The REST Of The Story!

This is the other side that we are never privileged to hear due to the monopoly of the bought-and-paid-for mainline news media…

It takes a lot of digging to get to the truth, these days.  You’re not going to hear it sitting on your ass and being spoon-fed by elitist news groups.  These only parrot the narrative of their elitist masters.  COVID is a HOAX!

Vaccine-Pushing ‘Doctor’ Collapses On Run!

Pro-Vax New World Order plaything Dr. Doug Eyolfson, an unsympathetic and virulent denouncer of individual rights and freedoms seems to have had some medical issues, himself, something his pro-jab philosophy and multiple inoculations seemed powerless to prevent.  How sad.  Well, sucks to be him, I guess.  I mean, that’s how he views those that oppose his world view that everyone be forced to be jabbed.

See more on this idiot, here:

His Marxist bum-buddy, Justin Castreau, was quick to offer his fellow communist his personal condolences on his Twitter page.  Both are opposed to any form of personal sovereignty in their Marxist views that everyone be controlled by the state.  Castreau’s latest attempts to reignite the national gun-grab with a proposed bill to offer up to $4830.00 (he couldn’t seem to make it to an even five grand, LOL!) for private firearms shows the communists’ determination to fulfill their globalist masters’ agenda of a totalitarian world government.  They NEVER forget… and they NEVER quit!  DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS, they must be worried about reprisals to whatever they have planned!

Castreau doesn’t appreciate it when he’s reminded of his heritage and personal philosophy, either, as an opportunity to have his narcissist Marxist puss preserved in a selfie backfired when his photographer called him a communist fuck…

There have been more than a few doctors succumb to their vaxxes in the last while.  These fools have no inkling of the character of those pulling their strings!  Yet, they willingly support having their fellow citizens take experimental drugs and support Draconian measures to force them to take them… and they’re paying the price for their infidelity…

I, personally, have received numerous comments from inoculated friends that they now wish they had not been jabbed.  What do you say to them?  Sucks to be you?  Were they dragged bodily out of their homes and workplaces and forced to take them?  Was the censure of family and friends and threat of job loss worth selling your health and future down the river?  Being able to sit in a restaurant with other potential plague carriers, unmasked, for an hour or more, thinking that you’re safe because you came IN wearing a mask?  Whatever happened to the basic common sense that most of us were born with?

The virus is IN the jab, folks!  It’s NOT ‘out there’ and it’s NOT transmissible!  If it were, they’d be satisfied with just having a few inoculated and unworried about everyone getting jabbed.  They’d count on those inoculated few spreading the disease around, themselves, but, it needs to be inserted into the bodies via injection to work, which is why they want everyone vaxxed!

Resist the temptation to cave in to familial and peer pressure to conform.  These, themselves, have no concern for you over their own interests.  There’s no danger to you if they get the shot, they’re only harming themselves.  You WILL be harming yourself, though, if you capitulate and get the jab.  The cowards are the ones that capitulate to their New World Order masters!

There’s NO Cure For Stupid!

The sheep, once more, demonstrate their innate capacity for taking stupidity to new and even higher levels.  Alex Jones, noted conspiracy author and revelator is now under attack by those that willingly aid the tyrannical forces running our governments, for simply pointing out that the highly suspect school shootings are, in fact, false flags aimed at eliminating all private ownership of guns and enabling tighter and tighter security for the purpose of controlling the movements and economy of the public.

He’s facing a lawsuit mounting into the hundreds of millions… see, it’s always the same with a defunct public, money solves everything!  Soooo sad they lost their precious darlings… but, maybe we can make a few bucks off of them?

How easy it is and how the orchestrators of these false flags; corrupt politicians and their elitist bosses, must laugh at the gullibility of a stupid, brain-dead public so consumed with self-serving and self-enrichment that they’ll disbelieve anything that would tend to interrupt their headlong rush into the abyss!  Tel them smooth things and they’re content.  When they get a little too complacent, construct some ‘disaster’ so that they momentarily look toward those that they claim to mistrust, yet always turn to in their time of need.  Leaders misbehave on a daily basis and the public screams foul, yet, when something like a fake disaster comes along, all those suspicions abruptly end.  People are simply stupid… period.

Fake disasters like COVID 19, 9/11, etc., all these things designed for the purpose of controlling the masses… and the masses NEVER catch on!

The trap is slowly closing shut on a gullible, materialistic society and national ruin is but a few months away.  Too late will the sheep realize the presence of the wolves in their midst… when their throats are ripped out!


Here’s To US!

You know who you are!  You were naturally skeptical of all the inconsistencies that were so BLATANTLY obvious about the COVID scam and you weren’t buying ANY of it!  Does this make you smarter than the rest of society?  Well… YES!  Even those that caved out of concern for their jobs and to keep their relatives happy… MORE SO!

Now, they’re starting to get sick, just like we warned them, but, convenience and outright cowardice was more of a priority in their lives.  Don’t feel sorry for them, they’re not worthy!  If I seem harsh, just remember that they now carry God knows what for contagions and that they pose a threat to YOU!  It is THEY that are the danger to society, now!

