My Personal Observations On The COVID Hoax

Just a few of the signs that tipped me off early in the game to this COVID-19 scam:

1. Came out of nowhere… with no prior term of development, suddenly it’s world-wide!  Impossible, even in the jet age.  The latter “variants” spread even faster, from even more obscure origins.

2.  No visible carnage, only ‘stats’ quoted by the less-than-trustworthy news media, proven by time to be one of the most opportunistic and dishonest and corruptible mediums in existence.

3.  The futile and laughable precautions taken by authorities, all of which speak of an unwillingness to abandon the procurement and circulation of the almighty buck!  Specifically, the allowances made for “essential workers” whom “MUST” continue working, even with pitiful restrictions like flimsy cloth masks, most worn improperly, which no bacteriologist worth anything would dream of working with, especially around any contagion of significance, except in a sealed-off, self-contained environment wearing ‘moon suits’.  “Social distancing” to an airborne virus is like designating “NO PISSING” sections in public pools!

4.  The Draconian measures worthy of any fascist dictator or high school principal in levying punitive measures for those that violate the space of others by using peer pressure to divide and censure those that question the status quo.  Refusing services to those needing them based upon nothing but a reference to some smug authoritarian ‘expert’s decree, whom are free from ANY public, legal or financial accountability when the almost inevitable repercussions occur… such as infections and reactions to the vaccines.

5.  Definitive and historically accurate declarations by those involved in the production and distribution of the vaccines in question that there is a surplus of people on the planet and that humanity would best be served if there were some significant reduction in those population levels.  Individuals like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, HRH Prince Phillip, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger… etc.  Evidence also of patents being taken out on vaccines well before the ‘outbreak’ of COVID-19 shows this was a planned event from the very get-go.

6.  The historically-proven fact that there has been a push on for a world-wide central government since the days preceding any of the recognized world empires, from Babylon through Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.  The self-professed ‘rulers’ of our world have never recognized the ability or right of the common people to govern themselves in any way, ostensibly needing THEIR guidance and CONTROL if the race is to survive.  This hierarchy has been carefully crafted and maintained for millennia.

7.  The dedicated, malicious assault against detractors of this hoax in all forms of social media that produces censorship and loss of employment and personal slander that goes well beyond simple umbrage and personal insult for these having stated their reasons or doubts about this hoax.  Simply asking for FACTS not attached to the views and opinions of those that stand to gain mightily from this scam… even those that merely find some form of narcissistic, personal satisfaction from being associated with some ‘great’ historical event such as this scheme, even as a victim, prove to be among the most virulent (no pun) in opposing any dissension.

There are many true professionals of great integrity and technical expertise that oppose this scam and have paid the price for denouncing the emperor’s nakedness.  From professors and teachers, down to those that work the “front line”, so to speak.  These are ignored and buried in the barrage of media hype and outright BULLSHIT that appeals to the narcissist and the hypochondriac who find their purpose in life through one calamity or another.

There will NEVER be a dishonest word spoken or reproduced on this writer’s venue, particularly where this COVID-19 con game is concerned!  I am dead set AGAINST any notion that this world is in the grip of a viral pandemic… it is my personal and vehement DECLARATION that the only pandemic is one of STUPIDITY!  Ignorance can be ruled out as we as a society have no excuses in this ‘enlightened’ day and age… which only leaves stupidity or complicity as a reason for ignoring the painfully obvious!

Every Scam Requires Willing Victims

People are self-absorbed by nature.  Some say it’s a safety mechanism bred into us by evolution to ensure the survival of the organism.  Some say it’s the result of a fall from grace through disobedience.  What is plain is that people seem willing to ignore the blatant signs of a scam in order to ensure their comfort over that of everyone else’s.

The restrictions put in place by governments and health authorities don’t work and they wouldn’t work in a REAL pandemic.  On top of everything else, the United Kingdom is now suspending all their useless restrictions and mask-wearing as it’s become obvious to them that the population is catching on and doesn’t believe their lies, anymore.  Does that make the British smarter than the rest of us?  Looks like!  We still believe that the flimsy, not-worn-properly cloth masks we’re required to wear, EVEN VACCINATED, are doing the job.  Putting them on to enter a restaurant, then taking them off to sit for one or two hours alongside other mask-less and potential plague carriers, breathing the same air, then donning them again to walk to the till to pay and then to walk outside!  LMARO!  Like… is THAT supposed to do something?

Researchers wear environmentally-sealed ‘moon suits’ in sealed-off labs when dealing with pathogens and other potentially deadly contaminants… and THESE flimsy masks are supposed to do something… especially, when worn part of the time?

