Merry Pagan Funfest!

Pagan Tree

If you can find “Christ” in any of the Mess (Mass) we celebrate every December 25, you’re doing better than I am.  Many enlightened people know of it’s true pagan origins and how it was adopted by ignorant Christians as their own.  Most see it as a consumer feeding frenzy.  I simply appreciate the time off from work that it affords.

My advice is to use it to good advantage.  Get in touch with those that used to be important in your lives.  Refrain, just for a few hours, from flipping off that inconsiderate asshole that just cut you off in traffic.  Buy that bum on the sidewalk a meal… physically take him in and feed him, don’t give him the money and trust he’ll use it properly!  Et cetera.

Yeah, I could burn up a few lines schooling y’all on just how much God hates this insult to His sovereignty, however, turn this pagan holiday on it’s head and do something for the Master in spite of the old devil.


Remember 1605


This old world has been wracked by one form of conspiracy after another.  Why, then, is it so hard to believe in them?  Empires and nations have risen and fallen with them and this is a fact of life that many are choosing to ignore.

People laugh when they hear of conspiracy.  What they are doing is slighting the mercies of a compassionate God that tries to educate and warn society that they are not, nor have ever been truly free, at least not in the way that think they are free.  The fact is that there are people in this world with influence and power that do not hesitate to use those capabilities to gain a foothold above the rest of us, even though it be at the cost of our lives.  This is the fate of those that place their faith in their own abilities and not in those of an omnipotent creator Whom is more than able to grant them what they truly need.

Want and desire frequently supersede need.  The young are not trained to distinguish between these things and grow into rebellious slaves of Mammon.  This is the root of all the unhappiness in the world and nothing is going to change on it’s own.

Happily, this world will not be allowed to destroy itself and it’s subjugators will be dealt with.  Only God has this ability and right.


A Nation of Crybabies

This is what I mean…

This news story is typical of many news stories these days.  While it’s sad that a young life is lost, probably for absolutely no good reason, (probably texting while driving, I see it all the time as a professional on the road) the penchant to deluge counsellors upon the friends and survivors of accident victims is becoming epidemic.

No wonder that we have the whiny, lazy, ill-tempered and bad-mannered youth that we have.  Every single whim is catered to and they never learn to deal with trials without somebody holding their hand.  Former generations never had this ridiculous counselling and they survived quite well, thank you!

Actually, why can’t the family look after it’s own?  Why do outsiders always have to horn in on what should be a private and intimate affair?  The government is always looking for ways to intrude upon our lives and is making the natural and wholesome responsibility of family members not only an illegal thing, but an immoral thing!  Nobody takes anything seriously, anymore, unless it has the government’s stamp of approval on it.

We are becoming a nation of wimps and crybabies, seeking comfort at the government tit!


The Truth About Our Sovereignty

But, first things first… watch the video…

It is truth that we as free moral agents created in the image of the Almighty ARE sovereign.  We are all of us princes and princesses-elect, to the coming kingdom of God.  Somehow, some folk have taken this to an extreme that is not only endangering their lives and those of their loved ones, it is besmirching the name and character of the Creator.

It is truth that we all have infinite worth, so much so that trying to place a dollar amount upon ourselves amounts to sheer futility… though that fails to deter many folk whom look at this whole issue from a very slanted and warped perspective.

I have found, in my personal encounters with “sovereigns” that mammon plays an all too common role in the motives and actions of said persons.  I do not agree that we as sovereign people of God need to force ourselves upon others or engage in premature and/or unnecessary conflicts with ourselves or others not of our group.  This would violate their rights as fellow citizens of this planet and create problems for ourselves that God really doesn’t want us to have to deal with.

When we willingly place ourselves upon the enemy’s ground, God usually doesn’t intervene.

Don’t look for trouble, it comes easily enough.

There Shall Be War and Rumors of War…

The old Bible maxim remains true.  Every single day, we hear of some new atrocity to keep us all paranoid and afraid to come out from under the bed.  As one commenter puts it… “…the worst thing the gullible public can do is listen to government sponsored and controlled media”…

Facts are that the general public just are not equipped to handle weightier matters of government and the assimilation of information.  As a whole, we are just not sophisticated enough.  Continually kept down and busy just trying to eke out an existence in this nutty world does not lend itself toward any kind of personal development beyond training ourselves to be good workers and consumers.

The elitists have won.  We are totally enslaved as a society.  A few of us can still think for ourselves, but, it does little good when everyone else is stampeding around you.  There are still those that cling to the hope that society can find a way to work out it’s own problems and solve them on it’s own.  I, however, gave up on that thinking decades ago and so far, no one has proven me wrong in this.

The solutions to man’s problems lay outside of any efforts that he might make.  When the problem lies within the psyche of the individual, that problem will go wherever the individual goes, controlling everything that the individual does and thinks.

We are a FUBAR world and it will not help to continually place our faith in the workings of man… but, as a collective, it is possible to survive as kept slaves.  Surviving as opposed to actually LIVING, however, remains the issue… with me.