Can The Damage Liberalism Has Done Be Reversed?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberalism!  Granted… for those of the “progressive” ilk that actually have the capacity to think, anymore…

This kind of journalism is well beyond the capacity of the socialist mind to comprehend… even among those that have had their foreheads surgically augmented so as to appear to have exceptional brain capacity and intelligence.  We can now see the blatant agenda that socialists have for destroying this country… again, those that can actually think and not the majority, whom have serious learning and comprehension issues.  Morality is a foreign concept to a liberal, they were raised with no restraints or rules placed upon them and they see that as ‘normal’.  Trouble is, their betters always knew the difference… and that their ignorant charges would be push-overs in helping them establish an atheistic, communist state in North America.

I’ve stated before how I am purging all of the unwelcome socialists out of my life, whether they be friends, family, whatever.  It has to be shown to these fools just what they are and that they are a serious threat to life and prosperity.  Those who refuse to undertake such purgings are merely exacerbating the problem and ensuring the disease spreads.  I do not believe that this society will have the time suggested by Yuri Besmenov to be able to recover from the damage that these fiends have done.  Still, all of us that are blessed with working brains have a duty to do what we can to hinder every move these socialist freaks make… whether it be in the guise of gay rights, feminism, political correctness, Black Lives Matter, etc., the bottom line is always the promotion of communism and the destruction of the so-called Bourgeoisie.  The fact that the gullible masses, the proletariat, have no conscious awareness of this is immaterial, nor is their affiliation with us.  If they’re red, they’re dead!  At least, dead to us as relevant individuals in our lives.

You can see the spirit that inhabits the psyche of your typical liberal.  Mean, violent, accusing, vindictive… combine that with a lack of moral consciousness and you have a monster on your hands.  Add to all that a smug sense of superiority and the recipe is there for destruction.  Put one of these in any position of power and you have a real problem…

The dumbing-down of America is in full-swing and there’s no end in sight.  Nothing is too ridiculous or stupid that the lunatic left won’t push it.  As I’ve said… you can help by letting these fools in your circle know they aren’t welcome, they or their dogma, unless they actually start using their heads for thinking and not simply battering rams.

Biden Gives His Okay… (you can start living, again… for now)

All you liberal morons get that?  Your commander-in-chief says you can pull off your face diapers, now, if you got your injection of God knows what.  However, we both know that you’ll continue to wear them as they have given you some sense of purpose in an otherwise meaningless and useless existence, being a burden on the rest of us…

Of course, this is only the BEGINNING.  There WILL be an enforced mandate that ALL receive this concoction of theirs, undoubtedly some neutralizing agent to either outright kill or in some way inhibit the natural life process in individuals.  Agenda 21 demands this.  There must be a dramatic reduction in the number of “useless eaters” by approximately 2030.  This will facilitate a more seamless take-over of a planet that has long been the center of a power struggle between the forces of good and evil.

Of course, all of this is foolishness to the ‘enlightened’ liberal/pagan.  This is why the vast majority of all whom have ever lived will succumb to the deceptions of Satan and be lost, eternally.  Flattering themselves that they cannot be taught or instructed or enlightened, they are prime targets for a being that knows exactly how to cater to such enormous egos.  They prefer to believe the lies their ‘experts’ tell them, that they are products of a cosmic ‘burp’… an accident, resulting in untold eons of development to a level that they consider advanced, when the opposite is true.  The truth is that the race was originally endowed with life from a benevolent Creator and have subsequently DEvolved over thousands (NOT millions) of years into the pathetic examples that we are, today.

But, I digress.  The issue at hand is will these globalist freaks allow us back into the ‘normality’ we had before COVID-19?  The answer is… not on your fucking life!  They have an entire leg and arm in the door on this and will never give one inch of the ground that they have worked so long and hard to attain.  As stated, an enforced vaccination program is in the mix and if you are unable to secure a cave out in the wilderness and subsist on vegetation and whatever rodents or small birds you can catch, you’ll be getting the vax, if you want to live and participate in Satan’s new order.  This is a certainty… best to acclimate to that fact, now and prepare (however you can) for it.

***Just a note for the religious component, out there… remember those “offshoots” your particular denomination chose to vilify in more opulent times?  They might be a viable option, (if they’ll take you) now, as living in large centers is going to get very difficult, if not downright perilous.  Remote encampments of conscientious objectors will have a better chance of resisting the satanic forces massing against us, enabling many to ride out the storm until the Master returns to deal with this lost world.

