Road Rage Another Sign of Decay

It’s no longer an isolated event.  It occurs daily, hourly, minute by minute.  Otherwise sane people lose it, it seems, once they get into a motor vehicle.  Everyone becomes an island… no one else matters.  It’s my business that counts and no one else’s.

Foot to the floor, jumping between lights and stop signs.  The much-vaunted fuel efficiency of today’s vehicles is moot due to the driving habits of most individuals.  Traffic lights contribute to road rage by bunching people up at intersections when they would otherwise have been evenly spaced apart on the roads.  Merely placing stop signs at places where one wishes to slow down traffic would be enough.  There would be no racing to beat the lights, everyone realizes that they are expected to stop, regardless.  The traffic light is one of the worst ideas ever for regulating traffic flow.

Vehicles are far too powerful, these days, for the average driver, especially women.  In my experience, not one in a hundred females know the limitations of their vehicle.  They are fed bullshit by salesmen whom are only interested in making a sale.  (And maybe something else!)  I see them every day, careening down the road doing TWICE the legal speed limit.  They are the most aggressive drivers out there, today.

The world is getting faster and faster.  Everyone is in a fucking hurry, these days.  I see this not ending anytime soon.  The Bible says that in the last days, people would be running to and fro and knowledge would increase.  Well, I see people running to and fro, however, I do not see people’s intelligence increasing at all.  It’s a sin to be idle… everyone MUST be busy at something.  It must all come to a grinding halt, some day.  It is written!



Values… Something That A Politically-Correct World Knows Nothing About!

Nowadays, it’s unfashionable to hold moral values.  In a world corrupted by political correctness and other anti-social bullshit, anyone displaying moral values is looked down upon and ridiculed.  Hearkening back to better times, I’ll let one social icon tell it like it is… and show that even then, he could see what would soon befall us all…

Here’s to the Duke… may he rest in peace, oblivious of that very thing that he warned us all about!

Dick-less Phone Scammers Prey On Unwary

Just a few words about a certain type of vermin infesting our society.  This particular trash is the phone scammer.  These dick-less pussies make their meagre living scamming vulnerable and older people out of their hard-earned savings.  Having never worked an honest day in their pointless lives, these scabs seek an easy dollar off of those that are relevant to a healthy society.

You hear stories like some pensioner being bilked out of thousands of dollars by some slick-talking phone maggot, even going so far as to threaten them with litigation if they don’t pay up.  A recent scam going around is where these vermin phone you up threatening you with legal action, posing as the Internal Revenue Service (or CRA in Canada) and that you are the subject of a lawsuit and that you had better respond to the number that they provide… or else!  Of course, this is merely hot air and no more legitimate than the fools that dreamt it all up.  The CRA or IRS do not operate in this manner, however, gullible old folk or the mentally infirm sometimes fall for these filthy maggots’ scheme.

Pieces of shit like phone scammers typically phone from safe areas where government agencies and/or police cannot reach them, which is what one would expect from cowards.  One such place is India, where most of the CRA scams are coming from.  This would be natural, considering that most Indian men are dick-less and are used to abusing their women.  (I’d bet that Indian women admire western men over the faggot pieces of crap they’re stuck with over there!)  These pukes would fit well into bilking honest folk out of their money, being the useless pricks that they are.  So, we are inundated with these phony calls from scum that refuse to man up and work an honest job for a decent living.

I would say that a fitting punishment would be to neuter these bitches when they are caught… except that they are essentially dick-less and that would be a waste of time doing what is already done.  More in tune with the crime would be to incarcerate them in a prison where they could be gang-raped by REAL men and have their assholes enlarged so that they are forced to wear diapers after they are released.  Daily bitch-slappings would be in order, maybe being drop-kicked around the prison exercise yard on an daily basis, too.

So, if there are any of those effeminate bitches reading this, take note of what you are – useless wastes of skin that should be killed on sight, though that would be too easy for you.  Get real jobs and stop being pussies, though it is your nature to be effeminate cowards!

More “Climate Change” Hype… With Something else!

Ignoring the climate change bullshit, this video does have some value in it’s historicity.  It’s worth a look, despite the hype…

The truth is gradually coming out.  Of course, ancient Egypt was the center of the pagan world at one time.  Before that, we had the antediluvian world that perished during the great flood, which is where these great monuments were conceived and erected by the powerful civilization that then flourished.  They made our civilization look like comparative morons, being bigger, stronger, more intelligent… these works would have been well within their abilities to create.

Being the well-constructed monuments they are, they somehow survived even the horrendous forces unleashed by God against a rebellious world.  An arrogant and foolish society like ours cannot conceive of anything better than themselves, proved by the one skeptic in this video.  He is, however, ready to consider that extraterrestrials might have had a hand in things, when the chips were down!  This is the arrogance of the stupid, whom are always at the tail end of advancement.

Satan’s minions were able to (with his help) devise these structures with the advanced knowledge of an angel fallen, well equipped to perform the technical and mathematical feats associated with them.  Self-absorbed idiots of today can only marvel at what these adepts were able to do.  Secret societies all over the world pride themselves on their arcane knowledge and love to flaunt it toward an ignorant and unsuspecting world.  We wander around, bumping into one another while these self-proclaimed elite accomplish what we could never even come close to doing.  Though God is well able to thwart the plans of these elitists, He cannot interfere on behalf of an arrogant civilization when they do not wish it.

Though these ancient mighty men did great works, they were still dupes of a powerful foe.  They went to their graves lost men, having never learned to trust their creator.  So-called ‘scientists’ of today unwittingly follow in their footsteps, claiming to have all of the knowledge.  The simplest mind of the antediluvian world was more than a match for any ‘genius’ of today.

