The Strangest Story Ever Told… *LOL*


In my continuing battle against bullshit in high and low places, I wish to explore the strange tale of a prospector who ran afoul of some unearthly creatures in Eastern Alaska around the turn of the 20th Century.  One Harry D. Colp, and three others were out in Wrangell, Alaska, prospecting for gold.  I’ll let the reader get the background for this here.

Well… there could be several good explanations as to what happened on that fateful trip.  I do know, for a fact, that ol’ Charlie was bullshitting his way toward a single share of the mother lode he found while alone on his prospecting trip!  Yes, it’s the only plausible explanation for what went down out there in “Devil’s Country”.

Charlie got out there and discovered treasure beyond his wildest dreams.  Then he got to thinking why should he share all of this wealth?  So, he concocted the devil story, based upon the local superstitions of the natives, using it to his advantage in hopes of discouraging his partners from going up there.  He would later go up there and dig up the gold for himself, having to share it with no one.  Not a bad scheme!

Anyway, there’s no evidence that the other three ever went out there to check out his story, so my theory is as good as any.  It wouldn’t be the first time that greed overtook a man.  It’s also plain that stories like these are fodder for the humanists in their quest to destroy Christianity and establish paganism as the world religion.  The infidels are still looking for their elusive “missing link” to tie humanity to apes AND authenticate their specious evolutionary theories.

Bigfoot and UFO’s provide a distraction from the plain truth of the gospel, fanciful theories designed for one purpose: eradicate the memory and knowledge of God from the minds of men!

Nothing happened up there in Thomas Bay other than a scheme to get rich using the superstitions of pagans as a tool to that end.  The same thing goes on, today, with so-called ‘scientists’ looking to make their fortunes pushing bullshit evolutionism on a superstitious society ignorant of truth.

The Colp story is a prime example of the folly that superstition brings.  The fairy story that there are aliens and giant apes running around in Alaska’s hinterlands feeds the unnatural desire that infidels have for anything that will suppress their inborn feelings of responsibility toward their creator.

*UPDATE:  I found an interesting theory as to what happened that year so long ago and thought that it might be worth a look-see… HERE.  I’ll let the reader decide which is more plausible.

The Depths We Go To

The human psyche is an amazing thing.  The depths that it is willing to plummet to in order to avoid dealing with things that it cannot accept or control is nothing less than stupendous.  What society has been force-fed in terms of religion is a prime example of that innate component within us that wants to understand our existence, if there is some grand design to it or simply just to figure out why we’re here at all.

No one needs to tell me where the bear sits, as it were.  I know what the score is, having been in both worlds… the world of the infidel AND the believer.  Most will not take the time to search out truth, leaving that for others to do for them.  This is probably the biggest problem with society, allowing itself to be led like sheep and not questioning authority, religious or secular.

An interesting article by Henry Makow, here, illustrates my point.  It’s almost hilarious how the world has swallowed so much bullshit in place of that which it is man’s PRIVELEGE to know and understand.  Amazing how we’ll believe the most outlandish CRAP over something that would, when given due time and consideration, FAR outshines that which is considered “empirical”.

Like, for example, the latest attempt by the humanists to backtrack on their original theory that mankind is descended from apes.  It’s laughable to even consider such a theory, and even they have now realized this and are now saying that we share a common ancestor.  Most of the younger crowd were raised on this edited form of humanism, but, we old-timers still remember the original garbage they were pushing and we do not let them off the hook so easily!

As mentioned in Henry’s article, the UFO craziness (which was at it’s height in my day, and is now resurging) is blamed now upon man’s acceptance of alien technology, as opposed to those aliens actually visiting us in PERSON.  True, there are many “skunkwork” black-op projects out there that the public are not in on, and if there is any collaboration with alien intelligences, I assure you, dear reader, they are not of the stereotypical “little green men” or “greys” origin.

What it all boils down to is what we are willing to swallow if it will make us feel better about ourselves.  There are many that cannot accept the reality that there is a God that designed and now controls the universe and are willing to embrace ANYTHING that will placate their offense at such a reality.  I, myself, have never been one that is willing to stick my head in a hole and leave my ass unprotected… which is exactly what the Godless masses have done and are doing.  ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ is rampant in today’s secular society.

Religion runs this world, however, and it always shall.  The New World Order is built upon paganism, which IS a religion, and anti-Christian religion.  It has adopted many forms and teaching to move with the times, but, it is what it is.  It is a divergence from truth.  The powers that be do not want you to know that you were not born to be their slaves.

The choice is always ours.  The end result will be what we asked for.

The Latest Round…


… of bullshit.

Funny how all of the OTHER shit we have constantly before us always gets lost in the background of the current insanity!

Of COURSE it’s all bullshit!  Guess what?  We’ve had this Ebola around like FOREVER, along with Bubonic Plague, Leprosy, Malaria, foot rot, bad breath… the list goes on.

Whatever it takes, the Illuminati wants to see to it that the masses are kept in a constant state of fear.  That’s how they can then ‘come to the rescue’, by fabricating calamities and then pretend to solve them.  And, it always seems to work with the vast majority, too busy with life’s business to actually question these things.

Go into any hospital and there it is… the fucking hand cream station where you can disinfect yourself so you won’t die in convulsions on their floor, because, some super bug caught you dirty-handed.  Worse, you might spread your filth throughout the entire hospital and that would force the nurses and orderlies to actually attend to their patients, which would require them to come out from behind their duty station and put off their coffee break/gossip session for a time.

Fuck Ebola, just like fuck SARS and all those other make-believe ‘pandemics’ that were surely going to end the world by now.  It’s all of it crap, but, if you enjoy being scared shitless so you won’t venture outdoors without a NASA space suit, by all means, sit there in front of the boob tube and ingest your daily dosage of elitist crapola.  They’ll come up with some kind of shot you can take or maybe some fluid you can gargle, a placebo (at best) to make you feel better and you can worship these assholes for saving your hypochondriac ass.

Thanks to Henry Makow for the ‘toon… LOL!

The Bigfoot Scam

I think we’ve all seen this stuff, before…

Unfortunately, it’s just another round of the same old bullshit the Bigfoot cranks have been pushing for decades.  Ever since the sixties, this has been going on.  Funny how one NEVER heard of any of these things before then, isn’t it?  Right around the time when everyone was into so-called “mind-expanding” drugs and “getting back to the land”… yeah, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

Here’s my take on what might have happened.  While the campers were out in the woods, smoking various indigenous plants and imbibing some of the local fungi, a bear came a-callin’, looking for some easy food and trashed the place.  The campers returned, probably quite wobbly by now, decided that they must have literally stumbled upon the wrong camp and left to find their own… or they were just too lazy to clean it up and just left it.  Apparently, that sort of thing happens a lot, by accounts of park authorities.  Of course, the most likely scenario is the whole film is bullshit.

And people call ME a conspiracy nut… I tend to stay with stuff that can be proved, limitations that the ape man aficionados don’t seem to be burdened with, yet they seem to have more credibility than me!  Is society really getting THAT stupid?

I remember when the Patterson Film first came out.  I was a believer, however, I was a lot younger and not too experienced.  Later, it was found to be a hoax, and that was when I became skeptical of the whole Bigfoot issue.  Nowadays, I peruse Bigfoot videos mostly to ridicule and laugh.

Why would I do such a thing when my own theories and facts are often the subject for ridicule by ignorant people that seem content to allow themselves to be reduced to the status of modern serfs?  Because, this thing is simply another attempt by the Zionists to promote Godless theories and divert people’s attention away from truth.  Scientists consider that IF this thing exists, it must be some kind of evolutionary throwback or missing link.  Either way, it downplays man’s connection with an omnipotent creator.  I realized this after I became ‘enlightened’, as it were.  It plays right into the hands of the evolutionists and so do the dupes that believe it.

Remember the old UFO stories, replete with the vague descriptions, conflicting accounts, fuzzy pictures, etc.?  I’ve faked a few of those, myself, it’s really easy to do, and people WANT to believe, even afterward when I told them they were fake.  I think this is the case with Bigfoot.  People cotton to the idea of some big hairy ape wandering around out there in the woods, it gives their mundane lives some excitement and purpose.  I guess being created beings of an almighty God, princes and princesses, if you will, isn’t exciting enough for most folk.  Far more exciting being the spawn of some ass-picking, moth-eaten gorilla!

Now here’s a video of the big guy we can ALL get into… and he’s not fuzzy, either…

Lol… well, I’m still not a believer, sorry to say.  This thing, like many of those other weird and wonderful mysteries out there, is just smoke and mirrors.  I wouldn’t put it past the elitist-controlled government to somehow come up with some reasonable facsimile of this hairy myth to impress further upon the people that they are children of blind chance and luck and the offspring of various gelatinous and hairy progenitors… and they will lap it up like hungry dogs.

Because… the alternative, sadly enough, for them, is just too unthinkable.

Butthead Harper Singing His Masters’ Song… Again

Our idiot elitist-pawn prime minister is once again making the news… in a bad way…

Harper, like his big brother, Obama, is always quick to jump to his banker bosses’ wishes for starting a war, somewhere.  Though the Ukraine thing is clearly sponsored by the Crown, (that secretive enclave in the middle of London, UK) and the banker cabal, the masses prefer to believe the lies that they are fed from the puppet media.  These will always see to it that the brainwashing is complete.

