The Supernatural At Work

Oil and New World Order magnate, David Rockefeller, has recently undergone his SIXTH heart transplant… AT THE AGE OF 100 YEARS!


David Rockefeller

According to sources, this undead relic was talking to reporters only 36 hours after the procedure… WHAT THE FUCK???

What power attends a 100 year-old man that he is able to withstand major trauma to his body in the form of open heart surgery?  People not even half his age succumb to far less complicated surgeries all over the land, yet this monstrosity was reportedly up and jogging a week after his first transplant in 1976… this latest one is his SIXTH!  He’s also had two kidney transplants, if you please!

People laugh at conspiracy theorists when they say that the super rich are in daily contact with and worship satanic forces, yet here we have very conclusive proof that this is so.  Come on… a 100 year-old man undergoing major open heart surgery and then talking about it only a few hours later?  A man his age just SURVIVING the procedure is highly suspect all by itself!

There are other possibilities, though, given the opulence of the man, who obviously has greater access to the latest and most innovative medical resources than the majority of us have – resources that we have never heard of or ever will.  His team of “private surgeons” operated on him at one of his private dwellings… how chic is that?!  For most of us, getting medical help is only possible after a long and arduous process of scheduling appointments and sitting on waiting lists.  The herd doesn’t have the same privilege the herdsman does!

It has been postulated for years that the super rich have access to advanced technology and the possibility that their bodies are controlled by supernatural entities, imbibing their enormous strength and vitality, cannot be ignored.  One demon could empower this old curmudgeon with more stamina than an Olympic athlete could ever attain over a lifetime of training.  Ol’ Rocky once jested (?) “I plan to live to be two hundred!”  I wonder if that statement is really that far-fetched?

Longevity is a trait in the Rockefeller family, with many of them living well into their nineties.  A billionaire’s lifestyle could be conducive to longer life and greater health than what those that have to bend their backs to eke out a living could ever hope for.  Granted, there is a price for longevity…


John D. and Son

David’s father, while living well into his nineties, looked like death warmed-over and his son hasn’t faired any better in the LOOKS department.  But, something has been driving this family from the days when John D’s bigamist father was selling snake oil to the rubes along the Canadian border.  The supernatural world is something that today’s oh-so-scientific-and-sophisticated, self-assured society ignores very well… at their peril.  The oligarchs that comprise the unseen movers and shakers of this world not only recognize these fallen beings, they worship them!  While for now, the fringe benefits are apparent in the lives of their dupes, such as David Rockefeller, the time will come when his usefulness… like was the case with his father and their ancestors and all those mighty men of history… will be through and they will be cast to the elements.

What we have here is conclusive proof that things are not as they should be.  Let it be a warning that there is far more to this world than what is apparent to the eye… forces that we cannot even begin to understand or defeat!


Homosexuals Enjoy Unprecedented Popularity

… for now, anyway…

The comment section on this video is pretty hilarious.  We still have those ignoramuses arguing that because a certain group or individual such as these “Foo Fighters” (what they used to call UFO’s) are not SPECIFICALLY mentioned in scripture, then it cannot pertain to those that engage in sexual deviancies like homosexualism, even though the latter IS specifically mentioned as abhorrent to God and that homosexuals will never gain eternal life.  This is made very plain by scriptures like Leviticus 18:22 and, for those that like to knock the Old Testament as being redundant, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.  There are many more references to this fact, but, those shall suffice to silence those that maintain that there is absolutely NO reference to the abomination in the Bible AT ALL.

These bank on the fact that most people do not read scripture for themselves, preferring to allow complicit and backslidden ministers to interpret the Bible for them, being too lazy and indifferent to bother with doing it themselves.  The idea that everything is permissible as long as no one gets hurt (as far as they can tell, anyway) is pretty much sweeping the country.  Right and wrong dissolve into simply a matter of one’s perspective.

Here in this video, we have a group of zealots parading against the abomination of homosexuality, being mocked by truckloads of perverts, supported by the non-thinking public.  Ignorance is not going to save these people, whom scarcely realize how they are being used by the militant fags as pawns in a much larger conspiracy that is going to see these dupes robbed of every individual right and freedom for simply thinking the wrong way.  The deconstruction of the family unit has undergone attacks by the feminist and fag community for years.  The basic idea is to destroy the male image and presence in the American family unit and replace it with a feminized and controllable ‘head’ of the household, diminishing the possibility of an aggressive reaction to their fascist aims.

When you have a bunch of ‘women’ running the country, those elitist MALE conspirators will find very little opposition standing between them and the oligarchy that they wish to establish!

