Stupidity Is Hereditary, Now!

Here’s an example of why it is so easy for the globalists to control society…

It is very apparent in this video that man’s priorities have changed.  I find these videos to be excellent bait stations for the antisocial morons that comprise the extreme leftist ranks.  It has been pointed out by some of the more intelligent and observing commenters that the temperatures could not have been in the extreme ranges that one might be led to believe that they were by the title of the video.  People are standing around dressed rather heavily for those supposed temps.  The majority of commenters seem to have missed or are ignoring the obvious in order to get their shot at the owners of the dog, many would like to seem them killed… and all of this over a dumb animal!

Society, under the leadership and hypnosis of the oligarchs, have devolved into mindless idiots.  Evolution has taught these fools that man is simply another animal and not worth any more than the lowest of the animal kingdom.  This has been one of Satan’s greatest victories, eliminating the image of God in man and replacing it with that of a monkey.  These idiots have no idea they are being played like cheap fiddles and imagine themselves superior to creationists.  Any thinking person perusing this video site will soon see the satanic mentality trying to pass itself off as humanitarian.

This is why we have conflict in this world.  Self-important and thoroughly ignorant dupes stand ready to support the slaves of Satan in every harebrained scheme.  They use political correctness to silence their opposition and are ever ready to elevate the ridiculous above the sane.  Forums like these are used to keep the masses continually occupied by engaging in stupid controversies that cannot profit them anything.  It does profit those that use these ruses to distract the masses from those issues that are of true importance.

A while back, I posted a video of a dancing Korean baby that had already received millions of views while videos warning of the new world order received comparatively no views.  The public is so brain dead, now, from generations of engaging in the simple and irrelevant, that they cannot discriminate between reality and fantasy, anymore.  Every day, I see examples of blatant stupidity on our highways and listen to inane and irrelevant programs on radio that almost drives me to despair.  People, today, for the most part, are just morons!  Puppets and putty in the hands of satanic forces bent upon enslaving them.

People never seem to catch on.  Fact is, most never will.  These, we, as followers of Christ, will certainly have to deal with in the very near future.  When their puppet masters direct them to attack all opposition, a lifetime of conditioning and programming will kick in and these elitist zombies will blindly lash out at their master’s direction.  The temptation will be to kill these mindless souls as they strive to attack us and we would certainly be within our rights to do this, from any earthly standpoint.  However, outside of any isolated instance where an individual crime is carried out that would not glorify God by sparing the offender, we are practically called upon to allow God to intervene overall in matters of vengeance and justice.  This will be a supreme test, indeed!

In a world where the bizarre and outright evil are established as right and the proper and good are regarded with disdain, we shall have to live the best way that we can until God restores everything to it’s original and perfect condition – minus Satan and his followers, of course!


Law Society Favors Perverts


The new cultural norm

The Law Society of British Columbia has banned graduates of Trinity Western University from accreditation within their ranks, showing a marked allegiance to the politically correct will of the globalist elite that control our government and society.  This is no surprise, given the haste with which all educational and governmental agencies, these days, rush to gain the approval of minority groups in Canada and North America.  Read more on the story here.

We have to be the laughing stock of the world, if not the entire universe!  Where else can tides of immigrants, legal or otherwise, find refuge within the borders of a nation that pretty much allows them the freedom to do whatever the hell they want, even if it violates our own cultural values and laws!  You try that over in THEIR countries and see what happens to you!  Yes, some will say, that is the point, having the freedom to do what you want is why they come here.  Well, there are limits to that, especially when our culture is supplanted and overwhelmed by those whose cultural preferences were the cause for the problems they experienced in their home countries and from which they now desire to escape!

Our government just doesn’t get it.  Now, we have a dominant homosexual lobby in North America that is petty much calling the shots as to whom gets the best treatment.  It is also quite amazing that the university in question would even think of appealing to an organization that has vowed to eliminate ALL faith-based groups within Canada and the US!  This shows the level of compliance and even groveling that Christians have reduced themselves to when they have to kowtow to the enemies of God for help!

My personal belief is that Christians shouldn’t be dealing with fraternities like these or have such close affiliations with such groups.  We are called to be a distinct society apart from worldly associations.  The University is simply reaping the consequences for entertaining these godless entities and I have little sympathy for it.

This is, of course, only the beginning.  The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are returning, when perverts reigned supreme, even to the point where they openly roamed the streets in search of their sexual victims.  They would not be denied, even upon point of death.  I’ve got a big fat surprise for those that have buried their heads in the politically correct sand, the homosexual deviant attitude and mind has NOT changed one iota since those days!  Ask anyone like myself that has gone toe to toe with these deviant creeps and they will tell you how vindictive and violent faggots are, especially toward Christians!

