Satan’s Time Is Running Out!

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

And that’s the reality of it.  The great asshole’s time is almost done.  He’s had thousands of years to ply his trade of mayhem and evil and deception and his time is almost up.  What he has to look forward to are 1000 years of sitting around on his ass, accompanied by his duped followers – fallen angels – surrounded by the decomposing bodies and junk his insane system produced, with nothing to do but anticipate his coming fiery end.  Just imagine all of those demons squabbling and fighting among themselves, bitching and whining and bemoaning their fate, and all of this in the earshot of their master, whom I’m sure will be receiving the brunt of their wrath… COULDN’T HAPPEN TO A NICER BUNCH!!!

Am I gloating?  YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM!!!

After all of the MISERY and bullshit that I have witnessed on account of this monster and his minions, I’ll gloat!  There’s no way in hell I’d ever pity these freaks.  They are beyond any sympathy I could muster for them.  They chose to do what they did and NOW they can receive their JUST REWARD.

Not very Christian, you might say?  Perhaps.  But, it’s my HONEST belief and attitude.  Satan doesn’t, nor has he ever dealt in honesty.  He’s garbage that needs disposing of… PERIOD.  Anyone worshiping him can DIE right along with him… and they will.  That’s FACT.

All of those stupid dupes that lead humanity astray with their CRAP evolutionary theories, that ply their anti-social ideas designed to lead one’s mind away from God can all BURN!  Yes, we talk of conspiracy, of various wrongs perpetuated daily upon society by the so-called “elite”, but this is the entire crux of the matter… Satan leads these fools and they don’t even have the brain power to realize it.  Loose cannons that need to die and soon.

I hope you’re reading this, Satan, you or one of your dupes.  Enjoy your fate, scumbag, especially the years leading up to it!  To HELL with you… literally!


Time To Feed The Sheep… again…

Yeah, it should be obvious by now…

As one commenter aptly put it, “Thank God for idiots like “Dubya” and arrogant assholes like Bill Clinton.”  Clinton’s pretty smug, given his history, but, don’t underestimate the gullibility (and stupidity) of the American public.  Makes me wonder if they’re worth saving…

Any shills or other worthless copies of human beings out there only need rest assured that these videos are copied and can be installed over and over on YouTube and other forums… so save your strength for overcoming your obvious insecurities and manhood issues, petitioning YouTube, et al, to delete these videos.  Also, your diatribes and textual diarrhea won’t be posted, here.  You’ve had your time, it’s up.

21 Goals of The Illuminati and The Commitee of 300

It’s not an easy matter to delve into the secretive world of elitist societies, however, it’s been estimated that there are approximately 300 top movers and shakers in the world, controlling all of the rest of us.  These have a definite agenda which is to manage and cull (if need be) the world’s population in an effort to establish the centralized world oligarchy necessary for their master (Satan) to set up his throne on Earth in defiance of God.  Here is the agenda in summary…

1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The One World Government began to set up its church in the 1920’s and 30’s, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind must have an outlet and, therefore, set up a “church” body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception: their own creation, as mentioned above.

4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called Techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzinhski’s Red Terror look like children at play.

5. To bring about the end to all industrialization and to end the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call “the post-industrial zero-growth society”. Excepted are the computer and service industries. US industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico, where abundant slave labor is available. As we saw in 1993, this has become a fact through the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA. Unemployables in the US, in the wake of industrial destruction, will either become opium/heroin and/or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination of the “excess population” process we know of today as Global 2000.

6. To encourage, and eventually legalize the use of drugs and make pornography an “art form”, which will be widely accepted and, eventually, become quite commonplace.

7. To bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot’s genocidal plans were drawn up in the US by one of the Club of Rome’s research foundations and overseen by Thomas Enders, a high-ranking State Department official. It is also interesting that the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

8. To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments currently being scorned and ridiculed by the Illuminati and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Illuminati’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the water. A fusion torch, properly used, could create unlimited and as yet untapped natural resources, even from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion, and would benefit mankind in a manner which, as yet, is not even remotely comprehended by the public.

9. To cause by means of A) limited wars in the advanced countries, B) by means of starvation and diseases in the Third World countries, the death of three billion people by the year 2050, people they call “useless eaters”. The Committee of 300 (Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title “Global 2000 Report” and was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of State, for and on behalf of the US Government. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 million by the year of 2050.

10. To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labor class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as the “Aquarian Conspiracy“.

11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then “managing” such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where, faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the US, an agency for Crisis Management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency. (FEMA)

12. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock music gangsters such as the Rolling Stones (a gangster group much favored by European Black Nobility), and all of the Tavistock-created rock groups which began with the Beatles.

13. To continue to build up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company’s servant Darby, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews through the myth of “God’s chosen people”, and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

14. To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Fundamentalism, the Sikhs, and to carry out mind control experiments of the Jim Jones and “Son of Sam” type. It is worth noting that the late Khomeini was a creation of British Military Intelligence Div. 6, MI6. This detailed work spelled out the step-by-step process which the US Government implemented to put Khomeini in power.

15. To export “religious liberation” ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion. This began with the “Jesuit Liberation Theology”, that brought an end to the Somoza Family rule in Nicaragua, and which today is destroying El Salvador, now 25 years into a “civil war”. Costa Rica and Honduras are also embroiled in revolutionary activities, instigated by the Jesuits. One very active entity engaged in the so-called liberation theology, is the Communist-oriented Mary Knoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Mary Knoll’s so-called nuns in El Salvador a few years ago. The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were widely documented by the Government of El Salvador. The US press and the new media refused to give any space or coverage to the mass of documentation possessed by the Salvadorian Government, which proved what the Mary Knoll Mission nuns were doing in the country. Mary Knoll is in service in many countries, and placed a leading role in bringing Communism to Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa.