While Westboro Baptist Church has engaged in some pretty aggressive actions against those that they perceive as enemies of God, they are nonetheless right in their assertions that God has essentially given up on America and will soon judge it’s people for the actions like those in the video.  You can do the touchy-feeley thing all you like and tell yourself that homosexuality is okay, it will never be okay with God.  He has stated this from the earliest times and has not changed His thinking… unlike man’s logic which changes from day to day and often on a whim.

For any faggots reading this, I cannot change what God has written.  You can do all the wishful thinking that you like, homosexuality will NEVER be okay with God.  The character of the faggot has never changed, being hostile and militant whenever in history that they have been allowed to gain a foothold in society.  Sodom and Gomorrah is an excellent example of a society that recognized faggots and their lifestyle as a legitimate lifestyle and they pretty much took over after a while.  Nowadays, faggots will sue on a whim anyone that crosses them or even if they THINK they have been crossed… and a politically correct judicial system will side with them nearly every time.  The way that they persecute and hound those that resist their tyranny is evident when they drive businesses to close their doors after having bled them dry through litigation.  These deviants have access to government money to fund their looney lawsuits, while honest straight people have to pay their own legal expenses.

If ever there was a time the world was ripe for destruction, it is NOW.  When the law panders to those that hate God and His people and society, it isn’t worth saving.  May that destruction come soon!

Brain Dead Society Ripe For Destruction

The original post I had planned never went up.  This is a second stab at it.  The subject is just too frustrating to delve too deeply into.  However, I will post two videos that show just how moronic people are becoming… this one and this one.  In one video, some moron decides it’s better to film his impending death than avert it by waking the bus driver.  The other depicts fools standing around and allowing themselves to be pelted by bricks rather than moving off and allowing the deranged man time to cool off.  No, better to just shoot him than try and capture him.  It’s easier and less effort, I suppose, for a society that is inherently lazy and dull-witted.

I did have a video of two thieves being burned alive for stealing some potatoes… I mean, just how fucking looney-tunes bat-shit stupid is that?  Then I decided that I wouldn’t post it, probably to the chagrin of bloodthirsty voyeurs whom exemplify the brain dead society that we are.  No, there is no point in displaying the utter stupidity and depravity of 21st. Century man any more than is necessary.

This is what the evolutionist cannot explain away.  They maintain that society is evolving for the better!  Of course, this is utter crap and sin is destroying what was once a proud and dignified race created in the image of their maker.  Only a moron supreme would advocate so idiotic a theory as evolution.

Unfortunately, we shall always have to deal with this lunacy, right up till the Lord returns.  Here’s one last example of why society is doomed…

Had enough… good night.

*Post script to this – on another forum, some complete dumbass asked why I thought an animal’s life was worth less than a human… can you just hear the Looney Tunes theme running in the background?  What kind of moron would actually ask such a question?  This is how stupid society has become, believing all of this humanist bullshit!

Indeed… God help us all!

The Evil of Evolution

With the recent flap over the killing of a lion in Africa by a Minnesota dentist out on a trophy hunting safari, it’s becoming apparent to many that there is something inherently wrong with a society that values an animal life over that of a human.  All manner of nut-jobs are crawling out of the woodwork to condemn, threaten and otherwise vilify this hunter, their attitude and mannerisms even shocking to those of their own anti-theistic or agnostic view.

Well, they really shouldn’t be surprised, when we have a society that was brought up on the idea that man is not a product of intelligent thought and construct, but merely a chance and random accumulation of space dust, innervated by some as yet unknown and chance combination of electricity and space dust.  This is the story we are all force-fed in our schools, schools that are run by satanic governments and their pagan puppet-masters, the Zionist banking cartel and Illuminati.

When you remove God from the mix, out go any notions that man is anything special, other than a species that has managed to rise above the rest of the herd and now dominates the planet.  What the anti-theistic crowd doesn’t realize, though, is that all aspects of morality and justice have to be discarded as well and it becomes a situation where survival of the species is warranted by ANY MEANS.  So, if there are those that exploit others and lesser creatures (you can’t even use the word “creature” as this implies something ‘created’) then this is perfectly in keeping with the evolutionary mandate – survival by any and all means.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, merely survival, which is what any organism or species must do to exist.

Stupid people associate morality with evolution and believe that it is necessary in the evolutionary paradigm… it is NOT!  There are plenty of lesser creatures and organisms that exist and have existed for millennia and still function as well now as when they were first developed.  Even from the evolutionary point of view, these organisms apparently do not need to evolve higher emotions and sensibilities to exist and flourish.  It’s merely another ill-thought-out excuse that anti-theists use to deny what is painfully obvious to even the simplest intellect.  We are created beings and given that reality, we are therefore accountable for our actions toward each other AND those lesser creatures not created in God’s image.

