“Pale Rider” Was NOT a Ghost!

“Pale Rider” was/is Hollywood’s rendition of the Bible’s description of the “Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse”.  The movie focuses on the last of those horsemen, depicting death, albeit with a twist of vengeance to spice up the movie.

This is, of course, a secular viewpoint and doesn’t have a whole lot to do with fact.  In the movie, the suggestion is that this avenging rider is a spirit, ostensibly of the man who was killed at the hands of the heavies depicted as those it pursues.  There is a supernatural tinge to this movie and that’s what everyone surmises is the truth.  While this is somewhat out of scope for this blog, I’ve encountered enough critique over this on other forums, so I’m going to set the record straight on a few things concerning this movie.

For one thing, the rider cannot be a spirit.  In my considerable experience in the esoteric and spiritual realms, spirits do not possess the ability to interact on a physical level with things of this earth.  While they have and do INFLUENCE the behavior and thought of corporeal beings and lower animals, they cannot pick up material objects or engage in intimate acts (like sex) with corporeal human beings and/or animals.  The fact that the rider not only engages others in the movie in combat on a physical level and is able to pick up and use tools and weapons and even have sex with the leading lady, negates any possibility he is a ghost.  The fact that he was taken by surprise on a few occasions by unexpected acts by adversaries shows that he had concerns for his welfare, something that a ghost already dead wouldn’t be concerned with.

The rider’s back sports some gruesome scars caused by the bullets that supposedly ended his life, an act that he reciprocates on his chief adversary at the end of the show.  While certainly horrendous, these in no way guaranteed death and it is quite feasible that the rider survived and now seeks to even the score, despite the prayers of a grieving girl over the grave of her dog.  As chance would have it, she formulated her prayer conveniently around the time that the rider was heading her way to take care of business, anyway.  Perhaps he heard of the issues taking place and surmised that his old adversary would likely end up mixed up in the affair and figured that a good opportunity as any to meet and settle up.

Overall, the scriptures do not support the belief of life continuing past the point of death.  Death is non-life and the Bible emphatically states that the wages of sin are death.  God explained to Adam that sin results in death and that’s what we, his progeny, have been doing since then… dying… after our life has expired.  There is no ethereal existence beyond the grave, despite what some religions teach.  In fact, what it is, is a an old pagan belief and has nothing to do with fact.  So, based upon this alone, Pale Rider cannot be a spirit, at least not of the deceased rider, nor can it be of a supernatural entity, due to the physical acts that the rider performs.

Clint Eastwood, in an interview about the show, supposedly said that the rider that he portrayed WAS a spirit.  Well, if you’re going to go on authority, alone, I guess that his is the ultimate, whether or not it bears up to factual evidence available.  For me, despite all the error, it’s an entertaining show, however, I won’t subscribe to any other theory than that which I’ve already supplied.  The rider was a man who survived a treacherous act perpetrated upon himself by contemporaries, possibly former associates, and was merely exacting revenge upon them.  No doubt he had a helluva healing process to undergo, which added fuel to his determination to get them.  The chance to help out a beleaguered group of miners and townsfolk just added spice to the mix.


Moronic Driving Becoming Epidemic


With each passing year, the I.Q level of motorists is dropping.  As a professional driver with over 40 years on the road, I can say that the level of expertise and awareness has dropped significantly, as well as the consideration that motorists have for each other.

The stupid reign in this world.  People have not kept pace with the level of technology available to them and they simply cannot deal with the increased power and complexity of modern conveyances.  They are married to their cell phones and cannot be without them even to drive.  Their fucking phones are more important to them than others or even their own family’s welfare.

This video generated at least ONE comment that I thought appropriate.  The commenter said that the driver should have run over the dipshit in the car and I agree.  By trying to avoid the nitwit, he placed other innocent people at risk, including himself.  In a situation like that, better to hit the fool and make HIM pay for his stupidity!  Instead, he gets to drive off and do the same thing all over again to some other hapless sucker.

The stupid need to be reminded, however harshly, they are not the end-all in the world and that they have to abide by the rules the same as everyone else.

The Two Titanics

I’m not a believer in coincidences and this movie, made in 1980, is an example of what I mean.  While the story of the Titanic is pretty much known to everyone, except perhaps to those of the last two generations, few really understand what really happened that night, back in 1912.

This movie, while shot full of errors, still serves as a reminder of what men are wiling to do in order to get power.  The “unsinkable” ship was to be a testimony to man’s ingenuity and infallibility.  It was also a vehicle to bring in a new order of things.  One particular scene is iconic as it showcases not one but TWO different events designed to usher in a millennia-old concept of world domination through the unity of all nations.  This has been the goal of an elitist cadre since the days of Babylon the great.

