A Society On The Skids


The picture speaks for itself.  How much worse can it get?  Would this kind of behavior have been tolerated even 10 years ago?  It’s plain to see just who the privileged are in this decadent society.  Decent people (and these are NOT decent people) would be thrown in jail for parading around like these perverts are, in front of entire families on a public street.

The homosexual lobby is a powerful one in North America.  They do not tolerate any condemnation of their perversions and retribution comes swiftly by the hand of secular authority to anyone that dares to confront them on their unnatural lifestyle.  This writer has experienced first hand the vindictiveness of these freaks, having had accounts frozen a number of times for merely criticizing homosexuals’ abuse of heterosexuals and/or Christians and organized faith-based groups.

Atheism teaches that God is dead and that human wisdom is the ultimate force in nature.  Men have set themselves up as gods in place of the One Who created all, deeming themselves as the ultimate authority and the only ones to whom they owe any accountability toward.  How convenient for one who cannot bear any restriction placed upon his/her will to please themselves!  With God out of the picture, anything goes.  Unfortunately, for these perverts, God is very much alive and He will not condone their actions for very much longer.  There is a day of reckoning coming and it won’t be pretty for those that have set themselves up in open defiance of God and His holy government.

For now, heterosexuals need to be incensed at the actions of this minority who deem themselves as superior.  Those homosexuals that comprise the rock group “Queen” are open in their defiance with songs like “We Are The Champions”, where they brazenly declare their superiority over every other culture and seek to dominate society… with lyrics like: “We are the rulers of you all!”  This character trait has not changed in thousands of years as evidenced by the goings-on at old Sodom and Gomorrah, where gangs of roving homosexuals would harass travelers in the open, even attacking angels of the Lord, thinking to have their way with them.  They paid dearly for that mistake with their very lives.  They shall, again!

The weird and the bizarre are fast becoming the norm for society as Illuminati pawns unwittingly promote elitist dogma, helping to ensure their own eventual demise.  Too late will these fools realize that they have been duped… and all that will be left will be the sound of wailing and the gnashing of teeth!

For more info on this national disgrace, read HERE.

Time to take action against these terrorists… resist them at every turn!  If you’re an employer, don’t hire them.  If they are a neighbor, shun them.  In other words, don’t aid or abet these criminals in any way!  They are not interested in fair play or freedom of expression, they mean to pull down all semblance of order and decency in society and strike at anyone and anything that opposes their agenda.  God is NOT with them, nor does He love or accept them!  They will be destroyed at the second advent of Christ, with no hope for redemption or life eternal.  Sodom and Gomorrah will be a tea party compared with what is in store for those that hate truth and Christ!

Well, It’s Quebec…

Moronicity is alive and well, in Canada…

Read story, here.

This girl’s mistake was not being DRUNK… which ensures a free pass EVERY TIME, with the criminal justice system of Canada.  In Canada, we reward our drunks when they kill innocent people.  It’s the Illuminati way.

Not knowing the whole story, as a professional driver, I can hazard a good guess as to what went down.  Most people, today, do not drive past the hood ornament on their vehicle.  This would include motorcyclists.  In the old days, there was this thing called “Defensive Driving” which taught the theory that one ought to watch ahead, ANTICIPATING sudden changes in traffic and being ready for evasive action AT ALL TIMES.  I don’t see that being taught, anymore, by the way that people drive.

Now, I’m not letting this young gal completely off the hook, there are those boneheads that think driving is like walking, you can stop or change directions on a whim without taking care to see if it’s possible without causing a collision.  Nevertheless, whatever this girl did is NOTHING compared with what drunks INTENTIONALLY do on highways, every day, and they get virtually NO penalty for doing it.  Again, we have this scenario playing out in Quebec… well, where else but in the land of questionable morals and ideals would something like this fly with such impunity?  A province run by communists and homosexuals and feminists and the mob and their crooked back pocket politicians… what kind of deal would YOU expect when you’re an honest citizen surrounded by criminals and perverts?

The law is a joke in any province run by the crooked BAR, but, it comes into it’s own in Quebec… a province suited for travesties such as this to flourish and so help degrade society as is the agenda of the Zionist elite.  When they start handing out punishments that fit the crime – such as those committed by drunks killing people on the highways – then I’ll reconsider my opinion about the ‘justice’ system in this country… NOT BEFORE! 


“Wills” Gets a Chopper From Grandma

When your granny’s a Queen, money is NO object.  See story here.

Prince William, second in line to the British throne, recently got a helicopter for his 32nd birthday, a present from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.  When you’re rolling in it, why not use it?  The prince is a pilot, so he’ll make good use of it, I’m sure.  Makes royal junkets a lot more fun, I’d imagine, not having to dodge all the dumbass commoners plugging the roadways.

Maybe he ought to give a few of them a ride, now and then, seeing as how they’re paying for it… and pretty well everything else.

I’m no monarchist.  I have as much use for a king or a queen as your average person has for a case of hemorrhoids.  Grandiose expenditures like these only reinforce that attitude.  It’s always been a privilege of the rich to do this sort of thing, however, it doesn’t get any easier to accept with the passage of time.  Add to the fact that the royals have questionable ties to the Illuminati and the Zionist banking cartel, headquartered in London City, and I’m downright incensed with the whole matter.

