We Have A Problem

Thugs in Baltimore

Thug Protesters vs. Cops in Baltimore

This should prove a warning against the incessant immigration policies that the Canadian Government have in place that allow hordes of refugees into Canada.  See story.

Even our western prairie communities are becoming havens for waves of immigrants.  They will soon outnumber white Canadians, whom are fast becoming the minority in the country that they built.   Then when times get rough, scenes like those played out in Baltimore will become all too real and frequent.

The Illuminati have long planned for diluting cultures through the intermixing of different races.  Look at couples walking down the street… one out of every three are interracial.  This is indicative of the high concentration of immigrants and refugees that are already here.  Many of these newcomers enjoy perks that the average white person is not eligible to have; free credit, housing, guaranteed and subsidized employment… many immigrants I see are driving late model SUV’s, while I drive a 20 year-old sedan!  They just got off the boat, having come here with NOTHING!  Talk about a sugar-daddy country, this CANADA!

Racial tensions are inevitable, especially when you have a cartel of powerful banking and business elites running the show.  They will continue to instruct their government lackeys to allow boatloads of ne’er-do-well’s onto our shores.  The social unrest this provides is great for their agenda to bring sovereign countries to their knees and accept totalitarian rule.

I do not go out of my way to welcome new citizens to Canada unless they are Europeans.  These think and look enough like us to not present a threat to our culture, having in fact been established from these back when the first settlers colonized this land.  Jabbering bands of Orientals, Africans, Philipinos, etc., are so culturally opposite ours as to pose problems further down the line.  Scenes like these in Baltimore prove this… AND IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

Can… and will!

What To Do When The *SHTF*

* Shit Hits The Fan*… and it’s always a possibility in our elitist-controlled world.  There is talk of the US dollar falling from international favor.  With that, everything that we understand about an economy will fall with it.

We have to stop thinking in terms of hoarding money.  True wealth is what we are able to use when we are in need of those things that can keep us alive and healthy.  Working like a slave at the expense of time with our family and our health is not true industry, it’s stupidity.

There will be a time when ‘money’ as we know it will be useless.  Millions of bank accounts will evaporate overnight.  Fiat paper notes will only be good for burning for fuel.  Tangible assets like fuel, ammunition, garden truck, household items and utensils, etc., are the things that will ensure some form of a local economy, trading among yourselves.  Forget about government services, they are what got you in the mess you’re in.

The most valuable asset you can have is a good relationship with your neighbors as this will be a collective effort to survive.  The individualist mentality that corporate materialism has programmed us with cannot survive in a post-crash environment.  Loners will not survive except as recluses in caves, cut off from medical and other social comforts.  Everyone will brought down to one level in class.  Doctors and lawyers will need farmers and laborers to help them survive and vice versa.

Hoarding cash is stupid.  Invest in tangible items that can keep you alive, and real estate.  True, that can be expropriated, but, not all at once.  The powers that be will be extremely busy enforcing elitist policies and we far outnumber them.  The ability to feed and protect ourselves should be a prime concern.  Living off the land is not a new concept and we will be forced to do that in the not-so-distant future.

Learn to prepare and cook wild game.  Learn to live with less… less of the trappings of modern commercialism.  Buy the things that can help you live in times without utilities and government benefits – these will be the first things to go.  Foremost of all, develop a trust relationship with Christ and learn of Him.  Trust always belays fear and it’s fear that will prove our undoing if we let it overcome reason.

Learn to live in the new world order, not be captive under it!

Avoid Doing Business In Gresham Oregon


Sexual Deviants Flaunting

It’s not a place decent people would want to visit.  They cater to sexual deviants, there.

On their website, they claim it’s a rewarding place to work.  Possibly… if you’re a deviant homosexual looking to make a fast buck off some sucker that you set up to refuse you service, like the two dykes that went in pretending to want a wedding cake when they were really looking for an opportunity to turn an easy 135K!

This is the militant LGBT in action.  This is what they are all about.  They have an agenda to get rid of Christianity and reduce Christians to mere sexual slaves.  There are gays littering every city and it isn’t long before you spot one, they are hard to miss.  Look for loudly-dressed and foppy individuals with big loud voices proclaiming their presence.  They do this in hopes of setting off some decent person with the hopes of steering them toward a big fat lawsuit.  The law caters to these freaks and they know it.