In the scene where the salvaged ship is towed into New York harbor, it’s original destination when on it’s maiden voyage, 114 years ago, it is seen passing by the two World Trade Center towers.  These, two, would be utilized as a means of entering the world into a new world order of things.  This can be seen at approximately the 1 hour, 40 minute mark in the video.  How fitting… and decidedly devious of those in control of things, to engineer this!  See, the self-proclaimed elite are quite confidant… arrogant, actually, in that they feel they are quite beyond the reach of anyone to thwart their plans.  This would be true, of course, were it up to mortal men to stop them.

While the Titanic disaster was engineered to murder the opponents of centralized banking in America, a means to control the economy of it and all other developing countries, the planned ‘attacks’ against New York on Sept. 11, 2001, was to be the catalyst to gaining control over those countries not in support of any global conglomerate.  Sovereignty is a hateful word in the lexicon of the elitist.  Any form of non-compliance and/or independence has no place in the world envisioned by the power-mad.

It’s becoming well known, now, that 9/11 was a joint operation between Israel’s Mossad and Britain and the US.  However, the Titanic’s role in establishing the New World Order isn’t so well known.  With their own private bank controlling the nation’s money and debt by creating even more debt, the Jewish international bankers were then able to use the industrial might of the US to enforce globalist dictates, world-wide.  However, there were opponents to this scheme and they had to be dealt with.  Prominent US and international industrialists and bankers were given tickets to ride this new wonder of the seas, unaware that this was to be their final voyage anywhere.  Along with these, the elitists were willing to send thousands of innocent citizens down into the abyss along with their intended targets.  This is the true character of the mammon-worshiper.

Just as with the thousands that were sacrificed in New York almost 100 years later, the Titanic made it possible for an ages-old plan to be started.  This is NOT merely a matter of greedy men wanting it all, it involves a controversy that stems back to other worlds, a fight between supernatural entities.  Satan, the devil, controls the minds and thoughts of these elitists.  Through them, he designs to have the throne of God, Himself, by usurping His authority on Earth.  He thinks that by unifying the nations of Earth, that, at the very least, he can control the populations, even enforce his dictates through his unwitting slaves, those elitists.  As Nimrod of old designed to build his tower and great city, so do the dupes of Satan believe that they can rise above God in power and authority.

Ah, too bad, though, so many thoroughly-modern dupes believe that man is merely an accident of nature, defying all reason and common sense with senseless theories of so-called “evolution”, denying the reality that man is the result of intelligent thought and purpose.  How easy it is, then, to justify the wrongs that men perpetuate daily, when they claim evolution is an ongoing process and that perfection of character is essentially unattainable.  Even many evangelical churches, so-called “Christian” denominations, have bought into this lie.

God didn’t sink the Titanic, avaricious men did.  God (or Muslims) didn’t destroy the world trade center, power-mad, greedy bastards hiding behind banks and industry did.  One day, all of this will be made known in such a way that it will be impossible for anyone to ignore and/or deny it.  Till then, the truth will always be there… for anyone with the guts and the mind to receive it!

Today’s LOL… Christopher Hitchens!

Everyone’s favorite bloated pseudo-intellect comes on the Daily Show, drunk as usual…

Now… if I were to write a book… IF I WERE TO WRITE A BOOKIF I WERE TO WRITE A BOOK

… I’d definitely not include drink and nicotine as a means of inspiration…


Now… which one would YOU hire to write a book for you…



I thought so.  No booze, no nicotine, no sweaty, smelly armpits, no slurred, nasal words… just a clean-cut, intelligent alternative to the usual evolutardism that we’re all inundated with, 24/7.

Guess which one’s still alive and healthy, too?

Gun Control Gets Yet Another Bitch-Slap!

You’d think the dummies would learn… NOPE!  Stupid is as stupid is…

They’ll keep on fighting till they win.  The pacifist left, that firmly believe that guns are responsible for moral decay, when, all along, it is their socialist dogma and rabid political correctness and associated fascism that is bringing society down.  One of the first pillars to go: Christianity.  Christianity… the ONLY bulwark against fascist unbelief, and it’s under attack daily by the radical and mentally unbalanced left.

The feminazis, the homosexuals, the anti-theistic hordes, the evolutards, that daily descend upon God-breathed principles and moral uprightness, are the true enemies of society.  Our time-serving and greedy politicians will suck their genitalia in order to garner votes, caring not that the country is going to shit.

Despite the false flags, the lies, the politically correct BULLSHIT the country is fed DAILY by these socialist morons, God WILL eventually intervene and DESTROY this mockery that Satan has designed and foisted upon the world.  He and all of his minions will be destroyed – let no one mourn them!  They have dedicated themselves to destroying this world, so it’s fitting that they be destroyed along with it, prior to the revitalization promised in scripture.  Yes, it will be a sad day for them… also for those that tried to help them see, but, grief cannot be wasted on wilful disobedience.  They made their choice, now they must account for choices made and not made.

The speaker in this video knows the truth about this country and doesn’t allow himself to be browbeaten by dupes of political correctness.  To these, I simply say enjoy what little time you have left… you have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting!