Social Retards

That is what our society is, a compilation of lazy, indolent morons that can’t garner the ambition to form a cogent thought, anymore.  Instead, we allow others, many with ulterior motives and agendas, to educate us.  We have been so conditioned to listening the the ‘experts’ we no longer trust our God-given intuition preferring to let media and government dictate to us what we should believe and do.

Just in my time, we’ve been inundated with one scam after another.  The earliest one that I can remember and have lived through is the moon landing hoax.  Of course, since then, we’ve had various assassinations and wars… 9/11, etc.  Basically, our society has been built upon one big fat fucking lie after another.

The COVID hoax comes to mind, now, at this point of developing instabilities throughout eastern Europe, themselves, the result of media hype and governmental legerdemain.  While it’s wound down substantially, especially due to the eastern debacle, there are still those that adhere to their programming and insist on blaming a common cold on the dreaded COVID monster.  I’ve lost patience with these morons as we live in an age where this kind of Medieval thinking shouldn’t even be a factor in our lives.  I’ve had to write off a few friends and family because of their steadfast refusal to question the emperor’s nakedness.  Make no mistake!  While I am a proponent of free choice, that doesn’t extend to where that choice buggers up my life and freedom of action and choice.  I feel the time has never been better to make these morons accountable for their choices and that they needn’t expect any help or sympathy or encouragement in their headlong rush to disaster.

Dealing with the subject of morons, one other name pops up out of my Rolodex of dupes… Steve Isdahl.  Isdahl has a popular (right away, if it’s popular, you know it’s frivolous nonsense!) YouTube channel dealing with the subject of Bigfoot and an assortment of other freaks and space alien/paranormal crap.  This guy is so far down the garden path with this garbage that I doubt his sanity, anymore.  His only redeeming feature is that he doesn’t trust the authorities, which is wise, but, then he goes off the other deep end on what are for the most part hoaxes and the products of fevered minds and egocentric narcissism.  One wonders just how much damage some hick hunting guide from the suburbs of Abbotsford can do with these paranormal rantings and ravings.  He hosts a one-man email-in show where he reads (or tries to) emails from supposed encounters with the big forest dude, his less-than-oratorically-correct narration of other less-than-oratorically-correct fans’ “encounters” stretching the limits of one’s patience and ability to listen to hours of less-than-oratorically-correct bullshit.  Over the months, the stories have gotten more fantastic with every email, most of which is the natural evolution of what occurs when you’re subjected to mounds and mounds of relentless bullshit over long periods of time…

This is a perfect illustration of last-day events portrayed in scripture, when people would go after the mutterings of every unclean spirit, discarding common sense and preferring to believe a lie rather than truth.  This comes from the inherent laziness and indolence that we all have as human beings.  Not much effort is made, anymore, to investigate truth to see if it is, in fact, truth and not some lie fomented by those with a definite agenda in mind.  One accurate method I have for determining fact from horseshit is the popularity of whatever it is that one desires to test.  If it’s accepted and lauded by the majority of folks, guaranteed it’s bullshit and not worth a second’s pause.  The more outlandish and idiotic it is, the better it’s chances of acceptance by an intellectually-starved public.  Websites like this one that deal in the hard truth and FACTS are not especially interesting to a pleasure-loving, excitement-driven populace, not into anything that might require they make an adjustment in their lives or make some sacrifice.

Now, we have the sabre-rattling in Eastern Europe to rattle our already media-frazzled minds and I’m wondering what my next post should carry in terms of hope for a generation that has purposefully driven logic and foresight from their lives.  We shall see what we’ll see!

Putin’s Here… (but Trudeau will be back!)

Justin and… something…

The war in Ukraine might have the Canadian public momentarily distracted, but, make no mistake, we’re not free of the communist threat in this country by ANY means!  The Cuban love-child between a communist dictator and an international whore is only taking a well-deserved breather from screwing up Canada to follow his elitist handlers’ orders to go heap condemnation on his communist brother’s invasion of Ukraine.  Both Putin and Castreau are dyed-in-the-wool Communists and are now engaged in a form of international ‘good cop vs. bad cop’ scenario with the same goal and purpose… destroying democracy and helping usher in a new world oligarchy run by tyrants.

Castreau will return and he’ll be bringing his Marxist-style ‘leadership’ with him, along with a resurgence of one of his favorite front-line attacks against freedom and democracy… gun control.  The ads are already being played on various social media platforms on about how concerned the Liberals are about our welfare as Canadians and that we have to get those nasty-wasty guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and into the hands of criminals and deviants, Justin’s people!  Being a criminal himself, this is acceptable and desirable.  The population loves hating on this guy, but, in doing that they miss the fact he’s only playing off of a script written for him by his Illuminati masters, whom he thinks will someday reward him for his obedience.  Anyway, once the desired level of destruction of national sovereignty and freedom is achieved, the way will be paved for Canada’s absorption into a world-wide system of terror such as never been seen before.

