This Is How ‘Minorities’ Can Lie

Yes, and they do it quite frequently…

And, moronic, self-absorbed, entitled and spoiled socialist white kids drink up EVERY word!  Well, when you have absolutely NOTHING to do with yourself, but, have sex, read Marxist propaganda and go around looting and causing trouble, your brain (if you have one) tends to atrophy.  This is particularly evident in spoiled, rich white kids that fall for the not-so-sophisticated lies of bitter and jealous blacks and other designated ‘minorities’ (whites are swiftly moving into that category) and profess shame for what their ancestors did.

The NAACP is merely another hate group in a burgeoning line of antisocial, communist organizations dedicated to the establishment of a “big idea” outlined by George Bush Sr. in 1991, which includes the depopulation of the planet and the eradication of the hated and troublesome white-dominated hierarchy and Christianity.

There IS Hope For The Youth!

Against the leprosy called Socialism!

Sad, when the students are superior in intellect and morals over those charged with educating them.  This is the “big idea” that the evil George Bush Sr. talked about in his speech to the UN in 1991.  An elitist construct… an oligarchy run by the rich, patrolled and enforced by useful idiots (like teachers) for the rich and promoted by racist ‘down-trodden’ fools.

If you’ve used YouTube, recently, perhaps you have seen this advertisement plastered all across your screen…

This particular town recognizes the bizarre and subversive “LGBTQ+ Community”, every year, with a full week of traffic tie-ups due to street closures so these deviants can have their run of the town… as if they didn’t already enjoy special privileges in that sense.  Nobody is allowed to question or criticize them without being branded a “hater” or some other goofy stigmatization.  They, on the other hand, can pretty much say and/or do whatever they like, against whoever they like, especially on YouTube.  They can post lewd and offensive videos and even ignore decency laws.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to run afoul of these weirdos, only tell them their so-called “lifestyle” has been branded as perverted by God and society as a majority.

In our burgeoning socialist culture, deviants are enjoying unparalleled success and popularity in an increasingly permissive and decadent culture.  Their minority status could very well soon become the dominant trait.  We’re forced to watch them in their “pride parades”, marching and gambolling down public streets, scantily-clad and in very revealing and compromising positions, behavior that would get a “straight” person jailed, fined or both.  This is the unprecedented favor that they command.  This they can do, because, the powers-that-be have planned for this for centuries, indeed, have practised this for millennia.  The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah vividly demonstrates what happens to a society that allows deviants to take over.

My experience with these are that they are almost to an individual very vindictive and violent.  Their perverse and dirty ‘lifestyle’ generates disease and the promiscuity they practice leads to higher rates of sickness and death among them.  If you point these facts out to them, however, you’re a “hater”.  They especially hate anything to do with religion… such as God or His Word, which plainly condemns their activities.

So, every year, our community has to pay homage to these dirty things and any business owner or public official that tries opting out of the ‘celebrations’ is going to pay a heavy price.  The time is coming when it will be impossible to write anything criticizing the queer club, one needs to understand exactly what society is facing in this onslaught of perversity.