Moron Of The Week

This is a new thing I’m doing.  Each weekend, I’ll be posting something that illustrates how ‘evolved’ we are as a ‘species’… you know, like the evolutionists always love to crow about?  Try this one on…

The only thing wrong with this scenario is that people actually stopped to help the dummy.  The wreck and the skeleton/s inside of it should be left right where they landed, for perpetuity, as a reminder to all motorists of our ‘evolved’ stature.  Hang a sign on it saying: “WE HAD TO BE FIRST!”


Common Sense Prevails…


The hapless pawn in all of this…

… for now, anyway.  The government of Zimbabwe will not charge the Minnesota dentist in the LEGAL killing of “Cecil”, a 13 year-old male lion, last July.  Animal rights nuts and other politically correct idiots have been stirring up resentment and animosity against the hunter ever since he returned home, even going so far as to threaten the lives of him and his family.

What needs to happen is that these morons be held accountable for their threats and locked up!  It’s too easy for these fools, many of them merely riding along to gain some kind of sick and perverted self-aggrandizement and attention, to make threats without accountability.  All so-called “animal rightists” should be charged and made to do restitution… and as most of them are students and unemployed bums and welfare recipients, they should have their benefits cut off.

Having dealt with many of these fools online and in many forums, I can vouch for the fact that they are at least as violent as the worst in society.  Unbalanced and unthinking, these cretins give equal status to animals, even going beyond that which is normally ascribed to human beings.  These dummies have lost all sense of reality and should be prosecuted for their criminal threats against the life and property of Walter Palmer.

The brain-dead faction comprising the eco-freak, tree-hugging, animal rights camp will never quit until they are made to realize that they are not the authority in the land.  The dentist followed all the rules and they need to keep their snotty noses OUT of the business of other nations.

In the past, it’s been animal rightists that have been responsible for the suffering of animals, due to their interference.  A few years ago, many animals were released from a lab in the UK, only to fall victim to a harsh environment and other predators, once loose.  The nut jobs responsible claimed they were being abused, yet their solution was to practically guarantee their deaths by releasing them into an unfamiliar and incompatible environment.  A perfect example of the ignorance that eco-nuts all share with regard to the proper welfare and care of animals.

Know of any of these retards that participated in the persecution of Walter Palmer?  Plaster their names all over every available social medium… make sure these twits get the publicity they desired for Palmer!  If I find any, their names will be published here, without fail!

Homosexuality Is NOT Normal!


The politically correct would have you believe that homosexuality is merely a higher stage in the development of civilized society.  This revelation, however, comes THOUSANDS of years after established, normal society’s continual and consistent promotion and practice of heterosexuality, the former a comparative infant alongside what we most of us know constitutes any normal and decent and advanced society.

Any moral society is a threat to an impending oligarchy.  Those “New World Order” advocates know that for their power to be realized, they have to destabilize society in order to pave the way for their so-called alternatives.  Our society was founded upon certain moral principles, principles that do not recognize or condone deviant behavior.  It has only been within the last 50 years or so that homosexuality has been able to crawl out from under the rock that it has been forced to keep hidden under.  Up to this time it has always been recognized for being the foul thing that it is and soundly defeated whenever it dared rear it’s evil head.

But now, a whole new generation has been weaned upon the politically correct notion that homosexuality is a normal function of not only a civilized society, but of nature, as well.  This is, of course, utter bullshit!

Playing straight into the hands of the elitists, ultra-left humanist dupes continue to rant and rave and suppress those that would correct them in their delusions.  They flatter themselves that, like their mother Eve, they have somehow entered upon some higher state of awareness by embracing the doctrines of devils.  As time goes on, the deviants get braver and braver, feeling it’s now quite safe to “come out”.  When they do come out, it’s with a vengeance!  Anyone that has stood up to their near-constant bullying and intimidation and ever-willingness to engage in litigation in courts of law, knows well the vindictive character of these sexually depraved fanatics.  Given the upper hand, they would destroy society.

Whether from a Christian standpoint or an atheist’s, homosexuality occupies no sensible or logical position in either construct.  It is simply a vice, nothing more… a vice strongly condemned by God and by any developed and moral society.

Dumbass Eco-Freak Opposes Speaker With Sense

A “controversial” speaker is speaking tonight at a local institute of ‘learning’… read about it here.

