Carrie Fisher Dead… The Stupid Live On!


1956 – 2016

Actress Carrie Fisher, a.k.a. Princess Leia of Star Wars acclaim, recently passed away… and already there is controversy!  Comedian Steve Martin offered his praise of her, yet, there is that certain faction out there that I will describe as the professionally butt-hurt that found his comments sexist and inappropriate.  All he said was “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.”  The mentally unstable in society immediately seized upon this opportunity to show us all that we are still cursed with their presence.

I mean, just how stupid can people get?  These professional grievance collectors must not have lives at all that they can sit and scrutinize every single last one of us and complain about everything that passes by them.  Virtually ZERO of their observations turn out to be anything other than petty and inconsequential.  Yet still, these burdens on society are allowed to voice their idiocy almost without recrimination.

Although it is a medium that I find very useful, I’m afraid that the Internet facilitates the weak-minded in society so that they can poison the rest of us with their unmitigated DRIVEL.  A public flogging is simply too good for these imbiciles, in my view.  More and more forums sport these losers whose only purpose and passion in life is to spoil things for others.

Morons don’t get a voice on this blog.  I don’t allow or entertain contrary assholes’ comments.  One particularly persistent and moronic individual keeps spamming me on a certain post… and I merely delete his comments whenever I spot his email address.  He never learns and his comments never see the light of day.  That’s the way it should be on all forums.  No, it’s not suppression of free thought or speech, it’s suppression of the moronic in society, whose comments aren’t worthy of being posted.  Nothing wrong in that.  In fact, I’d post his email address and make it public except that would be what the loser wants.  Sorry, asshole, you’re wasting your time posting here… but by all means, keep wasting your time, it’s worthless anyway.  That and we’ll always know where you are!

It’s time that the stupid in society be made to account for their crap.  Martin’s comments weren’t out of line and his brain-diseased, politically correct detractors only appear as the stupid nincompoops that they are.  They are to be laughed at and ignored.

Zionist Ass-Kissers Seek Internet Control


Cathy O’Neil


The battle never ends.  The forces aligned against freedom of speech are always seeking ways to vilify those that seek autonomy in and through freedom of speech.

I recently overheard this conversation on CBC One, the gist of this discussion going along the lines of dissing any view that contradicts the popular elitist-fueled idea that there are holocaust-denying forces out there that are determined to undermine the Jewish people.  Of course, the ‘expert’ in this case is a mathematician/soccer mom (perhaps Jewish, who knows?) that has been properly indoctrinated in Zionist Holocaust propaganda.  This is no surprise given that this dupe also supports the Zionist-backed Occupy Movement, so is a confirmed left-wing nutter.

However, as anyone with a working brain readily understands, the ENTIRE WAR was a holocaust, although the rich Zionist bankers and industrialists would have us think that only the Jews suffered in that war.  It’s all about them, it would seem.

This is an old story that never deviates from it’s planned route of establishing Zionist supremacy over the entire world.  People like this ‘expert’ and the CBC and it’s hosts are dedicated toward helping this plan come to fruition.  What they do not get is that they are enabling their own enslavement.

While there is little doubt that the Jews suffered during the war, there are differing opinions outside the mainstream elitist-controlled media of just how many really died.  Of course, in this politically correct controlled society of ours, these views are not allowed to be aired.  The first case of suppression that I encountered was the Jim Keegstra trial back in the 80’s.  Of course, he was right on most counts… but the Zionist-controlled media and government quickly shut him down.

The increasing propensity of people to trust authority to do their thinking for them does not help.  While the level of common sense continues to drop and the love of pleasure-seeking and self-gratification skyrockets with every year that passes, we are naturally going to see more of this suppression being leveled upon the unthinking world.  When political correctness subverts common sense and freedom of thought, and the pursuit of comparatively trivial distractions from the abysmally depressing grind of everyday life under the Illuminati’s one-world system of government and commerce, one may rest assured that the last days for this world have arrived.