, beware of this propaganda circus, after all, it’s YOUR skin they want to get under!  Unless you’re an ‘expert’ and can verify for yourself that what they are doing to you is safe, you have no clue what they are giving you.  I can tell you right now that their ‘evidence’ and ‘facts’ are bullshit hype exacerbated by a government-sponsored and regulated media, so don’t expect that you will be getting anything outside of the party line from them!

If you’ve decided that your body is cheap enough to let these control freaks abuse and use, that’s fine, but it’s not just about you!  Your actions are felt by those who are not as liberal with their health and well-being as you are and you WILL be accountable to God for your actions or inaction!