Evolutionists cannot comprehend what is so plain to creationists… that man is being led down the garden path, as it were, to believe that we are nothing more than highly developed brute beasts that deserve no more respect than even bacteria, as some have said on various forums.  This amply shows what level of ignorance and outright stupidity can be reached by sufficient programming, starting from the earliest days of a human life!  This is what public schools are set up and designed to do.  When everything is placed in the hands of government, it ensures that those that control government can create and develop the manner of citizen that they desire for their global oligarchy.

The level of brainwashing has reached epic proportions and I hesitate to allow anyone so afflicted time on any forum I administrate.  They have an answer for everything and refuse to see the truth.  It inevitably boils down to where they become abusive and their arrogant presumption is apparent from the very beginning.  They are trained to TALK and not listen, assured that it is they that are the only ones knowledgeable on pretty much any subject.  I had one of these try and debate me on an earlier post and it became necessary to block him as his ‘tone’ was becoming increasingly abusive.  Haughtiness is the common feature apparent in all anti-theists.  They know it all and they are TELLING you.  I encounter this regularly on other forums as well.

That is why it’s amusing to watch people argue back and forth about the moral implications in any situation similar to the Cecil scenario.  Both sides are predominantly atheistic and cannot understand why there is a rub between them.  One side is hard core animal-oriented while the other values human life more.  Neither side sees how they have been manipulated by forces that are using THEM as herd animals for the purpose of slavery and control.

Will the masses ever wake up to this fact?  Sadly, no.  The level of indoctrination has been too thorough for too long.  We shall continue to have such controversies until the Master returns to claim His people and the land.  It is oblivious to the vast majority that this world is a write-off and they will continue to trudge along believing that everything must eventually work out in some evolutionary manner toward perfection.  The rest of us must necessarily be dragged along with them as they are the majority and control the vast workings of this sham of a society.

The great awakening is coming… too late, though, for most.

Prominent Homosexual Dead at 49


Chris Hyndman

The death this week of a prominent homosexual has people wondering what happened.  Given that Hyndman was what he was does not present a mystery to this writer, having had experience with these deviants in the past.  There are only two possible scenarios, here… one, that he ran afoul of some fervent anti-homosexual or a group of them or, as I am leaning toward, he ran afoul of one of his own in some botched liaison in a dark alley or parking lot.

I don’t consider Hyndman as a militant homosexual, but there are certainly more than a few of these running around, flushed by their current success in conning government into recognizing their ‘right’ to marry.  They are wont to sue anyone that displeases them at the drop of a hat.  Many that I have encountered on websites where they eulogize other dead deviants and those afflicted with diseases caused by their lifestyle are extremely violent.  It’s anyone’s guess what Hyndman ran up against in that dark space, given the volatile and unpredictable temperament deviants possess.  Remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?  That is a good example of what happens when deviants are allowed to flourish and when they don’t get their way.

I believe that Hyndman’s fair-haired surfer-boy persona had a darker side to it and this is what led to his demise, most likely at the hands of some jilted deviant lover.  If his ‘wife’, Steven Sabados had anything to do with it or even knew that this shit was going on behind his back, is debatable.  I’m sure we’ll hear more on this as the homosexual community loves publicity and will see that this does not fade into obscurity!

On Fanaticism…

Well, we’ve all heard the latest revelations about the anti-flag (Confederate flag) movement and how there are fanatical individuals climbing private flag poles to rip them down.  We’ve heard, too, about the nutty leftists that are seeking the death penalty for a trophy hunter from Minnesota for shooting a lion in season and legally… their craziness stemming from the hype generated by nut-bar TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel.

Fanaticism is a disorder that takes one from the normal attitudes and views of a healthy and well-adjusted member of society, transforming same into a loony, frothing-at-the-mouth, rabid kook that can only perceive extremes.  Take the example with Cecil the lion.  The morons calling for the death of the hunter, only a few weeks before, had never even heard of this beast.  Now they are railing like fools and jumping on the politically correct bandwagon, because it happens to be the fashionable thing to do at this time.

There is something inherently wrong with anyone that places an animal’s life over that of a human.  Unfortunately, the trend seems to heading toward the type of society that dwells on extremes.  People are generally ignorant about most things pertaining to morality, having been hoodwinked by atheist scumbag ‘scientists’ preaching the heresy that man is not a created being.  Of course, when you remove all sense of right and wrong from the equation, all that you have left is mindless apathy.

Nevertheless, some individuals will pick some dumb beast and use it for leverage in their agenda of promoting Godless liberalism.  They ACT all incensed ( a true liberal cares only for him/herself) when an animal is abused and turn a blind eye to the suffering of their fellow humans, so deep has the rot got into their sordid minds.

Fanaticism can take many forms, but, it is still fanaticism.  Those inflicted with this disorder may have to be locked up for their own (and our) safety, the time is coming!