Idiot Anti-theist Out Of His Element


Bob McDonald










The celebrated (can’t figure out why) host of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was playing a little out of his yard, today.  Normally, unless it’s to slam religion, ol’ Bob tends to stay away from the subject of faith.  Today, on the program, he was interviewing some scientist that is developing a new process to virtually unravel ancient scripts that have been too badly damaged to physically unravel or touch.  Of course, this involved delving into some biblical history, a subject that I’m sure gave our resident infidel hives.

Not wanting to get too much into the tech of things, basically, these guys have figured out a way (they think) of ‘CAT-scanning’ the ancient rotten and charred script that was discovered in the ruins of an old synagogue that had been razed by some occupying enemy, thousands of years ago.  Bob was forced to be civil in his questions, given that he was talking to a scientist and not a theologian or the like.  Of course, there was enough science interjected that he was kept from dozing off.

In the past, McDonald has been quite vociferous in his mockery of religion, as is the common thing with anti-theists.  Anti-theists, like McDonald, however, all claim to be atheists.  Of course, one of their own has chastised them for making such claims… Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens is, of course, dead, awaiting the second advent of the Lord, which, I’m sure, will be a big surprise to this dedicated infidel.  It will be a big surprise to a lot of “atheists”, like one particularly annoying shit stain – Richard Dawkins.  It’s these that garner the disrespect that I have for those not of the faith.  True undecided people (atheists) do not attract negative regard from me, but, assholes like McDonald and Dawkins always do.

So, if you’re ever so fucking bored that you wish to check out the CBC, that politically correct mouthpiece of the Illuminati, check out Bob’s show… be prepared for a good laugh as he delves into the nitty-gritty of infidel science… he LOVES dem big numbers, folks!

Steven Harper Visits Bohemian Grove


                       Stephen Harper

The CBC’s Carol Off, in an interview with journalist Jon Ronson, has revealed that ex-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was seen at the elitist hideaway near Monte Rio, California, otherwise known as Bohemian Grove.  This really is no surprise, given Harper’s ties to Israel and the international banks.  Harper has been brownnosing Jews for years… it’s what you have to do if you want any type of leadership role in this world.

Now that Harper has been relieved of his official duties as prime minister, he’s free to cavort more openly with his Jewish handlers, just as Barack Obama and other leaders do.  That infernal scumbag Henry Kissinger, a primary element in the Zionist cabal, is there every year, pursuing his homosexual urges with a supply of young men and boys, some who work find work as servants and cleaners, there.

Off, CBC’s resident airhead, naturally opposes anything that smatters of conspiracy, which shows in her discourse with Ronson, another airheaded moron.  This guy loves to dis Alex Jones, one of the nation’s leading experts on the activities of rich bastards behaving badly.  He and Off sound like the idiots they are as they laugh and make disparaging remarks about Jones and anyone that sees this for the threat that it is.  They laugh at the idea that the self-proclaimed ‘elite’ follow ancient pagan rituals and take human life at their ‘retreat’.  Actually, the lives that they are responsible for ending in all of their manufactured ‘crises’ and the many wars that they foment, far exceeds whatever they might do while they run around pissing on trees and fucking young boys in the trees at Monte Rio.

We take this information for what it’s worth.  Off and Co., a.k.a. the CBC and other news networks bought and paid for by the Jews, will never paint the Zionists in their true light, however, we can monitor and track the movements of these scumbags and their hanger-ons by listening to witless fools like Off and other puppets (as painful as that is) the Zionists choose to deploy and exploit in their disinformation campaigns.  The Zionist threat is real and it isn’t going away… it has too much support by the ignorant public and self-seeking politicians for that!

Keep your eyes on the trees!

Garbage Music Videos

A special edition for our moron friends out there…

I chose this film as an example of the ‘thinking’ that seems to dominate the web… videos posted that include the most heinous and gawd-awful bullshit music that totally dominates and RUINS whatever effect that the film was intended to convey.

But, we see that in every aspect of society, today, do we not?  On the streets, we have idiots blaring their crap music at full volume in their crappy, souped-up cars, (you know – the ones with the shitty-sounding resonators that only they think sounds cool) portable stereos, house units… you’ve seen and HEARD the types.  They seem to think that the rest of us love listening to their garbage… and that we think they’re cool or even FEAR them for their tough-sounding music.  Would that they could understand that we only LAUGH at their stupidity… but, when you’re stupid, I guess that’s asking quite a lot.

How many times have I skipped over a video, because, the host just HAD to include what he thought was a great music track!  Now, I include this video as an example of what I’m talking about, however, this simpleton was clever enough to have just enough jet noise coming through the crap music to keep you from turning off the sound or skipping over the film completely.  LOL… many YouTube hosts simply post a video with only their crap music for sound… those get turned off and down-voted real quick!

Well, despite all of the negative comments these videos generate, there doesn’t seem to be any significant reduction in these shitty videos being posted.  There are many dead-heads out there that seem to prefer listening to the shitty music than what the film has to offer… so why don’t they just look up the music somewhere else?

Garbage in – garbage out.  That’s our society, in a nutshell.