On Flag-Burning… and such…

Yeah… and aliens are just DYING (Roswell) to get down here!  LOL!

People behaving badly.  The entire world is reeling under the weight of elitist oligarchs seeking to undermine society on a global scale.  Of course, the majority of Earth’s citizens are ignorant of this fact… a condition blogs like this one seek to remedy in some small way.  For the most part, all of our efforts will be unsuccessful, nevertheless we soldier on.

We have the liberals and we have the right-wing… both are deluded.  The middle ground is held by those in the know and the reality is that all of the unrest in the world is being orchestrated by rich Satanists, themselves, deluded by a false god.  Do not expect things to get any better, folks!

Things are going to start unraveling in a big way, pretty soon… stay tuned!

Hypocrisy In Toronto


Dupes Of Zionism

Raise your hand, if you’re like me and are getting fucking sick and tired of the racist bullshit that the Zionist banking cabal is fomenting in the world against those that dare to resist their absolute rule over the world economy!

This uprising is a prime example of Zionist intolerance and should be dealt with on the same level as would any seditious action against a democratic institution would be dealt with.  It is high treason and these Zionist dupe/nut-jobs need to be jailed, at least overnight, where they can have a chance to cool off and consider just what kind of bondage and servitude they are bowing to.

The international banking cartel, comprised of Khazarian Jews, seeks to establish their rule through the insertion of central banking institutions in every country.  So far, they have been highly successful, with only a very few countries that do not have one of these pilfering institutions controlling the taxation and issuance of inflation-prone notes as currency within their borders.  In fact, it is the relatively few hold-outs that are considered as terrorist havens and subject to invasion by dupe superpowers seeking to ‘democratize’ them.

Canada has long been a patsy for Zionism.  These protesters have no inkling of the racism and bigotry that they are promoting by standing against one of the few groups that are hindering their TOTAL and ABSOLUTE take-over by fat cat, Satan-worshiping, international thieves with their sights set on total world governance.  Would they be so bold if it were Judaism that they considered seditious?  Not fucking likely!  Those kind of protests are dealt with quickly and absolutely!  It’s been said that if you want to know who is running things in the country, simply find out what it is that you are not allowed to criticize.  No one dares touch Jews without paying the penalty!

Anyone with any sense of true history knows the malevolent influence that Judaism has had in EVERY country that they have been allowed to establish themselves in.  It’s no surprise, either, the influence Israel has with the superpowers of the world and how we all come-a-runnin’ to help her out whenever she feels some sort of slight has been given her by either Islamic or Christian foes… and yes, Christianity is the OTHER opponent that stands in Zionism’s way of total global governance!  It’s not only allowable, it’s quite fashionable to attack the religion of Christ, these days.  BUT… YOU DON’T FUCKING TOUCH PRECIOUS ISRAEL!!!

Jewish Ass-kissers

These are the last days of Earth’s long and torturous journey from the Garden of Eden, when Satan first told Adam that he was essentially above the law of God and was capable of governing himself.  Of course, the devil really meant that Adam would be serving HIM.  Today, we all of us in our ‘free’ lands are actually slaves of those that have personally avowed to serve Lucifer.  (They fail to understand that Satan and Lucifer are ONE!)

God is fast losing patience with these oligarchical bastards and their doom is written by a bloodless hand upon the wall of history.  It would behoove any nation daring to call itself a champion of freedom and right to throw these seditious fucks out on their fat, elitist asses, and/or hang them for high treason.  Of course, that won’t happen, the deception has been entrenched for too long and too deeply in the minds of the people.  That won’t change the fact that these money-changing SOB’s and all that support them are going to pay the ultimate penalty for seeking to overthrow God and His government.

Nut Case Freed By Lenient Justice System

You have to wonder just what brand of imbicile is running this country… when they let THIS THING go free…


Vince Li (a.k.a. “Will Baker”) in manacles…

Yes, the progenies behind the so-called “criminal justice system” have struck again!  Famous for their leniency toward criminals while the victims and their families suffer on, these prodigious retards have once again proven how utterly useless they are in any practical or sensible application.