You listened to the mainstream news and got lied to, day after day.  You were threatened and coerced and you thought that normal concern for your health and well-being.  You were STUPID to believe that the government has any concern for you and now you’re WE are paying the price!  Congratulations!  The very thing you were trying to escape is upon you BY YOUR OWN HAND!!

Alternative media, those that haven’t bowed the knee to government, report swelling numbers of hospital admissions.  Heart attacks, strokes, abortions, many other maladies… with the common denominator being they ALL had the jab!  So, your job, your friends’ approval, spouses’ approval… all of that will mean SHIT when you’re DEAD.  Perhaps, you can alleviate the symptoms by not getting any further booster shots… which are still being pushed by the complicit (and let’s not mince words) EVIL healthcare profession, the majority of which are on the side of BIG $$$!  Their lapdogs in the media continue to fill your head with bullshit and you still figure that they have your best interests in mind.  Programming is a bitch!

Well, perhaps there is hope for society if a few would merely find the balls to say “enough is enough, I fell for their lies, but, I’m here to say I was wrong and don’t you fall for them!”  Can you do that, reader?  Can you find the cojones to admit your mistake and help others who are ignorant not do the same?

Read the truth HERE!—the-vaccinated-are-dropping.html?_ga=2.29102844.1391677841.1658715919-1250171712.1658715919

There are many, MANY more sites like this not having any allegiance to the corrupt mainstream media.  At the turn of the Twentieth Century a prominent newspaper editor remarked that a man was far better off for not reading one of his publications.  (The New York Times)  Here’s an example of why…

No one need be ignorant in this day and age!  If you’re one of those now falling sick because you caved to the authorities, you brought it on yourself!  Now, do the right thing and warn others such as I and many other free-thinking people have been doing for months and months.  Don’t let these bastards get away with their crime!

Social Retards

That is what our society is, a compilation of lazy, indolent morons that can’t garner the ambition to form a cogent thought, anymore.  Instead, we allow others, many with ulterior motives and agendas, to educate us.  We have been so conditioned to listening the the ‘experts’ we no longer trust our God-given intuition preferring to let media and government dictate to us what we should believe and do.

Just in my time, we’ve been inundated with one scam after another.  The earliest one that I can remember and have lived through is the moon landing hoax.  Of course, since then, we’ve had various assassinations and wars… 9/11, etc.  Basically, our society has been built upon one big fat fucking lie after another.

The COVID hoax comes to mind, now, at this point of developing instabilities throughout eastern Europe, themselves, the result of media hype and governmental legerdemain.  While it’s wound down substantially, especially due to the eastern debacle, there are still those that adhere to their programming and insist on blaming a common cold on the dreaded COVID monster.  I’ve lost patience with these morons as we live in an age where this kind of Medieval thinking shouldn’t even be a factor in our lives.  I’ve had to write off a few friends and family because of their steadfast refusal to question the emperor’s nakedness.  Make no mistake!  While I am a proponent of free choice, that doesn’t extend to where that choice buggers up my life and freedom of action and choice.  I feel the time has never been better to make these morons accountable for their choices and that they needn’t expect any help or sympathy or encouragement in their headlong rush to disaster.

Dealing with the subject of morons, one other name pops up out of my Rolodex of dupes… Steve Isdahl.  Isdahl has a popular (right away, if it’s popular, you know it’s frivolous nonsense!) YouTube channel dealing with the subject of Bigfoot and an assortment of other freaks and space alien/paranormal crap.  This guy is so far down the garden path with this garbage that I doubt his sanity, anymore.  His only redeeming feature is that he doesn’t trust the authorities, which is wise, but, then he goes off the other deep end on what are for the most part hoaxes and the products of fevered minds and egocentric narcissism.  One wonders just how much damage some hick hunting guide from the suburbs of Abbotsford can do with these paranormal rantings and ravings.  He hosts a one-man email-in show where he reads (or tries to) emails from supposed encounters with the big forest dude, his less-than-oratorically-correct narration of other less-than-oratorically-correct fans’ “encounters” stretching the limits of one’s patience and ability to listen to hours of less-than-oratorically-correct bullshit.  Over the months, the stories have gotten more fantastic with every email, most of which is the natural evolution of what occurs when you’re subjected to mounds and mounds of relentless bullshit over long periods of time…

This is a perfect illustration of last-day events portrayed in scripture, when people would go after the mutterings of every unclean spirit, discarding common sense and preferring to believe a lie rather than truth.  This comes from the inherent laziness and indolence that we all have as human beings.  Not much effort is made, anymore, to investigate truth to see if it is, in fact, truth and not some lie fomented by those with a definite agenda in mind.  One accurate method I have for determining fact from horseshit is the popularity of whatever it is that one desires to test.  If it’s accepted and lauded by the majority of folks, guaranteed it’s bullshit and not worth a second’s pause.  The more outlandish and idiotic it is, the better it’s chances of acceptance by an intellectually-starved public.  Websites like this one that deal in the hard truth and FACTS are not especially interesting to a pleasure-loving, excitement-driven populace, not into anything that might require they make an adjustment in their lives or make some sacrifice.

Now, we have the sabre-rattling in Eastern Europe to rattle our already media-frazzled minds and I’m wondering what my next post should carry in terms of hope for a generation that has purposefully driven logic and foresight from their lives.  We shall see what we’ll see!