One particular public nuisance, David Henry, a board member on a local board of public nuisances, opposes Patrick Moore, former public nuisance, spewing the typical rounds of rhetorical bullshit that public nuisances of his ilk spew on a regular basis.  Bullshit along the lines of saying 90 percent of the world’s scientists are all on board the climate change train wreck.  Well, the FACTS are that 90 percent of the world’s scientists were either NOT consulted or REJECTED as authorities or FLAT-OUT REFUSED to help spread the Illuminati’s bullshit eco-drivel.

Dupes like Henry will never tell you that little ditty… because they’re too stupid to have an opinion of their own, they allow the elitists to control their tiny minds.  Half of these activists are gay, too, and we all know how fanatical THAT crowd is!

Time to hear from someone that actually knows what the fuck he’s talking about and can address the brain-dead activist sect’s bullshit musings with confidence and authority…

Lord Monckton regularly schools eco-tards in facts, something that they aren’t accustomed to doing or hearing.  Isn’t it amazing how he easily dismantles the eco-tard’s castle of misinformation and rhetoric?  Her boat of lies and innuendo goes straight to the bottom of the sea of bullshit they regularly float upon, right alongside those of her elitist mentors, fools like Al Gore and David Suzuki… the latter being a burned-out drug freak and misogynistic hippy/hypocrite.

More Monckton kicking ass!

Readers… climate change is a farce dreamed up by super-rich Jewish assholes interested in stymieing the growth and progress of white CHRISTIAN North American society.  It’s time that we started resisting these fascists and perhaps throwing a few of these leeches out of this country on their hook-nosed asses!

This Week’s Laugh

Porch Monkey Gunner

Yes, it’s one thing for the resident White House porch monkey to call down on random (false flag) shooters doing their government’s work for them in culling peaceful, law-abiding American citizens/sheep, but it’s quite another thing when you’re probably the most violent person on the earth, heading up the world’s most powerful military machine/international banker goon squad, that’s infiltrating sovereign countries and blowing the bejesus out of them.  Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L B-A-S-T-A-R-D?

Obama is simply another name in the long list of fascist banker-appointed dictators occupying the White House, doing NOTHING of what he said that he would do if he were elected.  Big surprise, there, eh?  They’re all in it together… their corporate masters call the shots… as it were.

Remember that the next time you waste your time voting.

Obama’s got the Rifleman beat, hands down!

LMAO… Here’s Another One!


Professional handwringers in action…

Yep… another school shooting!  This time, it’s different… no little kids getting plugged, we’re going after bigger game, this time!

Well, like all the others, I’m sure this one is being played for it’s dramatic, demoralizing effect.  The two handwringers pictured above are probably paid actors – the media just LOVES this shit!  It’s all over hell, about now, and tomorrow, every media outlet is going to incessantly drill us on how this ‘lone shooter’ fucked up in his life and took some evil guns (which probably made him even evil-er) and went out and slaughtered our nation’s finest sheep… I – I mean, citizens, in the flower of their lives.  Again, it’s always a lone white male that’s to blame… it’s open season on white people… but, that’s another story.

I’m going without sleep, wanting to get in on the mad rush to get an opinion up and running on this business, having stumbled across it while perusing other matters online.  I’m sure it will be the usual media circus and the anti-gun crowd will be foaming at the mouth: “SEE??? THAT’S THOSE EVIL GUNS FOR YOU!!!”

It’s gone beyond laughable, now, actually becoming quite sickening.  For me, the time for debate is over.  You can’t reach the stupid in their folly, you merely ignore them and move on with your life… and my live involves firearms.  They’ll just have to deal with that as they crunch their croissants and flatbreads and slurp their $10 lattès, whilst planning new bicycle paths and walkways through their suburban retreats.

The illuminati want our guns as they are a direct threat to their overt authority.  Think I’m lying?  Think again!  As usual, the head darkie gives his input on matters.  Stupid, dumb-assed ignorant sheep are ready to hand them all over to them.  Notice how in the story the ‘hostages’ feel like a “huge burden was lifted” from them when the armed Gestapo got to them?  Preconditioning to the sight (and worship) of a uniform paying off big time, there!  The school was, as always is, on lockdown… see where all of this shit comes into play, EVERY single time one of these farces goes down?

Reader, if you’re looking for some kind of intellectual treatise arguing the gun issue, here, you can forget it.  There’s been too much debate already, and the moronic liberal left still aren’t getting it.  We’ll just continue to keep tabs on the elitists and their unsuspecting minions, waiting for the “big one” where some national crisis is installed to facilitate removing the rest of our rights and freedoms.  It’s coming… merely a matter of time.

Here’s some more reading for your enjoyment and entertainment.  The nutters are waxing thick and heavy in the world… educate yourself!