Bleak Outlooks The “New Normal”

“Variants” is the new byword, these days, in Orwellia.  Oh… still not convinced that we are in the grip of communism?  Well, I suppose it will have to come right down to people being shipped away in boxcars, cattle trucks, whatever mode of transportation the oligarchs deem necessary to cull the numbers before the majority of people begin to see that they have been deceived.  We are now a communist state, my friends.  You can argue with me if you like, but, the daily news proves me right.  Make no mistake, I do not expect truth in any way, shape or form, from the elitist-controlled media, but, it behooves one to know what their enemies are up to every second.  I do it, because, most won’t.

There’s no going back, now.  The “new normal” is here to stay.  The people have become very proficient at whining and complaining… but, guess what?  That’s fine with the elitists.  They don’t mind you complaining.  You think a zookeeper minds if the apes are screaming and bouncing all over their cages, day after day?  It probably amuses them no end!  Keep on whining and bitching, folks, if it makes you feel better about your lot in life, go for it.  Nothing’s going to change, but, if it helps you deal with things, go ahead, because, there’s nothing that you can do to change things now.  You’ve had ample warning, but, the cares of life took precedence over the warnings of history and those of people that have encountered totalitarianism and know it’s character.  Now, you’re living the nightmare and this nightmare is one you can’t wake up from!

Only one thing you can do, now… get right with those you have odds with and the God you never knew and pray you don’t have to go through what’s coming very shortly.  Deliverance will never come at the hands of men, after all, it’s men that have enslaved you.  The real movers and shakers are a comparative few in number, but, they are experts at manipulation and know how society works.  They understand far more than we shall ever comprehend about us and they can literally make their thoughts ours.  We are herd animals, living for the dole and reproducing for the profit of our keepers.  We have lost our reasoning power and have been reduced to the level of the animal, governed by base instincts.  We eat, sleep, copulate, do all the things herd animals are expected to do.  When it comes time for slaughter, we go willingly to that as well.  It’s why the masses are referred to as “chattle”… property.

I’ve seen this day coming for more than 40 years.  Most of what I know has come to pass as I expected.  The most horrific is yet to come.  I’ll say this much… we’ll look back on these days with fondness… those that survive.

Welcome To The New Normal!

The ABNORMAL.  Like I have said, a million times, online and off, you will still have to wear your masks, keep your distances, and basically live like social pariahs for the rest of your lives, while elitists like Bill Gates, who has ZERO medical expertise, continue to run your lives.  Society is not going to get a reprieve, they have allowed this to happen and now they’re going to pay the price!  The globalists have no intention of allowing their cattle any slack, they have us where they want us and that’s where we’re going to stay!

It’s pretty much a given that most people have been snookered into a situation where even if they wanted to do something, they’ve conditioned themselves to simply cave in and follow like obedient dogs.  They tell themselves that they are control!  Were it not so tragic, it would be laughable!  The globalists will continue to hamstring the democratic process and revoke freedoms that they have allowed us to have, there IS NO GOING BACK!  For years, I and others have pleaded with society to wake up, but, having been told over and over we are the products of conspiracy theorist hysteria, we no longer have much to say, except maybe… enjoy your slavery?  You wanted it, you got it!

Really, what can we do?  We are a narcissistic society obsessed with safety and self-preservation, we have forgotten what sacrifice and patriotism really is.  Everyone says that SOMEONE should do something, failing to realize that SOMEONE is US!  Too late, will some realize that the time for action is long past.  The globalists control everything and they have the guns.  Liberal elements within our ranks would give THOSE away as well!  Not that it will do much good, anyway, as those that would fight are few in number, comparatively speaking.

So… why am I bothering to write about this, now, or at all?

Good question!  The answer lies outside of the efforts of man as this has always been a SPIRITUAL battle, between God and Satan.  Satan’s inevitable demise will come at the hands of Him Who created all, not by any action by mortal beings.  What should concern us now is where we stand on this issue… do we continue to pay homage to a fallen angel or do we acknowledge our weakness and evil character as inborn and inseparable from us and plead on the blood of the One that made us and Who, alone, can save us?  It’s a no-brainer, really, but, something that most will never come to terms with!

So… NOW Do You Believe?

It had to come from the hallowed and revered media, alternative news and dedicated esoteric writers and researchers weren’t good enough!  The much-maligned and vilified “tinfoil” crowd were onto something all this time, but, it didn’t come from the elitist-controlled media, the bought-and-paid-for minions of big business and finance and the religio-political oligarchy behind them, so it wasn’t acceptable!  Well, now it’s becoming plain that big government not only can but will operate on and of it’s own accord, for it’s own interests and purposes, ABOVE that of it’s responsibility to the people that supposedly put them in power.  This, of course, will show that fallacy for what it is… the powers-that-be control US, NOT the other way around!

