More To Do About The National Pestilence We All Face In Canada

The worst plague next to pure and unadulterated communism there is… LIBERALISM!

Watch for afterwards, when all forms of resistance are removed and a communist dictator has all the room to enact whatever measures he wishes to remain the undisputed authority he seeks.  Even the dupes that supported him will be shown no favor and will take their place in whatever camp or jail cell he deems fit… those lucky (?) enough to survive, that is.  The globalist plan for depopulation is FACT and is mentioned in many documents and espoused by many prominent environmentalists, inscribed in stone on the Georgia Guidestones.

Thankfully, these monuments to global tyranny were destroyed by some patriotic individual/s that finally saw that violence may have to be the only way to rid society of the subversive elements seeking it’s destruction.  A foolish and deluded mayor wishes to re-install them, but, I’m sure they, too, will meet the same end as the former structure.

In the past, governments like the one we now have foisted upon us (through no democratic process) were dealt with by similar measures.  I see no way that this present calamity can be resolved in any other way.  Dictators can only be removed by force once they are rooted.  History is replete with examples as such.

A world-wide oligarchy is forthcoming, that is a certainty.  People have taken too long to wake up to this fact, now it is inevitable.  Only God will be able to overthrow the evil that is fast encroaching.


Government Sponsored Murder?

Not a new thing.  9/11 and the COVID 19 hoax are a couple of examples of this.  However, it’s become more of a personal thing, between people and their doctors.  Has doctor-assisted suicide become the answer to terminally ill patients… even those that are simply tired of living?  Even worse, the answer for those considered a burden on their families and society in general?

I recently learned of the death of a friend that chose this avenue in the view of an advancing terminal illness.  Further investigation showed that this is becoming a trend in society.  Moreover, this would seem to fall into line what the globalist hierarchy have planned for the whole of society.  Canada is not hiding its depopulation and eugenics efforts. The Trudeau Administration recently expanded the MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) program to include those with treatable illnesses or those suffering from poverty. Almost anyone, including children, can request a medically assisted death in Canada with a quick turnaround. Families are unable to protect their loved ones from the law. The MAID program was originally designed for those living in unbearable chronic pain and/or a terminal illness. Poverty or temporary hardship is now considered a terminal illness for which there is no cure besides death.

Canadian doctors are encouraged to offer the option to those deemed too poor to live. “Euthanasia” will not appear on the victim’s death certificate, depending on the province in which they were murdered by their government. In 2021, the number of those requesting MAID in the country rose by over 32% from the year prior, and that number will rise. As the economy turns down, those “too poor to continue living with dignity” will feel obligated to choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

More citizens are ending their lives with a medically-assisted death, says a report on medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Canada. The data shows that 10,064 people died in 2021 under the Liberal government’s Euthanasia program- an increase of 32 per cent over 2020.

We can see the implications in this.  How long will it be before anyone deemed a threat to the new world order can simply be ‘put down’ for the good of the whole?  How screwed up is allowing kids with their level of experience and knowledge to determine if and when they should just ‘check out’?  The Trudeau government’s obvious communist leanings are fast distorting what it means to be a free and moral society.  Their idea of ‘freedom’ undoubtedly means the freedom of government to exact whatever Draconian measures they deem necessary to promote the ideals of renegade Judaism.

Non-Conformists Need Not Apply!

This is a microcosm of what is to come… conformity vs. non-compliance…

This is an obvious ruse to show those against the enforcement of Draconian face mask rules as morons and extremists.  It also shows by the comments that most are still under the spell of the globalists.  There is little tolerance in society for those that wish to live apart from the herd in terms of ideology.

Tough times are coming.  This is only the beginning!

Castreau Isn’t Done Killing You Yet!

“If you’re still getting shots, I am done caring. I tried to warn you. Now the fittest and smartest survive.”  – Lisa, RN

And, his freak show goes on… with his tranny head ‘doctor’ (FrankensTam) heading the push for suckers to get their shots updated.  The stupid WILL comply… don’t be one of THOSE!