It will be some show when the God of Heaven reveals all to everyone about the TRUE history of the world.  The resounding thunderclap of jaws hitting the floor will spell the end of ignorance and no one will be left unaccountable.

Bear Attacks – Pathetic Cover for “Climate Change” Hype!

As one commenter pointed out, this is merely a front for more so-called climate change propaganda.  It has nothing to do with pointing out the stupidity of the victims and the lax supervision (other than a few spurious postings of signs warning against bears) of the community toward it’s residents and visitors.

Will these morons ever cease and desist in their rambling tirades against normal cycles of nature?  Their paranoia knows no bounds!  Imagine a world that these socialist crazies wish for us, where everyone is scared to come out from under their beds and/or say anything that might be deemed as politically incorrect… that world is fast becoming a reality, what with the unbridled nonsense that is tolerated by our governments that only seek to amalgamate into a world oligarchy governed by the self-appointed elite.

Every day, boatloads (and planeloads) of immigrants are dumped on an already thinly-stretched social structure, given all kinds of favors and money (credit) and housing, while those that worked to build this country are forced to take a back seat.  Further restrictions are placed upon us by Henny Penny-types always crowing about the imminent doom of the world, forcing industry to retool and us to buy “green” products (always more expensive) and ‘save the whales’, etc.

The fascist left have no scruples and very little intelligence to see that this is simply a ruse by the self-proclaimed elite to force us to ‘save’ THEIR planet for THEM, while we live with further hardship!  (See Agenda 21)   See the REAL definition of this scheme HERE! (Specifically: Point #11)

It behooves us all to pay less attention to the hype that these globalists sling and more attention to what it is that could be gained by the self-proclaimed ‘elite’, especially with a world depopulated through war and disease and deprivation.  To them… this is THEIR world and we are unwelcome parasites infesting it.  You hear this echoed in the blatherings of nature nuts screaming for humanity to be culled in favor of conservation.  These witless fools have no clue how they are being manipulated and that they are as well targeted for extermination!

Time to wake up, folks!

Legal System Corrupt – A Contrivance of the Social Elite FOR the Elite!

Justice for Sale

Most people have had some run-in with the law in some form.  Most of those have no good thing to say about their experience.  This story is indicative of mounting frustration with a system that was never designed to work… at least not in the favor of the ones that it is purported to aid and benefit.

I know an individual that is being screwed over by the system.  The police, lawyers, judges… all of them are working for themselves and in turn serving their corporate masters whom control society.  Open and avowed Satanists, these top-level corporate criminals, they control those beneath them, the ignorant aforementioned.  Justice is not served, as it was never intended to.  Litigation is just another construct the self-appointed elitists use to further alienate humanity from God.

Lawyers, judges, many police officers and other bureaucrats are merely tools to reduce mankind to slave-hood, subject to regulation and control.  Nowadays, THEY must handle EVERYTHING, YOU are NOT allowed to provide your own recourse or remedy.  This is what society has gained by allowing itself to be KEPT.  Sovereignty – INDIVIDUAL sovereignty – is a thing of the past.  We are now deemed a COLLECTIVE.  This has been the goal of the self-appointed elite since the days of Nimrod.  The goal has always been to separate man from his Creator.  Men, through God, have certain unalienable rights.  Those rights have now been negated through this pseudo-system that Satan has wrought.

Of course, if you are a low-life slime-ball, right after Satan’s own heart, you will function well in the corrupt system of the elitists.  This is how one can determine their status in life.  If one functions well within the system and finds no fault with it, chances are that one is as corrupt as it is.  Satan will protect his own… at least until he no longer needs them!

Society is corrupt and it is doomed.  The end days are going to be a real trial for law-abiding people.  Scum will thrive and prosper under the protection of the devil and his minions.  Of course, they will all die when the judgment against them is levied, however, they shall prosper until that time arrives.  Till then, we must endure these fools and suffer at their hands, looking forward to the day when they will be killed for all time.  Happy days, when they are all dead and gone!


Nosy Fucking Polls Tools of The Elitists

Everybody is consumed with finding out about everyone else, these days.  There are cameras EVERYWHERE, one cannot move without being observed by someone, somewhere.  Then you have THESE!  Yes, the media is consumed with finding out about YOU!

There’s no fucking privacy, anymore!  You have stores badgering you for information, presumably for marketing purposes, though we know it’s more entailed than that.  Telemarketers soliciting information, impromptu polls, either door-to-door or by phone, IPad, whatever device you’re using.  Doctor’s offices that bombard you with questions prior to treatment… as if they didn’t have enough information on file about you, already!

No, like just about everything else in this fucked-up world, a little is never enough.  We got to have it ALL!

The fascist/liberal agenda is to flood the country with aliens and this is how they prep everyone for it, asking if they are hip and into the new age society melting pot where all national distinction… well, let’s be precise about this… EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH WHITE/ANGLO SAXON/EUROPEAN ancestry and sovereignty is WIPED OUT in favor of the new model, composed primarily of Asian and Blacks.  Even the politically correct white ethnic-wannabes loathe their heritage, preferring to cast their lot in with those of other cultures, rather than embrace their own.  These disgust me no end!  They are cowards and unworthy of their race!

The next time some fool descends upon you with questions about what you do and what you are, do the right thing and ignore them.  It might feel better to just kill them, for a time, but, in the end, you’ll pay the penalty for their stupidity.  Just ignore them and if they accost you at your home, throw them out!  Don’t participate in polls of ANY description, that information is being sold to someone else in order to profit off of you.  It’s an evil little world and it will be until the Lord returns.

Do your part to hider the globalists at EVERY TURN!