Johnny “Bea” 34434… NWO Pariah

Isn’t he something?  I just discovered this guy, today, though it seems he’s been around for awhile.  I’ve noticed this latest craze about “stolen valor” and the social media is eating it up… namely due to the videos of a former navy SEAL, Don Shipley, who runs a SEAL prep course in the US and has a self-appointed position of exposing navy SEAL “posers”, people that try to profit from fallacious claims about being serving and former special forces operatives.

John Elmo Sheppard, who openly claims to have profited from deceiving “losers”, a.k.a. service members, past and present, by dressing up as a veteran and availing himself of their generosity, usually in the form of congratulatory drinks and meals, openly mocks veterans and servicemen on his videos, drawing a large amount of criticism and hate from viewers and posters.

This has become viral and is beginning to take on a life of it’s own.  It’s this writer’s belief that, while Sheppard is definitely right about the military’s role in furthering the breakdown of modern society, he is definitely going about it in a very self-destructive manner, even to the point that it is drawing his family into the fighting.  He may have wanted to consult with them before wading into this like he has.

Websites and retaliatory videos have sprung up all over in an all-out attack against Sheppard… such as these…

Inevitably, this kind of activity spawns individuals like this one… opening up a darker side of public media…

This guy looks unhinged to begin with, as do many of Sheppard’s detractors.  One can see the drawbacks with taking on the established mode of thinking in our society in such an overt way as what Sheppard has, with individuals like these crawling out of the wood work.  This writer, while not agreeing with the manner of Sheppard’s approach to this subject, nevertheless recognizes that he has hit the nail on the head where public apathy and gullibility is concerned, regarding our placid, “sheeple”-like attitude toward the government and so-called patriotism.  I’ve ranted on this very thing, myself!

It’s never safe to strike at the established social icons, people get very visceral about their cherished notions.  The idea that they are actually serving the needs of society by participating in elitist-initiated and sponsored conflicts is so engrained in the public mind as to never be exorcised.  The public, by and large, are behaving like the herd animals Sheppard has described.  People just do not use their minds, anymore, they think with their emotions.  They will always make themselves available to fight in their masters’ wars and will fight tooth and nail for the privilege of doing just that.

You can see from the comments that this is a visceral thing.  Every day there are examples of the futility in trusting in fallible men to run a country in an equitable manner and the wars are endless.  Still, though, men and women are lining up to be the cannon fodder they are expected to be.  Though there is no visible benefit to anyone, soldiers included, to being an elitist enforcer, this institution marches steadily along.  We are beasts of burden, knowing nothing else.

Johnny Bea is somewhat cowed by all of the backlash, his posts are less vehement and perhaps somewhat conciliatory.  There is a definite danger involved with what he does.  This society is a product of Zionist-controlled Illuminism in preparation for a one-world government run by Satan.  This being cannot be defeated by any mortal means.  While we may speak out against atrocities perpetrated by this evil system, one can never hope to overcome it on his/her own.  People are too programmed to think outside of the box.  Conspiracy folk are the subject of ridicule and derision on every forum.  The dumbing down of society is well-nigh complete.  It is plain from the responses to this trollish character’s video he is a public pariah for daring to speak his mind.  It is a warning to us all that freedom is an illusion.

“Murder By Badge”

There’s a murderer loose in Billings, Montana… and he’s wearing a badge…

One thread commenter mentions “murder by badge”.  This particular officer has killed, before, apparently due to an uncontrollable fear of being shot, himself.  One quickly sees he has a problem controlling his emotions, what with all of the swearing and posturing he does.  The victim apparently had a history with trouble, but, does this excuse this ‘public servant’s’ behavior?

There was no professionalism displayed, here.  This cop was way out of control.  Granted, some people do not listen too well when they are addressed or required to do something.  The victim wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary in that regard.  Officers are supposed to be trained to deal with that sort of thing.  Clearly, Officer Morrison didn’t have a handle on that training on this particular occasion, if, indeed, he’s ever had any such training.  He was ‘off safe’ from the moment he left his cruiser.

This is a clear case of murder.  Lax response from his superiors and ‘jurors’ aside, many of the comments on this thread are very revealing, showing an inordinate degree of apathy with regard to civilian rights and freedoms on the part of many American citizens.  One of these days, these might find themselves on the business end of Morrison’s pistol, remembering his previous performances in such circumstances… and will they then not feel somewhat uneasy as to the outcome of said encounter?  History has shown that this cop does not hesitate to use deadly force when he thinks it appropriate.  He’s done it twice… he WILL do it, again!

The Illuminati-sponsored New World Order is responsible for the increasing paranoia enabling totalitarian behavior by law enforcement agencies and government.  This problem is only going to increase with time as the elitists work toward their goal of global rule.  More and more cops are feeling the need to draw down on those that they are supposedly sworn to protect and serve.  Officer Morrison’s mannerisms and language in this video clearly shows he serves only one master… himself.

This guy is a problem and he needs to be dealt with, soon, before his actions spawn a fresh new crop of totalitarian behavior in present and future cops.  His badge does not put him above the law.

“Our officers, as well as any other officer in the country, are authorized to use deadly force when there is an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death.”
“I believe whole-heartedly that any officer, knowing and feeling what officer Morrison knew, would do the same thing.”
“My hat’s off to law enforcement in Yellowstone County because they have embraced the technology available to them.”

Hmmm… think I’ll be postponing any trips to Billings, Montana, for the time being!

Fucking Zionists At It Again!

Zionism Gone Rabid

Now who would allow someone access to their child looking like this one?

Someone with an agenda, that’s who!  And that fills the bill for anything the Illuminati Jews undertake in their quest for the establishment of a world-wide oligarchy with Satan as their leader.

Read this article.

The false flags will continue until Satan has gained total control of what’s left of Earth’s sovereign nations.  For the prophecy of Revelation 13 to come to fruition, this is necessary… guaranteed not only by the word of God, but also by the complacency and ignorance of the majority of North Americans!

Boycott Israel, they are NOT, repeat NOT God’s chosen ones!