More To Do About The National Pestilence We All Face In Canada

The worst plague next to pure and unadulterated communism there is… LIBERALISM!

Watch for afterwards, when all forms of resistance are removed and a communist dictator has all the room to enact whatever measures he wishes to remain the undisputed authority he seeks.  Even the dupes that supported him will be shown no favor and will take their place in whatever camp or jail cell he deems fit… those lucky (?) enough to survive, that is.  The globalist plan for depopulation is FACT and is mentioned in many documents and espoused by many prominent environmentalists, inscribed in stone on the Georgia Guidestones.

Thankfully, these monuments to global tyranny were destroyed by some patriotic individual/s that finally saw that violence may have to be the only way to rid society of the subversive elements seeking it’s destruction.  A foolish and deluded mayor wishes to re-install them, but, I’m sure they, too, will meet the same end as the former structure.

In the past, governments like the one we now have foisted upon us (through no democratic process) were dealt with by similar measures.  I see no way that this present calamity can be resolved in any other way.  Dictators can only be removed by force once they are rooted.  History is replete with examples as such.

A world-wide oligarchy is forthcoming, that is a certainty.  People have taken too long to wake up to this fact, now it is inevitable.  Only God will be able to overthrow the evil that is fast encroaching.


Rabid Liberalism Is Worse Than Any Pandemic!

Yep, old Stumblebum is at it, once again, trying to defer the criticism he and his collection of socialist rejects have received over just about anything that they’ve undertaken.  Why the criticism?  Well, because, he’s a moron and his followers are only half as smart.

The attention, once again, is focused upon stealing all the weapons that honest law-abiding citizens own.  They are SCARED shitless, because, it’s obvious what their plans are and those plans can’t be undertaken when there are weapons in the hands of decent folk.  Any liberal out there with at least one hemisphere of their brain still working should be ashamed for supporting this commie trash in his agenda at destroying Canada.  However, people aren’t getting any smarter, having been raised in a socialist system, now, for at least a few decades.  Political correctness is rife and paranoia over one manufactured crisis after another has pretty much left much of the public dead above the shoulders.

I’ve said it before… these fools will never quit!  There has never been a better time to search out any and all liberals in your circle of friends and family and shun them like the plague!  That is where the REAL plague is, it’s a political one and it starts with the letter “L”.  Do not EVER confide in these people, they’re necessarily brain-dead to believe what they espouse.  Make sure, though, you seek out their leaders, all of whom are time-serving opportunists occupying legitimate and respectable public venues and offices, merely to further their guru’s agenda.  Let them know they won’t be keeping their cushy jobs and positions with your vote and support.  They do NOT have your personal concerns in mind, they don’t care about you and they hate you.  Time to get rid of the entire hive of them.

Trudeau is the illegitimate bastard son of a communist dictator and has often expressed his approval of communism.  He wants to destroy Canada and he won’t rest till that’s done.  If you support him, you’re as guilty of treason as he is.

Castreau Isn’t Done Killing You Yet!

“If you’re still getting shots, I am done caring. I tried to warn you. Now the fittest and smartest survive.”  – Lisa, RN

And, his freak show goes on… with his tranny head ‘doctor’ (FrankensTam) heading the push for suckers to get their shots updated.  The stupid WILL comply… don’t be one of THOSE!

It’s already been proven those shots do NOTHING but make you sicker.  The accounts come in daily about people succumbing to the poisons the government is injecting into us.

Reject the jab… because, if you don’t and get sick and/or die, it’s all YOUR FAULT!

… because YOU allow it!

Further reading:—canadian-govt-continues.html?_ga=2.32929534.1930471195.1665957918-807620103.1665957918

If It Walks Like A Commie, Talks Like A Commie…

It IS a commie!