No, ol’ Blackface certainly isn’t capable of pulling off any such grandiose scheme as the aforementioned one, he needs the help of a well-backed and financed cadre of globalists, those like Vladimir Putin and pretty much EVERY government head and political system on the face of the earth.  Yes… it IS just that bad!  Nobody that isn’t a part of this global octopus is occupying any government office of any significance anywhere on this world and our placid and indifferent attitude has allowed this to happen.  Casting USELESS votes in USELESS elections designed by elitists for themselves only ensures the deception continues, year after year… generation after generation.  The oligarchy now exists, for all intents and purposes, needing only ratification by a central government established in and run from IsraelJerusalem, to be exact.  You see, the ultimate foe we face is none other than the prince of all liars and murderers… Satan.  Satan has long had his sights set on usurping God’s throne and while he can no longer enter the celestial chambers in Heaven, he has since channelled his vast army of human dupes and fallen angels into assisting him in taking over the earth.  Since the days of Babylon and Nimrod, Satan has sought to establish a central government run by himself on earth.  To date, he has been thwarted… and will always be thwarted, as he is quite insane and cannot comprehend the fact that he battles omnipotence.  Nonetheless, this is bad news for the inhabitants of the world as we still have some way to go before Satan is finally and totally defeated.

It’s never been a matter of ability on God’s part of destroying Satan, He could do that in an instant.  What complicated matters is that Satan’s prowess at deceiving has impacted many souls, not just those here on earth.  Heavenly intelligences were confused by his strange accusations and rebellion in a formerly serene and harmonious universe and needed proof of what he was and what he was becoming.  What sealed the matter for them was when Satan murdered God’s Son.  Now, it only remains for Satan’s true character and very existence (which he manages to conceal from the majority of people) to become plain.  Like most diseases, sin must run it’s course in it’s due time.

Till that time, Satan’s servants will wreak havoc and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  There will be wars and rumors of wars… in the end, Satan and all of those that side with him will be destroyed.  Thousands of years of determined rebellion has taken it’s toll on the mind of even the most powerful created entity’s mind.  Satan is literally quite insane.  Nothing will be denied him, nor those that have cast their lots with him.  Many dupes follow other dupes more ‘in the know’ than they out of some expectation of reward, disregarding the rights and freedoms of their fellow men.  This will be enough to have their ticket to eternal salvation cancelled.

Communism is the world-wide religion of the new world order planned for mankind.  With that will come all of the features that accompany a godless, atheistic philosophy.  It will be the world religion… and the COVID-19 mandates that defied all legislative authority were but a forerunner of the mandate that will soon follow, once the spread of communism has reached it’s desired level.  There will be an order for every citizen of the new system to take an oath of allegiance and with that oath a public declaration made by observing one day in seven as holy.  That day will be the first day of the week… Sunday.  This will come with the penalty of DEATH for those that refuse to honor it.  All previous impositions have been slowly and inexorably leading up to this final event, followed by the visit of a false Christ (Satan) to drive the point home.  This visitation will come at a time of extreme tribulation in the world, to a war-weary public that will settle for practically anything to achieve the peace so often cried for in this day and age.

The war in Ukraine is but one of many tribulations to come.  Some fear nuclear action… this will never occur as the power of nuclear weapons, today, far eclipse that of those comparative firecrackers used in the Second World War.  The self-professed ‘elite’ do not wish for their planet to be made uninhabitable for them and those few they allow to live to serve them.  COVID-19 vaccinations and other man-made contagions are among the most useful means, now, of depopulating the world as the elitists view the present population to be excessive and counterproductive… and, of course, harder to manage as opposed to a smaller herd.  There are, indeed, true and legitimate plagues to come, as forecasted by scripture, those are God-given and directed against the oligarchy and those that follow it.  Those, by contrast, WILL be easy to discern… there will be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that there is something going around, unlike that of the last ‘pandemic’!

For now, we must deal with the matters at hand… and that being to deter the spread of communism as much as it is given to us to do.  Justin Castreau will resume where he left off, once his momentary diversion to matters in the Ukraine is deemed sufficient to fool the shallow into thinking that he could possibly have a turn of conscience toward his dealings with Canadians.  This guy will never change!  He didn’t get where he is without the stamp of approval by his elitist masters, whom view him as the perfect tool and patsy.  He is just smart enough to get up there and perform like the puppet he is, dumb enough to believe that he’ll actually receive something more than a “Good boy, Justin!” puppy-dog pat on the head.

So check for him under your beds at night, little children!