The REST Of The Story!

This is the other side that we are never privileged to hear due to the monopoly of the bought-and-paid-for mainline news media…

It takes a lot of digging to get to the truth, these days.  You’re not going to hear it sitting on your ass and being spoon-fed by elitist news groups.  These only parrot the narrative of their elitist masters.  COVID is a HOAX!

There’s $$$ In False Flags!

Yes, the parents of those alleged school shooting victims are sure not letting their grief stop them from ca$hing in on their ‘bereavement’…

This is what awaits anyone that dares to go against the status quo!  Those ‘bereaved’ parents look mighty well-off and mighty LIBERAL in their deportment and speech.  Of course, their attorneys also stand to make some hefty coin off of Jones, the REAL victim in all of this.  Yes, I heard the conflicting reports coming out of the news coverage of said event… three shooters, then one, etc.  Also, reports of black ops-type vehicles in the vicinity with black-clad shooters roaming around… all of this reminiscent with pretty well every assassination case where some patsy has been lined up to take the fall for whoever’s agenda happens to in place.  All of this was being broadcast before the patsy was found and identified.

Too bad Alex wasn’t able to stand firm… the powers-that-be wield a ton of power and can destroy anyone, given their control over pretty much every institution in the world.  Filthy rich bankers and industrialists with an agenda for establishing a central world government, necessitating disarming every citizen, which is what these ORCHESTRATED events are designed to do.  In the past, such as with the Boston bombing hoax, they’ve been not too careful and their crisis actors have shown up in other places, sound of mind and body.  One father in this latest debacle, at the time, was shown by cameras to be quite jovial in the face of his kid being killed… probably thinking ahead till now when he could ca$h in big time, though no doubt compensated royally by the globalists from the beginning.

Well, the truth comes at a price.  The lazy dunderhead public are only interested in hearing smooth things, which the establishment guarantees them, every day, through their lapdog media and lying-ass political puppets.  And, the truth will NEVER be popular.  Knowing the truth comes at great risk, spurring the indolent to make a decision.  This is something that a soft, compliant, sheep-like public are not accustomed to.

Get used to more and more of these false flags as the elitists pursue their disarmament agenda.  They won’t rest until every privately-owned weapon is in the bag.

In a sinful, decrepit world, $$$ is the answer to everything.  Another blow for freedom of speech and thought!!

Back-Pedalling R’ Us… COVID Doc Reviewing Stats On Pandemic Hoax!

And he’s a tad confused!  The light’s starting to filter through the thick heads, out there…

Could it be?  Could we really have been led down the garden path by totalitarian megalomaniacal elitists?  You can plainly see the confusion on Campbell’s face… he’s never looked like this, before, he’s always been so bright and chipper when talking about his favorite subject – COVID-19!

His grandfatherly demeanor has enraptured thousands, but, when faced with glaring FACTS over pure and unadulterated HYPE, he is now beginning to see what this fucking scam is really all about!  Disrupting people’s lives and leading them to forget that there are other maladies out there, FAR MORE URGENT AND PRESSING than any hyperactive cold germ!

Yes, Cancer deaths HAVE gone up, because, of the attention that’s been lavished upon restrictions and Nazi-like prohibitions for anyone not playing their sick, demented pandemic game.  No one can get into an emergency ward, because the little darlings working there are soooo afraid they’ll get the COVID.  Waiting lists for elective and non-elective treatments are long due to the irrational fears this insane pandemic has produced.  When it comes right down to it, who in hell wants to trust their lives to ‘doctors’ that believe in, and/or participate in this hokey nonsense?

Look hard at those stats… the average age of those that have succumbed to… whatever they succumbed to… is around 85 years.  Hell, those odds are pretty good even for the average human in terms of lifespan, anyway!  I don’t know of many of my own relatives that made it into their 90’s even before the scam!  Other ailments still outshine COVID… which, let’s face it, is merely a flu virus that attacks those with compromised immune systems.  The elderly come by this condition honestly, in terms of their age and fragility.  Youngsters, too, can be vulnerable as their immune systems haven’t fully developed.  These groups figure prominently in this hoax, but, how many actually take the time to THINK for themselves, anymore?

Campbell may have fucked up, here, divulging truth that a committed COVIDITE would and should hide at all costs… or, perhaps, (as I’d like to think) maybe he’s got a conscience after all!  Anyone taking the time to actually THINK THROUGH the rubbish that a complicit media and corrupt politicians dump on us, every day, would soon see it for what it is, complete and utter BULLSHIT!