It’s already been proven those shots do NOTHING but make you sicker.  The accounts come in daily about people succumbing to the poisons the government is injecting into us.

Reject the jab… because, if you don’t and get sick and/or die, it’s all YOUR FAULT!

… because YOU allow it!

Further reading:—canadian-govt-continues.html?_ga=2.32929534.1930471195.1665957918-807620103.1665957918

A King’s Legacy

This is the time-honored way elitists and despots handle those that get in their way, whether they be mere inconveniences or substantial obstacles to their agenda, (New World Order) the ones that orchestrated Diana’s death imagine that they got away with murder.  Nevertheless, they will all pay for their crimes, perhaps not in this lifetime, but, certainly in the next.  The servants of Satan will face annihilation the same as he.

God is NOT mocked!

Video Comment/s Attract Immediate Censorship From YouTube!

YouTube’s algorithmic watchdog is constantly on the lookout for anyone trying to speak the truth about certain taboo subjects… like 9/11, for instance.  They don’t want anyone speaking against the OFFICIAL explanation for what went down, that day, about a small group of nearly illiterate Arabs having infiltrated the world’s most sophisticated defence grid and bringing down the twin World Trade Centre buildings.  The last thing they want is any heat brought upon them by the government… whom, in league with Mossad, the Israeli secret service, sought to vilify the Arab nations and justify an invasion of sovereign Arab countries.  Anyone trying to even skirt around this in this particular video will find their comment GONE.

These workers are building what would become known as “Building 7”, which was not destroyed in the so-called ‘attacks’ but was ordered “pulled” by New York’s mayor Rudy Gulliani.  Funny thing is that the physics do not agree with the time frame for this demolition as it being anything other than just that… a controlled demolition, planned days in advance, for a building of this size.  It could hardly be made to fall straight down into it’s basement with such short notice… which, leads us to wonder about WTC’s 1&2!  The facts are that the whole scenario was carefully planned by federal and Mossad operatives and that American citizens were murdered by their own government at Israel’s behest and with their blessing.

There are so many holes in the official rendition of that day that it would require many more posts on this subject.  Yet, the sheep-like public seem set on being led and controlled by oligarchs and refuse to see what is plainly before their eyes.  The term “Eyes Wide Shut” surely applies, here.

Anyway, this writer attempted to leave comments on this video and they were removed, the first one with a warning.  The complicit media and social media are servants of the “Great Reset” planned by oligarchical elements of big finance, industry, religion and government.  9/11 was planned with the purpose of using the Arab people as scapegoats to further elitist expansion into their territories and economies and to establish a centralized world authority over countries.  It was the ultimate experiment to see just how far they could go and the duped public didn’t let them down.

So, something so benign as a construction video is monitored for any hint of dissension… that should tell you what kind of world that we live in.  Keep your powder dry, readers, the ride’s going to get rougher!

How To Battle Totalitarianism

… and deal with it in a society that welcomes it…

Yes, we have the society that we wanted, by our placid acceptance of each step in the desensitizing process.  One more incursion on our rights and freedoms after another, like a frog in a pot of water as the temperature is gradually turned up and up… till the frog is boiled alive.

We now have a communist government, both Canada and the US.  As Nikita Khrushchev promised, not a shot would be fired, we would simply accept it with open arms.  No one cared/cares enough to resist as that would mean a change in what has become an easy and spoiled lifestyle.

But, let those that are lazy and satisfied with being captives and slaves alone, do not allow them to drag you, dear reader, along with them down the sump hole.  There will soon be another ‘wave’ of the hoax virus and another call for the public to receive shots and/or boosters.  More orchestrated school shootings, etc.  Things designed to put fear and anxiety into the public so that they cannot think and become panicky.  Fear is a powerful motivator… to do NOTHING but sit back and allow others to do your thinking for you, particularly those that are the ones responsible for your fear.

Cowards comply, patriots resist!  Let the coward have his chains… THINK for yourself and be free!