Political Correctness Monster Loose Again!

Yep, it’s out again!  That crazy old beast political correctness is out and terrorizing a once-free society with all of it’s brain-dead adherents, unsatisfied with all of the carnage that it has caused all these previous years… check out the latest lunacy, here.

I have to add this little ditty for those of my readers that do not understand links: whenever I refer to here, (underlined text) that means if you point to that word and click on it, it will go whatever source I have provided.  I know, it’s old hat to seasoned interneters, however, some new to the tubes do not understand this concept.  It’s just a fast and convenient way to redirect people to whatever source or authority you need for your story.

Anyway, getting back to this story… yes, it seems that the lunacy just never ends where political correctness is concerned.  We all of us thought that it was maybe a passing thing… clearly, this is not the truth.  It seems this is a cancer that is here to stay.  Now, some other minority group has their panties in a knot over names.  It seems there will always be a core group of crazies to continually harangue society and ensure that we never have any peace in the land.

Last year, some Indians were having kittens over a local university team using a native term as a title for their club.  As usual, one particularly outspoken individual was leading out in the fight, some crazy politically correct racist bitch that was dividing her time between whining about the team’s choice of titles and bitching about the generally evil nature of the white man.  Of course, she wasn’t being racist, only white people are racist… to the politically correct, anyway.

People just need to ignore these shitheads, they’re all clearly unbalanced and should be institutionalized.  There is one dumb anti-theist bastard headquartered in one of our larger centres that never fails to rant about Christmas and how it should be done away with, because, as he puts it, it offends him as a non-believer to see signs of a religious nature on city buses wishing people good cheer in the holiday season!  This tells you a lot about the type of individual we’re dealing with!  I’ve personally locked horns with this nut and I can tell you he’s definitely certifiable.  Even other atheists think he’s a nut and that’s saying something!

I accept that we shall always have the crazies with us in this world and that it will get a helluva lot worse before things get better, but, I think it’s high time that these fools be forced to account for the silly and needless litigation that they often spawn over their frivolous machinations.  Make an example of a few of these idiots and maybe that will deter others from being public nuisances.  After all, it’s our money that these buttheads are squandering… NONE of them foot their own legal bills.  Make them pay their own way and you’ll see a marked drop in cases of this nature.

All of this insanity is possible in a socialist construct like the one that we have.  In a system that rewards inefficiency and criminality and laziness, what else can one expect?



The Fag Saga of Bullshit Continues…

The homosexuality cult is going strong… now they’re countering a long-standing argument they couldn’t (can’t) prevail against, with outright lies…

It’s the same with the evolution crowd, years of biding their time has enabled even their small, diseased brains time to formulate some kind of cock-and-bull story to advance their deviant views.  It can only get worse, folks!

It must be the height of arrogance and narcissism that makes deviants imagine that we want to be like them!  Who in bloody hell wants to be a sickly, disease-ridden bag of shit like most hard core homosexuals are, preying on an already burdened medical system?  Their influence in courts of law and legislatures tells us that they already curry the favor of politicians seeking votes.

Yep, fags have it pretty good in the land… for now, anyway.  There aren’t enough barbed wire fences around to hang them on, but, there’s a thing called the judgment that will see it to that they get their proper due.

Till then, we’re going to have to endure these freaks… more or less.

Zionists The True Bigots

We’re seeing more and more of this kind of bullshit…


I can’t go anywhere, these days, without hearing about the big bad Muslims… and I’m getting sick of it!

The Zionist Illuminati has done it’s work well, programming the brainless retards in our society to think that it’s all the fault of Muslims that the world is the shithole that it is.  Go into any coffee shop and you’ll hear them talking about how something should be done and that all Muslims should be nuked and yadda, yadda, yadda… it gets fucking tiring listening to all these no-brains go on and on and on and on and on, when they haven’t clue one what it is they’re talking about.

The latest idiocy is this preoccupation with ISIS.  What or who is ISIS?  It’s the same game we played with Al Qaeda… the terrorist group that, low and behold, turned out to be just another wing of the CIA!  Guess what?  ISIS is no different!

ISIS will turn out to be yet another covert group spawned by the criminal Zionists to try and place blame upon Muslims and to divert attention away from the REAL perpetrators of all of the wrong-doing, which are the Zionist Jews, i.e. the Rothschild-led international banking cartel.  For more on this read here.

People, DO NOT FIXATE on the news for your information, they are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by the Illuminati.  Right now, it’s open season on Muslims with darling Israel absolved of any and/or all possible wrong-doing.  Israel can travel the world and invade any sovereign country that they choose and murder anyone that they suspect is unfriendly toward them, and no one says boo about it.  Israel can shoot down airliners and attack allied warships WITHOUT accountability, because, THEY are “God’s chosen ones” and no one says boo to any of it!  Most of Hollywood and nearly all of social media is Jewish controlled and NOBODY seems to be able to put two and two together.

Like why is it that Israel is UNIVERSALLY hated?  Is that just COINCIDENCE?

People need to get their heads out of their asses and actually start to question why it is that Israel receives so much money in foreign aid yet seems unable to defend herself without begging for money from her so-called ‘friends’?  And THIS is the thanks we get…

Now, I can’t get this message across to people that I know in the real world, offline, they simply do not have the interest in searching out truth for themselves, they prefer to let the elitist-controlled media spoon-feed them bullshit, 24/7.  I’m sure that some of you enlightened readers have the same problem with your dead-end friends.  This is a burden that I’m afraid we shall always have.  Until people get it through their heads that they have to educate themselves, NOTHING will ever change, they will continue to be the ignorant asses that they are, led about by their noses by the Jewish elite.

