Anti-theism Threatens Nation’s Sovereignty


“Ashu Solo”


It’s long been the determined effort of fascist left-wingers to bring down North American society by subverting family values and wholesome Christian upbringing by implementing communistic dogma in various forms.  Atheism, Evolution, Feminism, Homosexuality, Political correctness… all of these work from the premise that there is no God.  The proponents of these atrocities are keen to eliminate God and any awareness of God from society so that they can practice their evil without censure and fear of public backlash.

Most of these dupes fail to realize that the garbage that they espouse is a lie by Satan and those closest to him and they are useful idiots in their own destruction.  One good example of a simple mind being led astray is in the form of one “Ashu Solo”, (not his real name) whom has been campaigning in a certain city to get prayer eliminated from public functions and have certain advertisements that refer to Christian holidays removed from public venues.  Of course, the coward won’t touch other less-sensitive, politically correct items that pertain to faith, like those of visible minorities and/or eastern philosophical beliefs.  Like most of these dupes, they will only go after that which isn’t guarded by rabid politically correct special interest groups and biased laws these same have had instituted.  One example is Judaism… God help the silly bastard that ever goes after Jews in this day and age!  Perfectly okay, though, to slam the religion of Christ and those that adhere to it.

An interesting article about the impending demise of Christianity can be found here.  Fools bent upon attacking Christ seem oblivious to their own pretended concern about the rights of others to free speech and thought.  The shit-stain Solo claims that other people praying violates his rights (he’s free to leave the room if he wishes) and is insensitive to him and other atheists.  I guess his demands that everyone refrain from celebrating Christmas because he doesn’t isn’t violating their rights, though.  That is a common refrain among these pukes.  They only recognize THEIR sensibilities as the only legitimate concerns.  There is still some common sense left in society as his frivolous action was thrown out like it deserved to be.  He should be made to pay for his wasting the court’s time, too.  That would cut down on a lot of these moronic cases if the fools that raise them actually had to pay for them.

Solo, like so many of his ilk, will eventually get their recompense for the damage that they do.  Right now, he’s gloating… about what, I don’t know.  All he’s done is revealed to the world that he’s a idiot that majors in trivialities and loves wasting the taxpayer’s money.  A petty little fool that finds purpose in trying to help (even if in his own insignificant and small way) destroy society and pave the way for anarchism.