If You Think It Can’t Happen…

It’s just as I have said, all along… this so-called ‘pandemic’ is just an excuse to further rob citizens of their fundamental freedoms.  As this new world order patsy/moron/bitch-boy is suggesting, it will soon be a case of MANDATORY vaccinations, despite what that lying scumbag commie asshole, Justin Trudeau has said… that it would be voluntary!

Sure… if you don’t really want to travel on public transport or highways, if you don’t really want to eat out in restaurants, if you don’t really want to shop in stores, have a driver’s license, a job, a bank account, have access to medical care, dental, etc., etc., etc…. you may opt out!  Sound reasonable?  If your choice is to live in a cave in the wilderness and die of exposure and starvation, sure, you can refuse the vax!

You see… there really is NO choice!  You WILL accept their poison or you will be ostracized from society, probably hunted down like a criminal in the name of public safety and/or national security.  There’s no fence-sitting with these oligarchical assholes, they are in this thing for like ALL DAY and will accept nothing less than TOTAL subservience and obedience!  We, as a society, have allowed these maniacs to gain the power to rule and now we are going to receive our just due.  Through our indifference and carelessness, now we have put ourselves and our posterity in peril.  There will be NO deliverance from this, not by any human means!

If you are a firm believer in the system, that it could never do you wrong, you merely have to obey, like always.  Of course, when this system goes down and goes down hard, YOU ARE GOING TO GO DOWN WITH IT… WITH NO CHANCE FOR REDEMPTION!!  If you choose to follow the path of truth and justice, you are going to pay the price for disobedience.  God knows what some of us are going to have to endure at the hands of these demons and their simpleminded followers.  Fines, imprisonment, harassment, torture… in some cases, even death!  Yes, in the end, those who refuse the vax will be deemed a danger to society and the strictest measures will then be put in place.  If you, dear reader, think this isn’t possible in this ‘enlightened’ age, you have a serious head-up-the-ass problem… just look at what goes on in third-world countries, to this day!

Stay tuned… the new world order waits for no man and the last movements in this symphony from hell will be rapid ones!

More ‘End-Of-Days’ Events?

Perhaps, not so end-of-days as we might think, as these phenomena have been with us for better part of 75 years…

What with 9/11, the Corona ‘pandemic’ and the usual round-up of depressing news stories to keep society constantly on edge, this has always been lurking in the background.  The idea of ET’s surveilling us since the Cold War days is now joined by all these latest ‘threats’… even the Bigfoot phenomena is back, full-steam, like it was in the late Sixties and throughout the seventies.  Seems they’re kidnapping people in all the national parks and the government is supposedly covering that up along with everything else…

Well, in this world of spurious information sources and myriads of theories about conspiracy and government complicity, elitism, etc., it can become just a bit overwhelming and one begins to wonder just what is truth and what is bogus, anymore?  My answer, of course, has always been to check with the ultimate authority and one that has withstood the test of time and the relentless bombardment of criticism and overt attempts to outright destroy it… the Holy Scriptures of God, Almighty.  In them, these days have been foretold for millennia and that the final days of this world’s history would be marked with events just like the ones mentioned here.  For thousands of years, the forces of evil – mortal and angelic – have aligned themselves against the Creator and His people and have been engaged in the parlour magic shows that have so inspired the superstitious and gullible masses for so many generations.  These machinations are painfully obvious in the works that we see being manifested before us in these times.

This is not to say that these events cannot be taken seriously or that they are potentially life-threatening… they are!  The enemy is determined to destroy mankind, a great number of us, and enslave the rest.  Overall, the main objective is to separate men from God, Who is our only hope.  Were it not for the Creator, we would have perished as a race millennia ago!  What need to be remembered, here, is that all of this is directed against God and His government and it is His fight, though we be caught up in it.  There are going to be casualties… collateral damage, if you like, but, in the end, these forces are going to be destroyed and their leaders with them.  The powerful spiritual forces initiating these supernatural phenomena are ramping up “encounters” with UFO’s, Bigfoot, ghosts, and other spurious happenings in order to further deceive an already ignorant and complacent, materialistic society.  There is an ‘event’ tailor-made to every individual not already educated in the truth as it is in Christ.  Only those so informed will be able to survive what is soon to come.

Expect more in the way of supernatural and fantastic events to transpire… people being ‘raised’ from the dead, natural disasters, “signs and wonders” that herald the final conflict in a war that has transpired since before there were men on Earth… a war that began in Heaven when an upstart angel decided that his way was better than that of his Creator, resulting in his and a third of all created beings’ ruin.