I will elaborate further, but, let’s watch this VERY informative video, first (for as long as it remains available, best make copies of it!) and then I will offer some critique and correction on a few points… it IS very close to the truth, however!

It’s true that the US Government is working in cahoots with aliens and technology and have been for many decades… but, shall we define what is ‘alien’ in all of this?  These collaborators are not products of some parallel evolutionary development to us outside of our solar system/universe, they are beings of a somewhat higher order, CREATED as we were, by the same benevolent Creator and have since declared open and avowed warfare against Him, with us being caught in the middle.  These we know to be non-corporeal in nature, more commonly known as angels… spirit beings that preceded our own creation and were originally ministering spirits working in our behalf.  Now, they work with a select group of humanity that has dedicated themselves to serving THEM, a complete role-reversal, thinking that they are the true rulers of this world and entitled to our worship and adulation.  Of course, this is bullshit, they never have, nor do they now own anything in this world, though they assume it’s management.  The upper levels of human society, those spoken of as those ones in higher places than the law of the land, in the video, collaborate closely with these beings and do receive certain favors for their worship.

Though non-corporeal, these fallen ministers are still able to impart their secrets to this selection of mankind, whom implement them in accordance with the will of these evil entities.  Man flatters himself that he knows his origins and that he is the highest order on this planet.  This lie has been carefully cultivated over the generations, so that now, it is nigh-well universal doctrine that we are not the product of a carefully planned and deliberate creative act by a being so far above ourselves in every aspect as to make us on the same level as a single-celled organism by comparison… and that would be an understatement, by itself!  The Bible, itself, warns of a time when satanic powers would once again be made manifest in wondrous ways, like they were in ages past, before the advent of modern civilization and it’s ‘advanced’ thinking.  Demons manipulate the minds of men into believing lies and sophistries that only those protected by the intervention of benevolent ministers of light are able to fathom as the deceptions that they are.  The rest of the world runs after what these beings, through their chosen spokesmen, i.e., the media, and others, tells them is truth, which is why we have the large-scale deceptions that we have, running at this time.

The unfallen intelligences that do exist outside of our sphere are in no way interested in taking part in any interaction with this world, indeed, they are forbidden to interact with us, while we are in the condition that we are.  Any such experiences one may have with UFO’s, Bigfoot, etc., lay with and deal with the powers of darkness, pure and simple.  The stage is being set for a grand ‘awakening’ of supernatural origins, where mankind will supposedly be ushered into a great “new age”.  This “new age” will not be a era of peace, however, but of tyranny and violence.  Were it not for the forbearance and power of God Almighty, we would probably already be extinct.

The point of this post is to get people to wake up to the danger that is right before them.  Ignore this and you might as well put a gun to your heads, the outcome will be the same.  Satan and all of his minions are destined to die, forever erased from the scene of this universe.  Indeed, this planet and system will be destroyed and made new.  This is the reality that the proponents of this “new world order” would rather you didn’t know.  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

The Beat Goes On… (and on and on and on…)

Anyone thinking that compliance with rules enforcing mask-wearing and “social distancing” is going to magically eliminate the threat of an imaginary virus like “Covid-19” is daft, to put it mildly.  The globalists know that their power to control the masses lies in suppression of truth and facts, which still manage to find their way through the fog of ignorance and stupidity displayed daily by puppet governments and officials and their supporters.  Meanwhile, those that still have working brains continue to expose and resist the agenda of these tyrannical maniacs and their stooges and we will continue to do so for as long as it takes.  In other words, we are in this for the long run and those self-styled elitists need never think that we are just going to disappear!

The evil witch calling herself the Chief Health Officer of Canada is complicit in an agenda to destroy this country’s sovereignty.  While restricting citizens’ travel and intercourse, she has no problem with the liberal agenda populating the country with illegal (because, no one should be travelling… right?) migrants, their primary purpose being to supplant the established rule and customs of our society.  A divided country cannot stand against foreign invasion or globalist oligarchical take-over.  The plan to unite all nations under one banner has been on the agenda of self-styled and self-proclaimed ‘elite’ since the days that men first started congregating in large numbers.  To date, all of these attempts have met with abject failure.  But, these maniacal fools will never quit in their attempts at global rule and there will always be a retinue of idiots that will accommodate them, like those that have fallen for the OBVIOUS lie of Covid-19.

There will always be some ‘variant’ or excuse to keep enacting Draconian measures upon society.  Unfortunately, also, there will always be a good supply of morons to help the globalists in their bid to either enslave us or destroy us.