Another Deception Exposed!

One more piece of the deception puzzle has been revealed…


I find this to be a very good video that brings it all into perspective… the lies that the self-styled “elite” have fomented upon the world in the hopes of destroying faith in our Creator and establishing their god and themselves in His place.

Where else can you find a more comprehensive reason for the way that things are and the reason that things are so fucked up?  Destroy any signs of intelligent design, paving the way for total world domination!  I can see now that the first step in that process was to throw doubt on the scriptural description of our world.  For many years, I and other deluded believers tried to explain creationism while still laboring within an evolutionary paradigm.

The end is nearing, folks.  The last movements will be rapid ones.  The grand deception is soon to come when Satan will present himself to the world as some great benefactor, when all along, this malevolent coward has been hiding behind all of the strife and misery in the world.  When that happens, the wise will be prepared to deal with his tricks and survive to see him and his followers destroyed, forever!


“Pale Rider” Was NOT a Ghost!

“Pale Rider” was/is Hollywood’s rendition of the Bible’s description of the “Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse”.  The movie focuses on the last of those horsemen, depicting death, albeit with a twist of vengeance to spice up the movie.

This is, of course, a secular viewpoint and doesn’t have a whole lot to do with fact.  In the movie, the suggestion is that this avenging rider is a spirit, ostensibly of the man who was killed at the hands of the heavies depicted as those it pursues.  There is a supernatural tinge to this movie and that’s what everyone surmises is the truth.  While this is somewhat out of scope for this blog, I’ve encountered enough critique over this on other forums, so I’m going to set the record straight on a few things concerning this movie.

For one thing, the rider cannot be a spirit.  In my considerable experience in the esoteric and spiritual realms, spirits do not possess the ability to interact on a physical level with things of this earth.  While they have and do INFLUENCE the behavior and thought of corporeal beings and lower animals, they cannot pick up material objects or engage in intimate acts (like sex) with corporeal human beings and/or animals.  The fact that the rider not only engages others in the movie in combat on a physical level and is able to pick up and use tools and weapons and even have sex with the leading lady, negates any possibility he is a ghost.  The fact that he was taken by surprise on a few occasions by unexpected acts by adversaries shows that he had concerns for his welfare, something that a ghost already dead wouldn’t be concerned with.

The rider’s back sports some gruesome scars caused by the bullets that supposedly ended his life, an act that he reciprocates on his chief adversary at the end of the show.  While certainly horrendous, these in no way guaranteed death and it is quite feasible that the rider survived and now seeks to even the score, despite the prayers of a grieving girl over the grave of her dog.  As chance would have it, she formulated her prayer conveniently around the time that the rider was heading her way to take care of business, anyway.  Perhaps he heard of the issues taking place and surmised that his old adversary would likely end up mixed up in the affair and figured that a good opportunity as any to meet and settle up.

Overall, the scriptures do not support the belief of life continuing past the point of death.  Death is non-life and the Bible emphatically states that the wages of sin are death.  God explained to Adam that sin results in death and that’s what we, his progeny, have been doing since then… dying… after our life has expired.  There is no ethereal existence beyond the grave, despite what some religions teach.  In fact, what it is, is a an old pagan belief and has nothing to do with fact.  So, based upon this alone, Pale Rider cannot be a spirit, at least not of the deceased rider, nor can it be of a supernatural entity, due to the physical acts that the rider performs.

Clint Eastwood, in an interview about the show, supposedly said that the rider that he portrayed WAS a spirit.  Well, if you’re going to go on authority, alone, I guess that his is the ultimate, whether or not it bears up to factual evidence available.  For me, despite all the error, it’s an entertaining show, however, I won’t subscribe to any other theory than that which I’ve already supplied.  The rider was a man who survived a treacherous act perpetrated upon himself by contemporaries, possibly former associates, and was merely exacting revenge upon them.  No doubt he had a helluva healing process to undergo, which added fuel to his determination to get them.  The chance to help out a beleaguered group of miners and townsfolk just added spice to the mix.

Steven Harper Visits Bohemian Grove


                       Stephen Harper

The CBC’s Carol Off, in an interview with journalist Jon Ronson, has revealed that ex-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was seen at the elitist hideaway near Monte Rio, California, otherwise known as Bohemian Grove.  This really is no surprise, given Harper’s ties to Israel and the international banks.  Harper has been brownnosing Jews for years… it’s what you have to do if you want any type of leadership role in this world.

Now that Harper has been relieved of his official duties as prime minister, he’s free to cavort more openly with his Jewish handlers, just as Barack Obama and other leaders do.  That infernal scumbag Henry Kissinger, a primary element in the Zionist cabal, is there every year, pursuing his homosexual urges with a supply of young men and boys, some who work find work as servants and cleaners, there.

