No Stats… Just Common Sense!

Just to add to that, I’d trust a starving crocodile at the height of the drought before I’d trust anyone connected with this scam!

Anyway, there really is no rocket science attached to any of this bullshit!  One merely needs only the common sense that God gave him/her to figure this out as the scam it is.

Firstly… the agenda.  The agenda the self-professed elite have set for themselves is total domination of the entire world.  This isn’t a new thing, it’s historical and has been generations in the making and time is drawing near the end, they HAVE to make their final push, NOW.  The idea of a world-wide central government has been in existence for over 5000 years and many have attempted to bring it to fruition.  World empires have risen and fallen with this goal in mind and this era is no different.  A united world under a centralized world-government would ensure not universal peace and prosperity, but, instead, a consolidated oligarchy of the super rich, all of whom are satanists.  This is why Christianity and any other belief system is under attack through various specious programs… programs such as the religion of evolution of the species, which is merely a warmed-over version of ancient paganism… but, this is another subject for another time!

Right now, consolidation of power requires that the populace be subdued and that can only happen through the division of the masses, something that this hoax pandemic is designed to do and is doing very well.  Families and friends are already fighting and blaming each other for the ridiculous restrictions that the oligarchs are levying on us when it is all on the heads of the globalists, themselves.  Common sense would tell us that wearing flimsy cloth masks will not deter an aggressive virus like COVID is deemed to be, when lab techs are garbed in what amounts to space suits to handle pathogens of this nature!  Then, forcing people to mask up when entering a restaurant to sit down, THEN remove the mask to sit there for an hour or more, surrounded by other unmasked patrons/potential germ carriers… then don the mask, again, to leave the premises… I mean, what the actual FUCK is THAT supposed to do?

The controversies over the vaccines, their effectiveness (against nothing) as opposed to the side-effects they are generating… all of this and other stupid, moronic regulations that are by no means universally enforced… and the blatant, threatening manner by which these restrictions are imposed, is a dead give-away to the spirit driving this insane hoax!  So, then… WHY are people fooled by this OBVIOUS bullshit???!

Well, aside from simple conformism resulting from generations accustomed to being kept and nurtured by the ‘establishment’ and a refusal to leave it’s ‘safe’ confines, there is also an innate fear that suggests that to question what one sees before their very eyes as wrong would imply that their cherished ‘benefactors’ might not, after all, have their best interests in mind!  To imagine that their leaders might use, abuse and even kill them should it become necessary in their minds, is simply unthinkable.  Better to obey and hope to hell that obedience isn’t in vain.  Unfortunately, history has shown that governments not only go rogue, they do it quite commonly and almost systematically!  Why else do our charters and constitutions contain clauses that warn and empower us to resist any deviations from what was originally intended for governance?

Human nature being what it is, it is INEVITABLE that governments become dictatorial… yet more proof that man is not able to govern himself and needs divine guidance!  For the moment, people need to trust their own inner doubts about this latest false flag and realize that history is about to repeat itself.  Cut loose from your materialistic, egocentric hypnosis and look outside of yourselves!  Your society is being threatened by some “big idea” (George Bush Sr., 1991) that does NOT include YOU in it’s agenda, except maybe as a slave!  Nothing good has to be enforced with threats of economic sanction and even imprisonment, this is the hallmark of totalitarianism.

The “big Idea” also provides for the culling of a large segment of humanity and what better way than to do that through some means of birth control… such as a vaccination!  It’s been done, before, with the mentally-challenged and certain ethnic groups.  This hoax is world-wide… do the math!

It’s up to you… rest assured, though, these globalist megalomaniacs will not succeed in bringing about their “Novus Ordo Seclorum” and will be destroyed by God in the end of days.  If you side with these criminals, you, too, will be judged!  In any event, you will go down with the society you chose as your own… think about it… long and hard!  There’ll be no second chance!

Lazy, Conformist Airline Employees Fake COVID To Get Holidays Off!

LOL!  Yep, this COVID scam is sure benefitting SOME and providing the opportunity to screw over the public… itself, falling into a cesspool of terminal narcissism!  Here’s the latest bullshit, courtesy of the Communist Broadcasting Corporation…

What the COVID-19 planners and instigators can’t accomplish one way they do another.  The common thread is, of course, to hinder and disrupt the lives of as many of their sheep as possible and then blame it on those that see their game plan and aren’t fooled by their bullshit!  The human garbage that comprises the self-professed ‘elite’… international bankers, politicians, media executives, secret societies, etc., will never cease in finding ways to bring about their great “reset” of society.  As George Bush Sr. so arrogantly and smugly put it: “A big idea… a new world order… the rule of law, not the law of the jungle.” (Our current system of law and order)  That’s what this sonofabitch and his elitist buddies are pushing for… a world-wide oligarchy run by a central government comprised of assholes like himself.  They’ll ultimately fail, of course, but, they’ll make life hell for the world’s inhabitants in the meantime.

Bush called our current system of government “the law of the jungle” and though he’s dead and gone, (good riddance!) his lackeys and followers and those that pulled his strings are still fighting hard to get this “rule of law” in place.  They have an agenda and it’s a tight one, because, they are not fighting against mere flesh and blood, here, they are fighting against the Creator of all things!  Sure… the war would have been won eons ago, if it were just us that these power-crazed Luciferian freaks had to subjugate, but, they are fighting against the Godhead, themselves!  This shows how completely mad these fools are and after so many demonstrations of God’s power throughout history and still they think they have a chance to overthrow Him!  Their fate is not going to be pretty… shed no tears for these bastards, they deserve NONE!

