I Hate To Have To Say It… AGAIN… (but)


No, this is nothing new.  I’ve been in on the ground floor (no pun) of this since the day the government decided that murdering it’s citizens was the best way of starting yet another unpopular war.  The idea is not a new one, as the oligarchs of the New World Order have consistently used false flags as their primary money-making instrument throughout history.

The posting of revelatory videos and websites exposing the bullshit that governments ploy in order to fasten control over the people is increasing… and the naysayers are becoming fewer and fewer.  Really, to actually believe the bullshit is to reveal just how simple you are!  No, you’re not a “trusting” person or anything so innocuous, you’re just plain STUPID.

In fact, given all the evidence there is to disprove the “official story”, it should be a crime to even defend this crap!  A charge of treason for the instigators and aiding and abetting traitors should be punished accordingly.  Treason, in many cases, is punishable by death.

We all know who was in power at that time.  Names like Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell… not to mention all of the financial and business tycoons, the Morgans, Rockefellers, Rothschilds… ALL should be taken out and SHOT.  This, of course, will never happen as their control over the judiciary and military forces precludes any attempt to take them by force.  God, of course, will deal with them in the end, however, the likelihood of them ever being brought to account before that time is pretty much nil.

This video shows just one area that doesn’t survive serious scrutiny, there are many other facets of the grand lie that can’t stand even a cursory glance without falling apart at the seams.  The elitists played on the hope that most would not even dream that their beloved government would sacrifice them in their ambitions to be world masters, and, for a time, that looked pretty evident.  However, the times they are a-changing.  Nowadays, it’s getting harder to be a naysayer without looking like a total fool.

A reference was made to this being considered a second Pearl Harbor, which was, itself, another false flag designed to get America into yet another money-making war.  Some time ago, I made reference to another site which aptly named this scenario painted in the video called “Operation Pearl”.  This will go into much more detail about the plane swaps and the eventual demise of the passengers.  Rest assured, they are all dead.  The New World Order doesn’t allow for loose ends.

A message to all those that would seek to destroy freedom and silence those that stand against them, and those that would aid and abet… you are attempting an impossibility!  You fight not against mortal flesh, you arrogant, egotistical sons of bitches, you are fighting God and He won’t recognize your worldly status and influence.  He laughs at your pretended power!  You will try to silence those like me that proclaim your guilt, but, in the end, the truth always surfaces and there is nothing that you can do to stop that.  Where you push down some dissenter, like a troublesome weed, another grows in his/her place, elsewhere.  Your master, Satan, is a loser!  He lost his bid to destroy Christ and now, like yourselves, he awaits death at the hands of his maker.

Recently, one of the money-mad oligarchs, David Rockefeller, met his end as all mortals must.  His wealth and influence couldn’t save his old and wizened ass from the reaper’s sickle.  This old devil now sleeps in preparation for his place in the gigantic bonfire that will comprise all those that sought to destroy in order to further their own evil designs.  Death is the price for unrepentance.  Death is the end for evil!

This is a solemn example for those of us left… none of us are above temptation, no matter what our station in life.  Let the death of the “New World Order” forever remind us there is a God in Heaven… a righteous and vengeful God, Whom will no longer suffer evil to prosper.

UPDATE: (April 1/2017)  Well, it didn’t take long for the New Age assholes to contrive another fable to amp up their bullshit story on 9/11… read it!  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/9-11-pentagon-attacks-unseen-photos-release-fbi-september-2001-a7660776.html

Lol… they’ll never quit!  But… you need to ask yourself if you are REALLY as stupid as they think you are to keep believing their lies?



There Shall Be War and Rumors of War…

The old Bible maxim remains true.  Every single day, we hear of some new atrocity to keep us all paranoid and afraid to come out from under the bed.  As one commenter puts it… “…the worst thing the gullible public can do is listen to government sponsored and controlled media”…

Facts are that the general public just are not equipped to handle weightier matters of government and the assimilation of information.  As a whole, we are just not sophisticated enough.  Continually kept down and busy just trying to eke out an existence in this nutty world does not lend itself toward any kind of personal development beyond training ourselves to be good workers and consumers.

