Open Letter to The “Powers That Be”… a.k.a. Illuminati/Rothschild’s

Good afternoon, you magnificent elitist bastards!  This is one of your not-so-adoring slaves dropping you a few lines, today.  Must be nice to hear from someone NOT addressing your puppets in government, instead to those in the REAL seats of power, huh?  Just thought that I would take the time to write and congratulate you all on your success at enslaving the vast majority of humanity and to tell you that I look forward to seeing you all brought down to your knees in abject poverty and horror when the REAL Master of the world returns to reclaim what it is you have stolen from Him.

It is inevitable… and this your master, Satan, knows.  He isn’t going to tell you this, of course.  It’s doubtful that many of you would listen, anyway, at this point in time, as things seem to be going very well for you.  After all these centuries, there are still (money-making) wars and rumors of wars, slavish socialist economic systems in place, like the fiat money program and it’s supporting central banking scheme.  Socialism is a hot product with the promise of equal status for all and the accompanying ‘benefits’ that really only ensure compliance with the system.  Yes, there was a lot of thought and sacrifice on your part to swing humanity onto the path you desired for it.

Let me speak of this sacrifice, briefly.  Your predecessors worked hard to chip away at national sovereignty and this consumed many years of their lives that might have been spent with loved ones and simply enjoying the planet that God provided for us all.  Mayer Rothschild wouldn’t have his five sons wasting their lives doing for their fellow man and enjoying a normal life raising their families free of an encumbering agenda.  No, he instructed them in the art of usury and shipped them off to foreign lands to begin what would become a generation-spanning effort at infiltrating governments and society to push satanic ideals.

Those, in tandem with other nefarious groups and organized religion, set the stage for the oligarchy that we now have this day.  Socialist programs destroy initiative and lead more and more people to accept hand-outs in return for total relinquishment of their God-given rights and freedoms.  Perverse theories and amusements rule the minds of the slaves, whom, worn out from working ever-increasing hours for less compensation, are willing to settle for inferior entertainment and pastimes that do not require much in the way of personal effort or sacrifice.  Things of a holy nature are naturally abhorrent and made even less accessible when pushed out by the frivolous.

Yes, it’s been centuries in the works, but, the world is pretty much at the stage that you want it at.  Your victory is assured… but, I’m afraid, short-lived.

You see… all of this has been accomplished in the sight of a very powerful being that is not in tune with your program.  Your master, Satan, is also a created being and is therefore subservient to God.  Satan has told you that you will enjoy ruling over the world with him, well, that isn’t exactly true.  It might appear that has already been accomplished, within the last few generations, however, the world isn’t quite ready to bow the knee CONSCIOUSLY to you or an archangel.  You might have accomplished this defacto, but, the reality is that the human nature that you have so efficiently exploited in turning people away from their Creator is still powerful enough to resist you and your god.

I’m watching this all unfold and realize that your goals are becoming ever more real with every year that passes.  I also know God’s patience is running thin with you and that there are going to be some tough times ahead for all of us.  However, it’s what is awaiting you at the end of days that is pertinent and it is this that I direct your attention to at this time.

It is a fact that you have most people hoodwinked into serving you and even I am forced to comply with many of your issues and decrees.  No use me lying about it, you would catch that in a second!  However, while you have had major success in subjugating mankind, the fact remains that you are subservient to a much higher authority than Satan  Satan is well aware that his life is forfeit and that he has only a few years left to continue wreaking havoc upon hated humanity.  He hasn’t bothered to mention that little fact to you, though, I’ll bet.  I’ll also bet that he hasn’t mentioned that the penalty for treason against God is DEATH… correct?  Well, it is.  It’s also a death that you will not enjoy!  It involves a great deal of HEAT and there’ll be no respite.

It will make all of the years, generations, of hard work and sacrifice seem rather useless, don’t you think?  All for procuring something that you might have had, anyway, with God as your ruler and not one of His creations.

I had envisioned writing a much longer letter describing in great detail the horrors of the eternal death awaiting you… but, what would be the purpose?  Like me, you were all brought into this world on the whim of others and you didn’t initially start out being the totalitarian bastards that you now are.  What would be the point in pushing your faces into it?  The loss mankind has felt by your defection is not something to brag about or gloat over.  It is sad that only a fraction of humanity will ever survive this great controversy and that most will have to die for being unfit for service in the kingdom to come.  What pleasure would I derive from seeing billions of souls roasting in fire until they are forever consumed?  I used to think that from all of the misery that has been fomented upon mankind that it would not only be pleasurable but joyful!

Satan, of course, being the leader of the rebellion, must suffer the longest.  Those of you closest to him, other than those fallen angels, must endure long hours, perhaps days and weeks, of torment, also.  This will all be witnessed by those that you sought to oppress.  It will be a horrific scene, I can guarantee it!

