The REST Of The Story!

This is the other side that we are never privileged to hear due to the monopoly of the bought-and-paid-for mainline news media…

It takes a lot of digging to get to the truth, these days.  You’re not going to hear it sitting on your ass and being spoon-fed by elitist news groups.  These only parrot the narrative of their elitist masters.  COVID is a HOAX!


Here’s To US!

You know who you are!  You were naturally skeptical of all the inconsistencies that were so BLATANTLY obvious about the COVID scam and you weren’t buying ANY of it!  Does this make you smarter than the rest of society?  Well… YES!  Even those that caved out of concern for their jobs and to keep their relatives happy… MORE SO!

Now, they’re starting to get sick, just like we warned them, but, convenience and outright cowardice was more of a priority in their lives.  Don’t feel sorry for them, they’re not worthy!  If I seem harsh, just remember that they now carry God knows what for contagions and that they pose a threat to YOU!  It is THEY that are the danger to society, now!

You listened to the mainstream news and got lied to, day after day.  You were threatened and coerced and you thought that normal concern for your health and well-being.  You were STUPID to believe that the government has any concern for you and now you’re WE are paying the price!  Congratulations!  The very thing you were trying to escape is upon you BY YOUR OWN HAND!!

Alternative media, those that haven’t bowed the knee to government, report swelling numbers of hospital admissions.  Heart attacks, strokes, abortions, many other maladies… with the common denominator being they ALL had the jab!  So, your job, your friends’ approval, spouses’ approval… all of that will mean SHIT when you’re DEAD.  Perhaps, you can alleviate the symptoms by not getting any further booster shots… which are still being pushed by the complicit (and let’s not mince words) EVIL healthcare profession, the majority of which are on the side of BIG $$$!  Their lapdogs in the media continue to fill your head with bullshit and you still figure that they have your best interests in mind.  Programming is a bitch!

Well, perhaps there is hope for society if a few would merely find the balls to say “enough is enough, I fell for their lies, but, I’m here to say I was wrong and don’t you fall for them!”  Can you do that, reader?  Can you find the cojones to admit your mistake and help others who are ignorant not do the same?

Read the truth HERE!—the-vaccinated-are-dropping.html?_ga=2.29102844.1391677841.1658715919-1250171712.1658715919

There are many, MANY more sites like this not having any allegiance to the corrupt mainstream media.  At the turn of the Twentieth Century a prominent newspaper editor remarked that a man was far better off for not reading one of his publications.  (The New York Times)  Here’s an example of why…

No one need be ignorant in this day and age!  If you’re one of those now falling sick because you caved to the authorities, you brought it on yourself!  Now, do the right thing and warn others such as I and many other free-thinking people have been doing for months and months.  Don’t let these bastards get away with their crime!

My Personal Observations On The COVID Hoax

Just a few of the signs that tipped me off early in the game to this COVID-19 scam:

1. Came out of nowhere… with no prior term of development, suddenly it’s world-wide!  Impossible, even in the jet age.  The latter “variants” spread even faster, from even more obscure origins.

2.  No visible carnage, only ‘stats’ quoted by the less-than-trustworthy news media, proven by time to be one of the most opportunistic and dishonest and corruptible mediums in existence.

3.  The futile and laughable precautions taken by authorities, all of which speak of an unwillingness to abandon the procurement and circulation of the almighty buck!  Specifically, the allowances made for “essential workers” whom “MUST” continue working, even with pitiful restrictions like flimsy cloth masks, most worn improperly, which no bacteriologist worth anything would dream of working with, especially around any contagion of significance, except in a sealed-off, self-contained environment wearing ‘moon suits’.  “Social distancing” to an airborne virus is like designating “NO PISSING” sections in public pools!

4.  The Draconian measures worthy of any fascist dictator or high school principal in levying punitive measures for those that violate the space of others by using peer pressure to divide and censure those that question the status quo.  Refusing services to those needing them based upon nothing but a reference to some smug authoritarian ‘expert’s decree, whom are free from ANY public, legal or financial accountability when the almost inevitable repercussions occur… such as infections and reactions to the vaccines.

5.  Definitive and historically accurate declarations by those involved in the production and distribution of the vaccines in question that there is a surplus of people on the planet and that humanity would best be served if there were some significant reduction in those population levels.  Individuals like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, HRH Prince Phillip, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger… etc.  Evidence also of patents being taken out on vaccines well before the ‘outbreak’ of COVID-19 shows this was a planned event from the very get-go.

6.  The historically-proven fact that there has been a push on for a world-wide central government since the days preceding any of the recognized world empires, from Babylon through Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.  The self-professed ‘rulers’ of our world have never recognized the ability or right of the common people to govern themselves in any way, ostensibly needing THEIR guidance and CONTROL if the race is to survive.  This hierarchy has been carefully crafted and maintained for millennia.