The elitists have won.  We are totally enslaved as a society.  A few of us can still think for ourselves, but, it does little good when everyone else is stampeding around you.  There are still those that cling to the hope that society can find a way to work out it’s own problems and solve them on it’s own.  I, however, gave up on that thinking decades ago and so far, no one has proven me wrong in this.

The solutions to man’s problems lay outside of any efforts that he might make.  When the problem lies within the psyche of the individual, that problem will go wherever the individual goes, controlling everything that the individual does and thinks.

We are a FUBAR world and it will not help to continually place our faith in the workings of man… but, as a collective, it is possible to survive as kept slaves.  Surviving as opposed to actually LIVING, however, remains the issue… with me.


LMAO… Here’s Another One!


Professional handwringers in action…

Yep… another school shooting!  This time, it’s different… no little kids getting plugged, we’re going after bigger game, this time!

Well, like all the others, I’m sure this one is being played for it’s dramatic, demoralizing effect.  The two handwringers pictured above are probably paid actors – the media just LOVES this shit!  It’s all over hell, about now, and tomorrow, every media outlet is going to incessantly drill us on how this ‘lone shooter’ fucked up in his life and took some evil guns (which probably made him even evil-er) and went out and slaughtered our nation’s finest sheep… I – I mean, citizens, in the flower of their lives.  Again, it’s always a lone white male that’s to blame… it’s open season on white people… but, that’s another story.

I’m going without sleep, wanting to get in on the mad rush to get an opinion up and running on this business, having stumbled across it while perusing other matters online.  I’m sure it will be the usual media circus and the anti-gun crowd will be foaming at the mouth: “SEE??? THAT’S THOSE EVIL GUNS FOR YOU!!!”

It’s gone beyond laughable, now, actually becoming quite sickening.  For me, the time for debate is over.  You can’t reach the stupid in their folly, you merely ignore them and move on with your life… and my live involves firearms.  They’ll just have to deal with that as they crunch their croissants and flatbreads and slurp their $10 lattès, whilst planning new bicycle paths and walkways through their suburban retreats.

The illuminati want our guns as they are a direct threat to their overt authority.  Think I’m lying?  Think again!  As usual, the head darkie gives his input on matters.  Stupid, dumb-assed ignorant sheep are ready to hand them all over to them.  Notice how in the story the ‘hostages’ feel like a “huge burden was lifted” from them when the armed Gestapo got to them?  Preconditioning to the sight (and worship) of a uniform paying off big time, there!  The school was, as always is, on lockdown… see where all of this shit comes into play, EVERY single time one of these farces goes down?

Reader, if you’re looking for some kind of intellectual treatise arguing the gun issue, here, you can forget it.  There’s been too much debate already, and the moronic liberal left still aren’t getting it.  We’ll just continue to keep tabs on the elitists and their unsuspecting minions, waiting for the “big one” where some national crisis is installed to facilitate removing the rest of our rights and freedoms.  It’s coming… merely a matter of time.

Here’s some more reading for your enjoyment and entertainment.  The nutters are waxing thick and heavy in the world… educate yourself!

The Hysteria Begins

The backlash has already started in Canada…


Judy Denham, Manager, The Flag Shop

A Saskatoon, Saskatchewan business has already succumbed to the Charleston SC shootings by refusing to sell Confederate flags in their flag shop… read here.  This is due to the reference made to these in this photo of Dylann Roof, shooter in the massacre…


Roof and flag

It was inevitable.  In the south, pastors are now packing heat and there are calls for the South Carolina legislature to ban Confederate flags on their grounds.  It’s really quite laughable the way these idiots and their emotional knee-jerk reactions to anything that they cannot deal with in a rational manner go off the deep end whenever something like this happens.  It reminds me of a cage full of monkeys… bang the bars and they go spastic, running from one end of the cage to the other, screaming their heads off!  They can’t reason or rationalize, so they react!