With all of the crocodile tears this piece of Marxist shit has shed, you’d think we would be up to our asses in muddy water, by now.  Trouble is, that’s all they are… phony, like his heritage!  Fidel Castro’s son is living up to his mandate to destroy Canada and millions of duped morons are helping him right along his agenda.  The COVID-19 pandemic HOAX was but one instrument in this commie bastard’s arsenal… there will be more!  More ‘outbreaks’, more school shootings, knifings, all orchestrated by this evil cocksucker and his retinue of globalist masters and handlers.

Handlers like “King Charles III”, adulterer and murderer of his first wife, Princess Diana, in cahoots with his Nazi-loving father, Phillip.  Funny how most people on social media have forgotten about the exploits of this new age monster, who now holds ultimate sway in the UK as their ‘monarch’ and is free to implement measures more in keeping with the nature of his granddaddy Henry VIII, that Medieval piece of shit that went through wives like I do underwear.

I know many individuals now languishing in hospital beds in various states of condition that are suffering from the effects of the shots they got, in an attempt to escape that which they voluntarily took into their bodies with their compliance with the vax.  THE ONLY ONES WITH COVID-19 ARE THOSE THAT TOOK THE SHOTS!!!  Those that were strong and resisted the urge to capitulate to the complicit medical profession and their PUPPET media cohorts’ attempts at vilifying them are virtually immune and quite healthy.  This commie bastard is directly responsible for ALL sickness and deaths resulting from his propaganda regime and must be held accountable.

As always, I encourage all who have stood fast against the tyranny of the medical profession and the puppetized media in their attempts to divide the nation and continue to refuse any and all attempts by these scum to capitulate to any serums or any actions that they deem necessary to preserve peace and order.  These are seasoned LIARS and con artists… psychopaths, with no other concern than what benefits them.  The ‘science’ they extol is BOGUS BULLSHIT!  REAL science doesn’t support their assertions and they rely on a sheep-like public to help them enforce their evil mandates.  Don’t ever let them blame YOU for what they,do to themselves!

Get involved!  Let everyone in your circle know what it is and who they are that they are blindly following.  The mainstream media cannot be trusted.  Trust your common sense!  Their ‘logic’ defies common sense!

Your country stands to fall, very soon… it’s up to you if you want to live free or in fear for the rest of your life.

Mass Killings In Saskatchewan! (A message for the Prime Minister)

… and no hint of any gun-play!  Isn’t that something?

Justin Castreau offers his half-hearted, half-assed ‘condolences’ as usual… no threats about banning any or all forms of cutlery, though!  See, Justin?  We don’t need guns to kill each other… guess it’s really not about guns at all, huh?

Commie PRICK!

Bill C-21… Another Grab At The Public’s Guns!

What this painfully obvious latest attempt at disarming the public in paving the way for totalitarianism to follow, shows the determination (and desperation) of the communist Canadian liberal government in aiding and abetting elitist cocksuckers in establishing their world oligarchy.  Justin Trudeau, a.k.a. Justin Castreau, illegitimate son of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro and international whore and laughingstock, Margaret Sinclair Trudeau Kemper, is pulling out all the stops in his bid to establish himself as this country’s most dull-witted and hated prime minister.  He routinely operates outside of parliamentary procedure and is able to do this with the support of a very large group of moronic supporters and lobbies.  Illegal immigrants, too, eager to flee their respective shithole countries all support and love their commie benefactor, flooding our once-great nation and watering down it’s cultural and economical values.

With spurious buy-backs and temporary respites from a total and all-out confiscation program, ensuring that guns cannot be resold and/or handed down as heirlooms, EXCEPT to the government, Castreau is relentless in his pursuit of our weapons, using false flag, covert operations like the Sandy Hook school shootings as a basis for his Draconian schemes.  This is just plain all and out theft, something that the liberal mind considers fair, unless it happens to them, of course.