And what of the vaxxed, themselves… ARE THEY NOT NOW PROTECTED AND NOT NEEDING ANY MASK?  Why are they required to wear masks after being vaxxed, which, we were told, was a one-time, all-the-time thing at the beginning of this hoax?  Then they need boosters!  One successive lie after the other… and people BELIEVE them!

And, the bodies… WHERE ARE THEY?  No, I don’t mean the stats quoted by the news media!  The numbers change, daily, with no supporting evidence that these are anything other than made-up stats to support the scam.  In times past, plagues left VISIBLE victims, usually being carted off in wagons and carts.  This ‘pandemic’ has no such picture to present, only stats by elitist and state-owned media.

If there actually WERE victims, we would SEE the bodies, on TV, in the streets, ALL AROUND… and if there really were a pandemic, no government would condone people roaming about ANYWHERE, with the army patrolling the streets!  No arbitrary measures like “social distancing” and flimsy cloth masks would be enacted, people would be FORCED to quarantine in their homes!  That means no jobs, no travelling… NOTHING!  These ‘restrictions’ can be plainly seen for what they are… controlling measures to program citizens to OBEY and acclimate them to living in a coming oligarchy/dictatorship.  Having your cake and eating it, too, may work in a dystopian world, but, not in the REAL world!

The inconsistencies are glaring and many.  Yet, people still choose to obey their depopulation-minded leaders and allow God-knows-what to be injected into them and their children.  Yes… “stupid” doesn’t quite fill the bill!

The TRUTH is, people DON’T WANT the truth!  They want the relative ease and comfort of their former ‘NORMAL’ lives.  This is now gone… forever!  Welcome… to the new world order!

Vaccinations… NOT A Licence To Rule!

LOL… one of the very few memes contradicting the COVID vaccinations allowed on our ‘free’ speech Internet!  These are getting as rare as hen’s teeth and alternative 9/11 views!  It really shows what’s allowable and what isn’t in our ‘free’ society.

The oligarchy behind the COVID-19 pandemic hoax is powerful and society is the most apathetic it’s ever been.  People just can’t not trust their leaders and their spokesmen, having been spoon-fed by them for so long.  Despite DAILY wrongdoings by politicians and business moguls, people seem oblivious to their indiscretions and greed.  Perhaps, because, society itself is comprised of the same?

I do know that most people are tired of the brainless restrictions that are foisted upon us and most cave in to the vax merely to regain some normality in their lives.  I’ve counselled people from the very start of this hoax that caving in would not bring back their ‘normal’ lives and here we are… over TWO years into this scam and things have only gotten worse!  The blame is not heaped upon the instigators of this fiasco, the VICTIMS (the non-vaxxed) are blamed!  Cowardice and indifference and supreme SELFISHNESS drive the pro-vax crowd, when they bully and coerce conscientious objectors for following their convictions… and they do this with not a LICK of evidence, scientific or otherwise!

We’ve been lied to for generations, to educate someone that’s just emerged from out under the proverbial cabbage leaf would take more time than our ADD-addled citizens could manage.  How do you compress DECADES of experience and knowledge into the space of roughly 10… maybe 15 minutes of time for the average person to benefit from it?  Climbing Mt. Everest would be a relatively easy chore in comparison!  Add to this the unwillingness of people to trust anyone or anything contradicting their leaders whom have labelled any and all dissenters as “conspiracy theorists”… you have a near-impossible task ahead of you!

History is full of reproof to those that blindly followed their leaders when those leaders’ motives began to cross moral and constitutional lines.  Of course, once it becomes this obvious, it’s generally too late to stop them.  It’s like an avalanche… starts with a pebble rolling downhill, picking up speed and more and more pebbles… rocks… boulders… until it’s mass and velocity are unmanageable.  People are sheep… they follow each other as a herd and it’s the herd mentality that prevails in this day and age.  Even the Lord, Himself, called His followers sheep.  Christians think this is a term of endearment, but, I suspect it is merely a statement of fact.  Sheep are stupid animals and they get themselves in trouble without some form of guidance.  Helpless and stupid… it’s a bad combination in a world run by ruthless oligarchs!