I say to you that I hope that it was all worth it to have to face an end like that one.  With that, enjoy what’s left of your existence.  When you’re finally gone, you’ll not be forgotten… only in the sense that you’ll always be the evidence of what happens when one forgets their Creator and tries to influence others to do the same.

With that… enough of this painful subject!

Never Yours,


Dumbass Quotes From Justin Trudeau


Here are some statements the Ottawa village idiot has made over the course of his infestation of Parliament…

1- “Honor killings shouldn’t be called barbaric.”

2- “I consider myself to be a Feminist.”

3- “I admire China’s dictatorship.”

4- “The budget will balance itself.”

5- “We will grow the economy from the heart out.”

6- “If you kill your enemies, they win.”

7- “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.”

8- “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator.”

9- “There is no core identity in mainstream Canada.”

10- “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.”

11- “The Boston Bombing happened because someone felt left out.”

12- “Terrorists should be allowed to keep their Canadian citizenship.”

This is your brain on liberalism.  Nuff’ sed.

Time to bring back the gallows!

Is There A God?

Two goldfish were having a heated discussion, one day, about whether or not there was a God.  One was determined that there wasn’t, due to the slavish circumstances surrounding what it deemed a purposeless, dreary existence.  “How could there be a God when our lives are so meaningless and boring?”  The other fish snapped back: “Okay, wise guy… there’s no God you say?  Who changes the water every day?”

Science tells us that we are here merely as a result of some cosmic burp… a random chance happening of incredible odds.  Essentially, we are something that has come from nothing at all.  It all started at a single, microscopic nexus, with all matter comprising everything that now is focused into a single point that could sit quite comfortably on the head of a needle.  Suddenly, this immense concentration of everything is released in a catastrophic blast that is really incomprehensible to a mortal mind, with the result being the universe that we now have and are a part of.  All the matter contained within that single point is now spreading outward throughout the space we call “universe”, seemingly forever into more and more space!

From this initial occurrence, our galaxy, solar system and world were created, and, eventually, we, ourselves, came to be in circumstances quite similar with regards to the odds against as with the universe itself.  Scientists tell us that we have come from a highly organized and condensed primal universe to one that is continuously becoming less organized and erratic.  The term that they use for this is called “Entropy”.

But, is science talking out both sides of it’s mouth, here?  First we have a universe that seems hell bent upon dissolving into a state of total dissolution, while on the other hand claiming that we are a process of evolution – that we are becoming better with time.  It would seem that a universe in entropic decline DENIES such a hypotheses, that as products of said universe, we ought also be headed toward that same state of de-evolution.  How can we be evolving when everything around us is in decline and tending toward dissolution?  Science needs to get it’s story straight!

Anyone that has lived for even a moderate amount of time on earth knows that everything tends toward corruption and eventual destruction.  New cars rust.  People age and eventually die.  Nothing escapes entropy, it is a natural state for this universe.  We cannot ever get better than what we started at.  Yes, a baby cannot accomplish the things that an adult or older child can, however, the curve of life eventually directs us back along the line that leads to a state of nothingness.  In an entropic universe, this is inevitable… unavoidable.

Science tells us that we are merely a product of chance.  But, according to the testimony of the universe, chance happenings cannot be, due to entropy.  The second law of thermodynamics supports this stating that the total entropy can never decrease over time for an isolated system, that is, in a system which neither energy nor matter can enter nor leave. The total entropy can remain constant in ideal cases where the system is in a steady state, or is undergoing a reversible process. In all other real cases, the total entropy (dissolution) always increases and the process is irreversible. The increase in entropy accounts for the irreversibility of natural processes, and the asymmetry between future and past.

Scripture tells us that in the beginning everything was good… perfect.  At the advent of sin that all changed.  Despite the protests of unbelievers, the universal model tends to support this assertion.  As we age we do not improve.  Our bodies weaken.  Our minds get cloudy.  Our eyes get dimmer, etc.  In essence, we are merely shadows of what we once were in younger days.  Even society as a whole seems to follow the path of entropy with everything tending toward dissolution and eventual collapse.  How often we wish for older and simpler times!  Is this the evolution touted by the powers that be?  Should there be any corruption and evil if things can only evolve toward the better?

Entropy speaks of a system that cannot be reversed.  That would apply in a closed system described by science pertaining to the one we live in now.  What if there were a God?  Scripture says that the entropic reality we now have is merely temporary… “where moth and rust doth corrupt”.  Believe what you will, however, if we look to the example of the ever-expanding, entropic universe before us and around us, the evidence is more for God than evolution.  Evolution speaks of betterment and improvement with time.  The natural state of the earth and man and all living things tells a different story.

We can’t have it both ways.  Either the scientists are right in their theories and we disbelieve what is right there before our eyes in terms of entropy or that which testifies of divine intervention which goes along with the natural order of things.