7.  The dedicated, malicious assault against detractors of this hoax in all forms of social media that produces censorship and loss of employment and personal slander that goes well beyond simple umbrage and personal insult for these having stated their reasons or doubts about this hoax.  Simply asking for FACTS not attached to the views and opinions of those that stand to gain mightily from this scam… even those that merely find some form of narcissistic, personal satisfaction from being associated with some ‘great’ historical event such as this scheme, even as a victim, prove to be among the most virulent (no pun) in opposing any dissension.

There are many true professionals of great integrity and technical expertise that oppose this scam and have paid the price for denouncing the emperor’s nakedness.  From professors and teachers, down to those that work the “front line”, so to speak.  These are ignored and buried in the barrage of media hype and outright BULLSHIT that appeals to the narcissist and the hypochondriac who find their purpose in life through one calamity or another.

There will NEVER be a dishonest word spoken or reproduced on this writer’s venue, particularly where this COVID-19 con game is concerned!  I am dead set AGAINST any notion that this world is in the grip of a viral pandemic… it is my personal and vehement DECLARATION that the only pandemic is one of STUPIDITY!  Ignorance can be ruled out as we as a society have no excuses in this ‘enlightened’ day and age… which only leaves stupidity or complicity as a reason for ignoring the painfully obvious!

Steve Isdahl’s Frustration

Sasquatch aficionado, Steve Isdahl, is still on the track of that elusive quarry that he claims inhabits the deep, dark forests of North America, a being which he has, himself, claims to have seen. On his YouTube channel, he publishes weekly videos of stories that others have sent him, themselves, claiming to have interacted with said creature. Here is an example of his latest post…

We can sense his mounting frustration with every video that he posts, with those ‘powers-that-be’ that he deems are withholding vital information from us about these “beings”… though that frustration might be tempered, somewhat, by the substantial financial return he gets from his YouTube subscriptions and advertisments… no less than in this video where he expresses his dismay over a man’s dog being killed in a heinous manner. That, in and of itself, is quite remarkable, given Steve’s primary income is derived by hunting down and killing animals! (You’ll have to sit through over 30 minutes of this to get to that story, btw.)

The variance in all of these “encounters” is gradually narrowing, though, to one common denominator… these are spiritual manifestations of an evil nature and this is a fact in this fallen world. However they choose to manifest themselves, spiritual entities have long lived alongside of mankind and have devoted their energies to making our lives as miserable as they can. The Bible talks of man’s fall and of Satan, who was the highest creation of God and who fell from favor when he embraced his own visage as superior to that of even his own Creator. It is he who now rules over this pathetic world and the true, invisible persons who pull the strings of the visible puppet governments, know this… and actively worship and serve him. It is this that Steve unknowingly searches for and what is being withheld from him and everyone else. Of course, any believer knows this for fact and many have tried to educate him on this point, but, true to human nature, Steve, like most of us, seems bent on discovering this fact for himself, no matter how much trouble it brings him. The government cannot allow this information to be broadcast willy-nilly, because, there is an agenda dictated to them and it is paramount that agenda be followed.

The Bible, of course, reveals this agenda and gives us clues as to when all of this is to happen and what will be the final outcome. Satan’s forces know that they only have a short time left and these occurrences that Steve publishes are evidence of it. Despite the obvious frauds that get through his poor screening efforts, the number of supernatural occurrences are increasing. Why they should take the form of some big hairy bipedal is open for speculation, though I suspect that has a lot to do with the evolutionary lie that scientists under the control of Satan are foisting upon the world. Man is becoming more and more susceptible to deception as God’s Spirit withdraws from him and I’m sure there are some real doozies in store for us before this is all over. The recent COVID hoax is one example.

The best weapon I can suggest to Steve and all of his followers is that they turn to the word of God for their answers and defence. These beings (so far) have limited their aggression to animals and are prohibited from touching humans… for the most part… in accordance with the ‘treaties’ revealed in Job 1:12, and in Psalm 105:15, but, who can say what will happen in latter times. Of course, anyone with the mantle of Christ upon his shoulders is safe as Satan is powerless against this.

The “powers-that-be” know all about the great controversy between Satan and Christ and have chosen evil as their leadership. Their underlings… those that we see and heap our disdain upon are as clueless as most of us are and only follow orders. If one is to attain true knowledge in this life, one MUST proceed upon educating themselves, reliance upon the system and it’s services will be futile. Were it not for God’s great benevolence and interventions, we, as a race, would have long since disappeared into oblivion.

He’s Dead.

German by birth, ardent pre-war Nazi Party supporter, crude and licentious embarrassment and loose cannon from the monarchy’s perspective, possible conspirator in the death of Princess Diana, the Duke of Edinburgh takes his place in eternity.  For whatever he’s supposed to have done in his 99 years, despite knowing all of this, the public still seems to adore him and what he stands for.  Well… now you can gain some clearer insight on why the COVID scam is so successful!  People really and truly are ignorant clueless stupid!