Well, these are the last days for our world and it is foretold that evil would reign supreme upon the earth in those days.  Everything is progressing as it has been forecasted.  Those of faith can actually take comfort in the knowledge that God is still in charge and will, eventually, in His time, deal with those that have hijacked His world and none of us have to lift a finger to oppose them.  Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t physically protect ourselves and our children from prowling deviants and oppose their specious activities through acceptable means whenever called upon to do so.  Of course, there will be civil repercussions for opposing the new world order, no one ever said that living on earth would be a bed of roses!  Most will have to pay a price for daring to live apart from Satan’s agenda.  That’s been the way in this place for millennia.

Till the day comes when he and all of his duped followers are eliminated, we shall have to deal with them and their futile worldly construct.  Simply understand that things are moving along the way that they should and that everything will, eventually, be made right.  To those that have decided to put themselves on the side of opposing God, I simply say enjoy yourselves while you can, you haven’t got long to live, anyway.  And for you… when it’s over, it’s REALLY over!

*Just as an added note… even WordPress has succumbed to the faggot agenda by placing a rainbow strip in the header bar of it’s administration page.  Now, we’re forced to look at THAT every time we post!  There’s simply no shame, anymore.

The Hysteria Begins

The backlash has already started in Canada…


Judy Denham, Manager, The Flag Shop

A Saskatoon, Saskatchewan business has already succumbed to the Charleston SC shootings by refusing to sell Confederate flags in their flag shop… read here.  This is due to the reference made to these in this photo of Dylann Roof, shooter in the massacre…


Roof and flag

It was inevitable.  In the south, pastors are now packing heat and there are calls for the South Carolina legislature to ban Confederate flags on their grounds.  It’s really quite laughable the way these idiots and their emotional knee-jerk reactions to anything that they cannot deal with in a rational manner go off the deep end whenever something like this happens.  It reminds me of a cage full of monkeys… bang the bars and they go spastic, running from one end of the cage to the other, screaming their heads off!  They can’t reason or rationalize, so they react!

Why should they/we allow the criminal element to run our lives like this?  By the criminal element, I mean whomever is behind these types of atrocities.  This may well be the case of a lone killer acting out of hatred for blacks or it may well be a carefully orchestrated false flag by the government, only one of many.  Regardless of who is responsible, the reactions to these crimes is way over the top.  The citizenry do not need to react like insane monkeys every time somebody commits some antisocial act.

The Flag Shop has done exactly that.  The criminals – whomever they are – will always win when we allow them to rule over us with fear.  Of course, this has rehashed the tired old gun debate, again… *sigh*… will it ever end?

The Media (Zionists) Control Us Like Puppets


Dylann Roof

The recent Charleston shooting has the potential to get everyone unglued again, just as the SandyHook and Boston Marathon fiascos did before them.  A lone white youth lines up a group of blacks in a church and executes them and the media has a field day exploiting it.  I mean… isn’t this OBVIOUS by now, folks?  A church?  Lol… COME ON!

You are being PLAYED, my dear readers… played like cheap fiddles!  The Zionists OWN the media and only those items that they deem worthy of news will make it to your IPhone, TV, computer, newspaper, etc.  They want to create as much confusion and unrest and PARANOIA as they can.  It’s the first and best way of destabilizing any society that you wish to control and/or destroy.  You want to blame someone for all of the problems in the world?  Blame those that you have ignorantly placed in authority – the politicians and their bosses, the Jewish bankers and their religio-political lackeys festooning the mainline churches.  All of these have an agenda which is to serve Satan.

Of course, Satan is the root of all of the world’s troubles.  Those self-important humanist dullards that presume to know what reality is all about will be first to decry the reality that this world is a spiritual battleground, however, the reality is they are wrong, always have been wrong and always will be wrong.  Satan controls them like he controls the elitist cartel that controls every other venue on this cursed planet.

This Charleston thing is going to go the way of every other incident of this nature the last few months IF the public allows it to.  This is the crucial aspect of everything that goes down in this society, it is because we, the people ALLOW it to happen.  The self-styled elite have relatively little power to enforce anything, it’s our supreme ignorance that drives the totalitarian machine.  The public are their own worst enemies and the dupes of Satan know this from centuries of exploitation.

Now… what are you all going to do?  Are you going to let your emotions rule over you as usual and allow the elitist propaganda machine to roll over you and go off on some stupid tangent like call for more gun control or tighter security in airports… you going to set up surveillance on your neighbors, profile them, etc.?  Are you going to lose it big time and crap your pants every time some looney TV anchor informs you of the latest doings of some knucklehead or government false flag?  Or… are you going to calmly demand some accountability from your time-serving and crooked-to-a-man public servants, media included, as to what it is that they are doing to promote this type of behavior?

Did you get all riled up seeing that picture above?  You’re already infected with the media bug.  Better take some time out and rethink your position as a media information sink and start questioning more and accepting a lot less… and keep away from the fearmongerers in your circles, they are the most efficient tool the elitists have in their war against society.

Sorry Excuses For Sportsmen Abuse Animals

This was recently brought to my attention… one look at the video says it all…

We’ve often battled the insane anti-gun lobby over the privileges Americans have to purchase and use firearms for target shooting and hunting, successfully refuting every one of their emotionally-charged and ill-informed claims that guns are evil and that their removal would guarantee the safety of all citizens.  Of course, this is complete nonsense as the criminal element cares little for the laws that leftist fools make.