Why should they/we allow the criminal element to run our lives like this?  By the criminal element, I mean whomever is behind these types of atrocities.  This may well be the case of a lone killer acting out of hatred for blacks or it may well be a carefully orchestrated false flag by the government, only one of many.  Regardless of who is responsible, the reactions to these crimes is way over the top.  The citizenry do not need to react like insane monkeys every time somebody commits some antisocial act.

The Flag Shop has done exactly that.  The criminals – whomever they are – will always win when we allow them to rule over us with fear.  Of course, this has rehashed the tired old gun debate, again… *sigh*… will it ever end?

The Media (Zionists) Control Us Like Puppets


Dylann Roof

The recent Charleston shooting has the potential to get everyone unglued again, just as the SandyHook and Boston Marathon fiascos did before them.  A lone white youth lines up a group of blacks in a church and executes them and the media has a field day exploiting it.  I mean… isn’t this OBVIOUS by now, folks?  A church?  Lol… COME ON!

You are being PLAYED, my dear readers… played like cheap fiddles!  The Zionists OWN the media and only those items that they deem worthy of news will make it to your IPhone, TV, computer, newspaper, etc.  They want to create as much confusion and unrest and PARANOIA as they can.  It’s the first and best way of destabilizing any society that you wish to control and/or destroy.  You want to blame someone for all of the problems in the world?  Blame those that you have ignorantly placed in authority – the politicians and their bosses, the Jewish bankers and their religio-political lackeys festooning the mainline churches.  All of these have an agenda which is to serve Satan.

Of course, Satan is the root of all of the world’s troubles.  Those self-important humanist dullards that presume to know what reality is all about will be first to decry the reality that this world is a spiritual battleground, however, the reality is they are wrong, always have been wrong and always will be wrong.  Satan controls them like he controls the elitist cartel that controls every other venue on this cursed planet.

This Charleston thing is going to go the way of every other incident of this nature the last few months IF the public allows it to.  This is the crucial aspect of everything that goes down in this society, it is because we, the people ALLOW it to happen.  The self-styled elite have relatively little power to enforce anything, it’s our supreme ignorance that drives the totalitarian machine.  The public are their own worst enemies and the dupes of Satan know this from centuries of exploitation.

Now… what are you all going to do?  Are you going to let your emotions rule over you as usual and allow the elitist propaganda machine to roll over you and go off on some stupid tangent like call for more gun control or tighter security in airports… you going to set up surveillance on your neighbors, profile them, etc.?  Are you going to lose it big time and crap your pants every time some looney TV anchor informs you of the latest doings of some knucklehead or government false flag?  Or… are you going to calmly demand some accountability from your time-serving and crooked-to-a-man public servants, media included, as to what it is that they are doing to promote this type of behavior?

Did you get all riled up seeing that picture above?  You’re already infected with the media bug.  Better take some time out and rethink your position as a media information sink and start questioning more and accepting a lot less… and keep away from the fearmongerers in your circles, they are the most efficient tool the elitists have in their war against society.

You Think You’re Informed? LOL!


Average Citizen

Over breakfast, today, I mentioned to some friends that they pretty much have to relearn everything that they have been taught in school – from the sciences to history, even art.  Nothing that we see and think that we know has any basis in reality.  As a society, we are basically kept in the dark on even the most mundane issues.

One of the biggest lies we’ve been told is that there are individuals – “terrorists” – out there that have targeted our country for invasion.  False flags have been instituted to help promote and maintain illegal and immoral operations against other nations for the purpose of enslaving their populations and stealing their resources.  A false flag is anything that is designed to make people feel like victims of others whom have been marked for annihilation and/or invasion.  9/11 is probably the most recent large-scale false flag of this nature, having been orchestrated and carried out by Zionist operatives in collusion with American politicians and the military/industrial complex and British banks.

