There’s NO Cure For Stupid!

The sheep, once more, demonstrate their innate capacity for taking stupidity to new and even higher levels.  Alex Jones, noted conspiracy author and revelator is now under attack by those that willingly aid the tyrannical forces running our governments, for simply pointing out that the highly suspect school shootings are, in fact, false flags aimed at eliminating all private ownership of guns and enabling tighter and tighter security for the purpose of controlling the movements and economy of the public.

He’s facing a lawsuit mounting into the hundreds of millions… see, it’s always the same with a defunct public, money solves everything!  Soooo sad they lost their precious darlings… but, maybe we can make a few bucks off of them?

How easy it is and how the orchestrators of these false flags; corrupt politicians and their elitist bosses, must laugh at the gullibility of a stupid, brain-dead public so consumed with self-serving and self-enrichment that they’ll disbelieve anything that would tend to interrupt their headlong rush into the abyss!  Tel them smooth things and they’re content.  When they get a little too complacent, construct some ‘disaster’ so that they momentarily look toward those that they claim to mistrust, yet always turn to in their time of need.  Leaders misbehave on a daily basis and the public screams foul, yet, when something like a fake disaster comes along, all those suspicions abruptly end.  People are simply stupid… period.

Fake disasters like COVID 19, 9/11, etc., all these things designed for the purpose of controlling the masses… and the masses NEVER catch on!

The trap is slowly closing shut on a gullible, materialistic society and national ruin is but a few months away.  Too late will the sheep realize the presence of the wolves in their midst… when their throats are ripped out!


Putin’s Here… (but Trudeau will be back!)

Justin and… something…

The war in Ukraine might have the Canadian public momentarily distracted, but, make no mistake, we’re not free of the communist threat in this country by ANY means!  The Cuban love-child between a communist dictator and an international whore is only taking a well-deserved breather from screwing up Canada to follow his elitist handlers’ orders to go heap condemnation on his communist brother’s invasion of Ukraine.  Both Putin and Castreau are dyed-in-the-wool Communists and are now engaged in a form of international ‘good cop vs. bad cop’ scenario with the same goal and purpose… destroying democracy and helping usher in a new world oligarchy run by tyrants.

Castreau will return and he’ll be bringing his Marxist-style ‘leadership’ with him, along with a resurgence of one of his favorite front-line attacks against freedom and democracy… gun control.  The ads are already being played on various social media platforms on about how concerned the Liberals are about our welfare as Canadians and that we have to get those nasty-wasty guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and into the hands of criminals and deviants, Justin’s people!  Being a criminal himself, this is acceptable and desirable.  The population loves hating on this guy, but, in doing that they miss the fact he’s only playing off of a script written for him by his Illuminati masters, whom he thinks will someday reward him for his obedience.  Anyway, once the desired level of destruction of national sovereignty and freedom is achieved, the way will be paved for Canada’s absorption into a world-wide system of terror such as never been seen before.

No, ol’ Blackface certainly isn’t capable of pulling off any such grandiose scheme as the aforementioned one, he needs the help of a well-backed and financed cadre of globalists, those like Vladimir Putin and pretty much EVERY government head and political system on the face of the earth.  Yes… it IS just that bad!  Nobody that isn’t a part of this global octopus is occupying any government office of any significance anywhere on this world and our placid and indifferent attitude has allowed this to happen.  Casting USELESS votes in USELESS elections designed by elitists for themselves only ensures the deception continues, year after year… generation after generation.  The oligarchy now exists, for all intents and purposes, needing only ratification by a central government established in and run from IsraelJerusalem, to be exact.  You see, the ultimate foe we face is none other than the prince of all liars and murderers… Satan.  Satan has long had his sights set on usurping God’s throne and while he can no longer enter the celestial chambers in Heaven, he has since channelled his vast army of human dupes and fallen angels into assisting him in taking over the earth.  Since the days of Babylon and Nimrod, Satan has sought to establish a central government run by himself on earth.  To date, he has been thwarted… and will always be thwarted, as he is quite insane and cannot comprehend the fact that he battles omnipotence.  Nonetheless, this is bad news for the inhabitants of the world as we still have some way to go before Satan is finally and totally defeated.

It’s never been a matter of ability on God’s part of destroying Satan, He could do that in an instant.  What complicated matters is that Satan’s prowess at deceiving has impacted many souls, not just those here on earth.  Heavenly intelligences were confused by his strange accusations and rebellion in a formerly serene and harmonious universe and needed proof of what he was and what he was becoming.  What sealed the matter for them was when Satan murdered God’s Son.  Now, it only remains for Satan’s true character and very existence (which he manages to conceal from the majority of people) to become plain.  Like most diseases, sin must run it’s course in it’s due time.

