The Indianapolis Incident

An interesting perspective from a man that was there.  While a patsy of the international banking cartel that seeks to plunge society into a feudal state and a world-wide oligarchy with them at the top of the pile, he shows a level of character that many do not possess or even wish to possess, these days.  Nevertheless, for all his heroism, he, like his companions, were all patsies, just like all who claim the title of “patriot” and who fight in wars that are generated to provide increase for a privileged few.

Here is a man whose virtue was stolen from him by individuals more descriptive of monsters than men, just as millions before him were robbed of theirs.  NO war is justified when there is no incursion upon the soil of the combatant.  Interfering in the affairs of other nations and imposing your own ideology, religion, whatever, upon them is not justification for invading their soil.  Commenters on this video site claim that God wasn’t with these men, despite the narrator’s firm beliefs… well, perhaps not, from a cursory viewpoint.  Nevertheless, the odds of this man surviving under the circumstances were definitely very slim.  And, why would God be obligated to help at all, given man’s stubbornness and infidelity?  I believe God intervenes when it is in our best interests and not simply when we think it’s best.  Much like a spoiled child demanding attention from a parent… who knows better.  (Hopefully)

War is not in danger of becoming extinct, we shall always have it, despite the flowery statements made from presidential podiums.  Man simply cannot co-exist with himself without vying for the supremacy, we are hardwired for failure.  How many countless incidents like this one has there been over the millennia… yet we still march on toward eventual and inevitable extinction!

For now… learn from this humbled man and realize that what happened to him will pale in the sight of what is yet to come… to us all.

The King of Bullshit Still Going Strong!

Yup… the Guru of the Gullible still has the rubes all creaming themselves over at How To HuntSteve Isdahl, self-styled “Bigfoot researcher”, enjoys a growing entourage of gullible thrill-seekers that get off on hearing bedtime monster stories, all read from emails sent in from God-knows-who that are supposed to convince the rest of us that this is all the evidence that we need to believe.  Steve’s growing bank account from subs and likes, of course, has nothing to do with the veracity of the subject.  He’s got a book (maybe two, by now?) out on the subject, too.  Well, free enterprise, right?

Still no REAL evidence, though, from Steve or any of the plethora of “researchers” out there.  Of course, when there’s nothing out there, how can there be any evidence to gain?  Why people are so fond of deluding themselves is beyond me.  I guess I wouldn’t have any reason for this blog if people actually used their brains, anymore.  This world is so far gone that it would take a divine miracle to bring it back from the edge… no, I take that back, even God couldn’t salvage this society, He’ll simply flush it and start over.

I still check in on Steve, though, from time to time.  I’ve been ghosted on his channel, he and I are the only ones that see my comments, anymore.  It’s kind of nice, too, knowing that I can pretty much say anything I want without having his groupies crawl all over me.  Steve’s a con artist and people love being conned.

That pretty much sums up our society.