This world is run by pagans.  These are individuals and cartels that openly defy God and Christ, preferring to serve an entity known to them as “Lucifer”.  Now, NONE of these dupes will EVER admit that it is Satan that they worship, they do not believe in such a being’s existence.  This is Satan’s plan as he has always blamed God for man’s plight, not accepting responsibility for his role in deceiving our first parents.  Over time, Satan has even erased the fact that we are created beings and has introduced specious ‘theories’ that we are simply evolutionary products.  Funny how man can believe he is an evolved ape defying the creation fact and yet think that God is the evil being and not Satan/Lucifer!

“Lucifer” means creature of light.  Satan has always claimed to have special insight into everything while accusing God of withholding truth.  To be enlightened by Lucifer is to be ensnared.  Lucifer well knew what sin was and is, having been it’s originator.  When he first transgressed God’s law, his name was changed to Satan.  (“Deceiver”)  He was the first to sin and then actively promoted it.

Nowadays, Satan’s dupes – international bankers, politicians, religious leaders – secretly worship this being, some even unknowingly, merely following those higher up the ladder than they, on promises of great wealth and knowledge and a position in the coming “new world order” that Satan is trying to create.  Only an adept few really know what the real score is, their underlings simply useful idiots carrying out their orders.

Most of our presidents, prime ministers, etc., fall into this category of being useful idiots.  Below that we have educators, legislators, judges, lawyers, doctors… a whole army of useful idiots charged with leading the gullible masses astray.  The masses are kept increasingly busier with managing the affairs of life with little or no regard for questioning official policy on anything, merely accepting on faith that they are being told the truth.

It’s no coincidence life is the helter-skelter mess that it is.  Sadly, most will never awaken from their materialistic stupor, continuing on their downhill path to ruin, ridiculing anyone with the common sense and mental acumen to question ‘facts’ and demand their leaders account for what they do.  It doesn’t have to be very subtle, anymore, leaders are committing more and more blatant and gross acts and not having to answer to any more than half-hearted complaints from citizens too busy to notice.

Of course, we are more like sheep than apes, being led about the paddock, eventually to the slaughter.  Even Christ called us sheep as we are so easily led.  Unfortunately, in this world, there are plenty of wolves that are ready to fleece us and kill us.  As time goes on, things will get steadily worse.  Satan will never quit and neither will his dupes.  Anyone that mocks the idea of conspiracy qualifies as a sheep.  Sheep are not known for great intelligence and will willingly follow anyone they think can feed them.  So far, Satan has done a good job of convincing them that he is able to feed and provide for them… until he no longer needs them.

The government and any of it’s affiliates or resources is not accountable to you.  You now serve the government.  It’s time that you woke up and acknowledged this fact at the risk of being labelled as stupid.

*For more on false flags, read this.

Don’t Be A Patsy!

I wouldn’t advise getting too close to homosexuals, though I understand the intent behind this video.  The easiest thing to remember is not to trust authority too much, they are dupes, themselves.

Get your heads out of your asses, folks, “Big Brother” isn’t a brother at all.  The internet, crazy as it might seem at times, is your best friend… for now, anyway.  Shills abound and trolls lurk everywhere, seeking whom they may devour.  The world wide web is the only place to find truth, nowadays.  You might have to leave your precious comfort zone and move your lazy ass to sort through the maze of information, however, that is the price for liberty, always has been and always will be.  Like it or not, YOU are in this up to your eyeballs.  The ostrich-thing doesn’t work.

Stay tuned… the elitists are sure to provide us with more false flags in the near future… possibly coming to a ‘theatre’ near you!

* For more on this, visit http://henrymakow.com/2015/04/How-to-avoid-becoming-a-patsy.html