Off, CBC’s resident airhead, naturally opposes anything that smatters of conspiracy, which shows in her discourse with Ronson, another airheaded moron.  This guy loves to dis Alex Jones, one of the nation’s leading experts on the activities of rich bastards behaving badly.  He and Off sound like the idiots they are as they laugh and make disparaging remarks about Jones and anyone that sees this for the threat that it is.  They laugh at the idea that the self-proclaimed ‘elite’ follow ancient pagan rituals and take human life at their ‘retreat’.  Actually, the lives that they are responsible for ending in all of their manufactured ‘crises’ and the many wars that they foment, far exceeds whatever they might do while they run around pissing on trees and fucking young boys in the trees at Monte Rio.

We take this information for what it’s worth.  Off and Co., a.k.a. the CBC and other news networks bought and paid for by the Jews, will never paint the Zionists in their true light, however, we can monitor and track the movements of these scumbags and their hanger-ons by listening to witless fools like Off and other puppets (as painful as that is) the Zionists choose to deploy and exploit in their disinformation campaigns.  The Zionist threat is real and it isn’t going away… it has too much support by the ignorant public and self-seeking politicians for that!

Keep your eyes on the trees!

Social Decay = Moronic People

And it is a fact!  When you look at society in general, common sense has been hijacked by pure, unadulterated emotionalism.  People tend to overreact in even the most mundane of circumstances, never mind serious ones.  With the advent of technology and it’s labor-saving devices, people have learned less to rely on their own merit and intuition and have become consumer zombies.  Brainless, witless morons, living for pleasure and self-fulfillment.  As an example of the depths to which we have fallen, check out this video…

Just to elaborate, notice how in the bear video, the nature bunnies out for their “workout” encounter one of nature’s (NOT Mother Nature, as pagans have personified it!) ‘little’ surprises.  This is not the “Gentle Ben” that the Bambi crowd think bears are, this is a serious predator and it is checking out our two heroes to see if they are potential fare for his dinner.  When the threat abates, you can hear the IPhone chatter “Resume workout”, showing that these two Einstein’s are likely following some half-baked program and are unable to think for themselves on how to plan a simple nature outing.

Check out the couple huddling in the ruins of their tornado-destroyed house… for crying out loud, son, MAN UP!  Whining like a little bitch is not going to comfort your hysterical wife (hard to believe that there was a time when women stood alongside their men, repelling invaders!) and kids, when everything that they know is being hurled around like it was some kid throwing a tantrum with his LEGO.  Listening to this idiot whimpering away, you’d think that there was no such thing as homeowner’s insurance!  You’re alive, imbecile, what more you want?  “MY GOD… MY GOD…!!”  Funny thing is that they likely know nothing about God, just how to wear out His name, like all infidels do!

You watch anything on social media, these days, and you wonder how we have managed to get this far as a society without simply dying from sheer stupidity!  Of course, the reason that we are even alive is due to the fact that we have a benevolent creator that is unwilling that we be left to ourselves to perish in our ignorance and arrogant stupidity.  The self-important naysayers will always disagree, nevertheless, they are dead wrong and are simply choosing to be stupid.  With technology to help them along in those lines, it is a sure thing that they will remain in ignorance and darkness.

Technology, itself, is not a bad thing, but, the stupid of this world will always abuse it.  That’s why we have (in the bad driving videos) people paying homage to their devices instead of looking out for each other on the roads.  I see it every day, with every vehicle that I pass or passes me, there is at least one person in the vehicle doing what they shouldn’t be doing… playing with their phone… or themselves.

Yes, my friends, you can safely write off society as a whole, we’re a done deal.  Satan has managed to divert the majority of people’s attention from God to worship what He (God) has created or what they, themselves, have created.  The brain-dead of the world will pose a threat to anyone that they cross paths with, it is an inevitability that must be addressed.  Those brain-dead are comprised mostly of the self-important and self-righteous infidel, supposing that they are the enlightened ones and that they possess the key for our ultimate survival.  Well, if these videos and the general gist of the way that society is going is any indication, then they are simply wilfully stupid and unable to deduce reality!

More “Climate Change” Hype… With Something else!

Ignoring the climate change bullshit, this video does have some value in it’s historicity.  It’s worth a look, despite the hype…

The truth is gradually coming out.  Of course, ancient Egypt was the center of the pagan world at one time.  Before that, we had the antediluvian world that perished during the great flood, which is where these great monuments were conceived and erected by the powerful civilization that then flourished.  They made our civilization look like comparative morons, being bigger, stronger, more intelligent… these works would have been well within their abilities to create.