The COVID scam was born out of several mock trials at seeing what would be most effective at subjugating large segments of society… from the weapons lab research into AIDS, SARS, H1N1… the list goes on!  Not to mention 9/11 and all the wars that were started for profit and the added benefit of reducing the population to what they consider manageable numbers, as they feel us “useless eaters” are destroying THEIR planet!  The introduction, over the years, of specious theories like the one that says we ‘evolved’ from lower life forms, a great shot at removing God from the consciousness of humanity, fallacious theories about nature, the world we live in, the universe… all made-up crap to occupy and delude the minds and hearts of a self-centered and materialistic public!

Anyway, not to digress too far, this latest attempt to circumvent the mounting opposition and disgust over the Draconian measures being levied to try and keep the COVID scam alive is getting sickeningly obvious.  It’s especially dirty of them to wait till vulnerable travellers are stranded before inducing their stupid cronies in the travel industry, the communism-inspired unions, to call in ‘sick’.  I would laugh at this if it weren’t so evil… that and the realization that I live in the midst of a very gullible and stupid society that they would entertain for one second these obvious ruses is disheartening to say the very least!

Luckily for me, I do not need to travel or prevail upon the ‘tender mercies’ of public transportation to get me somewhere.  I gave up on that medium after the stupidity over 9/11, when illegal and immoral searches became routine at airports.  Luckily for me I follow a omnipotent God Who never loses a fight and will destroy this evil and corrupt society along with it’s architects in a final blaze of hellfire at the end of days!  (Revelation 20: 7-10)

Until that time we have to persevere and never give up fighting these fools in whatever capacity is given us.  As for the holiday fuck-ups… well, those travellers should have known this would happen, given the character of those that wield their power over us so recklessly.  We, also, have to take some responsibility for our plight, being too lazy and indifferent to take these bastards on when it might have been possible to actually do something.  Now that the cancer has spread, it will be much, much harder to resist their machinations.

Anti-Tyranny Heroes Take To The Streets In Lima!

Would that this was happening in our communist country!

What a difference from the riots that occurred only months earlier over some stupid communist ideology championed by the liberal element in our country!  It’s plain to see just who the enemies of freedom are by these two examples.  This is, of course, what the elitists had planned all along, to divide the masses… but, at the same time, those of us that can still think rationally cannot allow these communist vermin to have their way, unopposed.

Do your part… whether by writ or overt action, never take for granted what others are only too willing to steal from you.  Never give your local politicians any rest, nor those around you that foolishly try and intimidate you, be they family or friends.  When the truth is finally revealed, they’ll see just who it was that was deceived and their blood will be on their own heads!  The tide IS turning… there will be sacrifice and there will be trial, but, do not give up when you know you are on the side of truth and justice!

Pre-Holiday Insanity In Full Swing!

LOL… alas, the utter stupidity!

People are so stupid!  They’ll throw it all away over some mild inconvenience to their silly little selves!  Instead of standing for right, they cave in, every time.  It should be painfully obvious that this is a scam, by now, but… well, when you’re stupid, I guess not!

The government says “Jump!”, the sheep says: “How high, Master?”  Being this is a communist TV station, there is always room for doubt as to it’s accuracy, however, knowing human nature like I do, it’s quite possible society is on the verge of coming unglued… once again… over perceived fears about an imaginary pandemic.

It is really, really sad how gullible people are.  But, it’s a proven fact that people, overall, are getting more stupid with every generation that is pumped out.  From an evolutionary point of view, this is quite acceptable – the stupid SHOULD be subjugated and even eliminated for the good of society… but, of course, evolution is a construct formulated by those that now seek to control the world.  So… what is the answer?  No point trying to reason with the stupid, so guard yourselves, free-thinkers, you and your own.  Protect them from your stupid neighbour and family member, don’t allow their irrational fears to poison you.  This isn’t going to end well in any case, so do what you can to protect yourselves, the sheep will one day turn on you!

A simple “FUCK YOU!!” to the government is beyond these lost souls.

Just A Note Of Added Interest…

Only those that may have been travelling in deep, intergalactic space, (lol… we know that never has or will happen!) during the last two and a half years, would be oblivious to the absolute stupidity that has prevailed upon this world.  For many, it’s been just too much… and when you have to deal with something like a family member getting sick or dying, it makes you wonder if life is really all that it is cut out to be.

Cases like the following happen every day.  No one knows more than this writer just how screwed up the system is and it will always be that way, particularly now, in these days of the Great Hoax Corona Virus Pandemic.  This item came to my attention… and I draw particular attention to the fact that the young sister of this victim of incompetency still wears the badge of shame and gullibility, showing the perpetuity of this immense hoax and scam…

Now, this unfortunate family will have to deal with the IMMENSE medical costs (if he lives) on top of what all the rest of us are having to deal with in terms of this useless and diabolical hoax pandemic.  I can’t fathom the level of programming that this young woman has endured that she feels she needs to wear that infernal mask outside!  This is what we are facing, folks, a level of indoctrination that rivals the most thorough Kamikaze training ever devised!  Even Jonestown pales in comparison with the wholesale, world-wide brainwashing that has occurred over COVID!

What does one say?  Is it wise or even morally correct to wish for someone to regain health only to be placed back in a society that is bent upon self-destruction?  What kind of world awaits those like this young man?  A slave of mammon-worshipping bankers and oligarchical Luciferian freak-jobs like the rest of us?

The picture that is arising is not a pretty one!