When people mask up and parade their ignorance around, without the evidence to support their actions and assertions, THEN expect others to follow their lead on the same baseless whim, this is when they cross the line!  It’s all very well if they wish to believe a lie… they can choose simply to NOT GO ANYWHERE and stay locked up in their homes, it’s their privilege.  HOWEVER… when these same tell ME I must wear these ridiculous masks and isolate myself EVEN if I’ve taken their poisonous injection, they have taken the side of the totalitarian and are doing to me what they accuse me of doing to them… infringing on my freedoms!  As I’ve said, if they are that fearful of something that exists only in the news reports’ daily COVID count, augmented by the occasional shot of some poor bastard laying in a hospital, hooked up to miles of wires and tubes, for God knows what, they can simply STAY HOME… BUT, DON’T COMMAND OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!  It’s just THAT simple!

So, the un-vaxxed are unreasonable?  Take a real close look at your own motives, pro-vaxxers… or is your mind so dulled by complacency and complicity that you really can’t tell the difference, anymore?

Trucking Boycott Coming!

As I’ve always said… you have to hit them where they live, bullies NEVER listen to reason, only a solid beating!  When John Q. Public finds his toilet paper cut off, he’s going to be pissed!

Watch the video!

When is it going to be enough, folks?  No, it isn’t the unvaxed that’s causing your troubles, it’s YOU for caving in to a lie!  YOU are the problem!  Governments are inherently corrupt, you can’t expect them to govern the way they should.  Therefore, you refuse to honor their authority!  If everyone said “NO!”, what could they do?  NOTHING!  Grow brains… refuse to take corrupt politicians and media’s words for ANYTHING!

Say “NO!” to that piece of shit masquerading as a prime minister in Ottawa!  His father was a communist dictator and he’s going the way of his father.  Say “NO!” to the hoax known as COVID-19!  Unless you’re a snivelling little narcissist, hypochondriac worm that gets off on this shit, you can’t be condoning the BLATANT human rights issues that accompany this hoax.  So… do something about it!  Write, phone, email, do whatever it takes, be a pain in some bureaucrat’s ass, they don’t like to work hard or have to deal with issues, they’ll either ignore you or do something, if even just to get you off their back.

This is priority!  It may not be fun having to do this compared with the other pastimes in your life, but, those pastimes are dependent upon having an intact economy and country in which to do them in!

The decision is yours… freedom or slavery.  The Fairy Godmother ISN’T going to save your prissy little asses, YOU are going to have to do some work on this one!


Back-Pedalling R’ Us… COVID Doc Reviewing Stats On Pandemic Hoax!

And he’s a tad confused!  The light’s starting to filter through the thick heads, out there…

Could it be?  Could we really have been led down the garden path by totalitarian megalomaniacal elitists?  You can plainly see the confusion on Campbell’s face… he’s never looked like this, before, he’s always been so bright and chipper when talking about his favorite subject – COVID-19!

His grandfatherly demeanor has enraptured thousands, but, when faced with glaring FACTS over pure and unadulterated HYPE, he is now beginning to see what this fucking scam is really all about!  Disrupting people’s lives and leading them to forget that there are other maladies out there, FAR MORE URGENT AND PRESSING than any hyperactive cold germ!

Yes, Cancer deaths HAVE gone up, because, of the attention that’s been lavished upon restrictions and Nazi-like prohibitions for anyone not playing their sick, demented pandemic game.  No one can get into an emergency ward, because the little darlings working there are soooo afraid they’ll get the COVID.  Waiting lists for elective and non-elective treatments are long due to the irrational fears this insane pandemic has produced.  When it comes right down to it, who in hell wants to trust their lives to ‘doctors’ that believe in, and/or participate in this hokey nonsense?

Look hard at those stats… the average age of those that have succumbed to… whatever they succumbed to… is around 85 years.  Hell, those odds are pretty good even for the average human in terms of lifespan, anyway!  I don’t know of many of my own relatives that made it into their 90’s even before the scam!  Other ailments still outshine COVID… which, let’s face it, is merely a flu virus that attacks those with compromised immune systems.  The elderly come by this condition honestly, in terms of their age and fragility.  Youngsters, too, can be vulnerable as their immune systems haven’t fully developed.  These groups figure prominently in this hoax, but, how many actually take the time to THINK for themselves, anymore?

Campbell may have fucked up, here, divulging truth that a committed COVIDITE would and should hide at all costs… or, perhaps, (as I’d like to think) maybe he’s got a conscience after all!  Anyone taking the time to actually THINK THROUGH the rubbish that a complicit media and corrupt politicians dump on us, every day, would soon see it for what it is, complete and utter BULLSHIT!

Reader, if you spend all your time chasing life’s temporary and comparatively worthless pursuits, relying on duplicitous, greedy and power-crazed people like those in the media and government and mega-corps to do your thinking for you and listening to their rhetoric, you will reap what you’ve sown… guaranteed!

