Facebook’s Elitist Connection Verified!

It’s long been suspected that Zionist Zuckerberg’s connection with the Illuminati is real.  It would explain the wanton political correctness that’s practiced by Facebook’s admins over the years.  Yet, blatant racist trash like that which follows is still allowed to remain posted on their forum…


Anyone pondering opening an account with this Zionist shill is advised to know just what kind of forum it really is.  Racism and anarchy are openly embraced on Facebook… or should we rename it “Fascistbook”?

A brief Hiatus

My apologies to my readers, I haven’t been having much to do with my blog, what with all of the excitement over this Covid-19 bullshit.  Things are beginning to normalize and I should be back on track rather soon.

Remember… question EVERYTHING.  Take nothing at face value, for we are living in treacherous times under treacherous, even treasonous leaders, whom seek a new world order that involves total servitude for the rest of us.