Reader, if you spend all your time chasing life’s temporary and comparatively worthless pursuits, relying on duplicitous, greedy and power-crazed people like those in the media and government and mega-corps to do your thinking for you and listening to their rhetoric, you will reap what you’ve sown… guaranteed!

Harmonic Amplification

When the news is unpopular and unwelcome, it’s written off as the work of subversives or, modernly, “conspiracy theorists.”  This is the current way of silencing dissent.  Meanwhile, the mainstream media, because of it’s generational influence upon the masses, is considered above suspicion and reproach.  Consequently, the opportunity for mass brainwashing is amplified and/or made a certainty.  Since the media is owned by private corporations and individuals, NOT by ethical and neutral government-sponsored agencies or entities, (like most believe) if those were to have some sort of agenda, the vehicle that the news networks provide could and would be ideal in promoting said agendas.  Of course, with an almost inborn inclination to obey authority, the public is especially susceptible to any unscrupulous misuse of the trust.  The COVID-19 scamdemic comes high on the list of such unscrupulous misuse of public information.

I recently found an excellent video… a clip from the TV series Star Trek, The Next Generation, that aptly illustrates the point that I’m trying to make in this regard…

The point here is that the crew thought like most that find themselves in dire situations do, that conventional applications will do in any circumstance.  They trust in traditional forms of remedy by trusted authority figures that they are in safe and reliable hands by following time-honored and trusted advice from these sources… that they would never in any way, shape or form steer them into harm’s way.  With the COVID hoax, trusted “experts”… doctors, political leaders, etc., couldn’t possibly have some ulterior motive in mind, only the public’s best interests.  Fallible human beings, placing their trust in other fallible human beings, with the same self-serving, egocentric tendencies as they, themselves, have.

The methodology applied here, in this STTNG episode, is one of opposing force WITH force.  The clear analysis here shows that this only amplified the malevolent force’s power to the point where annihilation of the ship and crew was imminent.  The force, itself, was neutral, inert, empowered only by the power directed against it, which, it merely reflected back upon the source.  In essence, the ‘force’ was harmless and incapable of harming anything or anyone of it’s own means or will.  The instigators of the COVID hoax are like this inert force.  If there were no regard given to these terrorists, their power would be nil.  Their power comes from public compliance… totally.  If everyone would lay aside their preconceived notions about authority, lay aside their masks, continue LIVING as before, the power to deceive and implement Draconian restrictions and levy vilification upon non-compliant’s would be nullified.  However… we have what we have.  A deceived public, unwilling and fast becoming incapable of independent thought that are aiding and abetting globalist forces in establishing a one-world, centralized power base or government that will control ALL global affairs, answering to no one.

The COVID hoax and scamdemic is a farce… a made-up, false flag, like other programs of terrorism designed to soften up a very gullible public in preparation for the final push to establish a centralized world government. This involves a MASS DEPOPULATION plan, which, these COVID injections could help implement as no one knows exactly what is in them.  Up to now, war has been the main tool of depopulation, but, the ‘beauty’ of this latest scheme is that they can reach EVERYONE by scaring them into thinking that their lives are in danger and giving them the opportunity to sacrifice themselves!  People, it seems, love to be scared… and this is the ultimate form of narcissism, the perfect opportunity to walk around in public, masked, giving the statement… “Look!  I’m scared as hell!  I’m living in tumultuous times and I’m part of some big and powerful threat… I’m involved in something BIG!  LOOK AT ME!!”  It’s an orgasmic event if you’re into the narcissism game!

The so-called “voluntary” injection program is bullshit, plain and simple.  In the end, all of those that refuse the vaccine will be vilified and rendered inert.  ALL of those naysayers will be unable to participate in commerce of ANY kind, perhaps even imprisoned… perhaps executed, in some regions.  This vax program is an integral part of the elitists’ efforts to consolidate their power base, they’re not taking this lightly!  This winter is going to be rough… the last movements in this concerto from hell will be rapid.  The best defence is to stay away from mainstream media, the dupes of these global terrorists.  Doctors and other ‘experts’ are either complicit or unwilling to sacrifice their jobs and/or reputations, so they’ll play along.  How they live with themselves is another question, but, I believe that the battle lines have already been drawn, in that regard.

The outcome of all of this is grim.  Suffice to say that no one shall escape, except through death.  In the end, all will be forced to make an account before God, whether yea or nay.  Siding with the globalists MIGHT provide a temporary respite from any social retribution… spiritually, though, the outcome is bleak for those that place carnal comforts and the approval of men before their obligations to others and God.