It’s plain to those that can think that the only ones that will ever reach any significant level of power in any country are those that have sold their allegiance to the Zionists.  Harper has always maintained that he is a staunch supporter of Israel and Zionism and this is enough all by itself to condemn the idiot.  Now, he is ‘considering’ lending military aid to the other idiot and homosexual currently inhabiting the White House with his cross-dressing ‘wife’.  This he has done, before, in the Libyan fiasco where a sovereign country was invaded and taken over and it’s president assassinated.

The really guilty ones in all of this are the dupes that join up to fight in these campaigns, wars run by the super rich, for the super rich, manned and fought, of course, by the cannonfodder lower classes.  You’ll never see a rich man fight his own battles when there are plenty of retards to do the dirty work for them.

I guess we’ll always have war as long as there are fools that are willing to trade their lives for $$$ and a pat on the head from some rich fuck and his puppet.

“Justice” NWO-Style

A piece of shit on trial for setting a woman on fire doesn’t even have to appear in court…

See here.

The clown sits safely in some padded room, somewhere, out of the sight (and reach) of those he victimized, while they have to make the effort to attend in person.  Sound like justice to you?  It sure does… for the criminal, that is.  Let’s see if we can’t provide some justice for the victims by posting the asshole’s picture and name…

Piece of shit Black

Leslie Black

Is this a winner or what?

Oh, and the gutless creep gets to decide whether or not his trial is by judge or jury!  My, low-lives surely do enjoy special privileges in this world of the super-rich bankers, don’t they?

Well, what can I say?  This is the world that pagans envision as perfection, free from any moral code or accountability.  Black is merely a product of that society.  Atheists should be proud they have such spokesmen to promote and highlight their grand proposition.  Fortunately, though, they’re all full of shit and are doomed to reap what they, themselves, have sown.

Black is the poster boy for the New World Order… remember him well!

It’s ALL Related

The cares of this life have prevented me from adding any posts to this site, as of late, but, I’ll take a stab at something, today.

Not being a fan of the mainstream media, being known for it’s lies and complicity in the New World Order agenda, I’m not always ‘hep’ to the latest goings-on in the world.  One thing that’s certain is that the forces of darkness have consolidated their hold upon the governments of the world and that the crisis in Europe involving Russia and the Ukraine has reached an epic point.

Our own pseudo-government has revealed it’s brown-nosing talent and has gone ahead with leveling sanctions against Russia for it’s supposed aggressions, though these are of course merely western moves to help the Zionist elite move closer to conquering the hold-outs toward the imperial fascist oligarchy planned for the world.  I’m not feeling too sorry for Vladimir Putin, either, knowing that for fact that ALL world leaders are card-carrying Illuminati operatives.  It’s those simple common folk like you and I that are, as usual, bearing the brunt of the problems associated with rich fucks stretching their empirical bones, wanting to expand their already lush and ample territories.

These things have to be, it’s just the way that things are being allowed to play out.  We are going to have to go through these times as the scripture tells us, it’s all a part of Satan being allowed to fully reveal his evil and demented nature.  Those whom he has duped into following him shall also be allowed to play their hands and that means that many of us are going to go through some really tough times before this thing is over.

The days of plenty and of security and prosperity are gone for good.  Even nature is feeling the brunt of evil with complicit men of ‘science’ fooling around with our weather.  C’mon, now, you mean to tell me that the abrupt and radical weather changes that we’ve had, particularly here in North America, is simply “climate change” in action?  No, I’m afraid it’s not that simple.  There are installations around the globe that have their high energy electromagnetic arrays trained on our fragile ionosphere, and THAT is what’s responsible for the shitty weather that’s been plaguing us for the last decade.  It isn’t carbon emissions or any such truck, it’s evil and duped men playing with things that they hardly understand.  Think of some kid wandering into a whorehouse and you’ll have the idea.

The only thing that I can offer in the way of hope for y’all is to focus on what God has promised in His word, which is these things must come to pass before things can get better, and they will.  Think of it like some case of a really bad flu which has to take it’s course.  Of course, all flu’s are merely the body’s attempts to right itself from our attempts to destroy it, they really shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing.  Look at it as a chance to get away from the gristmill most of us have been chained to since we got out of the elitist daycare, a.k.a. public school, most of us were consigned to by our well-meaning but thoroughly ignorant parents, when we were young’uns.  When the time is right, God will take care of these morons that dared to presume that THEY somehow had the wisdom to take over the reigns of the universe from the One that created everything.

I get an excellent example of this mentality, every day, out there on the highways and byways.  People with absolutely no clue as to the basic tenets of handling motor vehicles, thinking they are going to write the book on how driving should be done.  These are the same as those that think they have the right to rule over all the rest of us, through some deluded idea that they are some kind of elite.  I could tell you what I know about inbreeds… something like what we’re dealing with, here, with these so-called “bloodlines”.  Imagine that… a world led by inbreeds!  How does that make you feel?  That’s what you got!  Bet that helps you make some sense out of the senselessness going on, eh?


It’s brunch time… have a nice day!