The TRUTH About Society’s Flagging Advancement!

It’s been said that “conspiracy theorists” are responsible for the holding back of society.  The reality is that it’s the vast majority of sheep… those that will not open their eyes to the obvious deceptions practiced by the ruling ‘elite’ that are the problem, not those that are constantly working to educate and free society from these elitist cocksuckers!

Not to lend support to the obvious deception that the false “green” movement supplies to circumvent the more intelligent of the herd’s suspicions, simply another means of obtaining more and more filthy lucre off the backs of the people.  But, simply put, there are those that have sought to make life more bearable and more in line with what God intended that man should have, but, have been railroaded, impoverished and/or outright killed as a means of holding onto their ill-gotten gain.

Men like those mentioned in this video… and Nikola Tesla, one from whom the establishment have derived most of their advances at cost to his livelihood and health.  In short, those in positions of authority, today, and for a very long time, are criminals.

Another Year in Satan’s New World Order

And nothing has changed.  Men are still grasping for money and power and Satan pulls their strings, safely concealed from sight like the cowardly asshole he is, palming off calamity as something God does.  Satan is the cause of nearly every evil occurrence except for that which his minions… evil men and angels, do.  Like the international banking cartel run by the Rothschild’s and the Morgan’s.  Together, these families rule the financial and economic world and use their power to enslave everyone under debt.

2019 will not show any improvement in mankind’s lot as we have still refused to accept God’s government over our own.  Man isn’t capable of governing himself and never will be.  Sin is deeply entrenched and cannot be routed by human effort.  The excising of sin can only be done by the Creator, Himself, in the form of Jesus Christ.  He is the only avenue of escape available from the snare of sin, acceptance of His atonement and justification, leading to sanctification.

Science isn’t the answer, it has been perverted by Satan and his puppets.  It can only show us how much we don’t understand.  It cannot redeem us or save us, eventually we would destroy ourselves were it not for the intervention of God.  In the end, though many will be lost for eternity along with Satan and hi angels, there will be many who will have heard and understood the message of the cross of Calvary and will benefit from it’s saving grace.