Edit: Here is a link to a website offering testimonies about the COVID scam that will never see the light of day in Communist-controlled Canada or the US…

NWO Pledge to Lucifer!

And part of that initiation involves a vaccine, it’s two-fold purpose being, one, such as stated above… a signal of obedience and allegiance to the system and it’s worthiness to command, and two, the serum carries some kind of neutering agent to help the self-professed ‘elite’ cull the vast numbers of “useless eaters” that are polluting and congesting ‘their’ planet.  This is FACT and one that no naysayer is qualified to dispute.  This plan has been in existence for decades and is now close to fruition.

Time-serving politicians cater to the fears of an indulgent, slavish, paranoid population.  The people demand that they be protected even from imaginary viruses and “scamdemics”.  With the lucrative summer months now over, the former COVID restrictions will be brought back under the guise of protection from an imaginary “fourth wave”.  Of course, even a simpleton can see through this OBVIOUS scam… yet, a clear majority of citizens cannot seem to!

The piece of grabasstic shit masquerading as a prime minister, Justin Castro-Trudeau, is implementing new measures in his bid for the leadership of the late great nation of Canada, late in the sense that his ilk have pretty much destroyed this nation, he and his deluded followers and minions.  To be a liberal, in this writer’s view, is to be worse than a criminal.

They say that the population can be judged by their political leaders… take a good long look at yourselves, Canada!

YouTube Channels Deleted!

Crossdressing mutant freak, “Theresa Tam” looking as stunned as ever!

Yes, along with several Facebook accounts, I have also deleted my YouTube accounts, as they, like my Facebook accounts, were heavily censored by the socialist left-wing admins that infest and pretty much control what are really mouthpieces for the communist regime that is rapidly taking over North America.  Pretty much any comment I made, no matter how benign, would not see the light of day, especially if it were in criticism of some leftist moron’s views.  It has pretty much become impossible to speak one’s mind in the company of perverse and immoral trolls that are prolific, these days, infesting most social media platforms.

I will continue to use videos from this platform to illustrate my views, free from censorship and, of course, utilizing the same ruthlessness as do those admins in regulating potential troublemakers/trolls and I will continue to screen all comments and/or edit them where I deem it necessary, as these fools have nothing worthwhile to say, anyway.  Any legitimate commenters need not fear abuse from these morons, they will be cut off at the knees and rendered inert.

That said, the latest news from that crossdressing mutant Freak Theresa Tam is that she/he/it is monitoring the spread of her/his/it’s latest imaginary viral variant, “Lambda” and “fears” it may come to Canada.  Don’t kid yourselves, this dried-up mummy masquerading as a health professional is all set to exact further totalitarian measures, now that the deadline for a supposed mask and social-distancing-free province is approaching.  There is still a large segment of the population that hangs upon every action and word of this mutant and will continue to hamper any efforts that thinking people make to oppose these globalist control-freaks from totally subjugating this country.  These are the TRUE enemies of freedom and as I have often said in past posts, all of these should be purged from any true patriot’s circle of friends and family.  They are a rotting cancer and should be dealt with as such!

Time won’t allow me to set up a separate page dedicated to exclusively monitoring the words and actions of this immoral mutant oligarch, but, I will continue my ‘mutant-watch’ as well as continue to expose these globalist criminals at every step… free from interfering admins and their cowardly troll sidekicks!

Vaccine Passports?

Oh, yes!  This writer saw this coming from the get-go!  It’s all about control, folks, nothing to do with any virus or pandemic…

The problem right now is conceding to the idea that there is ANY truth in ANYTHING that the bought-and-paid-for media are telling us.  There’s NO virus!  NO virus… therefore, NO PANDEMIC!  This is what people have to get through their heads and fear is paramount in not allowing this to happen.

People are still thinking they are going to have their old life back IF they allow the globalist monkeys access to their bodies.  This is a huge LAUGH!  This charade is but the preamble to something a lot bigger!  TOTAL control, economically, physically and spiritually!  Folks… you are NOT going to get your old life back, you will be citizens of a new world order.  A dictatorial regime that will effectively remove all of your sovereign rights and freedoms in favor of the collective at large.  The government is NOT operating in your interest and you can safely assume that everything they promise is a lie!  Don’t be stupid!  Trust what little sense you have left.  Realize that politics is a game for CRIMINALS and criminals are only in anything FOR THEMSELVES!

The last moves will be rapid ones… your freedom is almost expired!

One last ditty…

“It depends on you.”

Yeah… Lord help us.