Not only did a lax and inept police force FAIL to remove this freak from the bus, who was armed only with a knife while they had GUNS, they then coddle and protect him in custody, provide him with a cushy room in a psyche ward with ever-increasing freedom and mobility… NOW the braniacs in mental health determine he’s safe and FREE him!  Meanwhile, the distraught and frustrated family has to pick up the pieces (and the bill) from having to fight a system run by morons to try and get any justice!  Well, as this case and so many others prove…


The mammon-worshiping leaders of this cocked-up country have no clue as to what morality or what justice is… only their commercial construct of it!  As so many that have run afoul of these fiends have discovered, the concept of justice to the rich constitutes long, drawn-out, costly proceedings that are intended to drain the resources of the victims.  Meanwhile, a murdering fiend is allowed to run loose once again, probably to do it all over and thereby generate even more money for these pagan bastards.

Everyone needs to study the picture of this freak and be aware that their government doesn’t give a shit about them when they let this creep loose to apply his mayhem…


Watch for him!  This creep will be under every rock in your garden, under your bed on those stormy nights, in your every nightmare, courtesy of a Liberal government staffed with bleeding-heart fools with shit for brains and supported by inept, impotent police forces and ‘professional’ doctors and psychiatrists!


Trudeau Toady Advocates Longer Worklives


Elitist Twit

William Francis “Bill” Morneau, one of Justin Trudeau’s gang of fascist assholes is now proposing that Canadians ought to work longer in their servitude to the Jewish banking cartel.  You can read the story HERE.  What this says is that the ultra-rich scumbags aren’t satisfied with their uncountable (and un-auditable) trillions and would like their slaves to provide even more of their blood, sweat and tears before they’re dumped in a hole and covered up… or as the latest trend seems to be, offered up as burnt offerings.

The rich are never satisfied.  Of course, there is more involved here than just money and wealth.  The globalists wish to eliminate as many “useless eaters” as they can.  Working everyone to death, next to war, is a damned good way to accomplish this, while at the same time cutting down the numbers of the middle-class that might present some measure of competition.  Of course, being as we are all hooked into the system and cannot live apart from it, we have no choice other than capitulate if we want any kind of sustenance to survive on.  Ol’ Wild Bill, here, doesn’t need to worry, he has a cushy government job with a substantial pension available to him… well, anytime now!

Having been given a step up in the ranks by that lesbian foolhardy bitch, Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, Billy-boy now has his hands upon the people’s money and can start twisting the screws anytime and any way that he likes.  This might appeal to those of choleric disposition that view work as their lord and savior, however, it isn’t done to appease them or their warped sense of values.  Many of us would like SOME of our life to ourselves rather than giving all of it to politicians and businessmen to help them live their lavish lifestyles.

What to do?  Hmmm… you know, in the old days, if the people didn’t like the way their public servants handled their business, they took them out and treated them to a necktie party.  Apparently, we’re going to have to reprise that practice if we’re ever going to get the message across to these assholes that have set themselves up as lords and masters over the rest of us.  Right now, the radical left-wing, brain-dead element are calling for the assassination of their new president in the US.  Well, maybe we ought to give them a taste of their own medicine up here in Canada and blow away that homo-loving, commie asshole currently haunting the House of Commons!

Some of us would like to take a break from devoting the majority of our lives to serving rich Jews.  If there are those that still wish to take Zionist dick up their asses, by all means, let them go to it!  Just leave the rest of us OUT.  Can a socialist government actually do that?  Ha-ha… see any pigs flying, yet?

Fuck Morneau and fuck his well-coiffed overseer, Trudeau!


How The Jews Mock Jesus

But you NEVER say anything disparaging against Jews, especially questioning the so-called “Holocaust”!  These trash are the undisputed masters of the world, over everyone else… and that includes atheists, whom delude themselves that they are masters of their own destiny.

Everything that an atheist claims for himself has been provided for him by Jews.  His beliefs, his job, his livelihood… everything that he holds dear and reveres is a Jewish construct.  He is a buffoon, really, which is a good translation for what the Jews label “a goy.”

Freedom from religion, the hard core infidel whines?  LOL… you TRY and find some corner in this world where there is no religion, including yours, the revamped and warmed-over version of paganism that you worship now as Humanism.

The only way that society can be cleansed is for all Jews to be expelled from the land.  Ship them all to some remote island outcrop in the middle of the biggest ocean and leave them there with no means to ever return and pollute the land.  As this will never happen, it behooves us all to place faith in God to remedy the situation His way… as He will…

Chosen people?  The chosen people are those that accept Christ as their advocate against death.  “Pastor” Hagee and all the other shills that bend over for Jewish cock deceive themselves and others regarding any special status Israel should receive.  It deserves only to be plowed under!

Let those that know her best criticize Jewry, no one else seems interested.