The message that the Illuminati is trying to get across to the masses is that they can expect more and more terror attacks and that it is the Muslims that are to blame.  The Zionists did 9/11 and guess who got the blame for that?  Our stupid politicians are all in bed with Israel and that isn’t going to change.  But, we do not have to allow ourselves to be led about like sheep, any longer.

Time to grow some balls and tell the Zionist whack-jobs to go fuck themselves!


The Politically Correct Are This Week’s Morons Of The Week

This isn’t much of an exaggeration, folks…

Yep, it’s just about that stupid in our society.  People just don’t seem to get how easily they are being led around by their noses by an elitist cabal (the Illuminati) that have determined themselves superior to everyone else and are subverting society to destroy individual freedoms and autonomy.

The media are probably the greatest offender by helping to spread this absolute craziness, creating a society of senseless zombies totally consumed with appeasing their elitist gurus.  Humanity is being absorbed into a world-wide cult of absolute madness with no free thought allowed, only what is determined to be acceptable behavior by a self-appointed tribunal of elitist assholes.

There was a time when I would’ve laughed knowingly at this kind of video… it’s really no laughing matter, anymore.  How low do we have to sink before people wake up?  Sexual perverseness and deviancy is considered normal, personal achievement is stymied, lethargy and stupidity encouraged by the politically correct and insane “Outcome Based Education” format now prevalent in schools… what in the bloody hell is society devolving into???

Question authority… ALWAYS!!!

Remembrance Day ‘Etiquette’


Here’s how to wear your poppy properly.

Here’s a better idea… forget the whole thing!  Not too patriotic, huh?  How is perpetuating war through it’s remembrance and worship (through so-called patriotism) being patriotic?  How is making rich bastards even richer by sacrificing your children to fight in their fucking wars, patriotic?  Invading and subverting foreign nations that don’t have a hope of reaching you in yours, patriotic?  Believing the lies of scheming politicians and their banker bosses is patriotic?

Society has fallen hard for the schemes of the devil.  Every November 11th, we get a booster shot of this so-called patriotism so that the elitists can always count on a fresh supply of bodies and money to keep their wars of acquisition and domination going.  The new world order these psychotics are fashioning depends on the gullibility and personal sacrifice of every citizen.  In our ignorance, we are enabling our own slavery.

To me, it’s a day off from slaving for the bankers, nothing more.  It has nothing to do with the sacrifice of our gullible and well-meaning soldiers, it’s all about the accumulation of wealth by the wealthy.  It’s a tool for the further exclusion of us from their society.  I will spend the day either alone or with like-minded people that can see past the emotional aspect of this to the dark purpose that it really serves.

Get Ready For A Ride…

… straight into hell!

Well, we now have a new government.  New, in the sense that the faces have changed, whilst the agenda remains the same… to fuck up the country and drive us all into deeper and deeper debt and slavery.  Trudeau will now take up where Jean Cretien left off and reinstitute the failed gun registry, the long form census, place know-nothing immigrants and God-hating dykes and fags in government offices and generally fuck things up for everyone… with the Illuminati banksters ultimately profiting from it all.

Our moronic citizenry, accustomed to being kept as herd animals, saw to it that another election was railroaded.  All, save about five percent of the population, have absolutely no business voting.  The reasons they vote like they do are based upon nothing resembling careful thought, only emotions and whim.  Many vote to spite a certain individual, some say they just feel a change is in order… like they were on some sort of shopping trip or ordering in a restaurant or something.  Others vote with their penises and vaginas… none are politically savvy or competent to judge what’s right for their country.  It’s like handing a loaded revolver to a kid.

One thing is certain, the ‘new’ government will not keep a fraction of it’s promises and will obey their Zionist masters’ orders in subverting the Canadian economy.  They have already driven the US into an insane multi-trillion dollar hole, the bumbling black homosexual retard named “Obama” their prize pit bull.  The idiot runs off to every war that they start and wrings the needed money and manpower to accomplish these missions out of an increasingly gullible and meat-headed public.

Is THIS what we want for Canada?  We are well on our way to this situation that the Americans have allowed to happen to themselves.  When all that matters to a brain-dead public is what sports shows are on and where the nearest beer is, you can write that society off.  We asked for this shit to fall on us and by God, we’re going to get what’s coming to us!

Moron Of The Week 2

Our latest installment of “Moron of The Week” is:


This is the result of over-indulgence and of modern society’s reluctance to discipline.  Citizens are encouraged by the brain-dead ultra-liberal left to squeal on each other and report when children are rightfully disciplined by their parents.  Schools are not allowed to discipline, nor are they allowed to fail students as everyone is equal in their minds.  Too bad, though, that employers do not share that view and will immediately dismiss the first fuck-up that fails to perform.

Oh the irony!  That the ultra-liberal left should subscribe to evolutionary teaching that survival of the fittest is and has always been the prerogative of blind chance and arbitrary nature and not special design, then they contradict their own teaching by going against that rule and determining that even inferior models be given every chance to succeed… even at the expense of those with true potential and the will to perform!