Anyway… he’s gone.  I doubt he’ll get any more press from this writer.

They Know Not What They Do

The Covid deception is running full steam and there seems no stopping it.  The masses… clueless as always, are rolling out the red carpet for the self-professed ‘elite’ to enslave them.  Their future is cast.  The globalists will have their way and those that resist will ultimately face death.

Jacob Rothschild, one of the most influential architects of this insanity, is smug in his knowledge that most people are not able or unwilling to question authority and will bend to his minions’ will and accept a satanic government in the name of ease and convenience.  Scoffers of this little realize what is going to happen to them in the end times and when they ultimately do, it will be too late.  They will have failed the test of allegiance to the Most High and will perish right beside those they held in higher regard, whether out of actual respect or fear.  There won’t be any fence-sitters, this will be a black or white scenario with no ambiguity.

Rothschild, long ago, determined who would rule in his life and now he wishes this for all humanity.  The simple-minded will always be willing to bend the knee to whomever feeds them and provides them with their every want and desire.  People, today, are lazy and indifferent.  Many are just stupid.  The gene pool has already been altered to some degree and this vaccination will ensure that all will have the opportunity to participate in their own dumbing-down.  The spiritual side is overlooked by the concern for economic prosperity and a generation raised upon implicit trust in ‘science’ and the works of men will always turn to their humanist masters for guidance and deliverance.  This is what makes this virus scam such a huge success.  Most oppose the restrictions placed upon their self-gratifying lives, but, few question the overall wisdom of their globalist masters when it comes to solving the manufactured ‘crisis’.

A good article to read outlining one aspect of the globalist agenda is found here.

There will be no return to the old ways… this is the “new normal”.  Society will never be free from bogus viral and other threats, a generation brought up on fear and suspicion can never be salvaged.  Children are dumb-downed from birth, schools teach satanic trash like same-sex marriage, gender-reassignment, feminism, and discourage any real independent thought, encouraging only those pursuits that will allow them to take their place as slaves to a hierarchy bent upon world domination and government.  Gutless, time-serving politicians and fear-governed and crazed citizens will aid in support of globalist agendas and will turn each other in at a moment’s notice to save their own miserable lives.

One-by-one, in my own circle, I watch those that say they’ll never take the shot capitulate.  When faced with economic hardship, most will snap.  The sad truth is that most of humanity will be lost, eternally.  A bleaker outlook is not possible, however, it is truth and only truth can deliver a society from… in essence… itself.

Another False Flag To Add To The List!

You really don’t think that this event in the Suez canal was an ACCIDENT… do you?

They say that it won’t be long before the rest of the world realizes the economic impact from this debacle… but, is it REALLY  a debacle or is it just another globalist-planned crisis like the Covid scam to further fuck with society and bring it to a grinding halt at their feet?  It’s the latter, folks, you can bet the farm on it.

These megalomaniacal bastards know no restraints, their plans for world government have been in the works for thousands of years, a multi-generational scheme to control it ALL.  Up to now, their movements have been relatively slow, but, things are heating up fast.  They know the time is ripe for the take-over, society has never been more compliant than it is, today.  People will believe anything and put up with anything rather than resist.  They have been coddled and spoiled for too long and now cannot even dream of an existence apart from their beloved materialistic lifestyle made possible by their elitist masters and herd managers.  Billion$ in traded goods are being detained at the port and what better way to drive up prices and make trillion$ in reparations and bail-outs than to create an artificial recession… they did it in ’08 and they’re doing it now, with Covid and this bullshit ‘accident’.

Facts are, you cannot trust a banker or their fat-cat industrial and political lackeys, they are ALL in it for the $$$, the higher-up’s in it out of service to their satanic masters.  The Rothschild family have a very close relationship with Satan and it is by and large his genius that they operate under.  What human could ever engineer all of the wars and false flag operations that have occurred throughout history with such remarkable success?  Satan’s war with God has been on since before the creation and with the drama drawing to a close, Satan is desperate to take total control over the planet.  While his influence has always been strong, he still cannot assume total and uncontested control, though his insanity will not allow him to see his battle is lost.  He and his minions and slaves are all but consigned to the fiery inferno that will consume and cleanse this tired old earth in preparation for the establishment of the TRUE New World Order under God Almighty.  (See Revelation Chapters 20 & 21)  The last moves will be swift, we’ve seen more happen in the way of social change in the last 10 years than all throughout history, beforehand.

Yes, anything the media reports is obliged to be scrutinized and judged.  They cannot be trusted to present untainted reports on anything, being bought-and-paid-for by their oligarchical masters.  It would be fair to say that if one never listened to any major news network report on anything but to know what they are up to and where, they’d be better off.  Glean only that which is expedient to know and then shut them off!  Like a serpent mesmerizing a bird, the longer the bird stares, the better it’s chances of getting eaten!