What can we do, then, to stop this egomaniac before he totally wrecks this country and turns it into a liberal shithole?  It will take some personal effort on a large scale, writing, phoning, emailing, personal visits, etc., to one’s local representatives, including the enemy’s, themselves, pointing out exactly why this government is operating way beyond it’s mandates.  If nothing else, it will require the precious time of these time-serving public ‘servants’ to look into these complaints, something that they find naturally abhorrent, to be sure.  I, myself, have ZERO faith or confidence in the present parliamentary system, but, most still do and it will give them something to do other than chase after their own hedonistic agendas.

Soon, given the liberal mindset, only criminals will have guns, something that every liberal politician is well aware of… don’t get this wrong, they KNOW crooks won’t comply, which is WHY they want to disarm the rest of us, so they can use the criminal element as further excuse to drop more and more restrictions upon us.  Also, with crime rising exponentially due to an unarmed public, their hope also is that many will be killed, thereby lowering population levels, levels that they believe are way too high.  The tree-hugging eco-freaks are unaware of how they are being used to accommodate this specious agenda.  What bunny-hugging moron in your circle of friends and family hasn’t remarked how evil man is and would like to see him wiped off the planet?

Call it what you like, liberalism is communism.  The two are inseparable and we’re all going to see this first-hand in the very near future.  Reader, it’s time you took a stand or go down under a flurry of pagan communist jackboots!

Vaccine-Pushing ‘Doctor’ Collapses On Run!

Pro-Vax New World Order plaything Dr. Doug Eyolfson, an unsympathetic and virulent denouncer of individual rights and freedoms seems to have had some medical issues, himself, something his pro-jab philosophy and multiple inoculations seemed powerless to prevent.  How sad.  Well, sucks to be him, I guess.  I mean, that’s how he views those that oppose his world view that everyone be forced to be jabbed.

See more on this idiot, here:

His Marxist bum-buddy, Justin Castreau, was quick to offer his fellow communist his personal condolences on his Twitter page.  Both are opposed to any form of personal sovereignty in their Marxist views that everyone be controlled by the state.  Castreau’s latest attempts to reignite the national gun-grab with a proposed bill to offer up to $4830.00 (he couldn’t seem to make it to an even five grand, LOL!) for private firearms shows the communists’ determination to fulfill their globalist masters’ agenda of a totalitarian world government.  They NEVER forget… and they NEVER quit!  DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS, they must be worried about reprisals to whatever they have planned!

Castreau doesn’t appreciate it when he’s reminded of his heritage and personal philosophy, either, as an opportunity to have his narcissist Marxist puss preserved in a selfie backfired when his photographer called him a communist fuck…

There have been more than a few doctors succumb to their vaxxes in the last while.  These fools have no inkling of the character of those pulling their strings!  Yet, they willingly support having their fellow citizens take experimental drugs and support Draconian measures to force them to take them… and they’re paying the price for their infidelity…

I, personally, have received numerous comments from inoculated friends that they now wish they had not been jabbed.  What do you say to them?  Sucks to be you?  Were they dragged bodily out of their homes and workplaces and forced to take them?  Was the censure of family and friends and threat of job loss worth selling your health and future down the river?  Being able to sit in a restaurant with other potential plague carriers, unmasked, for an hour or more, thinking that you’re safe because you came IN wearing a mask?  Whatever happened to the basic common sense that most of us were born with?

The virus is IN the jab, folks!  It’s NOT ‘out there’ and it’s NOT transmissible!  If it were, they’d be satisfied with just having a few inoculated and unworried about everyone getting jabbed.  They’d count on those inoculated few spreading the disease around, themselves, but, it needs to be inserted into the bodies via injection to work, which is why they want everyone vaxxed!

Resist the temptation to cave in to familial and peer pressure to conform.  These, themselves, have no concern for you over their own interests.  There’s no danger to you if they get the shot, they’re only harming themselves.  You WILL be harming yourself, though, if you capitulate and get the jab.  The cowards are the ones that capitulate to their New World Order masters!