Many forums entertain these creeps, they are forced to.  They don’t get a voice here.  Their comments never see the light of day.  Still, they manage to push their way into most forums.  Forums that value dollars and readership above integrity and decency.

Boycotting places that love fag dollars seems to be the only way to get the message across.  Until government ceases pandering after sociopaths’ and perverts’ dollars and puts them in their rightful place as third class citizens needing rehabilitation, we can’t expect much in the way of fairness, legally or otherwise.  Got a fag neighbor?  Shun him/her if they seem to follow LGBT policies.  Granted, there are some gays that aren’t interested in taking over society and want to treat others fairly.  Only the radical left are deserving of the roughest treatment we can hand out.

They’d do it to you… and will, if you oppose them!

Drop the mayor and council in Gresham a line… tell them what a great job of being politically correct pussies they’re doing and that you’re not coming to visit!

Zionist Bigotry in Action


Zionist Bigotry

It’s getting out of hand.  You can say ANTHING you want against anyone EXCEPT Jews, homosexuals and any other radical group or organization, but, you walk a narrow ledge when you criticize “God’s chosen ones”.  Jews enjoy immense freedom and sympathy in America and take full advantage of it to rail at their enemies.  These days, EVERYONE is fair game, not just those that are of Muslim background.

Of course, the Illuminati bankers are Jewish converts and they use their influence to silence any opposition against their goy-hating, anti-Christian programs like promoting radical feminism, atheism, homosexualism and other deviant lifestyles and criminal activities.  The bankers know that it’s politically correct (‘PC’ being another of their inventions) to love Jewishness and to hate Muslims, thanks to their own persecution of the Jews back during WWII.  They use this to full advantage and are very good at silencing their opposition.  “Useful idiots” are the goy they employ to aid them in their vendettas, which include incursions by their secret service (Mossad) into other countries, seeking out enemies of Zionism and assassinating them.

They pursue aged ex-Nazis almost to the point of digging them out of their graves and putting them on trial, aptly illustrating their insane lust for vengeance.  These show-trials are meant as an example of what anyone can expect for going against them.  They will go after anyone, big or small, to make a point.

Jews are considered (by the authorities) as the darlings of society.  That’s not the sentiment with others, though.  Jews have a well-earned reputation for being conniving materialists and vindictive enemies.  History defies political correctness in it’s honest portrayal of the Zionist mentality and their dealings with others throughout time.  While there are honest peace-loving Jews that are trying to live their lives while saddled with this unwanted stigma, Zionism is still embraced by many ultra-nationals whom have fallen for the ‘master race’ brainwashing and truly believe they are the chosen ones of God.

I won’t get into a religious exegesis here on why this is a ludicrous idea, suffice to say they are deluded and are not doing themselves any favors by walking around with their noses stuck up in the air, looking down on everyone else.  Reality is going to bite them hard in their nationalist ass, and this is forthcoming if they continue to pursue their vindictive foreign policy against Arab nations and their allies.  They are beginning to piss off their own allies with their haughty national pride and those are the only ones that have kept Israel from being wiped from the face of the Earth.

God isn’t fighting for them, anymore.  They rejected Him by hanging His Son on a post and they seem to think that won’t affect His promise to establish them as a nation among all others?  Supreme delusion!

Society owes it to these egomaniacs not to recognize or condone their insane self-importance by helping them go after their enemies, real or imaginary, and simply tell them to fall in line like everyone else.  They are no more important than any other culture and it’s time that they were made to understand that.

For more on this story, read here.

Coward of The Year



I’m going off my usual format for this one, because I feel this story needs some coverage and the issue of “wounded souls” analyzed properly.

This pathetic waste of skin will or does not get any respect or pity from me, even in his death.  For the jist of this story, read here.

I’ve only written one other story on low-lives of this ilk, it’s not my usual MO.  However, society, particularly those of the socialist left-wing idiot corps’ ilk seem to think that cretins of this type are damaged goods that need cuddling and hugs, not a firm hand to whip them into line.  That is what you do with bunnies and puppies, which was not what this guy needed!  The result was him murdering his girlfriend and some other dude’s kids and then bragging about it… before taking the usual scumbag coward’s way… exiting from life’s responsibilities by his own hand!

His sister said that he was misunderstood.  Well, we understand that he killed three innocent kids and that’s all anyone needs to understand!  Yet another LOSER taking out a LOSER’S vengeance upon a world that isn’t set up for or caters to LOSERS.

He lost his job… BOO-HOO-HOOOO!  Who hasn’t lost a job or encountered tough times?  Do we go out and kill children when we don’t get our way?  Society is really going down the shitter when this kind of deviancy is not only tolerated but excused.  This is what the Illuminati wants, is to have society operate in the reverse of the way that it was intended to operate.  Deviancy and abnormality, good.  Rationality and sensibility, not good, from the globalist viewpoint.

Well, that’s all the press this LOSER is going to get, here.  The lesson from this is that little entitlement generation suckies are NOT entitled to a job or anything they happen to crave in life, they are expected to pull their own weight in the harness.  Kids, today, think they have it all coming to them and permissive parents and teachers help drill that misconception into their precious little heads right from birth.  Then, when life hands out reality to them in big heavy gobs, they curl up in a ball and/or scream bloody murder… some, like this dummy, actually DO murder!

To the entitlement pussies out there that might be reading this… it’s NOT all about you, so get over yourselves!  No free rides in this world, sweetheart!  You want something, you work for it!  Also, when you fuck up, it’s YOUR fault, NOT everyone else’s!  We don’t have time to psychoanalyze your precious misunderstood little ass, just suck it up and do what we all have to do in this crazy world!

Nuff’ sed!

Day of Reckoning

It’s here…

The old soldier means what he says.  And here in Canada, there are those that haven’t caved to our politically correct, homosexual-loving government of time-serving elitist-wannabes, you can be sure!  Jade Helm-15 is merely a front for the next psy-op the Zionist US Government is preparing to unleash on the world.

What will it be?  It will involve the deaths of many US citizens, YOU CAN BE SURE, and it will be blamed on religious extremists, most likely those that Israel especially hates.  Why Israel?  Israel is the BOSS of America and the current homosexual and his cross-dressing husband that have assumed the roles of American president and first freak, are Israel’s puppets.

However… BEWARE!  All those that think their government is actually their representative and subservient to them… don’t think FOR ONE SECOND that any spin-off false flag will be tolerated, nor that any Draconian measures instituted in the name of “national security” won’t be met with serious, perhaps LETHAL reprisal!  As with the old Marine, there are Canadians that are FED UP with the leftist whore-mongering criminals that are running this country into the ground, serving Zionist agendas.

The political correctness STOPS HERE!  There is a line and you elitist whores are about to step over it.  Only then will you realize just how ignorant you are as to the motivation and means that freedom-loving citizens can garner to drop you kicking in your politically correct tracks!  Are you listening, Stephen Harper and you gaggle of political nitwits infesting Ottawa?

You’ve been warned!

Caught In The Act!

More insane lunacy on the part of the “chosen ones”…


Yes, it’s all about the Jews… how they have suffered!  No mention at all of the tens of millions of others that died in the war the super rich Zionist bastards that pull the strings of governments world-wide, started.  Well, as usual, their true nature has surfaced with this latest show-trial fiasco of theirs… view this not-so-recent other video of the same man apparently coming clean with… get this… a message for all those “deniers” of the Holocaust…

Same man… different time and “interview”.  No, this is a message aimed at all those that would dare to criticize the “chosen ones'” version of history.  There has been much criticism of the Zionist account of what happened to the Jews during the war and the figures are not matching their account.  The most accurate records to date reveal a much smaller number of Jews killed than the elitists would have you believe.  This is meant to keep their huge propaganda machine rolling along, garnering sympathy for their inhuman actions against their enemies, the Palestinians, and pretty much everyone else they deem as inferior… including you and me!

How much longer can self-professed “Christians” go along with this garbage?  Numbskulls like ‘pastor’ John Hagee, Zionist shill and bum-boy, who practically lives in Israel with all the pilgrimages he makes to see his Zionist masters – and this is supposed to be a man of God?  Fraternizing with His killers?

America and Canada grovel at the feet of the Zionists.  Our puppet leaders practically give head to Benjamin Netanyahu, Zionist attack dog, extraordinaire, who openly derides them for their ‘sloven’ support and participation in their various crusades against Muslim nations.  I guess the BILLIONS of dollars the US sends them every year is sloven support!

It behooves us all to cut ALL support to these international terrorists and let nature take it’s course.  The sick and the infirm naturally die out when left on their own.  This is Israel’s ultimate fate.  Rejected by God, Himself, these infidels are the pariah of the world, an international plague.  They should be segregated and left to die like the moral and social lepers that they are.