Till that time, Satan’s servants will wreak havoc and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  There will be wars and rumors of wars… in the end, Satan and all of those that side with him will be destroyed.  Thousands of years of determined rebellion has taken it’s toll on the mind of even the most powerful created entity’s mind.  Satan is literally quite insane.  Nothing will be denied him, nor those that have cast their lots with him.  Many dupes follow other dupes more ‘in the know’ than they out of some expectation of reward, disregarding the rights and freedoms of their fellow men.  This will be enough to have their ticket to eternal salvation cancelled.

Communism is the world-wide religion of the new world order planned for mankind.  With that will come all of the features that accompany a godless, atheistic philosophy.  It will be the world religion… and the COVID-19 mandates that defied all legislative authority were but a forerunner of the mandate that will soon follow, once the spread of communism has reached it’s desired level.  There will be an order for every citizen of the new system to take an oath of allegiance and with that oath a public declaration made by observing one day in seven as holy.  That day will be the first day of the week… Sunday.  This will come with the penalty of DEATH for those that refuse to honor it.  All previous impositions have been slowly and inexorably leading up to this final event, followed by the visit of a false Christ (Satan) to drive the point home.  This visitation will come at a time of extreme tribulation in the world, to a war-weary public that will settle for practically anything to achieve the peace so often cried for in this day and age.

The war in Ukraine is but one of many tribulations to come.  Some fear nuclear action… this will never occur as the power of nuclear weapons, today, far eclipse that of those comparative firecrackers used in the Second World War.  The self-professed ‘elite’ do not wish for their planet to be made uninhabitable for them and those few they allow to live to serve them.  COVID-19 vaccinations and other man-made contagions are among the most useful means, now, of depopulating the world as the elitists view the present population to be excessive and counterproductive… and, of course, harder to manage as opposed to a smaller herd.  There are, indeed, true and legitimate plagues to come, as forecasted by scripture, those are God-given and directed against the oligarchy and those that follow it.  Those, by contrast, WILL be easy to discern… there will be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that there is something going around, unlike that of the last ‘pandemic’!

For now, we must deal with the matters at hand… and that being to deter the spread of communism as much as it is given to us to do.  Justin Castreau will resume where he left off, once his momentary diversion to matters in the Ukraine is deemed sufficient to fool the shallow into thinking that he could possibly have a turn of conscience toward his dealings with Canadians.  This guy will never change!  He didn’t get where he is without the stamp of approval by his elitist masters, whom view him as the perfect tool and patsy.  He is just smart enough to get up there and perform like the puppet he is, dumb enough to believe that he’ll actually receive something more than a “Good boy, Justin!” puppy-dog pat on the head.

So check for him under your beds at night, little children!

We’ve Been Played!

More and more medical experts are speaking out against the HOAX that has been perpetrated upon society for the last two years…


One thing I have consistently harped about, over and over, is that society MUST give up their confidence in the mainstream media, whom have sold themselves, lock, stock and barrel over to the globalists.  It is impossible to retrieve anything remotely resembling truth from these bought-and-paid-for mouthpieces of the Big Pharma and Khazarian/Illuminati Cartel.  As most doctors have bent the knee and pursed the lips to Big Pharma, dependent upon them for their licenses and livelihood, there are those, like Dr. Jenson, who have risked much to come apart from these corporations to help you.  You can play it ‘safe’ and ignore him and others like him or you can be good little sheep/slaves in the grand “reset” that will eventually reduce the already dwindling humanity in you to a mere ghost!

A Quote

“The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”Author Unknown

This quote sums up my beliefs and is a warning to any and all that suppose that they can impose their will upon others… NOT just politicians, rogue doctors and that ilk, but, common, everyday people that think that by bullying and cajoling and threatening their peers into doing what they, themselves, thoughtlessly embarked upon will not be met with an equal, if not superior determination and with violence!  This writer has long ago determined that no one will force their ideologies or thoughts upon me without terrible cost to themselves in terms of health and well-being.  The COVID hoax stands out as one of those things that will be met with violent opposition should some idiotic social justice warrior attempt to coerce me into their line of non-thinking and I am not alone in this!

The violence in the UK and Australia is but the beginning.  Of course, this is playing into the hands of the oligarchs pulling the strings of all the puppet bureaucrats, doctors, banks, business tycoons and politicians that presume that they are on some holy mission to correct society and bring it into line with THEIR thinking.  It’s really a win-win situation for them.  If there is violent opposition to their mandates, they point to that as proof that they are right and a sympathetic and fearful public side with them, fearing their narcissistic little microcosmic world of predictability and safeness will be interrupted and/or harmed.  If people go along, as many do, in their ignorance, they point to this, also, as proof that they are right!  Again, they garner the support of the ignorant masses against those of honest character and upright vigilance.