What can we do?  Nothing, really.  Relatively speaking, the power-elite have always remained three steps ahead of us throughout history.  They will continue to tax the shit out of us and live off of our labor as long as there are any of us left to do all of the work.

The City of London is an enclave, totally separate from the rest of London, the center of which the enclave is nestled in.  It is here where the financial empire that rules the world is established, run by the trillionaire Rothschild family.  All decisions regarding banking, including the setting of interest rates and the price of gold, are made here.  It is here where the national wealth of all nations is funneled through the means of taxation, in a process that mathematically knows no redemption.  Debt is something that cannot be eliminated through any means by and through the existing system, it is not designed to work that way.

It’s always good to know, however, that there are those that are not effected by this nefarious system and will always enjoy prosperity, even when the bottom is falling out for everyone else.  The trillionaire Rothschilds and their royal footmen will never have want for debt slaves to provide for them, or the material blessings that many of us so covet.  Perhaps the answer is in not coveting and simply being satisfied with the basics of life… which is all we’ll ever have, anyway, with these parasites feeding off of us.


Censorship Already Being Applied!

Previously, we’ve examined Internet censorship and what the elitists plan to do to control the exchange of information in the media and online.  There are already attempts by certain service providers to bend over to accommodate a big elitist dick up their corporate asses.  Google, of course, has a rather large ass and has seized a rather large market share of the web, in cahoots with the NSA, Dept. of Homeland Security and other shadowy groups to monitor the activities of North American citizens.  Anything you do or say on a website or email is monitored.  This is a reality of the evil and corrupt world we live in.

This writer recently tried to access Infowars.com and got THIS…


Before this, I got an “Invalid Website” statement.  It’s my belief Infowars is under hacker attack by either a group of nerdy sycophants or other government-sponsored low-lives.  Anyway, it proves what we “tinfoilers” have been saying all along.  You can’t trust authority around the corner and this is just the beginning.

I tried a different computer and browser and got through to discover that others were having problems, too.  My PC was really working, though, with a high load of ‘activity’ on the site causing it to labor harder than normal.  Well, it’s to be expected.  With all of the attempts there has been to shut Alex Jones down, this is just another one of those.  The fools don’t seem to grasp, however, that God is in ultimate control of HIS world and Satan can bark and howl all he wants.  He and his gaggle of elitist morons will NEVER succeed in conquering this planet, they will be destroyed… utterly and finally.

I’ll be monitoring AJ’s site very closely.  If it turns out that this is only a maintenance issue, I’ll be one of the first to report on it.  If it’s the other thing… we may have a fight on our hands!

It won’t be the first time, either.


Editor’s note: At this time, (June 20/14) the site is again accessible by Internet Explorer.  Not sure what went on, but, there are reports from all over of censorship on other private nets, including the US military.

TTP… (No, it’s not toilet paper!)

Ever wonder how they intend to shut down free speech on the Internet?  AND… make a buck while doing it?

They never learn, do they? 

As one commenter aptly puts it…

“Well, “they” fucked up big time when they forced my parents to send me to state-sponsored institutions to learn to read and WRITE… which means that I don’t necessarily need an electronic device to get my message out.  Any billboard, utility poll, fence, transport truck, anything that will facilitate paper and ink or paint will suffice to get that message out.

Trying to suppress truth and the exchange of uncensored ideas is like a one-legged man competing in an ass-kicking contest… you can make an attempt at it and you might get a few good shots in, however, it always ends in futility.  This is something “they” just never seem to learn and they’ve had millennia to learn it.”

Sometimes it sucks being an elitist.


“Murrica” Has No First Lady!

… or a president, for that matter…

Is anything about the new world order that surprising?

Is America truly “One nation under God”, now?

I have debated many homosexuals online, been banned from their sites, banned from YouTube, threatened with litigation, they all have one mindset… the destruction of the heterosexual culture, Christianity and any group or association that opposes their specious lifestyle.  They are vindictive and will not cease in their attacks on heterosexuals, this animosity the result of the generations of persecution they suffered at the hands of zealots and God’s people, having to hide “in the closet” until recent times.  Now, they are out for revenge and blood.  The irony is that many heterosexuals, unaware of the homosexual’s hatred for them and their lifestyle, are their most ardent defenders, even some so-called ‘Christian’ churches are championing that which the God they chose to serve, condemned.

The LGBT community openly scoff and laugh at those politically correct heterosexuals that run interference for them, the latter not knowing that they will be ditched the second that the perverts get their way.  You see, nothing has changed since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, when homosexuality (as it is fast becoming, today) was rampant and perverts forced themselves upon others, threatening them with violence if they resisted them.  God, Himself, dealt with those as He will have to deal with these latter day terrorists in the same manner.  Society is too far hoodwinked to effectively repel these beasts, it will be a divine act of retribution that seals their fate.

With these revelations that the US President is a homosexual, alongside of those that he isn’t even an American citizen, as is required by law to be eligible for the office of president, it is now certain that we are indeed living in those last days when every vice shall be cultivated and God will give them over to be consumed by their own lusts.  Satan has succeeded in erasing the image of God from the visage of man by leading him to practice all manner of self-debasing actions, humiliating himself and dishonoring his creator.

America is no longer a nation under God, it is a modern-day Babylon, the former having been destroyed by a vengeful God that had finally had enough.