16. To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos.

17. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the US.

18. To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the UN.

19. To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them.

20. To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus [al Quada, ISIS, ISIL, etc.] and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place. It will be recalled that it was Bettino Craxi, who persuaded the Italian and US Governments to negotiate with the Red Brigades kidnappers of Prime Minister Moro and General Dozier. As an aside, Dozier was placed under strict orders not to talk what happened to him. Should he ever break that silence, he will no doubt be made “a horrible example of”, in the manner in which Henry Kissinger dealt with Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zia ul Haq.

21. To take control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it. By 1993, the full force effect of this policy is becoming apparent, and will be even more destructive as primary and secondary schools begin to teach “Outcome Based Education” (OBE).

Of course, some of these points have yet to manifest themselves, though we can easily recognize the historicity of many.  Rest assured that these goals are the preliminary to a worldwide kingdom ruled over by man’s oldest enemy.  According to scripture, Satan will at least have the amount of control necessary to call for and institute a worldwide sanction on the lives of Christians and all whom oppose his government.  This will eventually be quashed by Christ at His second advent and it’s leaders destroyed… but it WILL come to pass!

Imagine a world like the one envisioned above!  We see the beginnings of such a world, today, with rampant vice and ignorance and political correctness overseeing and protecting the system as it advances steadily forward in it’s agenda.  It is not the plan of the oligarchs to destroy the world, merely to enslave it.  However, any semblance of the world that we older people once knew and it’s sad little bits and pieces that still manage to linger on, today, will be totally gone.  (Read Revelation 13)

Missed Target

The word “sin” is an old archer’s term for missing the mark.  That’s what happened when the would-be patriot did a drive-by on a group of Syrian refugees in Vancouver, this week.  See story.

Actually, he should have targeted the Israeli embassy as it is this corrupt nation that is bringing the world the immigrant problem, seeking to drive all Muslims from what they consider their personal property given to them by God, vilifying them at every opportunity.  While Canada needs these hordes of displaced victims of Zionist persecution like a hole in the head, they still are not to blame for what Jews are propagating all over the globe.

Many people are starting to see the truth behind 9/11 and how Zionists were the true perpetrators of the attacks on New York and other points, so the latest wars against the enemies of fascism are becoming less popular… so Israel needs the type of dupe that carried out this latest attack even more to keep the momentum of hate going.  Israel is the mother of all racism, they consider themselves as the elite of the world and have never apologized for that.

People need to stop and ask themselves why is it that Israel and Jews are hated all over the world and have been for millennia.  Do you think it’s just coincidence that these have been singled out for the pure hell of it?  There is a reason for this animosity against “God’s chosen ones” and it isn’t because they haven’t worked hard at garnering that disrespect.

When you have a people that have been kicked out of pretty well every nation at one time or another, all throughout history, on a fairly consistent basis, it has to tell you something… if you’re the thinking type, that is.  If you’re into hype and fashion and fad and being politically correct, well, it probably isn’t a good time to start growing a brain as these days are all about hype and fad and fashion and being politically correct.

The amount of money that freeloading Israel takes in every year from developed countries is staggering.  This is all out of some morbid feeling of guilt due Israel’s much-touted and consistent whining about being the world’s most persecuted people and all of the supposed wrongs that have been dealt them… and, of course, they are God’s chosen ones… like anyone, today, gives a rat’s ass what God thinks.

Muslims. like Christians, are feeling the brunt of Satan’s attacks as organized paganism slowly takes over the world.  The politically correct shit-for-brained masses have no clue as to who they are following.  All those that profess no religious inclination are confirmed pagans, which is a religion all it’s own.  Their master the devil rules over them with a rod of iron and they dare not resist.  They will follow their master till the bitter end, which, hopefully, will be soon.  When the day comes when you have a brown faggot and his cross-dressing ‘wife’ in the Whitehouse, how much lower can you go as a “God-fearing nation”?

God will not miss His target – all of those that seek to destroy humanity and those that enable them.  He won’t be dousing them with pepper spray, either!

Nutjobs Protest Show

By the way… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The self-righteous animal rights morons are seeking to hold Saskatoon businesses hostage as they continue on in their insane agenda of vilifying hunters all over the world.  Read this story.


Yes, the insane group that call themselves animal activists have absolutely NO CLUE as to what constitutes proper conservation.  These deluded folk, having been raised on Walt Disney shows that show fluffy and cute animals talking and displaying other human characteristics, have a distorted view of animals and the reality of their existence.  In their insulated bullshit world, there are no bad endings, only fluffy-wuffy ones where everyone is happy for ever and ever and ever.  After a time, these cretins cannot differentiate between reality and fiction!

But, back to reality… the REALITY is that we live in a world that is growing smaller and smaller and wildlife are finding themselves being pushed into ever-shrinking corners of the geography.  Proper game management is a must.  This is what concerns governments and not what a certain animal looks like or what some croissant-munching, herb tea-slurping hipster might think of them as.

Your typical Starbucks bicycle path enthusiast, laden with baby and natural fibers-only backpack are not capable of judging what is best for animals when their entire world view is based upon Disney movies.

This latest assault is geared to attack hunters IN GENERAL… don’t let their double-talk fool you!  They might say that they are targeting trophy hunters, when actually they want to ban hunting in general as well as take away ALL guns from private ownership.  The mind of a fascist really isn’t hard to fathom or predict.  They are selfish beasts that care only about THEIR feelings.

I would encourage all who read this to support businesses that resist these tyrants.  In fact, boycotting all the coffee shops and bistros that harbor these cretins would go a long way to taking the fight back to these morons.  Also, lobby your local politicians to veto any proposed venues that appeal to the ultra-liberal hippy-types that love to supplant and undermine our society.

Also… try shooting as a sport!