Being the well-constructed monuments they are, they somehow survived even the horrendous forces unleashed by God against a rebellious world.  An arrogant and foolish society like ours cannot conceive of anything better than themselves, proved by the one skeptic in this video.  He is, however, ready to consider that extraterrestrials might have had a hand in things, when the chips were down!  This is the arrogance of the stupid, whom are always at the tail end of advancement.

Satan’s minions were able to (with his help) devise these structures with the advanced knowledge of an angel fallen, well equipped to perform the technical and mathematical feats associated with them.  Self-absorbed idiots of today can only marvel at what these adepts were able to do.  Secret societies all over the world pride themselves on their arcane knowledge and love to flaunt it toward an ignorant and unsuspecting world.  We wander around, bumping into one another while these self-proclaimed elite accomplish what we could never even come close to doing.  Though God is well able to thwart the plans of these elitists, He cannot interfere on behalf of an arrogant civilization when they do not wish it.

Though these ancient mighty men did great works, they were still dupes of a powerful foe.  They went to their graves lost men, having never learned to trust their creator.  So-called ‘scientists’ of today unwittingly follow in their footsteps, claiming to have all of the knowledge.  The simplest mind of the antediluvian world was more than a match for any ‘genius’ of today.

It will be some show when the God of Heaven reveals all to everyone about the TRUE history of the world.  The resounding thunderclap of jaws hitting the floor will spell the end of ignorance and no one will be left unaccountable.

More Bigotry Clothed in Patriotism

Omar Mateen

The enemy?

No… try THIS one…


The REAL enemy/ies!

Muslims are taking it up the ass, again!  Somehow, those slimy fucking kike bastards are able to elude the responsibility for the things that they are always pulling off on a gullible… STUPID public.  No one picks up on the fact that it is the very existence of Muslims and Christians that are keeping the demonic Jews from taking over completely.  That is why there is this push on to vilify those other two groups.  A pagan world HATES truth and faith… actually, it’s getting exactly what it deserves, with all of these so-called “terror” attacks!

So… a bunch of deviants got killed… well, that’s just too fucking bad!  Homosexuals are the prime tool the globalists use in their fight against sovereignty.  Fags typically hate all religion/s and embrace their own emotions as guide.  They hate God, hate Christ, hate Christians and Muslims… but they LOVE filth and extravagance and flaunting their disgusting lifestyle in front of everyone – and God help the poor bastard that EVER pisses them off!

No loss, really, those fifty or so queers.  Maybe the gene pool and society will benefit from having a few AIDS-riddled monstrosities removed from it.  That was NOTHING compared with what’s coming at the end of days!

I’m hoping to see the Zionists exposed, at least a little, in this.  Duped simpletons always defend these criminals, even morons that profess to have no religious leanings seem anxious to fall in behind these demons.  Of course, haven’t they been softened up by generations of socialist dogma – like being taught evolution in school?  Yet, somehow, all of that ‘superior’ learning gets tossed in favor of supporting the group that refers to themselves as being “God’s chosen ones”!  Stupid… and there’s no cure for that condition, either!

Well, America… be happy with what you’ve brought on yourselves, you richly deserve it!

Ancient Evidence For Intelligent Design

Science, today, has a hard time believing that it isn’t the end-all in everything.  The anti-theist movement, concentrated in great number on certain mediums like YouTube, have virtually taken over with many videos supposedly debunking religion and with the intention of eliminating religion from society.  An anti-theist, by definition, (defined by that great anti-theist, himself – Christopher Hitchens) is opposed to any form of faith-based system.  Of course, most of these fail to recognize that their beliefs are founded only on the say-so of their gurus that they prefer to call scientists.

This would place them in basically the same category as those that they disdain.  Of course they deny this reality and claim that only physical and tangible evidence arrived at through experimentation and observation can be considered credible for acceptance as fact.  This they accept from their natural science gurus through humanism… which is just the modern term for paganism, the worship of natural forces as creator and guide.  The idea of a personal living God is unacceptable to the modern pagan, preferring to place their fate in the belief that they are here by chance and have no future beyond this life.

There is plenty of evidence supporting intelligent design, enough even for the most hardened humanist to base some rudimentary belief that the universe is ordered by omnipotence.  They claim there is none, however, and since they demand hard proof, I found this video to supply even the most stubborn infidel with the evidence they demand…

What greater evidence is there that the universe is ordered than that provided by the mathematical precision that these ancient structures appear to be designed and built with?  The fact that there is a universal constant that seems to pervade the entire observable universe?  What infidel can deny what these artifacts provide by their very existence, today?

These provide the necessary criteria for any unbeliever to reconsider what they have been programmed almost from birth to believe… that they are merely the products of chance and pure randomness and not the children of an omnipotent and omniscient God!