While we expect this sort of stupidity from ignorant bunny-hugging, lattè-slurping, bicycle path aficionados, however, when our supposed brethren in the shooting sports go and make videos of this low caliber, this only hurts our cause and inflames the ire of those that couldn’t find their asses with both hands, yet presume to know what is best for all.

This “MFK” gang of retards are obviously shills working for the anti-gun groups.  Nobody with the sense that the Lord gave a slug could ever pass this garbage off as anything but what it is… a deliberate attack on the shooting sports and hunting in general.

YouTube is a home for jackals of this sort.  These fools are claiming to have some sort of business manufacturing game calls.  This is the sort of behavior that should call for a boycott of their products.  They have a website… HERE.  There would appear to be several integral individuals involved in this enterprise:

Torry Cook “Call Maker”

Jason Groseclose “Howling Champion”

Dave Stucks “Killing is my business and business is good!”  … etc., etc., etc…

Torry Cook

How about the gay muscle shirt?

Well, Davey-boy… maybe we can do something about that, hmmm?  What say you, readers?  Are any of you gun enthusiasts and animals rights people out there willing to let these morons continue insulting your intelligence by posting their garbage all over social media?  Worse… are you actually supporting these dummies by purchasing their products?  Perhaps what should be done is everyone with any connections with and to reputable sporting companies and manufacturers should give them all a heads-up that these cretins are attempting to soil their reputations by association?

These cruel and arrogant bozos have no respect for the animals they butcher.  Credible hunters do not display the characteristics that these ‘men’ flaunt on camera.  These are merely more examples of a generation of entitled, spoiled brats that have had everything given to them on demand.

Let’s make sure these macho bastards get the publicity they crave… though not what they expect!  Remember… these are not REAL hunters or sportsmen, they’re punks and shills for an insane lobby that wish America disarmed and vulnerable to totalitarian government!  If you see ANY of their products in any sporting goods or hardware store, bring this video to the manager’s attention and announce that you’ll give them no business as long as these products are offered.  Money talks!

Jewishness Doesn’t Guarantee Salvation

You’ve heard it ad nauseum from so-called “Christians”, really Zionists-in-training, for years… going right along with what their Jewish masters have inculcated into them for generations…

What’s really amazing about this film is how it shows just how carefully the dupes of Satan have followed God’s prophetic outline for millennia!  False prophets like John Hagee, that overweight Zionist bum-boy that makes several trips to Israel every year to touch base with and receive his marching orders from the Zionist elite in Jerusalem.  It’s really not hard to understand how far out in left field these so-called ministers of Christ can get when their motives from the get-go have merely been to pad their pockets with money from duped Christians.

Hagee and those like him are headed for big trouble when the Ancient of Days requires an accounting from them.  Not only must they endure the fires of judgment, they must also endure the scourging from those that they deceived… and Hagee has deceived millions!

One other notable aspect of this film is the part that the homosexual movement has and continues to play in end time events.  The so-called “born with it” crowd use this mainly as an “in your face” thing against society and as an expression of defiance against God, having NOTHING to do with genetics.  Effeminate behavior does not necessarily lead to homosexuality, THAT is something that is learned and it is practiced in open defiance of God and Christians.    You will not find a more virulent group opposing God on Earth than homosexuals.  They have stood in open defiance of Him almost since the beginning of time.

There are those that seek peace at all costs, like the one individual interviewed that seems to think that ALL faiths and beliefs must necessarily lead to salvation and God.  Many Christians share this view along with the notion that all Jews are saved no matter what, no matter what Jews, themselves, say about it.  Fact is that Judaism has no place for Christ or Christians ANYWHERE in this life or beyond.  For one thing, they do not believe in an afterlife, which shows you where the so-called ‘scientists’ of today get their theories on origins from.  This is an ancient pagan belief that has been adopted for modern day application and it’s working very well.

What is truly amazing to this writer is the level of delusion that has taken hold of the world.  Small wonder that it is fucked up like it is with every notion and inclination, no matter how ridiculous, entertained as truth and or at least a viable possibility of it being so!  I personally know a few Christians that believe Israel is God’s chosen nation despite the myriad of biblical texts that debunk that belief.  They faithfully send their hard-earned money to these elitist bastards thinking that they are doing God’s service, not knowing that they further the devil’s work every time they lick a stamp.

People… READ YOUR DAMNED BIBLE!  Just sitting on your fat complacent asses and letting some minister do all the work for you will not cut it.  Chances are, in this day and age, he’s going to have something wrong and it just might be something that will get you killed right along with those that have openly avowed war against God.  There are plenty of stooges like Hagee that will not hesitate to rob you of your money and send it to a bunch of thieves and murdering scum so that they can live like kings.

If that is how little you value your lives and your salvation, perhaps you don’t deserve either one!

P.S… did the Holohoax REALLY happen like THEY say?  Well, judge for yourselves…

Tired of being lied to, yet?