Champions of truth should NEVERNEVER answer interrogations directed toward them on explaining themselves and/or their motives… IT’S GONE WAY PAST THAT TIME, NOW!!  Now… it is the turn of those that dogmatically assert their claims based upon rhetoric spewed forth by ‘experts’ that claim exclusive authority to interpret ‘facts’ that only they have the purview or the knowledge and expertise to decipher… and that we only need agree and obey their dictates.  This isn’t good enough!  People with an agenda ALWAYS operate in closely guarded secrecy and vague determinations.  They rely on intense and unrelenting propaganda delivery machines like complicit, private and government-owned and sponsored media networks to reach the masses, knowing full-well that everyone can identify with these monolithic establishments, having literally been raised up by them.

This experiment in totalitarianism will not end without blood.  We will all soon have to render an account for what we believe and do and this will not go unheeded or, in many cases, unpunished, by those complicit in the destruction of democracy and the sovereignty of the world’s free nations.  There is only one outcome allowed in this “new world order”… COMPLIANCE!  Total, unmitigated compliance!

This WILL NOT go unchallenged!

NWO Pledge to Lucifer!

And part of that initiation involves a vaccine, it’s two-fold purpose being, one, such as stated above… a signal of obedience and allegiance to the system and it’s worthiness to command, and two, the serum carries some kind of neutering agent to help the self-professed ‘elite’ cull the vast numbers of “useless eaters” that are polluting and congesting ‘their’ planet.  This is FACT and one that no naysayer is qualified to dispute.  This plan has been in existence for decades and is now close to fruition.

Time-serving politicians cater to the fears of an indulgent, slavish, paranoid population.  The people demand that they be protected even from imaginary viruses and “scamdemics”.  With the lucrative summer months now over, the former COVID restrictions will be brought back under the guise of protection from an imaginary “fourth wave”.  Of course, even a simpleton can see through this OBVIOUS scam… yet, a clear majority of citizens cannot seem to!

The piece of grabasstic shit masquerading as a prime minister, Justin Castro-Trudeau, is implementing new measures in his bid for the leadership of the late great nation of Canada, late in the sense that his ilk have pretty much destroyed this nation, he and his deluded followers and minions.  To be a liberal, in this writer’s view, is to be worse than a criminal.

They say that the population can be judged by their political leaders… take a good long look at yourselves, Canada!

Facebook’s Elitist Connection Verified!

It’s long been suspected that Zionist Zuckerberg’s connection with the Illuminati is real.  It would explain the wanton political correctness that’s practiced by Facebook’s admins over the years.  Yet, blatant racist trash like that which follows is still allowed to remain posted on their forum…

Anyone pondering opening an account with this Zionist shill is advised to know just what kind of forum it really is.  Racism and anarchy are openly embraced on Facebook… or should we rename it “Fascistbook”?

Celine Dion Pushing Satanic Message Through Children’s Clothing

The popular French singer has partnered up with “Nununu”, a clothing designer that caters to so-called “gender neutral” – minded customers, mainly their children, to sell what would be considered by any normal and healthy-minded person to be rather morose and ‘dark’ kid’s clothing.  One look at the formless, shapeless, unimaginative crap that they promote, is indicative of the dark times that we are living in under communistic liberal forces.

The push to eliminate any differentiation between the sexes is a top priority with the globalists, not satisfied with merely destroying the moral underpinnings of society, they seek also to emasculate society by destroying the image of the dominant male in the family unit, creating an effeminate, simpering, easily-dominated and subdued ‘one-size-fits-all’ culture.  The idea is total control and the way you do that bloodlessly is to destroy the will and the life force of the people through constant and incessant degradation, starting early in people’s lives.  This makes kids special targets of Satan and his mindless followers.

In this picture, we have the New Age Witch, herself, walking through a nursery, broadcasting some form of demonic ‘pixie dust’ over the cradles of the infants.  Black crosses begin floating around the room and black-faced, owl-eyed skulls and blobs appear in the cribs where the dust has settled.  The white crosses also have some significance in the obfuscation of sexual identity, obliterating the gender signs on the walls.  Here is the promotional video in it’s entirety…

Devious and sickening, it shows the lengths some will go to make a buck and to promote an agenda.  The Illuminati are soul-dead, mindless encasements for demons settled on helping their master in his pathetic designs on wresting this world from Jesus Christ.  It is a hopeless endeavor for them, yet they persevere with an energy that defies description and puts to shame the lethargy that man shows toward resisting their efforts.  Were it not for the restraining power of God, we would long ago have been totally enslaved and/or destroyed.

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