Yet ANOTHER False Flag For Us!

I’ll bet some of you were wondering why Castreau reversed course on his dictatorial COVID mandates so quickly, right?  And, why I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon celebrating it?  Well, there’s a ‘new’ kid on the block… and his names Vladimir Putin!  The recent ‘invasion’ of Ukraine sets another stage for the advancement of globalism on earth!

Nope!  It was simply too easy, Justinian pulling his tail between his legs and running like the little Cuban bitch-boy he is!  His NATO bosses gave the order to back off and rally against his comrade-in-arms, Vladimir, for the purpose of… well… ultimately removing what freedoms the few sovereign countries that are left and not under the rule of the globalist hit-team comprising the ranks of NATO, have…

Vague and rhetorical responses characterize most political mouthpieces, these days.  General Jens Stoltenberg is typical of the arrogance and smugness that all new age proponents exhibit in their public appearances.  While most elitist-sponsored Q&A’s are scripted and rehearsed, beforehand, any and all are characterized by the same rhetorical doublespeak reserved for and with any discourse with the public.  We’re not considered equals with them, so, we get the master/servant treatment… they’ll tell us what they think we need to know, IF they think we need to know and when.  One point not touched, here, is that there is already a sizable contingent of NATO forces in the area, which shows their ‘preparedness’ for this eventuality.  Also, you can bet that force is made up primarily of foreign nationals, their counterparts having now been stationed HERE!  The reason for this will play itself out once the COVID restrictions and mandates are reestablished.

NATO has long been recognized as the front for the globalist plan for world government.  Like it’s predecessor, the League of Nations, established after WWI, it is the Khazarian Cartel’s prime instrument in regulating and controlling the forces that have and shall be turned loose in the final days of earth’s history to finally (they hope) unite humanity under one flag.  As in ancient Babylon, it is the final push in a desperate war against divine power and government and sovereignty over this world… a war they cannot win.

My prediction is that there will be some territory gained, and, of course, much money made from the development and deployment of weapons, (non-nuclear) perhaps significant reduction in population levels… ALWAYS a boon from the viewpoint of communistic environmentalism… but, primarily, (they hope) a renewed confidence in the ‘leaders’ of communist ideology (like Justin Castreau) to rule.  This is important, considering the trials and tribulations that are soon to befall humanity… which is another story for another time!


We’ve Been Played!

More and more medical experts are speaking out against the HOAX that has been perpetrated upon society for the last two years…


One thing I have consistently harped about, over and over, is that society MUST give up their confidence in the mainstream media, whom have sold themselves, lock, stock and barrel over to the globalists.  It is impossible to retrieve anything remotely resembling truth from these bought-and-paid-for mouthpieces of the Big Pharma and Khazarian/Illuminati Cartel.  As most doctors have bent the knee and pursed the lips to Big Pharma, dependent upon them for their licenses and livelihood, there are those, like Dr. Jenson, who have risked much to come apart from these corporations to help you.  You can play it ‘safe’ and ignore him and others like him or you can be good little sheep/slaves in the grand “reset” that will eventually reduce the already dwindling humanity in you to a mere ghost!

Trying To Make Sense Of A Senseless Action

Here are two respected members of social media giving their perspective on the evil actions of an illegitimate Cuban bastard child and his communist government…

If anyone knows the workings of a communist propaganda machine, it’s Rex Murphy.  He ran a commentary for the Communist Broadcasting Company (CBC) for years.  He’s a respected adviser on political affairs, so only the ignorant would discount what he has to say.

Castreau’s Regime Gets Boost From Fellow Communists!

Yes, the radical leftists in the NDP, once again, rally to aid their communist master, this time in helping him pass his Draconian Emergency Measures Act…

Rest assured… there was NO RELUCTANCE involved, these commie scum hang together!  Canada is now officially under the control of the communists!

More on this, later!

Toronto Protests!

It’s just not Justinian’s day!

This is very encouraging, though this is, after all, a supernatural war… supernatural in the degree of DENIAL that some people have, believing that this government is legitimate and relevant.  Yes… I would even hazard a guess that they’re just plain STUPID.

They say you can’t fix stupid… well, perhaps not, but, you can certainly drive it out of your family and circle of friends and associates!  That’s our job as citizens and patriots… shun the stupid… wherever you might find them.

Local Communist Steps Down!

Ryan Meili

CELEBRATION!  Finally… some GOOD news!  The Saskatchewan leader of the Communist Party (NDP) has stepped down!  Ryan Meili is history!

This Marxist scumbag has been pushing for a mandatory vaccination for all federal employees and ostensibly for all citizens wishing to enjoy even the most basic freedoms in our society.  He is one of Justin Castreau’s elite corps of knob-gobbling idiots and his passage is looked upon by this writer as something of a boon and hopefully will result in the resignation and/or expulsion of that Cuban moron infesting the PM’s office in Ottawa!

Yesterday, Trudeau’s thugs overran a protester crowd astride horses and seriously injured several people.  This is how commies work.  We still have to deal with a corrupt crowd of pseudo-medical experts in Saskatchewan and Canada, but, one step at a time.

Saquib Shahab

Shahab, like his boss that petrified mummy, Theresa Tam, has been pushing the vaccination program and the hoax pandemic since the beginning, some two years, ago.  A part of Justin Castreau’s elite communist team, these icons of socialism continue to make our lives miserable, BUT, there is an awakening among the citizenry that the government is not a democratic one, that it was formed dishonestly and CRIMINALLY and that the head of the communist Liberal party is an inept puppet controlled by an unseen cadre of international elitists.

While this is but another chapter in the slow but relentless demise of a society that has chosen to ignore God to follow the economy of evil men, it will, hopefully, show those that have forsaken their faith in favor of a temporary existence and it’s dubious honors and rewards that what they had is infinitely better than the best that this world could ever hope to offer.

It’s no longer “kewl” to worship the ‘science’, folks, the ‘science’ is bullshit and so are those that push it!