Mass Information Psychosis… It’s What I define As Batshit Crazy!

And that is exactly where this society is headed… watch this informative interview, then watch the attempted cover-up at the end where the host on the left (no pun, intended) tries to hide his fear at being identified so closely…

FEAR is what drives the vaxxed crowd to turn on their fellow citizens for using their heads and seeing what this ‘pandemic’ really is.  People that aren’t used to dealing with stress think stupid, insane things, then DO stupid, insane things!  The shill on the left tries to shoot down Iversen’s CORRECT assessment of this false flag ‘pandemic’ as most complicit media persons would.  However, the facts are what they are… and that elitist piece of manure Faucci admitted as much to the media shill interviewing him!

No, this won’t end well.  There will be violence, it’s been the intention of the orchestrators of this hoax from the very start.  Those governed by fear and have caved to the propaganda will seek to rid themselves of the unvaxxed minority by whatever means… this of course, will be suggested and lauded by their elitist handlers, the media, politicians, etc.  I’ve seen this coming for years… it can’t end any other way, given the history of totalitarianism in societies.  I can assure the reader that I am prepared for this.  It won’t be a happy day for anyone thinking they can deprive me of my sovereign rights, they WILL pay a heavy price!

Time to start facing up to reality, folks!  The vaxxed sheep are beginning to mill about… even sheep can be dangerous in numbers, they’ll trample you underfoot in their mad, headlong dash straight into ruin!  Our country is in communist hands and as history as shown us, we are in for a long, dark night!

Freedom Or Slavery? Your Choice!

Some headlines as to just how serious these bastards are in destroying our culture…

“The fully vaccinated can continue as they were. For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone aged 16 and above…”  (Isn’t that fucking nice of them to dictate just what you can or can’t do!)

“Finally, the “elephant in the room” that nobody wanted to discuss in 2021 regarding labor shortages and supply chain bottlenecks, which is that record number of younger people in the workforce were dying after the roll-out of the COVID-19 “vaccines,” can no longer be swept under the rug as statistics are being published that reveal a huge crisis developing in the United States.”  (The ‘crisis’ is this bogus pandemic that everyone takes for granted as truth from a lying, complicit government!  Of course, ALL government credibility is lost, now, irreparably, forever!)

* Place your vote AGAINST this monstrous tyranny!  (Currently at 78% AGAINST mandatory vax)

Edit: It appears the CTV has changed their question to how many family members have contracted COVID… seems they didn’t like the numbers they were getting with the last question,  LOL!  (78% AGAINST the vax becoming mandatory!)  Fucking shills!

Got a screenshot, though…

People are DYING from getting this poison shot into them…

“A friend of mine and his fiance just lost their unborn baby boy.
She was pretty much forced to take the shot because of her job, she is a nurse.
I don’t know how far along she was but they already had a gender reveal a few weeks back.
He said she started bleeding the day she got the shot. They rushed to the ER that night. He called it a scare. A few days after that they had to have the baby medically terminated.
He knows it was caused by the shot.” – Facebook quote.

Here is a chart from a study on communist methods of coercion and how they correlate with the current COVID scam… see the similarities and how it reveals just WHO (no pun intended… but, fitting!) is running this scam… (click on image)

Just a few jewels of many that can be found with the least effort all over the Internet, were one interested enough in their personal freedoms to bother looking.  I realize that this involves some personal effort… but, if you’re not interested in ending this bullshit, whether out of any innate concern for your country or fellow man or simply because it’s putting you out or keeping you from other trivial pursuit, well, I guess the only thing you can do is prepare for a life of servitude to elitist bastards that will dictate what you can and can’t do, where you can go, who you can see, etc., for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  Conspiracy?  You’re fucking right it is… and you’re front and center IN IT!

As long as we obey, we’ll always have this hanging over us!  Sure… be a good little sheep and do as you’re told, you MIGHT have a few freedoms… for a while… BUT, that is only temporary!  Sooner or later, you’ll be forced to decide between compliance toward a state that doesn’t give a shit about you or your family outside of what slavish duties you can perform for them or the best interests of you, your family, and/or your fellow citizens.  These assholes will not allow any fence-sitting, you WILL obey or else!!

If you haven’t listened to that little voice telling you something stinks about this whole COVID fiasco, in awhile, better start… before it stops, completely!

FDA is a branch of BIG PHARMA!

Time’s running out… they think they’re smarter than you, don’t give them any more reason to think that!